Dolphins Alum Katie Joins The Chicago Luvabulls

Dancer Katie has taken her talents from the NFL gridiron to the NBA hardwood. Dolphins to the Bulls.

Fan favorite Katie cheered 3 seasons with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, her final year as a line group Captain.

This link is a nice conversation we had with her back in 2019:


Katie, Chicago Luvabull dancer
Katie, Miami Dolphins
Katie, Line Captain with T.D.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2021 Reveal

The Dolphins Cheerleaders for the 2021 season were recently revealed on their instagram account.

Samantha W.
Samantha M.
Emily M.
Emily E.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders–Throwback Sunday

The Dolphins Cheerleaders picked last Sunday to honor their predecessors by donning throwback uniforms for their game dance video.

Oh and by the way the guys won again, lead by Tua Tagovailoa, beating the LA  Chargers 29-21. Watch out for the Fins!

Veronica, Elena and Molly

Briana and Emily

Alums Tiffany and Fabiola

Alum Julie

Alum Ashley

Alum Amy

Alum Lilly

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders gram link is HERE

Cheerleader Kelly Of The Miami Dolphins

Reprinted from facebook, enjoy:
Four-year veteran Kelly knows the power of embracing one’s potential. Kelly was unable to communicate as a young child due to a speech impediment. Her parents made every effort to never make her feel as though she had a disability. For years, Kelly communicated using sign language and took dance classes as a way to express emotions in a healthy way. Following her teacher’s advice, Kelly’s parents sought a speech pathologist to help Kelly with her speech. She was able to pronounce her first word at the age of six and spent years in therapy thereafter. Throughout her treatment, Kelly felt most comfortable practicing her speech in the dance studio where she knew it was safe to make mistakes. She related speech therapy to dance, where practice and progress were developmental personally and practically.
By middle school Kelly was able to verbally communicate and felt a sense of renewal. While many people doubted her abilities, she felt empowered reaching milestones in speech therapy while she worked diligently to accomplish milestones as a dancer. She credits her speech pathologist for endless support and encouragement through experiential learning, which allowed her to feel that speech was attainable. Once Kelly embraced her potential, she felt unstoppable. She graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA, was captain of her dance team, and has danced professionally in the NBA, NHL, and NFL. Kelly is working toward her degree in speech pathology to share with other children the sense of empowerment her therapist shared with her. She wants others to embrace their differences and more importantly, their potential, to see beyond their immediate limitations and look toward their long-term dreams.
“My Hispanic roots are treasured by the beautiful memories of family traditions and culinary delicacies influenced by both Mexican and European recipes passed down from generation to generation. I an very proud of my Mexican roots.” – Kelly

Mexican Heritage

Houston Texans days



Kelly and teammate Terra

Kelly and her MDC captain Katie