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Chicago Luvabulls Photos

The Chicago Bulls have posted a few Luvabulls photos from the season.  Click here to view the galleries.

The Chicago Luvabulls Roster

Continuing our coverage of NBA dance teams, let’s take a look at the 2016 – 2017 Chicago Luvabulls roster.

And the Chicago Bulls have posted a concept video on their web site featuring their dance team.  Take a look.

Luvabulls at the Chicago Auto Show

Reader Joel was at the Chicago Auto Show last month and ran into four of the Chicago Luvabulls.

Amye was a Conference Champion gymnast.

Angela is a former AFL Chicago Adrenaline Rush Dancer.

Second-year Luvabull Ashley is a professional model, aspiring actress and a personal trainer.


Kafi is a three-year veteran and also danced for Loyola University Chicago for three years.

[Chicago Luvabulls]