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Dallas Mavericks Dancers Auditions Photos

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers held their auditions beginning on July 7. They have uploaded a gallery of images from their tryouts. Click here to view the images.

Dallas Mavericks Dancers Photos

The Dallas Mavericks have one of the hottest dance teams in the NBA and they have posted a huge gallery of images from the season.  Click here to view the gallery.  

Dallas Mavericks Dancers Photos

NBA dance teams are beginning to post images from the first few games of the new season and the Dallas Mavericks have been the most prolific at doing so.  Click here to view a gallery of DMD images.

Dallas Mavericks Dancers Calendar Release Party

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers recently held their calendar release party and they team uploaded a gallery of photos from the event.  Click here to view the gallery.

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers Roster

Let’s take a look at the 2016 – 2017 Dallas Mavericks Dancers Roster.  Unlike other NBA dance team’s rosters, the Dallas Mavericks Dancers have posted bios and full body shots of the girls…a nice touch.  Check out their web page here. Alexis Ally Amber Ansley Ashley Bebe Brooke Erika Janae Kassandra Katelyn Lexie Maggie Melissa […]

Who’s Who: DCC Training Camp

2009-dcc-training-camp_keyBy Sasha

Deconstructing members of the 2009 DCC Training Camp

Update: the list is complete. Except for a few last names, we’ve got everyone identified!