Panthers Defeat Jets 19-14 In Week 1

The Carolina Panthers jumped ahead of the New York Jets by 16 points before holding on for a close 4th quarter victory. Christian McCaffrey’s all around performance proved to be the difference.

Enjoy some photos of the TopCats:

Carolina TopCats Photos from Week 13

Last Sunday, the Carolina Panthers lost a game to the Washington Redskins and for most of us fans, this was an unexpected outcome.  A few days later, new owner David Tepper announced the firing of longtime head coach Ron Rivera.  The Panthers are in the midst of a four-game losing streak with four games remaining and the owner felt that a change was needed. 

Such is the life of a coach in professional football…take a team to the Super Bowl and a couple of seasons later, you are gone.  I guess the new owner wanted to put his own people in place and this might be the first of many managerial moves to come.

We try to focus on the positive here at the blog and that means another look at the Carolina TopCats.  Click here to view the Panthers gallery of images from Week 13.

Carolina TopCats Photos from Week 11

On paper, the Carolina Panthers were supposed to easily defeat the Atlanta Falcons, but that was not to be.  You see the lowly Falcons have seemed to find some new life the past two weeks, defeating the New Orleans Saints last week by a score of 26 – 9 and beating the Carolina Panthers this week, 29 – 3.  I am not sure what’s going on with the suddenly resurgent Falcons, but as for the Panthers, they seem to miss their quarterback of old, Cam Newton…old Cam Newton…Cam Newton in his prime, Cam Newton.

That being said, the Carolina Panthers have one of the hottest dance teams in the NFL and that is worth the price of admission.  Click here to view the Panthers game day gallery from last Sunday.


Carolina TopCats Photos from Week 2

The Carolina Panthers hosted the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lead off Week 2 of the NFL regular season.  From the following photos, it appeared that it was quite wet on that Thursday night, but I am sure the people of the North Carolina are quite used to that.  But anytime the cheerleaders, who get all gussied up for their appearance, endure wet and rainy conditions, I applaud them for their efforts.  And I might say that the TopCats looked great under those moist conditions.  Click here to check out all the Panthers game day photos from last Thursday night.