The Bengals Beat The Vikings 27-24 in Overtime

Exciting finish in Cincinnati! The Vikings sent the game into overtime with a 53 yard field goal as time expired in the 4th Quarter. The Bengals then won the game on a 38 yard field goal at the 0:00 mark of overtime.

The Ben-Gals introduced their Cheer uniform reveal for the season. Enjoy some photos from the team’s website.

Cincinnati Ben-Gals Photos from Week 13

In Week 13 of the NFL regular season, the Cincinnati Bengals got their first win of the season by defeating the Jets.  If it is one thing we have learned this years, is that there are a handful of very good teams and more than a handful of really, really bad teams…rather strange at the disproportional bottom portion of a standard deviation bell curve of anticipated team wins and losses.

Well, any win is a good win, even if it comes at the expense of the lowly New York Jets.  And that good news is something to celebrate, so let us take a look at the latest photos of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals.  Click here to view the Bengals gallery of images from last week.

Cincinnati Ben-Gals Photos from Week 10

In Week 10 of the NFL regular season, the Cincinnati Bengals played the visiting Baltimore Ravens, one of the leading teams in the AFC, and it was a blow out of monumental proportions.  Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, threw for three touchdowns and rushed for another in a 49 – 13 victory over the struggling Bengals.  It is clear that this is a lost season for the Bengals and it was time for them to see what journeyman quarterback Ryan Finley has to offer…and the answer to that question is not much.

If the Bengals are a team looking to rebuild for the future, the future is now for the lovely Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleaders.  Click here to view the most recent images of this fine squad.

Cincinnati Ben-Gals Photos from Week 7

It was another tough day for the Cincinnati Bengals who lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars last Sunday, 27 – 17.  Things are so bad for the Bengals that they are the prohibitive favorites to secure the #1 overall draft pick in next year’s draft.  Well, at least they’ll have their choice of QBs to choose from and there are a number of franchise level QBs available.

Let us change the subject to something more pleasant and take a look at this week’s Cincinnati Ben-Gals photos.  Click here to check out the Bengals gallery of images from last Sunday.

Cincinnati Ben-Gals Photos from Week 5

The Cincinnati Bengals played host to the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday in a battle that could possibly decide which teams would earn the #1 pick in next year’s draft.  You see both teams, along with the Redskins, Dolphins, and Jets are clearly among the worst in the NFL and as such could use an influx of new, young talent.  That being said, this game was up for grabs and both teams had their chances to win, but the Cardinals rode the back of former #1 overall pick Kyler Murray to victory.  I guess the Cardinals are a little further along in the rebuild process than the Bengals.

Final Score: Cardinals – 26, Bengals – 23.

With the loss, the Bengals are predicted to earn the top spot in the 2020 NFL draft and most speculate that they will draft a replacement for quarterback Andy Dalton.  Justin Herbert anyone?  Let’s see if this early prognostication come true.  Until then, let us enjoy this week’s photos of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals.  Click here to view the Bengals gallery of images from last week.

Cincinnati Ben-Gals Cheerleaders Photos from Week 2

Last Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengals were, to put it politely, smoked by the San Francisco 49ers, 41 – 17 and the loss left the team with an 0 – 2 record to start off the NFL season.  I don’t like to dwell on the negative, so let’s turn the page and focus on the positive…the Cincinnati Ben-Gals!

You know, the Ben-Gals really seem to have a fun time getting ready for game day.  Just an observation.  I wonder if the football team poses for selfies before the game…probably not.

NFL Regular Season Week 13 – The Cincinnati Ben-Gals Cheerleaders

The Cincinnati Bengals lost a tough one against the Denver Broncos and that was to be expected after losing starting quarterback Andy Dalton previously and losing A.J. Green during the game.  So let us not dwell on the negative and focus on the positive…the Cincinnati Ben-Gals Cheerleaders.  Click here to check out this week’s Ben-Gals photos.

The Ben-Gals post the most fun and interesting pregame photos and we will begin with those in this week’s retrospective.


NFL Regular Season Week 8 – The Cincinnati Ben-Gals

The Cincinnati Bengals played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week and it was another close game that was decided by big plays by big players.  Jameis Winston, the Buccaneers quarterback, threw four interceptions and was replaced by Ryan Fitzpatrick, who gamely brought the Bucs back to tie the score at 34 with 1:05 left in the fourth quarter.  But the Bengals have a few big play players of their own and Andy Dalton promptly drove his team down the field where Randy Bullock kicked the game winning field goal.  The Bengals were led by Dalton’s 280 yards and two touchdowns and Joe Mixon rushed for 123 yards and another two touchdowns.  Bengals win 37 – 34.

The Cincinnati Ben-Gals braved the chilly weather to cheer on the Bengals to victory.  We have posted a few images from the Bengals for your enjoyment.  Click here to the Bengals game day gallery to see all the images.

NFL Regular Season Week 6 – The Cincinnati Ben Gals

It was another big divisional game this week with the Pittsburgh Steelers traveling to Ohio to battle the Cincinnati Bengals.  Its a tight race in the AFC North, so this game would go a long a way for the victor.  It was a rather close game that wasn’t decided until the last minute when the Steelers Antonio Brown caught a pass from Ben Roethlisberger and raced 31 yards for the winning touchdown.  The final score: Steelers – 28, Bengals – 21.

It looked a little chilly and damp in Cincinnati, judging by the Ben Gals photos posted this week.  Click here to view the entire game day gallery.