Pro Bowl Ginger Now Cheers For Washington

We first met Ginger in the 2015 season as a member of the ROAR of the Jaguars. She represented the Jags for three seasons and went to Orlando in February of 2018 as their Pro Bowl representative.

We didn’t know but last season she joined the Redskins and at year end was chosen Rookie of the Year. This season we were lucky to spot those magnificent eyes behind a mask on the Washington sidelines. She can move around but she can’t hide from Ultimate Cheerleaders! Congrats out to fan favorite Ginger.

On a personal level Ginger is proud to be an Navy wife.

Ginger on Jaguars

Chloe and Ginger at Pro Bowl


Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 12

The Washington Redskins hosted the Detroit Lions in a battle of low tiered teams.  The Lions were facing a little adversity losing starting quarterback Matthew Stafford a few weeks back, but such turmoil is nothing new for the Redskins who were also starting a relative newcomer in Dwayne Haskins.  In the battle of journeyman quarterbacks, the Redskins found a way to win.  This game will be forever known as the “selfie game” as a prematurely celebrating Haskins missed the last play of the game, a Redskins kneel down, while posing for a selfing with a fan.

Final score: Redskins – 19, Lions – 16.

It must be getting a little chilly, at least on the east coast, as our favorite cheerleading squads transition from their warm weather uniforms to their winter attire and the First Ladies of Football were no exceptions.  Check out the latest images from the Redskins by clicking here.

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 11

The Washington Redskins hosted the New York Jets in Week 11 of the NFL regular season and this game turned out to be a battle between two lower division teams.  Unfortunately for the Redskins, the Jets turned in a more consistent performance for the victory.  That was not surprising as the Redskins were building for the future by starting the “not ready for prime time player” Dwayne Haskins. The young rookie, by all accounts, is not ready to start, but an injury to Case Keenum means that Haskins’ time is now.  And as such, the outcome of this game was predictable.

Final score: Jets – 34, Redskins – 17.

On to better things, namely the First Ladies of Football.  Click here to view the Redskins gallery of images from last Sunday.

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 7

The Washington Redskins game against the San Francisco 49ers was played in a torrential rainstorm and as you can imagine, the quality of football was adversely affected.  Offensive production and scoring for both teams was suppressed, but the 49ers have a great defense and that would prove to be the difference.  The 49ers were able to score three meager field goals on the day while they shut out the Redskins for the rain soaked win.

This past Sunday, the First Ladies of Football wore throwback uniforms to pay homage to their glorious past and they looked amazing, rain notwithstanding.  Click here to view the Redskins gallery of images from Week 7.


Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 5

In the mismatch of the week, the Washington Redskins played host to the New England Patriots and as you would expect, the Patriots thoroughly dominated the game and emerged with the victory, 33 – 7.  The loss would cost the Redskins head coach Jay Gruden his job as he would be fired the following day.  But in all fairness, you really cannot fault Gruden for the poor state of the franchise.  You must look elsewhere in the organization for the cause of the team’s failures, but I don’t think the owner will fire himself.

Let’s change the narrative and take a look at something much more positive…the First Ladies of Football!  Click here to view the Redskins gallery of images from this past Sunday.


Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 3

It was another tough match up for the Washington Redskins and the team still hasn’t seemed to find any semblance of a rhythm as another team, the Chicago Bears, scored more than 30 points against them.  Fans…its going to be a long season for the Redskins.  Its not too soon to start thinking about who you want to select with the second overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft…the Dolphins seem to have a lock on the first pick.

While you ponder your choices, we will keep thinking about the First Ladies of Football who looked spectacular on Monday Night Football.  See for yourself and click here if you want to see the Redskins large gallery of images.