Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Photos from Week 7

The Washington Redskins game against the San Francisco 49ers was played in a torrential rainstorm and as you can imagine, the quality of football was adversely affected.  Offensive production and scoring for both teams was suppressed, but the 49ers have a great defense and that would prove to be the difference.  The 49ers were able to score three meager field goals on the day while they shut out the Redskins for the rain soaked win.

This past Sunday, the First Ladies of Football wore throwback uniforms to pay homage to their glorious past and they looked amazing, rain notwithstanding.  Click here to view the Redskins gallery of images from Week 7.


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  1. Never been a fan of Washington’s multi uniforms they seem to wear every week, always had a soft spot for the one from around 1995 onward, when the chap was the director, sorry his name escapes me now, he did a great job, but seeing this images from week 7 just stirred up those memories, The want to ditch the change every week look they have now,and go back to the uniform in pictures, 3,5,7,9 and 12 they look amazing, that bolero just adds something!

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