Oakland Raiderettes Photos from Week 10

We begin our coverage of Week 10 of the NFL regular season with another look at the Oakland Raiderettes.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery from last Thursday.

Oakland Raiderettes Photos from Week 9

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen the Raiderettes at home and that’s because the Oakland Raiders have just returned from a five week sojourn that took them to Minneapolis, Indianapolis, London, Green Bay and Houston.  The team returned home to Oakland to play the visiting Detroit Lions in Week 9 and it was another chance to view the Raiderettes in the Oakland Coliseum before they relocate to Las Vegas next season.  Oakland fans should savor each and every one of these few remaining home games in the Bay Area because when they are gone, it will be an end of an era.

On to the photos.  Click here to view the latest Raiderettes game day photos.

Oakland Raiderettes Photos from Week 5

Each year, the NFL schedules regular season games in London.  It is a way to build the brand internationally, as if the NFL needed the additional publicity.  Usually these games are, to put it politely, not the most attractive or important games, but there was some added excitement in the match up between the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders.  It would be a match up between all world, all stud, all everything defensive player Khalil Mack and his former team, the Oakland Raiders.

For people who don’t know the backstory, last season the Raiders decided against retaining the services of the best defensive player in the game and traded his rights to the Chicago Bears, who promptly made him one of the highest paid players in the NFL.  And Khalil Mack has proven to be worth every penny as he transformed the Bears defense into the second coming of the Monsters of the Midway.

On paper, the match up between the Bears defense and the Raiders offense, still reeling from Antonio Brown fiasco, seemed like a mismatch, but Raiders held their own and proceeded to eek out a 24 – 21 hard earned victory.

If these international series games are a treat for international fans, well then a glimpse of the Oakland Raiderettes is a nice compliment to the spectacle on the pitch.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery of images from London.

Oakland Raiderettes Photos from Week 2

The Oakland Raiders played the Kansas City Chiefs tough for about a quarter and a half before giving up four second quarter touchdowns to the presumptive AFC West Champions.  Final score, Chiefs – 28, Raiders – 10. 

A valiant effort, but for naught.  So let us turn our attention to something more positive…the Oakland Raiderettes!  Click here to view the Raiders gallery of images from Week 2.


Oakland Raiderettes Photos from Week 1

The Oakland Raiders opened the regular season at home in what may have been the final Monday Night Football game in Oakland.  Raiders fans were treated to a solid performance by Derek Carr and the rest of the boys in black as they defeated the Denver Broncos 24 – 16.

This week’s gallery of Raiderette images, which can be seen here, is truly exceptional and you may want to take a closer look at all the wonderful images.

Oakland Raiderettes Photos from Preseason Week 1

This is the last year that the Raiders will be calling Oakland their home.  Next season, they will be playing their home games in Las Vegas in what is sure to be the favorite road trip destination for many NFL fans.  So, let’s take a look at the final edition of the Oakland Raiderettes.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery from Preseason Week 1.

Oakland Raiderettes Audition Photos

The Oakland Raiders held preliminary auditions for their 2019 Raiderettes squad a little while ago and they have posted a gallery of images from the proceedings.  Click here to view their gallery.

NFL Regular Season Week 14 – The Oakland Raiderettes

We continue our coverage of the Week 14 of the NFL regular season with the latest images of the Oakland Raiderettes.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery.

NFL Regular Season Week 13 – The Oakland Raiderettes

No one gave the Oakland Raiders a chance in their match up with their division rival Kansas City Chiefs.  After all, the Chiefs have the best record in the AFC and are led by all world quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the speedy Tyreek Hill.  But the Raiders played the Chiefs tough and scored 17 points in the final quarter to end the game within 7 points and that is quite an accomplishment for the beleaguered Raiders.  Final score: Chiefs – 40, Raiders – 33.

It’s always special when you get a chance to see the Oakland Raiderettes, so let’s check out the latest photos of Football’s Fabulous Females.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery from Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

NFL Regular Season Week 10 – The Oakland Raiderettes

The Oakland Raiders hosted their division rivals, the Los Angeles Chargers in another important game…for the Chargers. The Chargers started out slowly and were out gained by 129 yards in the first quarter before waking up and scoring ten points in the second quarter.  From there, the Chargers played just well enough to win against a Raiders team that was over matched and looking for answers on both sides of the ball.  Final score, Chargers – 20, Raiders – 6.

With a 1 – 7 record, the Raiders are in full rebuild mode, but the cupboard seems bare.  It’s time to see who is going to buy into the Gruden project or who is checking out because this season is a lost cause for the Silver and Black.  2019 will be a total rebuild for the team and the franchise.

So let’s take a look at something more promising…the Oakland Raiderettes!  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery.


NFL Regular Season Week 8 – The Oakland Raiderettes

The John Gruden experiment has been an utter failure so far and in Week 8, the Indianapolis Colts were the latest team to decisively beat the Raiders.  Using a strong rushing attack and riding the arm of Andrew Luck, who threw for three touchdowns, the Colts defeated the Raiders 42 – 28.

We all knew going into this season, the Raiders were in rebuild mode, especially after letting perennial All Pro Defenive End/Linebacker Khalil Mack go in free agency.  Most people believed that there was enough left on the roster to be respectable after coming off a 12 – 4 record just two seasons ago, but drastic personnel moves have not panned out this year and the Raiders are reeling at 1 – 6.

I think most Raiders fans hoped that bringing back John Gruden after a more than a decade removed from coaching, would wake up the echoes and return the Silver and Black to a commitment to excellence, but that hasn’t happened…yet.

Tradition is a good thing.  It ties us to our past and guides us into the future.  Exceptional organizations build tradition and foster it.  Vestiges of a glorious past serves to inspire and show us the way to a better future.  And if the Raiders are not quite back to the level of their glorious past, the Raiderettes have maintained that legacy and tradition established by Al Davis and Al LoCasale. 

So let’s take a look at the latest images of Football’s Fabulous Females, the Raiderettes.  And click here to view the Raiders full game day gallery from Week 8.

The Raiderettes…iconic.

NFL Regular Season Week 6 – The Oakland Raiderettes

London, calling.  And the Oakland Raiderettes answered…the NFL’s call to provide a bit of glamour to all those American football fans who partook of the great sports spectacle that is the NFL London Games.  Here are a few images from the event and to view the Raiders complete game day gallery, please click here.

NFL Regular Season Week 6 – Raiderettes in London

The Raiderettes were in London a few days prior to the game against the Seattle Seahawks and they made the rounds to help promote the game.  They’ve posted a few photos from their promotional tour.  Click here to view the gallery.

The Raiders game day gallery hasn’t been posted yet, but when they do, we will post some images here and link back to the gallery for you to check out.

NFL Regular Season Week 4 – The Oakland Raiderettes

On paper, the Cleveland Browns vs the Oakland Raiders may have seemed to have been a rather dull affair between two teams struggling to find an identity and some consistency.  And if you thought that, like I did, you would have been wrong.  This game was another high scoring, close game that went into overtime before it was decided and to top it off, there were some officiating irregularities to add to the excitement.

So to keep it brief, here were the major story lines for the game:

  • Baker Mayfield get his first start for the Browns.
  • Backup RB Nick Chubb rushes for 105 yards and two TDs on three carries.
  • Derek Carr comes alive, throwing for 437 yards and 4 TDs for the Raiders.
  • With the Browns leading and less than two minutes left in the game, the refs blow call and overturn first down run by Browns RB Carlos Hyde that might have decided the game.
  • Raiders Gruden gets first win of the season and his second stint as Raiders head coach.

After the controversial call that stopped the Cleveland Browns from running out the clock, the Raiders promptly moved the ball down the field and scored the game tying touchdown on a 7 yard pass from Derek Carr to Jared Cook.  And in overtime, the Raiders kicked a field goal to end the game, final score: Raiders – 45, Browns – 42. 

With the win, the Raiders improve to 1 – 3 on the season and stayed within three games of the AFC West lead. 

So with the game summary out of the way, let’s take another look at Football’s Fabulous Females, the Oakland Raiderettes.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery of images.

NFL Regular Season Week 1 – The Oakland Raiderettes

The Oakland Raiders hosted the Los Angeles Rams on the second game on Monday Night Football and as good hosts, the Raiders were generous in giving up 33 points while only taking back 13 for themselves.  Hey, it was the first week of the new season and I am sure the second Gruden era will be a success as there were moments of optimism for the new look Raiders. 

And speaking of optimism, this was our first look at the Raiderettes of the regular season and they were in mid-season form.  Click here to view the Raiders game day gallery.