New England Patriots Cheerleaders Photos from Week 14

In the most anticipated match up of Week 14, the New England Patriots hosted the Kansas City Chiefs in a game that likely will feature these two teams in the AFC championship game.  The Patriots have been nearly invincible at home in November, but the visiting Chiefs are formidable in their own right and it showed as they won a hard fought match, 23 – 16.  This game exposed the most glaring weakness of the Patriots, namely a lack of play-making receivers.

Let’s turn our attention to the reason why we are all here, namely to view the latest images of the New England Patriots Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Patriots gallery of images from last week.

New England Patriots Cheerleaders Photos from Week 12

One of the most anticipated games of the year was played last Sunday between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys.  A pouring rainstorm put a damper on the quality of play between two of the best offensive teams in the NFL and two blown tripping calls by the referees ultimately affected the outcome of the game.  And what should have been an instant classic was, in the end, a largely unwatchable game…except for the two blown calls, it was unmemorable.

Final score: Patriots – 13, Cowboys – 9.

I must applaud the New England Patriots Cheerleaders for performing admirably in pouring rain.  It must have been quite an unpleasant experience, but at least they got to cheer for the winning team!  Click here to view the Patriots gallery of images from last Sunday.

New England Patriots Cheerleaders Photos from Week 8

When I was an NFL season ticket holder, one of the most fun and festive games of the year was the Halloween game where the cheerleaders often wore colorful themed costumes. Last weekend, the New England Patriots Cheerleaders were one of the few NFL cheerleading squads, if not the only one, to wear festive Halloween costumes.  And I have to give them credit because it looked rainy and cold in Gillette Stadium.  Click here to view the Patriots gallery of images from last Sunday.


New England Patriots Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

What can you say about the New England Patriots other than they are the model of consistency.  All they do is win.  Winning is expected and it really doesn’t matter who they are playing.  They always seem to find a way to win.  And last Thursday, they played the New York Football Giants, who were playing without Saquon Barkley, so needless to say…the Patriots continued their winning ways.  Same ol’.  Same ol’.

So, let’s change gears and turn our attention to the New England Patriots cheerleaders, who were commemorating the NFL’s Crucial Catch initiative.  Click here to view the Patriots gallery of images from last Thursday.

2010 Patriots Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Unveiling
July 6, 2009

2009-pats-calendar-shoot_28Join the Patriots Cheerleaders as they unveil their 2010 swimsuit calendar at Ned Devine’s at Faneuil Hall in Quincy Market, Boston, MA on Wednesday, August 5 from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. (Ages 21+ only)

All 29 beautiful cheerleaders will be signing autographs, posing for photos and greeting fans. Copies of the swimsuit calendar will be available for purchase, and the Making of the 2010 Swimsuit Calendar video will be playing as well. Join us for a great night you won’t want to miss!

True Life of a Bostonista: I Want to Be a Patriots Cheerleader

Boston Magazine
March 6th, 2009

The auditions for the 2009-2010 season Patriots cheerleading squad were held on Saturday at the Dana-Farber Field House At Gillette Stadium. Thanks to some prodding from her sister, Boston magazine online designer Casey McNamara decided to try out even though she had never cheered before in her life.

“My sister literally knocked on my door with coffee in hand that morning,” Casey says. “I knew she was serious, so I quickly got myself glamorized.”

Here’s what Casey’s experience was like.

Bostonista: How did you prepare for the tryouts?

Casey: Shots of Tequila. Just kidding. I couldn’t prepare too much. I was never on a cheering squad or a dance team. I just went for fun. When I got to the stadium, I realized how hardcore all the girls were. All of them had organized dance routines, with moves straight out of So You Think You Can Dance. I had planned to bust some moves just like when I’m out with friends.

Bostonista: What did the crowd look like?

Casey: There was a line of pink, pink, and more pink…and Uggs. Even though it was a windy day, every girl’s hair was in place. I was second-guessing this idea of ours when I looked down at my black workout pants and sweatshirt.

Bostonista: What did you need for the audition, besides Uggs?

Casey: I had to bring my application, resume, and a photo. While the girls had professional pictures, I had a silly photo of my boyfriend and I at the beach. We stood in line while everyone shared previous cheerleading experiences and practiced dance moves. I just stretched awkwardly. Once I registered, they took my photo. I had to strip down to my workout clothes (gray booty shorts and a red sports bra). Other girls wore sequined undies, shiny tights, and sports bras.

Bostonista: What did you have to do for the audition?

Casey: We had a stretching session with a veteran cheerleader, and then learned the choreographed dance for Britney’s “The Circus.” You can see one of the dances here. There was quite a bit of hair flipping going on. I quickly picked that up.

Then girls were taken one-by-one into the judge’s room, where they prepared a freestyle dance in front of a handful of judges, including Ramiro from 94.5, Pat the Patriot, Tracey the cheer coach, and a few others.

Bostonista: How did you feel about your performance?

Casey: My performance wasn’t as great as the trained cheerleaders and dancers. I may have had a few uncoordinated attempts–but I tried my best and had fun doing it, and now I have great stories to tell to family and friends, and readers of Bostonista.

Bostonista: What would you do next time, to improve your audition?

Casey: I’d practice a choreographed dance routine–so I can pull out some real moves during the one-on-one session.

Bostonista: What’s one tip you would give to other women who may want to try out?

Casey: Go in there with your fun personality, meet people, and have a blast. Even if you don’t make it, you will have fun stories to tell. I have a new respect for the hair flipping, high toe touches, and splits. I am still sore!

Pats Tour Diary

NFL Navy Tour Journal

Read our journal sharing the experience the Patriots Cheerleaders recently had while traveling overseas to visit our U. S. military troops who are stationed in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Africa.

View Photos from the tour >>

Hey everyone, Brittany here! I am so excited to share with you the experience the Patriots Cheerleaders recently had while traveling overseas to visit our U. S. military troops who are stationed in the Middle East, Persian Gulf and Africa.

The excitement started in early January, when Angela L., Danielle, Jillian, Julia and I were notified by Coach Tracy that we had been selected to take part in an overseas tour with the Navy. We couldn’t wait to see the world, as it was a first-time military tour experience for all five of us.

Jan 27th & 28th, 2009
Packed and ready to roll, we met at Logan airport late Tuesday evening. We said our goodbyes to family and friends, and skillfully reorganized our suitcases to meet the 50-pound bag requirement at the check-in counter. Boy did our carry-on bags get heavy! After what seemed like days, we arrived in Amsterdam to meet up with the second half of our crew; five NFL players and their escort, Dave. We spent a few minutes introducing ourselves to Dave, Noah, Adam, Nick and Tyrone. “The players” or “guys” as we often referred to them, all came from different teams throughout the NFL. At the time of first meeting, I don’t think any of us could have anticipated that these strangers from rival teams would soon become a part of what morphed into an awesome family of NFL representatives. Our group, now doubled in size, boarded the next plane to Bahrain. We were unsure what exactly the next 10 days had in store for us, but were eager to find out.

Jan 29th, 2009
The first two days of traveling seemed a blur as we awoke in a Bahrain hotel room ready to start the adventure on Thursday morning. Our first trip was a journey by helicopter into the Persian Gulf onto a ship called the USS Carter Hall. For most of us, this was our first time traveling in a “helo.” All strapped in, I was initially a little frightened. But after we were off ground, it was really beautiful to see the Arabic Sea, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia from the air.

Once landed on the Carter Hall, we were greeted cheerfully by the crew and took part in a guided tour around the ship. With our cameras out, we clicked away hundreds of pictures as we learned all about the jobs of the sailors on board. We learned that the Carter Hall is called an “Amphibian” ship because it functions both on land and in water. One of the most priceless moments of the night came when Tracy decided to transform from cheerleading coach into a barber, and skillfully gave one of the crew members a sharp “edge up.” We all thought he looked fabulous and Tracy now has a retirement plan from NEPC!

Jan 30th, 2009
Friday morning we awoke to the cheerful sounds of Danielle and Noah over the loud speakers on the morning announcements. With Michael Jackson playing in the background, they offered up the daily trivia question: “The more you take, the more you leave behind.” What could it be? Think about it…. (If you give up, you can find the answer at the end of this blog). And just for a hint, the answer is something that we had to take a lot of while on board the ships. What a workout!

After exploring more of the ships separate departments, we went up on deck to watch one of the special mission crew’s simulate a mission. The sailors and marines scaled the side of the ship, with guns on their backs, on a ladder that lowered them into a smaller boat in the water below. The mission: investigate a suspicious boat nearby. Could it be pirates? Well, this time it was just for practice but these guys are no joke! Go Navy!

After lunch, we said our goodbyes to the Carter Hall and departed via helicopter to our next destination, the USS Nitze. Onboard the Nitze, we were taken to “the bridge,” where we took turns steering the ship! We made our way around the ship and introduced ourselves to the crew. One of the coolest rooms, the command center, looked like a big arcade filled with video games. Obviously, they weren’t games, but rather surveillance mechanisms aimed at keeping the ship safe. We learned that unlike the Carter Hall, the Nitze is a “Destroyer” ship, mainly used for combat.

At dinner, we split up as some ate among the crew in the mess deck, and others with the “XO” or Executive Officer. I must admit, food time was one of the best parts of each day! Every meal we had the opportunity to sit down with the sailors and soldiers on board and learn about their lives, their families and ask the famous question “when do you get to go home?” Despite a little wave of seasickness here and there, we all managed to have a nice evening. We signed autographs and took pictures with our new friends. Best of all, it ended with an ice cream social to honor some members of the crew and to celebrate January birthdays. Yummy! Sleeping was somewhat a challenge, since the bunks were piled three high and allowed minimal room to move! I still can’t figure out how the big NFL guys even fit!

Jan 31st, 2009
Before our departure the next day, we toured the Nitze some more. Again, snapped a hundreds of pictures and said our goodbyes to the awesome crew. Where to next? Back to Bahrain for the night, but not before we had a slight detour to Kuwait. In order to make a transfer from helicopter to a C-130 plane, we were dropped off on an airport runway for about an hour as it became dark outside. We attempted to pass the time away and calm our nerves by playing a little game led by Julia called “would you rather.” She was very creative in her examples and one of my favorites was, “would you rather have velcro facial features or a transparent torso?” Tough one…but you’ll have to decide. Even better, we had a HUGE rice crispy treat that had been given to Tracy onboard the Nitze that was passed around for all to share. Needless to say, we survived!

Feb 1st, 2009
After a good night’s sleep at the hotel, we were ready to head out to the biggest ship yet, the USS Theodore Roosevelt. In our days prior, we had heard so much about this ship and could not wait to perform our first show on what everyone calls the “Big Stick.” This trip, we flew in a COD plane (Carrier Onboard Delivery) and actually got to land on the aircraft carrier! The running joke is that COD actually stands for “Crash on Deck.” It actually felt like a rollercoaster ride, a huge rush! When we got off the COD, the CO (Commanding Officer), XO and tons of the other crew members were there to welcome us. After a delicious lunch and the best chocolate chip cookies ever, we geared back up and headed out to the flight deck. There, we were able to get up close and personal to watch some flight operations take place. Literally, the planes were landing and taking off the ship right in front of our faces! We could feel the heat of the engines and were practically blown over by the wind and smoke.

The rest of the day was just as exciting, as we toured this amazing ship and met the crew. At one point, we all took part in what’s called a daily FOD walkdown (foreign object detection). This is where the crew walks the entire length of the flight deck looking for any objects or material that may damage the plane’s engine if it were to get sucked in. We were pro’s at this walk since the cheerleaders take part in a similar exercise at the end of each practice when we pick up the stray pom-pom pieces off of our practice field!

As the evening approached, we began to anticipate our 1st show! We relaxed for a bit by watching the beautiful sunset and we even saw dolphins and flying fish soaring through the waves. It was quite a sight to see. After dinner, we prepared for our big show in the hangar bay. About 2,500 of the shipmates attended our show and eagerly took part in the audience participation. We had a blast! After the show, we signed autographs and took pictures until well after midnight. Since the Super Bowl didn’t air live until 3:15 a.m. there, we made it our personal mission to stay awake and watch!

Feb 2nd, 2009
After an almost all-nighter (45 min of sleep max) we rallied along to the next day. The crew guided us in a tour of the divisions we had yet to see. It was unbelievable to learn about all of the tasks that take place each day on the TR. When it was time to go, we met back in the Captain’s quarters to say our goodbyes, sign autographs and take part in a special presentation by the TR crew. In addition to being presented with some more awesome coins, the CO presented us all with a Tailhook certificate, to certify that we had successfully participated in a COD wire catch and catapult launch (impending at the time). We are all proud to proclaim ourselves as honorary NEPC Tailhookers!

With that said, let me next describe to you the experience of the catapult launch. Well, truthfully it can’t really be explained so you are just going to have to imagine what it may feel like to go from zero to nearly 140 miles p/hr in less than 3 seconds! Yikes! Back to Bahrain we went, our “home away from home.” After a relaxing night, we were refreshed to head off to our next destination- Djibouti, AFRICA!

Feb 3rd, 2009
The flight to Djibouti was long, approximately 5 hours. As we flew, many of us took turns visiting the cockpit and some of us even attempted to fly the plane! Talk about turbulence! We embarked on Africa with our heads glued against the windows to view the sights from above. On the base, we toured around mostly in an air-conditioned bus since it was so hot outside! Later that evening, we hosted show number two at a recreation club on base called “11 Degrees North.” Again, the troops were pumped to take part in the act and definitely helped us perform a great show for their peers!

Feb 4th, 2009
In the morning, we had fun touring the helicopters and playing with big guns (unloaded of course)! The girls even took part in a friendly game of basketball and hacky sac with some of the soldiers. After lunch, we geared up in our newly purchased military garb and were back off to Bahrain. This time the flight was a bit longer and we took a C-130 cargo plane. We made it into Bahrain by 9 p.m. and spent the rest of the night relaxing on the town with a nice group dinner. Reality was starting to set in that our trip was almost over. Looking around the dinner table, it was an incredible feeling to realize the amazing friendships we had developed with our group and the many people we met along this journey so far.

Feb 5th, 2009
Although Bahrain had been our “home base” for the last 10 days, we had yet to explore outside the local hotel area. Today, that would change! We woke up early and headed out to see a bit of the city. Our first stop was at the Mosque, the largest one in Bahrain! In order to enter this place of worship, we had to dress in traditional Islamic attire with robes and scarves. We were guided around the Mosque and learned a lot about Islam. It was beautiful! After that, we ventured over to the market place known as the Souq, or Souk. Here, there were tons of stores selling everything from gold to singing stuffed camels. We all spent the next few hours getting our shop on! Later on, we went back to the hotel for a quick change and were off to the Bahrain military base. On the base, we felt as if we were on a college campus. It was a cool place. We walked around for a bit and met the CO, while recruiting people to come watch our show. Around 5:00 p.m. we performed our final show of the tour. It was a great way to end a great trip!

Our adventure came to a quick end back at the hotel when we sadly saw off the players and Dave the escort. As they continued on to Greece, we packed up our things to head back home to Boston. During our travels, many of the troops thanked us for taking the time to come and visit them. Our response to them was honest; it was to them that we owed thanks. This trip allowed each of us to gain a much better understanding of the work our troops are doing overseas to protect us all here at home. I think I speak on behalf of all of us Patriots here in New England and around the world, when I say “Thank You” once again to the true Patriots who are out there fighting for our country. This tour was truly a life-changing experience for us all and we can’t wait to go back!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about our travels and if you’re still stuck on the trivia question, the answer is………………………….. “STEPS!”

Cheers & Go PATS!

Attention Aspiring NFL Cheerleaders!

Here’s something interesting: the Patriots Cheerleaders added a little twist to auditions this year. In addition to a freestyle section and a DIY choreography round, they’ve also posted the audition routines online. If you’re thinking about auditioning for an NFL team this spring, you might want to check this out. Give the choreography a shot and see if you can hang with the pros.

Patriots Cheerleaders 2009 Auditions – A spirited competition! Patriots Cheerleaders Preliminary Auditions were held Saturday, February 28 at the Dana Farber Field House, Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, Mass. Approximately 300 hopefuls turned out, vying for a coveted spot on the 2009 squad. After two rounds of competition to include choreographed dance routines, a freestyle segment and an optional tumbling pass, the pool of candidates was narrowed down to 67. Final Auditions will be held Saturday, March 7 at Gillette Stadium. In addition to performing choreographed routines, a freestyle dance and tumbling passes, high kicks, a question and answer segment with the panel of judges and a swimsuit modeling competition will be added. By late afternoon, approximately 45 candidates will be chosen to participate in a two-week intensive training session. The final squad for 2009 will be announced on March 21. Be sure to check back frequently on March 7, as photos from Final Auditions will be posted throughout the day!

Video from the Pats Open Calls

Patriots cheerleader auditions 2009
Mon, 2 Mar 2009

Description: More than 200 women turned out on Saturday to try their luck at landing a spot on the New England Patriots cheerleader team. Watch them stretch, learn and routine and dance in preparation for their audition.

Patriots cheerleader tryouts draw 200-plus

By Adva Saldinger
GateHouse News Service
Mar 02, 2009

Photo Gallery

FOXBORO — More than 200 women jumped, clapped and body-rolled to Britney Spears’ song “Circus”’ Saturday in hopes of winning a spot as a New England Patriots cheerleader.

“I’ve always wanted to be a Patriots cheerleader,” said Alana Hicks, 19, of Weymouth. “Every dance teacher I’ve ever had has been one, so it’s just something I’ve always looked up to and wanted to do since I was just a little kid.”

The judges, said Julie Warner, a Patriots cheerleader captain, were looking for confidence.

Warner, 28, who works full time in addition to being a Patriots cheerleader, will have to try out again herself in the final rounds to keep her position. On Saturday, her role was to help the women learn the routine.

Sara Caldeira, 19, of Taunton said the cheerleaders “are very friendly. They teach you one by one; if you need help, they’re free to help you. It’s an awesome experience.”

Some women failed to make the cut after the first round. Those who remained performed a dance, choreographed to “Circus,” that Patriots cheerleading director Tracy Sormanti taught them at break-neck speed.

The routine was easier to pick up for Danielle Bailey, 20, of Easton, than she thought it would be. She wants to join the squad because she loves to entertain and perform but also because she has always done community service.

“I just want to do something for other people while I’m having fun doing my job,” said Bailey.

Meghan Bossa, 20, of Braintree said the cheerleaders are role models and get to represent the team abroad.

“I think it’s amazing they have that kind of influence,” she said.

Rebecca Kennedy of Bridgewater, who made it to the finals several years ago, said she wants the stature that comes with the job.

“People don’t just come to the games to watch the players; they come to watch the cheerleaders, and you can tell from all the apparel and calendars they buy that they are a huge icon in New England sports,” she said.

Near the end of the day, the judges made another cut and the remaining group of approximately 60 women stayed to learn another routine for another round of auditioning next weekend.

The ones who get through that will be interviewed and go through a two-week trial period, after which the team of up to 24 will be selected.

Once the team is picked, it’s straight to work gearing up for next season on the sidelines.

Cutting footloose: 250 vie for spot on Patriots spirit squad

By Renee Nadeau
The Boston Herald
March 1, 2009

About 250 exuberant hopefuls got their pompoms on yesterday, vying for a coveted spot on the 2009 New England Patriots [team stats] cheerleading team.

The first round of auditions at Gillette Stadium saw the athletic and attractive ladies master two dance routines, in addition to showing their talents in a freestyle segment.

Two rounds of eliminations cut the contestant pool to about 50 by the end of the day. The lucky finalists will be grilled in interviews this week before tackling the final auditions Saturday. Up to 28 cheerleaders will make the cut.

After the painstaking auditions, the pompom crew can relax on the beaches of Aruba, where the gang is jetting in April to shoot the 2010 Patriots Cheerleaders swimsuit calendar.

Patriots cheerleaders, who practice twice a week as a squad, perform at every home game in Foxboro and visit U.S. armed forces stationed overseas.

Photo Gallery:
2009 Patriots Cheerleader try-outs

Pats Cheerleader’s Pro Bowl Journal

New England Patriots cheerleader Alyssa was the 2009 Patriots Pro Bowl cheerleader. Read her journal from the 2009 Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii.

View Pro Bowl Photos >>

Hey Pats Fans!

I can’t believe we’re closing on a year since I last posted; what a whirlwind it’s been! I bet you think we are off vacationing since our beloved team did not make the playoffs (despite an incredible year), but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In addition to preparing for the auditions for next season, many of us have been traveling around the world to visit fans near and far.

I was personally blessed with the opportunity to represent the Pats Cheerleaders at the 2009 Pro Bowl at the beginning of this month. Pat Patriot, our team mascot, was also chosen to participate!

While this might sound like a vacation, there was actually so much to do in preparation. Immediately after arriving in beautiful Honolulu, 26 girls from across the league and approximately 10 mascots, met and began practices and promotions with the goal of performing as a team! It was clear that everyone “did their homework”, and we pulled it off quite well (if I say so myself).

For those of you that haven’t been to Hawaii, let me just say it is truly a paradise. This was my first trip there and I absolutely cannot wait to go back. Pat Patriot has actually been to the Pro Bowl four times, so he’s an old pro!! As this was also the last year that the ProBowl will take place in Hawaii, the people of Honolulu rolled out the red carpet for each of us. I hope to bring a little of this “Aloha Spirit” back to chilly Boston!

The week was jam packed with events, from visits to the Children’s Hospital and Schofield Barracks, to the Pro Bowl Block Party on Kalakaua Avenue at Waikiki Beach. One of my favorite events was Ohana (family) day, at Aloha stadium.

The Saturday before the big game families are invited to the stadium to watch the AFC and NFC teams practice, and there are tons of fun events for everyone. We got to perform, sign autographs for fans, and I even got to catch a pass from Kurt Warner! So cool!

Before I could blink it seemed like our trip had ended, but I knew I had so much more to look forward to. Though it was sad to part with my 25 new friends I was also excited to get home to see my teammates. I slept the entire flight home and arrived just early enough to attend our regular weekly practice! After catching up with everyone and running through some routines it was time for me to head home to…. REPACK?!?!

Be sure to visit the next link, where I will tell you all about our 2009 South America Armed Forces Entertainment Tour!!