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They Can’t All be Laker Games

So, while I’ve been waiting for the Lakers to post something (anything!) about this year’s audition, I did some googling to find out what the Laker Girls have been up to off the court. I found a few performance videos that were a real hoot. A couple of them are from Joe and Grace’s wedding. I have no clue who Joe and Grace are. I assume they’re Laker fans. The Laker Girls were excellent, although I very much doubt this is what they had in mind when they auditioned for the team. I’m sure those visions of purple and gold did not include dancing to the clean version of “F*** You” with a local Girl Scout troupe. For darn sure they didn’t include pumping up a lethargic crowd of partygoers in a Hilton ballroom in Long Beach. I don’t know how these Laker Girls do it. Personally, I’d be uncomfortably aware that me and mah girlz were the only thing standing between the audience and the buffet.

As a wise person once said, every gift comes with a price. Clearly this is one of those tradeoffs. You wanna ball with Kobe, you also gotta roll with gramma. And the Girl Scouts.

Bonus video:
Taylour Paige, star of “Hit the Floor” performing with the LGs two years ago, during the five minutes she was on the team. Depending on who you speak to, Taylour quit lakers because (a) she was over committed, or (b) she wanted to focus on her acting career. Either way, I’m not a fan. I’ve known too many girls who got cut from Lakers, to have much love for someone who made the team but quit because she was too busy with other things. As if Lisa Estrada didn’t explain to you in extreme detail exactly what kind of commitment you were signing up for.

If you ask me, Kyle is the best one on that show.
Sorry. That was kind of mean, wasn’t it?

But I digress.

2013-14 San Diego Charger Girls

The Chargers have posted updated bios and uniform shots for this year’s Charger Girls team. Click here to learn more about the ladies on the team!

Veterans Andrea, Ariel, and Angela

On a side note, it appears that we have another Charger Girls mystery on our hand. Back in the spring, the Chargers announced the names of the 28 young ladies selected to the team. Look at this list. Now look at the website. Now look at the list again.

2013 Charger Girls
1 Alexa
2 Alexis Alexandra
3 Alexis Lauren
4 Andrea
5 Angela
6 Anjelica
7 Ariel
8 Clarisse
9 Courtney
10 Emily
11 Hope
12 Jennifer
13 Jessica
14 Kara
15 Karissa
16 Katelyn
17 Kayla
18 Kylie
19 Lindsay
20 Melissa
21 Meridith
22 Natalie
23 Nicole
24 Paige
25 Shelbi
26 Tawnie
27 Tina
28 Tinaiya

I understand people get cut. Happens on every team every year. And it’s not unheard of for a team to lose a dancer or two before the season starts. In this case, clearly Emily and Melissa disappeared early in the process. I have no clue why. Kidnapping? Illness/injury? Unexpected pregnancy? Unfortunate facebook shenangans? Or maybe just your regular old garden variety screw up. Whatever. But adding people to the team after the fact? That’s a new one.

We already discussed the Brianna thing. Presumably whatever happened to put her on the team happened about five seconds after the team was announced. I still don’t know what that’s about, but whatever. She’s a Charger Girl and that’s that.

Now we have another Mystery Charger Girl: Katie.

Here are the facts I know about Katie:
A. She was a Charger Girl during the 2012-13 NFL season
B. She was not included in the reveal for the 2013-14 team
C. She is currently on the team’s website as a member of this year’s team (using last year’s photo.)
D. She was a finalist for the Los Angeles Clippers Spirit a couple of weeks ago.

So I have to ask myself: What the heck?
If she IS on the team, why was she at Clippers auditions? But if she isn’t on the team, why is she (still) on the Chargers website?

How am I going to find out the truth? I can’t ask any of the current Charger Girls. And nobody else who knows is goign to tell me. I’m going to have to wait like five years to get to the bottom of this situation.


Philadelphia Soulmates Alumni Game

For the Philadelphia Soul’s final regular season home game, former Soulmates were invited to perform at half-time. The half-time routine was choreographed by original Soulmate Director and Choreographer Marla Viturello.

Current and former Soulmates in the tunnel.

Last year’s Dream Team Rep AJ with this year’s Dream Team Rep, Christina.

Soulmates from the first season after the hiatus.

Alumni on the field

Soulmates from the first season after the hiatus.


[Soulmates Gallery]

[Philadelphia Soulmates]

2013 P-R-O Convention All Star: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Brandi

In our next featurette highlighting the most memorable cheerleaders from the 2013 P-R-O Convention, we focus our attention to 2nd year Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Brandi.  A  graduate of Oklahoma State University, Brandi won national championships in dance and cheerleading.   And now, she joins the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.  Introducing Brandi our next 2013 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Buccaneer Cheerleaders At Training Camp

The Buccaneers opened training camp this week with great enthusiasm and expectations for a very successful season. The positive thinking in Tampa is that this is potentially a playoff talented squad–it better be because the Rays seem poised to steal the September and October headlines.

As always the Bucs Cheerleaders are a huge attraction at training camp getting attention from young and old alike. There is change this year, after 13 years with the organization, cheering, assisting and eventually managing the TBBC the last 4 years, Cathy Boyd has relocated to the great Pacific NorthWest and now makes Seattle home for her family. Melissa Valdez Fitzgerald takes over the 2013 squad. Melissa has been with the Bucs 4 years and her impressive resume includes 5 seasons as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader representing the DCC in the 2002 ProBowl. Melissa also cheered 3 years for the San Francisco Gold Rush. A great highlight of Cathy’s and Melissa’s tenure was when the TBBC were invited last December to perform on the TODAY show in New York.

This year’s squad consists of 28 talented and personable young ladies who in addition to game day cheering are all involved in community and charity initiatives around the Tampa Bay area. Enjoy the photos and check back with us for more as T Camp progresses along.

Cathy Boyd and Melissa Fitzgerald at 2011 breast cancer game.

Karrah and Kasey A.

Christina and Tricia

Crystale and Megan

Norie and Cori

Baranese, Cap’t Fear and Taylor

DarlaFaye, Cassie, Julia, Kari, Ingrid, and Kendell

Christina, Brianna, Ingrid, Theresa, DarlaFaye and Karen

[Bucs Cheerleaders at Training Camp Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Blast Cheerleaders Training Camp Finalists

Congratulations to the ladies who made it thru 2 round of cuts yesterday and are moving on to Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Training Camp. They will be working hard this Monday and Wednesday, with the Finals on Saturday.

Photo of the Day – July 29

From Sunday – Striking a pose at Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Auditions

2013 P-R-O Convention All Star: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Tanya

They say good things come in small packages and if that is true, then our next honoree is a very good thing.   A rookie for the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens, Tanya was gracious enough to pose for a few photos.  And like the rest of her squad, she looked great in her purple uniform.  Introducing Tanya, our next 2013 P-R-O Convention All Star.


2013 P-R-O Convention All Star: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Kellie Lee

We continue our coverage of the best of P-R-O with another one of those wonderful Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders.  Introducing Kellie Lee, another amazing 2013 P-R-O Convention All Star and a four year veteran Ravens Cheerleader.

So many amazing cheerleaders…and we still have a few more to feature here.


Eagles Unveil Cheerleader Calendar in Atlantic City

By Jordan Raanan

It’s officially football season! Not only is the entire Eagles team expected to convene Thursday for the start of training camp, but the 2013 cheerleader calendar becomes available for purchase. Talk about a big day for Eagles fans. This is Christmas in August. (And if the slideshow above isn’t enough of a gift, there’s another Eagles cheerleader photo gallery from their fashion show Wednesday.)

The celebration of the start of football season began on Wednesday in Atlantic City. The Eagles cheerleaders took part in a beach competition (scantily-clad, to avoid the heat of course) with emergency responders who were involved in the response to Hurricane Sandy. They participated in Eagles bikinis no less. The cheerleaders, that is. Would you expect anything else?

The kickoff (cheesy pun alert) event included flag football, beach volleyball and an obstacle course. The winners were everyone there at the free event to witness the Eagles cheerleaders flaunt their skills, or those privy to attend the eco-friendly bikini fashion show, dance performance and unveiling of the calendar images on Wednesday evening at The Chelsea.

As for the always scintillating and highly-anticipated calendar, it is on sale online at philadelphiaeagles.com on Thursday. It’s available for purchase at training camp and at the team pro shops (Cherry Hill and Lincoln Financial Field) beginning Sunday.

This year’s calendar shoot took place down at the Jersey shore. All net proceeds are being donated to the Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.

[Eagles Cheerleaders Fashion Show Gallery]

[Eagles Cheerleaders on the Beach Gallery]

MDC Calendar – Miss February

Photo Credit: Miami Dolphins

Three-year veteran Elizabeth is Miss February 2014 in the new Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar.

[Elizabeth at Dolphins Cheerleaders website]

2013-14 Oakland Raiderettes

The Raiderettes are new with bios and photos of the new team.

See the whole squad here.

2013 P-R-O Convention All Star: Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Emily

As we begin to wind up our coverage of the 2013 P-R-O Convention, we turn our attention to a clutch of Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders.  I said previously that this group of young women was very impressive and looked resplendent in their purple game day uniforms, which were made by The Line Up.  And the whole group was kind enough to pose for me before the festivities began on the first day.

In this edition we feature another one of those amazing Ravens Cheerleaders, Emily…our latest 2013 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Ontario Fury Dance Team Auditions – August 11

Time: Registration begins at 9 am. Auditions begin promptly at 9:30 am.

What to expect: When you arrive, proceed to the registration area for check-in. There will be one area for pre-registered applicants and one area for walk-up applicants. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SHOW YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE! Upon registration, you will be given an audition number.

Dancers will be taught a stylized jazz/hip-hop combination. There will be 2 cuts prior to choosing our finalists. Finalists will be selected based on their dance ability, showmanship, physical fitness, and crowd appeal.

All participants who advance as finalists will be asked to perform 6 eight counts of their own choreography highlighting strengths and specialties, (music will be provided), in addition to a group interview.

What to wear: 2-piece attire (crop top and briefs) and flesh colored hosiery are mandatory. Jazz, dance or athletic shoes (non-marking soles) are also mandatory. All tattoos must be covered up.

Hair and make-up are expected to be game night ready! Hair must be worn down.

What to bring: (Suggestions) Water, snacks, extra nylons, warm-up/sweat suit, make-up, hair spray, mirror, towel.

Requirements: All women must be at least 18 years of age by October 31, 2013. Applicants under the age of 18 at the time of auditions must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form.

All dancers must have flexible evening schedules for rehearsals, games, and appearances starting immediately. Total commitment is required to the Ontario Pro Soccer Team and Ontario Pro Soccer Dance Team.

To ensure a professional and relaxed atmosphere for all participants, the auditions will be closed. No guests or spectators allowed.

Photo of the Day – July 26

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Deonna