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Sideline Prep: This Dance Routine is Going to Have You Begging for More!

We know that most in person dance studios and classes are still closed for the moment…

BUT, of course, Sideline Prep has your back! Here is an exhilarating routine from our Annual Pro Cheer Workshop we held in January! Washington Wizard Director, Derric Whitfield, taught a NBA style dance that had everyone begging for more!

Take advantage of this routine! Here’s what the video includes:

  • Routine with music from the front
  • Routine with counts
  • Routine with music from the back

What better way to help you along your Pro Cheer journey than learning an actual PRO dance from the PRO’s themselves?!

We want to see you kill this routine!

Post this routine on Instagram to be featured on our IG stories! All you have to do is tag us @sidelineprep and add the hashtags #procheerprep #spprocheerworkshop #sidelineprep to your video!

To get more videos like this, join our Prep to Pro Cheer and Dance Facebook Group for weekly dance videos and LIVE virtual classes!


We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!

2020 NFL Cheerleader Audition Dates


It’s officially audition season and for those prospective NFL cheerleaders, it is time to start preparing and organizing for the upcoming auditions.  Check back here or click on the auditions link at the top of the page for an updated listing of NFL auditions.

UPDATE: With the current Corona virus situation, please contact the NFL teams directly to get the latest information on the status of auditions.

NFL Cheerleading Squads (2020)

Arizona Cardinals:  Postponed.  [Details]
Atlanta Falcons:  Postponed.   [Details]
Baltimore Ravens:  March 7.  [Details]
Carolina Panthers:  Postponed.  [Details]
Cincinnati Bengals:  may 8 – Virtual.  [Details]
Dallas Cowboys:   May 2 – Online.  [Details]
Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers:  [Details]
Denver Broncos:  April 8 – Virtual.  [Details]
Detroit Lions:  April 16 – Virtual.  [Details]
Houston Texans:  May 15 – Virtual.  [Details]
Indianapolis Colts:  April 17 – Virtual.  [Details]
Jacksonville Jaguars:  Canceled for 2020.  [Details]
Kansas City Chiefs:  April 30 – Virtual.  [Details]
Las Vegas Raiders:  April 30 – Virtual.   [Details]
Los Angeles Chargers:    [Details]
Los Angeles Rams:  June 13 – Virtual.   [Details]
Miami Dolphins:  May 2 – Virtual.  [Details]
Minnesota Vikings:  April 24 – Virtual.  [Details]
New England Patriots:  Feb. 29.  [Details]
New Orleans Saints:  April 17 – Virtual.  [Details]
New York Jets:  March 7.  [Details]
Philadelphia Eagles:  April 30 – Virtual.   [Details]
San Francisco 49ers:     [Details]
Seattle Seahawks:  Open Now – Virtual.  [Details]
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:   May 1 – Virtual.  [Details]
Tennessee Titans:  Postponed.  [Details]
Washington Redskins:   May 15 – Virtual.  [Details]


Check out the Latest from the Pro Cheerleading Podcast: The Experiences of Black Professional Cheerleaders

Mhkeeba invites Black former professional cheerleaders to share their experiences dealing with racial inequities and microaggressions while cheering in the NFL and what changes need to be made in the professional cheerleading community for people of color.

Check out this podcast episode here.

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day

PRO 2017v202

Sideline Prep: Are You Pro Cheerleader Material?

Takes just 2 minutes to find out what you should do next to go pro!


Do you think you have what it take to be a Pro Cheerleader? But are tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?

TIRED of wondering if you have what it takes to be Pro Cheerleader?
TIRED of seeing other ladies live your dream on the sidelines of an NFL field or NBA court
TIRED of trying to figure out if you can be in their shoes?
TIRED of trying to figure out if you’re pro cheerleader material?

If so… we can eliminate this doubt and curiosity! Just take our “Are Your Pro Cheerleader Material” Quiz and find out the answer!

Plus… we’ll tell you what stage of the prep process you’re currently at AND what you should do NEXT to Go PRO!!!

Are you at the Trainee Stage, the Dreamer Stage or the Determined Dancer Stage?

Start by taking this quick quiz to see where you are on your pro cheer journey. We will then send you your personalized results and you will receive a video on how to FAST TRACK your way to the PROS!

What are you waiting for? We are so excited to start helping you! We are ready to see you on the sidelines!

Click the link below to get started and see if you are Pro Cheerleader Material!


Sideline Prep: Join Our Signature Pro Cheer Playbook Program | Enrollment OPEN

Editor’s note: The 2020 audition season is here and Sideline Prep a longtime sponsor of this blog, has a program for aspiring professional cheerleaders and dancers.

WANT TO GO PRO? What are you waiting for? We are here to help!

Let us guide you with courage to take this chance! We will help you get the KNOWLEDGE, the STYLE and the GLAMOUR to go PRO!

This 4-month virtual program makes it convenient for ANYONE in the WORLD to join us! With hundreds of lovelies graduating this program and making pro teams, we want YOU to be next!

Here’s just a sneak peak of what the PCP has to offer:
– 70% Success Rate of our Lovelies making a Semi Pro or Pro Team
– Private FB Community
– 2 In-Person Workshops
– Daily Accountability
– One-on-one Coaching
– Makeover Session
– Weekly Trainings & Challenges
– LIFETIME ACCESS to all Trainings
– LIFETIME Support
– Discount on all other SP services for life

And that’s not even ALL of what you get!

You get access to our Pro Bonuses!

– UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to our Pro Cheer Dance Academy where you get TONS technique videos that will take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced!

– UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS  to Jeanette’s Pro Fit Bootcamp where you get months worth of meal plans, HITT workouts and all things Nutrition and Fitness!

With over a 70% success rate of our lovelies completing the program and making a semi pro or pro team, we want YOU to be our next success story!

Enrollment is open for our Signature Pro Cheer Playbook Program until June 3rd! The program is set to kick off early June!

Ready to take that leap? Visit the link below and APPLY TODAY! Slots are filling up fast!


Are you finally ready to chase your dreams of becoming a pro cheerleader?

Check out where all of our Summer Pro Cheer Lovelies who have enrolled so far are located!

Cast Your Vote to Help Pick the 2020 Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

The Finalists have been named and you have a chance to help decide who makes the team.  Click here to cast your vote to pick the 2020 Washington Redskins Cheerleaders!

Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day

Call Me Maybe – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders vs US Military

Okay, some of you may remember several years ago the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders did a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe music video.  Well, I just stumbled upon this gem on YouTube (Yes, I know I’m about 8 years late on this one) and if you never saw it nor the original MDC cover, I think you might like it.

A  little beefcake for our female readers.

Post a comment below and let us know which version you liked better.  The MDC or the US Military.

And here’s some more Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders video goodness:


OPERATION Pro Cheer Challenge – Let’s GO PRO!

Editor’s note: The 2020 audition season is coming soon and with the advent of virtual auditions, it’s a new challenge.  Sideline Prep a longtime sponsor of this blog, has some more tips for aspiring professional cheerleaders and dancers.

Grab your 5 Day Game Plan to make it to the PROS!

Have you heard?! The countdown to OPERATION PRO CHEER CHALLENGE is on!
We kick off on Monday May 11th!!

Wondering if you should join us? Well… If you’re READY to…
• Dance on the sidelines, the field or the court
• Sign autographs
• Be a role model and/or
• Travel around the world to perform for our military…

Then HECK YEAH… you should join us. We are here to help you with all of the above.
We have a FREE 5 day Operation Pro Cheer Challenge that’s going to help you get a game plan for your next audition in only 5 days! We want to help you become prepared, polished and confident for this upcoming audition season! And did we mention its FREE!

During Our “OPERATION Pro Cheer Challenge”, You’ll take micro commitments to…

– Improve Your CONFIDENCE, KNOWLEDGE, LOOK & DANCE ABILITY to set you up for SUCCESS at your next audition

GAIN CONNECTIONS to a COMMUNITY of women with the same goals, aspirations & desires as YOU! We’re in this TOGETHER!

CAPTURE A UNIQUE ADVANTAGE over your competition because you will know WHAT to do, HOW to do it, and HOW to do it the RIGHT WAY!

BECOME P-Cubed: Properly PREPARED, POLISHED & POSITIVE walk into auditions with CONFIDENCE!



Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day

CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Every Single DCC Uniform Fitting Video

Like most of you, I am a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Every year, I watch CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team series and, by far, my favorite segment is the uniform fittings.  The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have the most iconic uniforms in all of professional cheerleading and to see the excitement of those women who have made it to training camp and are wearing the uniform for the first time is priceless.

To see more of CMT’s video series on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, click here.

If there is any phrase that exemplifies our American culture, it’s the iconic jingle, “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, they go together in the good ol’ USA.”   If I may editorialize, I would add the “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” to that phrase.  The DCC are as about “American” as any other icon I can think about.

And we should say thank you to Kelli McGonagill Finglass, the Director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, for shaping the iconic squad to what they are today.

How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission Part lll – The “Pre-Work”

Editor’s note: The 2020 audition season is coming soon and with the advent of virtual auditions, it’s a new challenge.  Sideline Prep a longtime sponsor of this blog, has a few tips for aspiring professional cheerleaders and dancers.

What is the most commonly forgotten, yet one of the most important parts of the audition process?

You guessed it!

Your “Pre-Work”! Well, you probably said resume or cover letter or headshot, but those all fit under this category! HEHE!

This is your time to show off BEFORE even stepping foot into the audition room (or in the situation we are in now, before you submit your video!) This section of the audition needs to be polished and prepared for excellence, yet for some reason, people don’t take this part as seriously as it should be taken. So we want to help you out!

We are continuing our four part series “How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission” with video #3 The “Pre-Work”!

In this video, I share 10 things you should do and know when preparing your Pre-Work. Everything from what your resume should include to how you can take the team’s mission statement and showcase how you are a great fit for their team. I go through what you should NOT include in your resume or cover letter and some things to watch out for.

If you want more information on how you can stand out in your pre-work, email us at info@sidelineprep.com to sign up for our Sideline Application training which is over an hour long and includes tons of resources you can use to turn in that eye popping resume!

But since we want to see all of you make your dream team, we want to give you not just 1 but 2 sample resumes AND 1 sample cover letter for FREE! You’re welcome! All you have to do is click the links below to get those resources!

GO HERE to download our two Sample Resumes and Bio: https://bit.ly/DownloadSampleResumes

GO HERE to download our Sample Cover Letter: https://bit.ly/DownloadSampleCoverLetter

If you haven’t checked out of first two parts to the four part series, be sure to check those out as well! Remember, this “virtual thing” is new to most of us, however, Sideline Prep has been coaching, supporting our training via a virtual platform for close to a DECADE! We’ve got your back!

We would love to help you in any way we can so…

If you need editing, we’ve got you.

If you want feedback on your audition video, look, attire, or anything else… we’re here to help.

If you need choreography, we can do that too!

All you have to do is click the link below and we will be right there to assist you with whatever you need!

GO HERE to get one-on-one video critique help or email us at info@sidelineprep.com: https://bit.ly/One-on-oneVideoCritique

GO HERE to download our Tips & Buyers Guide: https://bit.ly/AuditionVideoGuide

How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission: https://bit.ly/HowtoNailYourProCheerAuditionVideoSubmission

How to Nail Your Pro Cheer Audition Video Submission – The Content: https://bit.ly/HowtoNailYourProCheerAuditionVideoSubmissionTheContent

We wish you success in all that you do! And we are here to help you every step of the way to shine on the sidelines!!

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Auditions Photos

Even though the coronavirus has shut down many aspects of our country, the Baltimore Ravens were able to hold their auditions prior to the mandatory stay at home orders impact their state.  So let us take a look at their proceedings and hope for better times…like the opening of the NFL season.


Random Cheerleader Pic of the Day