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We need your help selecting the 2010-11 Indiana Pacemates. Check out their photos and videos before submitting your ballot. Your votes will be compiled along with those from the other judges to determine who makes the squad. Cast your vote prior to the audition showcase and squad announcement on Wednesday, July 21. Vote Now

Looks like a great set of candidates: some veterans, newcomers, and maybe even a former Colts cheerleader.


National Lacrosse League Girl of the Year: It’s Marie of the Philadelphia Angels

2008-wings_marieBob Chavez
NLL Insider
July 4, 2009

You think we forgot, don’t ya? You think we swept it under the rug and didn’t care anymore, right? Well, you’re wrong. We’ve got your National Lacrosse League Girl of the Year right here but waited to ring in the Fourth of July here in America proper-like. We kinda like the way it worked out so without further delay, here’s Marie, a rookie dancer in the NLL who claimed the title after more than 120,000 votes were cast. Flip the page and check out what Marie has to say about her title and advice she gives aspiring dancers in our exclusive interview with the winner.

Marie outpolled Gina of the Boston Blazers by a count of 69,242 to 51,053. A fine turnout, no doubt. And there’s no doubt Marie has a ton of support among family, friends and fans. With that in mind, we caught up with Marie and captured some of her thoughts on the season, the contest and what being a dancer is all about. Check it.

1. So you’re the champ … what’s it mean for you?
Yes, I’m the champion, haha. Well, I’m in awe. I definitely did not think that I’d win because with every vote I put it, Gina jumped 10 votes, but I put half of my time and effort into voting and I conquered. Even though I am going to be the same Marie, being the Girl of the Week Champion means a lot to me. The girls on the team as well as the whole Wings Organization won’t view me as just an Angels Dancer, but as a girl who came into this season up for any challenge that was thrown at me. I do think I desereved to win. I attended every home game and almost every appearance that the Angels had. I put all of my time, effort, and soul into the dance team and I acknowledge every minute of it.

2. Did you hear a lot about this contest from family and friends?
The first time I heard about this contest was through our PR director. He sent out an e-mail to the team telling us all to sign up on NLL.com and try to get our name onto the Girls of the Week voting. After that had happened, I didn’t really know what to expect next. It was just one day I decided to visit the Insider and saw all of the other voting. After that, haha yeah, I heard about it every day, people telling me that they wanted me to win and that anyone up against me I shouldn’t even call competition because they stand no chance. If someone can whip out 69,000+ votes and take a 20,000 vote lead, then I guess they were right!

3. How did you spread the word about this and get people to vote?
Mainly by Facebook and MySpace. Everyday, I would post the link and tell people to vote for me, and they did. On Facebook though, I not only did that, but I also created a “Girl of the Week” group, which then I sent out updates about voting, posted the links to the polls and my articles. I had well over 100 of my friends join. As for MySpace, I had a little help with that, haha.

4. Was your first year with the Wings anything like you expected it would be?
I don’t really think people “expect” it to be like anything. I know that when I started, I went into the season with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. After the first game, I knew that my first season would be a thrill ride.

5. Coming back for a second year with the Wings?
Definitely! I plan on being a part of the Wings lacrosse and Angels Dance Team for at least another two years. After that since I’d be graduating college, hopefully a dance company.

6. What’s your advice to young, aspiring dancers out there?
Here’s advice that I heard years ago and it led me to where I am today, “Dance like noone is watching you!” You never know who may be out in the audience or stands and you could possibly land yourself a job.

7. Does winning this title call for any sort of special celebration, Philly style?
Haha … I never really thought about it. There may be a celebration, but who knows. Depends on my family and friends and if they want to go out. Maybe I’ll head to a club and have myself a good time.

8. Pat’s or Geno’s?
Pat’s all of the way!! Best philly cheesesteaks that ever existed!! GO PATS!

So there ya have it, fans. Marie, your National Lacrosse League Girl of the Year. Stay tuned later this summer as we kick off a summer edition of the contest that’ll help keep you occupied until we kick off Season No. 3 next winter.

Former MVC needs your votes

You may remember that we’ve mentioned Tami Krause a time or two. Tami is a former Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader who went on to become the current Director of the cheerleaders.

Tami, Mrs. Bloomington International 2009 is now in the running to become Mrs. Minnesota International! (You can read more about her here.) One of the awards to be given out is the People’s Choice Award. The winner of that award is up to you. This is last minute notice, of course, but I encourage you to click here to vote for Tami and help her win that award. I do have to warn you ahead of time – voting isn’t free. But if you’re an MVC fan, this is a nifty way to show your support.