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Decades of Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders

The Buffalo News has posted a photo gallery of the Buffalo Jills cheerleaders from The News’ archives and the Buffalo Jills Alumni.   Here are a sampling of photos from more than 50 years of Bills cheerleaders.







To view The Buffalo News gallery, click here.

2009-10 Buffalo Jills Captains

First the sad news:

Jamie, Buffalo JillsJamie, Buffalo Jills
Two retiring captains, a pair of seven-year vets: 2005 Pro Bowl Rep Jamie and Kelly.

And now the 2009-10 Captains and Co-Captains:

Buffalo JillsBuffalo JillsBuffalo Jills
Captains Omarlla (10th year), Eileen (10th Year),
Nicole (6th year)

Buffalo JillsBuffalo JillsBuffalo Jills
Co-Captains Katie (6th year), Christina (4th year), Jill (3rd year)

Ambassador Squad:

Danielle, Buffalo JillsKeisha, Buffalo Jills
Captain Danielle (4th year) and Co-Captain Keisha (3rd year)

All the details at Phil’s Jills and Bandettes Blog.

Jills Auditions are Sunday, March 29th.

Buffalo Jills Take Over Saddam’s Palace

Freelance photo journalist Julie Dermansky was recently on assignment in Iraq, and discovered she was bunking across the hall from the Buffalo Jills, who were on a goodwill tour through the region. Dermansky wrote about it on her blog. (Photos is also from her blog)