2009 WNBA Seattle Storm Dance Troupe Auditions

Seattle Storm Dance Troupe

The Sonics may have left Seattle, but the WNBA Storm are still in town, and next month they are holding auditions for the Storm Dance Troupe.

Auditions are for boys and girls, ages 5-15 with experience in hip hop and jazz and have tons of energy and charisma! There are three rounds of auditions and the finals will be held for the public to see on Saturday, April 18th. Directed by former Sonics Dancer Sheena Shive, the Storm Dance Troupe performs at all WNBA Storm home games and has been a highlight for Storm Fans since 2000.

I don’t know how many 5-15 year-olds we have reading the blog, but if you’re a Seattle-area dance teacher or instructor and know some kids who might be interested be sure to pass this info along.

[Seattle Storm Dance Troupe]