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4th of July with the Sweethearts

Sweethearts for Soldiers had a big 4th of July weekend earlier this month. Sweethearts Brianne, Natalie, and Jill traveled to Oregon for this trip. Some of you will recognize these ladies. Brianne is a rookie Tennessee Titans Cheerleader. Prior to this, she was a San Diego Charger Girl. Natalie is a former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders, […]

Silver Dancers Visit Mexico City

The San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers recently traveled to Mexico City to promote the Spurs and the NBA south of the border at the NBA Mexico 3×3 tournament. 2009spurs-in-mex

MVC Visit Devil’s Lake, ND

MVCs on the road for Military Appreciation Day 2009-vikings-action_devils-lake2

Eagles Cheerleaders Heading to the Middle East

A group of Eagles Cheerleaders are heading to Iraq and Kuwait. 2009-pe-iraq-kuwait-trip

Raiderettes Visit Troops in Iraq

2009-or-in-iraq_10By Sasha

The Oakland Raiderettes visit Iraq.

Raiderettes Abroad: Photo Gallery

Oakland Raiderettes take a spin around MND-B By Staff Sgt. Mark Burrell and Staff Sgt. James Selesnick NewsBlaze.com June 06,2009 Photos (click on each to view hi-res version)

Raiderettes in Basra

Silver and Black marches on COB Basra By Staff Sgt. Derek Smith The 34th Red Bull Infantry Division June 1, 2009 Photos CONTINGENCY OPERATING BASE BASRA, Iraq – The latest set of boots to hit the ground were a sharp contrast to the tan and green of military footwear as the stark white boots of […]

Pats Tour Diary

NFL Navy Tour Journal Patriots.com 2/24/09 Read our journal sharing the experience the Patriots Cheerleaders recently had while traveling overseas to visit our U. S. military troops who are stationed in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Africa. View Photos from the tour >> Hey everyone, Brittany here! I am so excited to share with […]

Los Gatos women on Raiderettes squad visit the troops in Iraq and Kuwait

By Marianne L. Hamilton Los Gatos Weekly-Times 03/02/2009 When Meena Shams and Ariel Ogilvie make public appearances, they’re almost always in uniform. As members of the Raiderettes, cheerleading squad for the Oakland Raiders, the Los Gatos residents are typically decked out in their familiar silver and black costumes. Recently, though, the pair found themselves attired […]

Raiderette Travel Diary: Japan

Raiderette Cole’s Visit to Japan February 24, 2009 Raiders.com * Video interview with Raiderette Cole * Recently, veteran Raiderette Cole had the opportunity, along with seven other NFL cheerleaders, to visit Japan and work with NFL Japan on several initiatives and awareness campaigns with regard to NFL football. Cole took time out to chronicle her […]