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AllPro3 Announces 2020 P-R-O Virtual Convention

The best professional cheerleading/dance convention in the land is going virtual! 

P-R-O Virtual Convention is where dancers come together in the safety of their own homes.  For our 2020 Convention, join us for a cost effective, virtual weekend of dance and learn from the best in the pro cheer/ dance industry. 

Useable choreography for your field, court, ice, diamond or tour. For 18 years we’ve hosted the convention in Atlanta, and this year… you are hosting us virtually. Stay home. Stay safe. But dance your butt off!

For more information or to register, click here.

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Hannah

Whew! We have finally reached the end of a long journey to identify and highlight those special girls who attended the 2015 P-R-O Convention. To be sure there were many more girls that I would have liked to feature, but scheduling and time constraints prevented me from visiting each squad as much as I would have liked to, but you can snag only so many girls during the brief breaks in the action.

Our final honoree of 2015 hails from the Minnesota Vikings and she is in her first year with the team, according to their web page…introducing Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Hannah, our 28th and final 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

MVC Hannah 2015 09

MVC Hannah 2015 01

MVC Hannah 2015 02

MVC Hannah 2015 03

MVC Hannah 2015 04

MVC Hannah 2015 05

MVC Hannah 2015 06

MVC Hannah 2015 07

2015 PRO  074

2015 PRO  278

2015 PRO  282

MVC Hannah 2015 08

Well, this concludes UltimateCheerleaders.com’s coverage of the 2015 P-R-O Convention from Atlanta. If you are a professional cheerleader, you may wanted to consider attending this convention next year. It is the premier professional cheerleading and dance convention in the world and the opportunity to meet your peers and learn from the best choreographers in professional sports is truly inspiring. Plus, you may get to meet a couple of old geezers and get singled out for some special attention…Wink! Wink!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Katie

They say that honey bees are in decline to colony collapse syndrome, but that is certainly not the case in Charlotte! I can report that the Honey Bees are alive and doing well in the Tar Heel state…at least the two legged kind. Our next honoree is a second year veteran and another one of those amazing Charlotte Honey Bees…introducing Katie, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Honeybee Katie 2015 02

Honeybee Katie 2015 01

Honeybee Katie 2015 03

Honeybee Katie 2015 04

Honeybee Katie 2015 06

Honeybee Katie 2015 09

Honeybee Katie 2015 05

Honeybee Katie 2015 08

Honeybee Katie 2015 11

Honeybee Katie 2015 12

Honeybee Katie 2015 13

2015 PRO  098

2015 PRO  122

2015 PRO  263

2015 PRO  325

We are down to our last All Star for 2015…I simply ran out of time in Atlanta…see who is our final honoree.

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Karen

Our cavalcade of Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders/P-R-O Convention honorees continues with a six year member of the MVC…introducing Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Karen, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

MVC Karen 2015 02

MVC Karen 2015 03

MVC Karen 2015 09

MVC Karen 2015 01

MVC Karen 2015 06

MVC Karen 2015 05

MVC Karen 2015 04

MVC Karen 2015 08

Only a couple more left before we conclude our coverage of the 2015 P-R-O Convention in Atlanta…see who is next!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Jessica

A little birdie told me that our next honoree is a former member of the First Ladies of Football…okay that birdie was James, my publisher and he ought to know. Well she is the second person to relocate from the D.C. Metroplex to Nashville and become a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader this year…introducing Jessica our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star!

TTC Jessica 2015 01

TTC Jessica 2015 02

TTC Jessica 2015 05

TTC Jessica 2015 03

TTC Jessica 2015 09

TTC Jessica 2015 04

TTC Jessica 2015 06

TTC Jessica 2015 07

Jessica has got this posing thing down pat!

TTC Jessica 2015 08

TTC Jessica 2015 10

Jessica is another reason to get out to a Titans game…her and Marcus Mariota!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Helen Ann

The most impressive squad at P-R-O was the Charlotte Honey Bees. They were all very attractive and they were all interesting subjects to shoot, whether it was for their dance ability, their good looks, or that part of their personality that can be captured in a still image. Each and every one of them was a pleasure to shoot and as I have said before, my only regret was that I didn’t get to shoot all of them. They were that impressive.

Our next honoree is one of those amazing Charlotte Honey Bees…introducing Helen Ann, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 08

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 04

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 01

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 05

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 06

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 09

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 10

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 02

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 07

Honeybee Helen Ann 2015 03

We are definitely winding down our coverage from the 2015 P-R-O Convention in Atlanta…only a handful of girls to feature left!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Kelley

I have a few more profiles of the MVC than any other remaining squad, so we will be doing a back to back feature highlighting another special Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader. Our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star is first year member of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, introducing Kelley.

MVC Kelley 2015 03

She and the rest of her squad were kind enough to take some time out of their busy convention day schedule to pose for some photos.

MVC Kelley 2015 01

MVC Kelley 2015 02

MVC Kelley 2015 04

MVC Kelley 2015 07

MVC Kelley 2015 05

MVC Kelley 2015 09

MVC Kelley 2015 06

MVC Kelley 2015 08

2015 PRO 681

2015 PRO 688

2015 PRO 699

2015 PRO 702

Only a handful of profiles left, so stay tuned to see who is next!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Kayla

I was impressed with our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star…she stood out and that is one of the most important qualities of that you can have as a cheerleader. Every one of the girls at P-R-O is beautiful…they’re professional cheerleaders and I have never seen an unattractive one. They’re all proficient dancers….some better than others, all worthy of their uniform. But some girls stand out from the others. They have a special quality and our next honoree caught my attention in a sea of beautiful and talented dancers…introducing Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Kayla, a 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

MVC Kayla 2015 07

MVC Kayla 2015 03

MVC Kayla 2015 01

MVC Kayla 2015 02

MVC Kayla 2015 11

MVC Kayla 2015 04

MVC Kayla 2015 06

MVC Kayla 2015 08

MVC Kayla 2015 05

MVC Kayla 2015 09

MVC Kayla 2015 12

2015 PRO 856

2015 PRO  189

2015 PRO  197

2015 PRO  203

2015 PRO  405


Wow, only 11 more months until the 2016 P-R-O Convention!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Kimberly

If my memory serves correctly, I first saw our next honoree at this convention six years earlier, when she was a member of the Washington Wizard Girls. The year was 2010 and it was my first year covering this wonderful event. Back then, I had not yet come up with the idea of doing these features. Fast forward to 2015 and as the saying goes, “what is old, is new again”. Introducing our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Kimberly.

TTC Kimberly 2015 02

TTC Kimberly 2015 03

TTC Kimberly 2015 05

TTC Kimberly 2015 06

TTC Kimberly 2015 01

TTC Kimberly 2015 07

TTC Kimberly 2015 10

TTC Kimberly 2015 04

TTC Kimberly 2015 09

TTC Kimberly 2015 08

I think the change in locale has done her well!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Houston Texans Cheerleader Daranesha

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders always bring a large contingent of beautiful cheerleaders to Atlanta and I was able to snap a few photos with some of them. In this installment of our All Star series, we focus our attention on another one of those remarkable Houston Texans Cheerleaders…second year veteran Daranesha, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

HTC Daranesha 2015 03

HTC Daranesha 2015 02

HTC Daranesha 2015 01

HTC Daranesha 2015 07

HTC Daranesha 2015 11

HTC Daranesha 2015 04

HTC Daranesha 2015 12

HTC Daranesha 2015 05

HTC Daranesha 2015 08

HTC Daranesha 2015 10

HTC Daranesha 2015 06

There’s just something special about the Texans Cheerleaders and look forward to photographing them each and every P-R-O Convention!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Molly

As we begin to wind down our coverage of the 2015 P-R-O Convention, we still have a few more cheerleaders to feature. Purple must be my favorite color because I seem to be attracted to all the cheerleaders that were wearing purple at the convention…it’s a flattering color…at least in my opinion. And our next honoree wears purple well and she happens to be a five year veteran of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders…introducing Molly, our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

MVC Molly 2015 01

MVC Molly 2015 05

MVC Molly 2015 03

MVC Molly 2015 08

MVC Molly 2015 06

MVC Molly 2015 04

MVC Molly 2015 07

MVC Molly 2015 02

MVC Molly 2015 10

MVC Molly 2015 09

More to come.

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Charlotte Honey Bee Sam

Our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star is, perhaps, the cheerleader that made the most memorable first impression at the event. Tall. Good looking. Great smile. Wonderful dancer. Great body lines. Statuesque. Photogenic. Enthusiastic. She’s everything that you would want in a cheerleader, visually speaking…I cannot attest to those other qualities that one can only ascertain via an interview, but I would expect she does well in those aspects as well.

Another one of those amazing Charlotte Honey Bees, introducing Sam…a 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star.

Honeybee Sam 2015 06

Honeybee Sam 2015 01

Honeybee Sam 2015 05

Honeybee Sam 2015 04

Honeybee Sam 2015 02

Honeybee Sam 2015 03

Honeybee Sam 2015 08

2015 PRO  101

2015 PRO  103

2015 PRO  106

2015 PRO  111

2015 PRO 607

2015 PRO 609


2015 PRO 613

Honeybee Sam 2015 09

Let’s just say that I am impressed with the Honey Bees…my only regret is that I was only able to shoot half of the squad on the morning of the first day and never got the chance on Sunday to shoot the rest. They are truly an amazing squad…too bad I live on the West Coast.

Who’s next? We still have several more special girls to feature…so stay tuned.

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Abbey

There were a lot of fresh faces at P-R-O this year and I do like featuring fresh new faces because everything is so new and exciting to them. And this makes for some wonderful photo ops. Our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star is another one of those gorgeous Tennessee Titan Cheerleaders who caught me eye and I was able to snag her for a few posed photos…introducing Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Abbey.

TTC Abbey 2015 11

TTC Abbey 2015 03

TTC Abbey 2015 06

TTC Abbey 2015 04

TTC Abbey 2015 05

TTC Abbey 2015 09

TTC Abbey 2015 10

TTC Abbey 2015 01

TTC Abbey 2015 02

TTC Abbey 2015 07

Fresh faces in fresh places…that’s what the 2015 P-R-O Convention is all about!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader Tara

I am not sure if I’ll ever get to New York to catch a Jets game (yes, I know the game is played in New Jersey), but I can take some solace in that I can always snap a few pics of the Jets Flight Crew at the P-R-O Convention in Atlanta. I usually get some nice action shots of the squad during the weekend, but I was able to shoot only one girl for this series and it happens that she was the last girl I shot that weekend. I was lucky to snag her after the convention had ended and right before she had to catch a flight back home.

I can honestly say she’s my favorite Flight Crew Member because she’s beautiful in this All American Girl kind of way and she has this wonderful smile. It doesn’t hurt that she’s very photogenic and as I understand, she’s a big sports fan. What? An NFL Cheerleader and a die hard sports fan? I must be dreaming.

Introducing our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star…Tara, Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader and the biggest sports fan in New York.

JFC Tara 2015 03

JFC Tara 2015 01

JFC Tara 2015 04

JFC Tara 2015 02

JFC Tara 2015 08

JFC Tara 2015 05

JFC Tara 2015 07

JFC Tara 2015 09

JFC Tara 2015 13

JFC Tara 2015 11

JFC Tara 2015 10

JFC Tara 2015 15

JFC Tara 2015 06

JFC Tara 2015 14

2015 PRO 772

2015 PRO 771

2015 PRO  185

2015 PRO  200

We’ve only scratched the surface and there are many more All Stars yet to come, so keep watching to see who is next!

2015 P-R-O Convention All Star: Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Michaela

I like the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders. They always bring some very attractive girls and they wear some of the most distinctive and sexy uniforms in the NFL. Those two factors makes for some very interesting shooting. And this year, I was fortunate to shoot pretty much their entire contingent…the benefits of a fortuitous lunch break schedule.

And our next 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star was one of those special cheerleaders that caught my eye…attractive, yes…looks great in the uniform, yes…great smile, yes…and above all a personality that shines through, YES! All this and a rookie to boot…usually rookies kind of hang back and let the more flamboyant veterans come to the forefront and garner all the attention. Not this one. Introducing our latest 2015 P-R-O Convention All Star…Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Michaela.

MVC Michaela 2015 06

MVC Michaela 2015 04

MVC Michaela 2015 01

MVC Michaela 2015 05

MVC Michaela 2015 09

MVC Michaela 2015 02

MVC Michaela 2015 03

MVC Michaela 2015 07

MVC Michaela 2015 08

MVC Michaela 2015 10

2015 PRO 793

2015 PRO 799

2015 PRO 802

2015 PRO 833

Here’s that personality shining through.

2015 PRO 777

There’s plenty more All Stars to come!