The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Will Present UNIR, A Dance Showcase

Unir–A Spanish word to unite, bind, join, combine, etc. As in “ties that bind multiple cultures”. We asked cheerleaders Katie and Shayla to tell us about UNIR. Note: The Miami Dolphins, as an organization, is strongly committed to community initiatives.

1)  Katie and Shayla, we always start our Ultimate Cheerleader chats with you introducing yourself in detail to our readers. 

  • SHAYLA: Hi everybody! My name is Shayla and this is my 2nd season as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader and my first season as a co-captain. In 2018, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance from New World School of the Arts. Recently, I’ve began my journey to getting a second degree; a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and plan to graduate in 2022 to then continue my schooling in hopes of becoming a Nurse Practitioner and beginning my career in the medical field. 
  • KATIE: I started dancing when I was four years old! My parents enrolled me in the dance studio as a way to make friends. I went to New World School of the Arts for my freshman and sophomore year of high school and then finished through an online schooling service. At 16 I traveled back and forth to upstate New York to dance with a modern dance company. I attended NYU and received my BFA in Dance in 2016. I’ve studied ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, flamenco, pointe and partnering. In addition to dance, I also minored in nutrition and after graduating, I received my certification in Fitness Nutrition and as a Personal Trainer through NASM. I currently work at Orangetheory fitness as a coach!


2) What kind of show is UNIR? Entire squad involved?

  • SHAYLA: UNIR is a dance showcase that will include our entire squad showing our expertise in lots of different styles of dance, from ballet to our well known cheer dance style that we perform on game days. 
  • KATIE: UNIR will be exactly what it means. We plan on further uniting and bringing our community together, not only as an NFL Cheerleading squad, but as a whole. Our team represents diversity, humility and strength in that, so we aim to showcase those qualities with some amazing and talented guests who will be performing with us.


3) How exciting will this stage opportunity be?

  • SHAYLA: It’s been a while since I’ve truly performed in a dance showcase in a beautiful theater like the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and I must say I’m elated. I’ve always loved the magical feeling of being on the stage in front of a massive audience, with lights beaming on you from all sides. It’s truly a feeling that you will never forget. 


4) What is the prep work like for UNIR?

  • SHAYLA: Preparing for UNIR is not an easy task. It takes a lot of long hours of learning the choreography, to then work to make the vision of each piece a reality. Nonetheless, it’s an extremely fun process. Being surrounded by your best friends and all being able to do what you love is honestly the best feeling. 
  • KATIE: We’ll begin rehearsals the first week of December! Usually we take a break from consistent practice throughout the off season but not this year — we’ll be using that time to prep for our show!


5)  What is it like to dance along all these different styles, influences?

  • SHAYLA: It’s incredibly exciting! We get to be immersed in a style that we may have trained in before or may be exposed to a style we’ve never even heard of. But all in all, we get to tap into a different side of ourselves in order to portray that style to the best of our abilities.
  • KATIE: I’m really interested to see how jumping back into technical dance styles is going to feel physically for me. But I’m very excited to get back into some of my favorite styles that I haven’t practiced since college.


6)  How do you feel about the change from the fashion show to this event?

  • SHAYLA: Of course we all enjoyed the glitz and glam that we were able to be a part of in the fashion show, and so it will be missed. But I’m also very excited to break bounds and initiate the important conversations that need to be discussed in this world by being a part of this new tradition that we’re creating, entitled UNIR. 
  • KATIEI personally feel that UNIR will be more significant in making a difference. I’m happy we’re changing it up this season and aiming for a performance level and venue that’s even more incredible than our fashion shows in past seasons. We’ve been developing our image as NFL cheerleaders and I think this show will represent exactly what that image is. We’re very lucky to have an organization that wants to showcase our talents and celebrate them in order to bring our community together. 

Thank you Shayla and Katie. We are buying our tickets now. See HERE.







Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Get To Celebrate Victory Monday

First home win of the season. Bucs 30 Cardinals 27 (click to enlarge)

Miami Dolphins Top New York Jets For First Win Of Season

The Miami Dolphins celebrated their NFL Fantennial Game weekend with multiple events culminating in a thrilling victory over their AFC East main rival, the New York Jets.The Dolphins are winless no more, final score 26-18. Hopefully now the word “tanking” will disappear from the local news media. Congratulations out to first year coach Brian Flores in besting prior year coach Adam Gase. Coach Flores was emotional after game “we didn’t get off to the best start this season, a lot of adversity but these guys knew how to deal with it and have played well recently”. The rivalry will continue!
Game day is always very active at Hard Rock Stadium. The Dolphins did their military “everyday hero salute” to Command Sergeant Major, David S. Davenport Sr. (retired). With multiple deployments to Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti and Irag the Major also served as sergeant major of the United States Army Training and Doctrine command. The fly over after the anthem was completed by the 482nd Fighter Wing of Homestead Air Reserve Base. Never gets old, chilling!
Every NFL cheering squad will occasionally step outside the box with something unique. The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders live outside the box. Innovation is their middle name. This year the ladies will be performing at the Broward County For The Performing Arts with UNIR, a show celebrating the power of dance! Tickets are now on sale for the February 20th show. Can a call from Broadway be far off? Link for more information is on the website HERE. 
Our thanks out to Ariann Denison, Manager, and Natalie Chernow, Coach and Choreographer, for letting Ultimate Cheerleaders spend a “winsome” Sunday with such a talented group of young professionals.





Emily M.


Shayla and Molly







Davia, Kayla C, and Katie

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Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Get To Celebrate Victory Monday

The Miami Dolphins hit the win column for first time this season with a hard fought victory over the New York Jets. The below photo captures Paige and her teammates gearing up for Victory Monday. Check back with us later in the week for our game day coverage of the cheerleaders.

Natalie, Shayla, Molly, Paige, Briana and Veronica

Miami Dolphins Visit To Alex’s Place

MIAMI – Miami Dolphins players Doug Middleton and Christian Wilkins, cheerleaders  Paige, Emily and T.D. visited alex’s place at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center to distribute gifts and brighten the spirits of young cancer fighters and their families on Tuesday, Oct. 8. 

“You come here always trying to brighten someone’s day and bring good energy to them. But you always leave with them cheering you up and them bringing you that energy because just knowing what they are going through and how they can still have such a big smile on their face is pretty awesome to see,” Wilkins said. “What they are going through gives me extra motivation. It puts it all into perspective. What I am doing is nothing compared to what they are going through as far as me going out there on the field every day because they are literally fighting for their lives. I’m playing for them.”

“It reminds me of when I was visiting my father at Sylvester when he was being treated for cancer. To see the people that came in to bring a smile to his face just lit me up and to be that part of it in somebody else’s journey — there is nowhere else I would rather be,” Dolphins Cheerleader Paige said.

The children and their families had a chance to interact with the team, get autographs and take photos. The children also received gift bags from AutoNation, a supporter of the DCC, in celebration of the automotive retailer’s DRV PNK Initiative.

“I think it’s a really good thing that they are doing that so the patients can feel better not just when they need transfusions but also feel happy when they come here. It makes it make you want to come here,” alex’s place patient Sophia Treadwell said.

“A visit like this gives their lives a little normalcy. It’s a very welcome distraction to the real reason they’re in clinic today, needle pokes and strong medication, but it also brings joy and smiles getting to meet up close and personal star athletes, professional cheerleaders and the team mascot, something they might otherwise never be able to do. It’s their moment to be special,” alex’s place Child Life Specialist Leslie Hutchins, MS, said.

This visit is in advance to the Dolphins’ Crucial Catch game on Oct. 13 against the Washington Redskins presented by Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of UHealth, the University of Miami Health System. At this game, the team will celebrate and honor on-field cancer fighters and survivors from Sylvester and researchers who have received funds from the annual Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) with a halftime presentation.

The Dolphins Cancer Challenge (DCC) was founded in 2010 by the Miami Dolphins organization as the signature initiative of the Foundation’s health impact area. The DCC’s purpose is to improve people’s lives through financial support for innovative cancer research at Sylvester, South Florida’s only NCI-designated Cancer Center. With this recent recognition from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Sylvester is now among the top cancer centers in the United States and joins a highly select group as one of only two NCI-designated cancer centers in the state of Florida, and one of just 71 across the nation. Since its inception, the DCC has raised more than $32.5 million, donating 100 percent of participant-raised funds to Sylvester.

These initiatives align with the Miami Dolphins Foundation’s commitment towards leveling the playing field through the power of teamwork to inspire a healthier, more educated and united South Florida Community.

Doug Middleton

Christian Wilkins and Cheerleader Paige

Cheerleaders Paige and Emily


Alex’s Place

Doug Middleton

Doug Middleton and Christian Wilkins


Photos credit Miami Dolphins.

Ravens At Dolphins, Week Number 1 for NFL

We enjoyed our weekend visit with the 2019 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. The game itself, not so much! Really, what can you say when your team loses 59 to 10 on opening day. My conclusion is that the Ravens are not that good and the Dolphins are not that bad as the score may indicate.

The Dolphins are in full rebuilding mode and we need to give them space. The organization is tired of average 8 and 8 seasons, and a different longer term strategy game plan is in process. Good luck to everyone involved, especially the fans. Hang tough.

Miami Dolphins Cheer is among the most highly regarded and recognized cheerleader brands in the world. The diverse team of women are athletic, confident and trendy yet timeless. They are talented dance performers and community advocates. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are committed to inspiring and entertaining all fans with an emphasis on empowering young women.

Enjoy our photos of the ladies in their new uniforms. Beautiful outfits.


Emily S.

Jennifer, Line Captain


Jenny and Yelina

Katie, Line Captain with T.D.

Kayla C.




Sierra and Estefania




Emily M.

Jamie, Line Captain

Kayla B.

Paige, Line Captain

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The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders For 2019

The Dolphins have posted their roster of the 2019 Cheerleaders squad. Please check back with us later this week for our recent game day coverage.

Dolphins website is HERE

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Click to enlarge photos.

Paige, Line Captain for second year

Ashley, Sofia, Kayla B., Emily M., Jamie (Line Captain), Kelly and Yelina

Gigi, Estefania, Jennifer (Line Captain), Kally, Kristen and Jozie

Shayla, Natalie, Paige, Veronica and Jenny

Davia, Kayla C., Katie (Line Captain), Elena, Jared and Emily S.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders—Group Line Captains For 2019

We are still waiting for the Miami Dolphins to introduce the 2019 squad but we wanted to share the returning cheerleaders who will be Group Line Captains this year. Congrats out to Paige, Jennifer, Jamie and Katie.

Paige, 5th season

Jamie, 3rd season

Katie, 3rd season




Jennifer, 4th season



Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Photo Shoot On MSC Cruises

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (Aug. 1, 2019) Press Release–The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, one of the most beloved cheer organizations in the National Football League, have officially wrapped up their 2019 annual photo shoot sailing aboard MSC Cruises’ innovative smart ships, MSC Seaside in the Caribbean and MSC Meraviglia in Northern Europe. More than 13 of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders participated in this year’s photo shoot, themed “Dance Unites the World,” set to be released in Fall 2019.

This marks the second year that MSC Seaside, MSC Cruises sun-seeking ship sailing year-round from Miami to the Caribbean, hosted the cheerleaders for their annual photo shoot. The ship’s iconic “beach condo” architecture and wealth of outdoor space are what the ship has become known for, ideal for vacationers looking to spend their getaways under the sun. A handful of the cheerleaders took their cruise overseas, traveling to Northern Europe on board the stunning MSC Meraviglia, the ship for all seasons, getting a preview of the ship before she arrives to North America for the first time this October.

On both sailings, the cheer squad enjoyed an enriching on board experience, inspired by MSC Cruises’ European heritage, as well as being immersed in the local culture of the ships’ iconic ports of call. On board, the ladies dined on gourmet, international cuisine including Spanish bites at Hola! Tapas on board MSC Meraviglia, created by two Michelin-starred chef Ramón Freixa; and, a fusion of pan-Asian cuisine on board MSC Seaside’s Asian Market Kitchen, from its pioneer, celebrity chef Roy Yamaguchi.

While in port, the Cheerleaders experienced the Caribbean destinations of Ocho Rios, Jamaica; Cozumel, Mexico; George Town, Cayman Islands; and Nassau, Bahamas. And, in Northern Europe, the cheerleaders visited Kiel, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; and cities in Norway, including Helleysylt, Molde Fjord, and Flaam. With this year’s photo shoot theme, “Dance Unites the World,” the images focused on movement and dance, with the backdrop of scenic locations within each city. In addition to the photos, the cheerleaders placed a priority on reaching out to the locals, hosting cross-cultural dance classes and partaking in a traditional lunch reflective of the local culture.

A few highlights of the cheerleaders’ in-port experiences include:

  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica: The cheerleaders hosted a cross-cultural dance class with Too Kool Dance Crew . Then, the team headed to Dunn’s River Falls to capture photos of the cheerleaders at the iconic locale. The ladies finished the day with a meal of traditional Jamaican jerk.
  • Cozumel, Mexico: The team began the day at a local school, Escuela Secundaria General “Carlos Monsivais,” for a dance lesson with the students. Then completed their photo shoot at the Mayan Ruins before enjoying a seafood lunch at a Cozumel staple with beautiful ocean views.
  • George Town, Cayman Islands: The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders hosted a dance clinic with Dreamchasers, a local dance troupe, at the Harquail Theatre. The team took photos at the Cayman Turtle Centre, a local conservation center and enjoyed lunch.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: The squad hosted a clinic with Global Kidz and visited the iconic sites of Rosenborg Castle and Nyhayn Harbor.
  • Kiel, Germany: The cheerleaders enjoyed a dance clinic with Ballet-in-Kiel and Kiel Baltic Hurricanes Cheerleaders as well as captured images throughout the week of the signature locale.


Emily and Kally



Juliana grounded





Miami Dolphins website is HERE

Miami Cheerleaders Supporting The Dolphins Cancer Challenge

Miami, FL – The South Florida community again rallied around the Dolphins Cancer Challenge for the ninth annual event that raises money for critical cancer research at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami.

More than 5,000 cancer fighters biked, ran, walked and volunteered in the event. The ethos of the day was celebrated by the 200 cancer survivors who participated – reinforcing the motivation of the Dolphins Cancer Challenge to tackle cancer. The Survivor Program presented by the Harcourt M. and Virginia W. Sylvester Foundation will continue to share the stories of #CancerFighters, those on the front line who galvanize efforts at the DCC.

Visit HERE:

The Dolphins Cheerleaders at the DCC (photo credit Miami Dolphins) click to enlarge

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Audition Photos

We continue our coverage of NFL cheerleader auditions with a look at the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, the First Ladies of Football.  They have posted a gallery of images from their preliminary auditions and if you want to see the gallery, please click here.

Flashback — Years Past

Paige, Dolphins


Flashback — Years Past

Lily and Lauren, Dolphins (click to enlarge)


Flashback — Years Past

Estefania and Raquel, Dolphins


Flashback — Years Past

Macy, Miami Dolphins

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