Photo of the Day – October 31

Photo of the Day - October 31
Happy Halloween! Under that mask, I suspect Robin could well be Titans Cheerleader Evony

NBA Dancers – Then and Now

The Houston Chronicle has put up a gallery of NBA Dancers over the years. Not as much fun as the NFL Cheerleaders – Then and Now Gallery, but still worth a look. Here’s a Chicago Luvabull from 1995:


[NBA Dancers Gallery]

These Knicks Dancers Are Brainiacs By Day, Bootylicious By Night

By Kirsten Fleming
The New York Post

Knicks City Dancers Amy Trader (left) and Ana De Matos lead a double-life off the court.

Knicks City Dancers Amy Trader (left) and Ana De Matos lead a double-life off the court.

When the Knicks City Dancers take the floor for the Knicks home opener at Madison Square Garden Wednesday night, they will gyrate, shimmy and shake their booties in skin-tight orange get ups. But two of the beautiful women rousing the crowd have a lot more than sexy moves and a barely-there dance outfit to brag about.

Amy Trader, 23, and Ana de Matos, 27, both boast engineering degrees and impressive academic resumes.

“I have a degree in biomedical engineering, and a minor in computational neuroscience,” says first-year dancer, Amy Trader, breaking out into a shy giggle. She admits most people look incredulous when she reveals her credentials: “Yeah, I kind of get that expression from most people when I say that.”

First-year dancer Amy Trader holds a degree in biomedical engineering.

First-year dancer Amy Trader holds a degree in biomedical engineering.

Trader graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri in May and, while there, she helped invent a device for the human back that now has a patent pending on it.

Her teammate de Matos, a Knicks City Dancer for four years now, holds a mechanical engineering degree from Duke and a full-time job as a management consultant working with government and academic institutions.

Occasionally her booty shaking collides with the buttoned-up world of business. “Sometimes clients will go to games and say, ‘I saw you on the Jumbotron.’ They had no idea. When I am at work, I am not putting myself out there. I am not walking around in my Knicks jersey. I try to keep it low key.”

When Trader was on her college dance team, she didn’t let her pirouettes push academics aside.

“I focused on school a lot, but dance was always there,” says Trader, who now lives in the Financial District. “My parents told me as long as I went to college and got a degree, I could pursue whatever I wanted when I graduated.”

Ana de Matos, graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Duke.

Ana de Matos, graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Duke.

The pretty blonde — who was known in her Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority as an “Enginerd”— developed a silicone bag to mimic a real back disc in her senior year with two other students. Her professor realized there was nothing else like it, and so they applied for a patent. “It was really cool,” says the single Missouri native. “[But] the end goal is to produce it and get it manufactured.”

She moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dance passion after graduation and landed a spot on the Knicks squad this summer.

In grade school, De Matos, who moved to the US when she was 10, taught herself Spanish and English along with her native Portuguese, then moved into advanced math and science classes — all while learning every type of dance, including ballet, samba, tap and jazz.

“I always loved to perform, but [teachers] started to notice my ability for math and sciences when I was about 10,” she says.

Later on, during the recession, she became one of only three graduates hired from Duke to work for her global consulting firm (during a normal year, the company, which she asked not to be named, typically hires 20 to 30 students).

“I got to New York because of my job, but once I got here, I was determined to pursue my passion and dreams of dancing,” says the single Upper East Sider.

As one of the few Knicks City Dancers with a full-time job, she uses a meticulous, color-coded calendar to keep herself on track.

“Normally my days are from 8 a.m. until 2 a.m.,” De Matos says. With the little free time she has left, she is studying for the GMAT in the hopes of getting her masters and eventually starting her own business.

“People are surprised [at my double life] because it’s not the most typical combination, but it’s very definitely me,” says De Matos whose favorite book is “Psycho Cybernetics,” a self-help tome that, she says, has helped her visualize her success.

Trader, who saved up so she could put her career on hold while dancing, hopes to eventually return to biomedical engineering and develop implantable devices for people with knee injuries.

In the meantime, though, she’s happy to work it on the dance floor — and surprise people along the way.

“When people ask me what I do, I say I dance for the Knicks. And then somehow it comes around to them asking what I went to school for. They will say that it doesn’t match up,” Trader says, giggling again. “But I am proud of that. I love getting that reaction. I like breaking stereotypes.”

[Knicks City Dancers]

Cedar Rapids Titans Announce 2014 Titans Dolls Dance Team


The indoor football season is just around the corner. The Titans Dolls audition took place on Sunday October 20th at the Eastern Iowa Sports Complex where a large group of doll hopefuls were taught choreography from former Miss Iowa USA 2013, Richelle Orr along with Iowa State dance captain, Stephanie Leeds.

The 2014 squad includes Megan Cooley, Megan Milito, Brittany Lenth, Kaytie Allen, Mallory Stites, Sara Snow, Catie Maher, Lainee Yarkosky, Amber Keplinger, Sara Burroughs, Kayleigh Beatty, Morgan Johnson, Jennifer Baxa, and Sara Trinkle.

“We had a fantastic turn out and saw many talented dancers today”, said Dolls Dance Director Lindsay Wray. “With Titans games being held at the new US Cellular Center, I think we’ve upped the ante and people are more excited than ever to be a part of the Titans organization. I am thrilled to be coming on board at such a great time!”

Although this will be Wrays first year coaching the Titans dance team, this isn’t her first time coaching a dance team in the IFL. Wray has experience both dancing and coaching for former IFL team, the Wichita Wild.

“My husband and I have just moved to the Cedar Rapids area from Kansas and the timing was just perfect for me to step into the new position. So far it’s been a blast and I am so excited to get to do what I love. We’ve selected 14 dolls this year- 7 returning dolls and 7 new members. The dolls have already begun practices and are looking forward to getting out in the community, starting up our junior dolls program, and getting to do what they love best… cheering for the Titans! It’s going to be a great season”.

Getting geared up for the Ohio Dance Machine with prep classes

Megan Hinz of Major League Lacrosse’s Ohio Dance Machine let’s us know that the squad is getting all geared up for their prep classes for the 2014 season. Their prep classes are November 6th, 20th, and December 4th and 11th, and will start at 8 pm at their sponsor’s gym Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club. The price is $10 per class or $30 for all four. Interested dancers may sign up on Facebook at or email at

There is more information at their website

Megan is excited and looking forward to an even bigger and better 2014 season! She is awaiting confirmation on the final audition dates and will post them soon, and the auditions will take place in January.

Photo of the Day – October 30

Photo of the Day - October 30
Peace out! Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Heather during the Halloween costume game

Lambertville Woman Cheers For Cincinnati Bengals

By Caitlin VanOverberghe
Monroe News
October 28, 2013

Ashlee Bennett has always dreamed of being a cheerleader for a National Football League team.

Ever since her first pom-pommed appearance on the sidelines in Temperance when she was about 7, Ms. Bennett, 22, has been working her way up the pyramid.

Now, she can count herself among those she has so admired. Ms. Bennett recently was named to the Cincinnati Bengals’ cheerleading team.

“It’s funny to see how far I’ve come,” she said. “I love being on the field and supporting my team and feeling the energy of the team.”

Ms. Bennett cheered for her high school squads at Bedford High School and St. Ursula Academy in Toledo. She competed in baton twirling for Twirl Michigan before moving on to be a part of the dance team at St. Xavier University in Cincinnati.

She admired the pride Cincinnatians had in their team so much that she decided to audition for the cheer team, which was not an easy process.

“The tryout took a month,” she said, describing how, with each round, the group became smaller and smaller.

“They started out with 15 rookies and narrowed it down to only seven. They would send out e­mails telling you if you made it or not — you didn’t sleep the entire night (until you got the e-mail).”

Cheering in front of 64,000 fans is like no experi­ence she’s ever had.

“It’s so loud; I can barely hear my captain next to me,” Ms. Bennett said.

Being an NFL cheerleader goes a lot farther than just cheering at the games. As a Bengals’ cheer­leader, Ms. Bennett does a lot of charity events as well.

She is the daughter of Lee and Susan Bennett of Lambertville.

Fast and Furious: A Day In The Life Of The Ontario Fury Dance Team

The Ontario Fury are one of the newest teams in the PASL, the Professional Arena Soccer League, and this past Saturday, they held their inaugural game against the Toros Mexico at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.  And as some of you may know, the Fury have a dance team, the Ladies of the Ontario Fury…and they are a sight to behold.

In honor of their first game of their inaugural season, I thought it would be interesting to feature the dance team and provide our readers with an idea of what a day in the life of an Ontario Fury dance team member is all about.  So I contacted Lynae de Leon, the Director of Community Relations and the Dance Team Director and arranged for a media credential to cover the squad.

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TBBC Revisits Pirate Outfits For Halloween

Momentum in sports is funny. Positive Mo can carry you through underdog victories but negative flow can almost be impossible to stop without a complete regime change. Currently there is much venom spewing in Tampa and most of it directed toward head coach Greg Schiano. Without proven NFL pedigree the coach is an easy target to be classified as another “Peter Principle” college rah rah boy. Since every 7 days present new opportunities I guess we’ll have answers soon. Surely the Bucs won’t be an 0-16 team? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller?

Inverse to the football results, the TBBC has “It” going on. Each week new outfits and sharp performances are becoming the norm. The Thursday night halftime dance in throwback Pirate garb was striking. Manager Melissa Fitzgerald and her squad are really shaking it up in an effort to keep the fan base entertained and into the game. Kudos goes out to the latest choreography productions. Hopefully my stills capture the impressive performances.

Enjoy the photos:

Kasey H.





Cori and Antasia

Baranese, DarlaFaye, Lacy, Kendell, Brianna, Norie, Megan

Karen, Ingrid, Ashlee, Christina, Kari

[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

Photo of the Day – October 29

Photo of the Day - October 29
Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Kristen and Whitney during their Halloween costume game