Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

An aggressive, swarming Broncos defense wrecked havoc on the Tennessee Titans offense all game long, leading to seven quarterback sacks and three interceptions.  It was a dominating effort that was rewarded by the rare shut out.  With the win, the Broncos improve to 2 – 4 on the season. 

Okay, let check out the latest images of the amazing Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.  Click here to view their gallery of images from last Sunday.

Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

Things may be looking up for the Arizona Cardinals as they won their second consecutive game, albeit against another struggling team in the Atlanta Falcons.  Any win is a good win and the Cardinals seems to have a real difference maker at quarterback in Kyler Murray.

Let’s change the discussion to something near and dear to our hearts…the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders, who were sporting some fancy black uniforms.  Click here to view the Cardinals gallery of images from last Sunday.

The ROAR of the Jaguars Photos from Week 6

Looks like Minshew Magic lost a little bit of its luster as the Jaguars quarterback had his worst game as a starter and his inefficient performance was the main reason why the Jaguars lost to the Saints, 13 – 6.  But why dwell on this disappointing news when there is so much joy that the ROAR of the Jaguars brings to football fans.  Click here to see the latest ROAR of the Jaguar photos.

Jets Flight Crew Photos from Week 6

One of the biggest upsets of the year took place last Sunday when the previously winless New York Jets defeated America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.  On paper, the Cowboys should have won easily.  They have a next level, all pro running back in Ezekiel Elliot.  They have an solid, established quarterback in Dak Prescott.  And they have a good defense…on paper.  But the Jets had fortitude, intestinal fortitude or should that be spleen fortitude (that’s a Sam Darnold inside joke!), and that won the game for them.

Final score: Jets – 24, America’s Team – 22.

You can find a game recap on to see what I mean, but for now…let’s take a look at the latest images of the New York Jets Flight Crew.  After all, this is a site dedicated to professional cheerleading, not professional sports.  Click here to view the Jets game gallery of images.

New England Patriots Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

What can you say about the New England Patriots other than they are the model of consistency.  All they do is win.  Winning is expected and it really doesn’t matter who they are playing.  They always seem to find a way to win.  And last Thursday, they played the New York Football Giants, who were playing without Saquon Barkley, so needless to say…the Patriots continued their winning ways.  Same ol’.  Same ol’.

So, let’s change gears and turn our attention to the New England Patriots cheerleaders, who were commemorating the NFL’s Crucial Catch initiative.  Click here to view the Patriots gallery of images from last Thursday.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

Last Sunday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a turnover machine and the Carolina Panthers were the primary beneficiary.  Gifted five interceptions and two fumbles, the Panthers didn’t have to work hard for their points last week and as you would expect, a win was forthcoming. 

Final score: Panthers – 37, Buccaneers – 26.

Aside from the loss, I hope that the Buccaneers at least enjoyed their trip to Great Britain.  It is always nice to travel abroad and meet new people and I am sure Londoners enjoyed meeting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders.  Let’s take a look at last week’s photos from London.  Click here to view the Buccaneers photos from last Sunday.

Cheerleader Spotlight: Jenna and Samantha of the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders

Let’s give a shout out to Jenna and Samantha of the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders for reaching out and introducing themselves to us here at  Jenna is a three year veteran and 2019 Captain.  Samantha is a two year returning veteran from Detroit.  And as it would happen…they are sisters!

To learn more about Jenna and Samantha, check out their video profile here.

Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

There’s something not right with the Los Angeles Rams.  Some say it is the play of Jared Goff, who seems a little off, but I believe it has more to do with the offensive line.  They are simply not the same as last year and the pressure on Goff allowed and the lack of a stout rushing attack, seem to indicate that the line is, in part, the reason for the poor offensive production.  And that lack of consistency is the reason why the Rams are on the verge of falling out of contention for a playoff spot.

This week, the Rams sputtering offense ran into a brick wall in the form of the 49ers stout defense.  And that was pretty much the story last Sunday.  The 49ers offense is nothing special, but their defense is solid and that was the difference in the game. 

Final score: 49ers – 20, Rams – 7.

As is our custom here, we do not dwell on the negative.  So let us turn our attention to this week’s images of the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Rams gallery of images from last Sunday.

Charger Girls Photos from Week 6

It was another tough outing for the struggling Chargers.  This week, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers that gave the boys in blue all they wanted and more.  And to make things worse, the number of Steelers fans in attendance made last Sunday feel like a home game in Pittsburgh. 

Nothing like kicking the Chargers when they’re down.  The Steelers had the audacity to start their third string quarterback against the Bolts and he acquitted himself well enough to deliver the victory for the visitors.

Final score:  Steelers – 24, Chargers – 17.

If things don’t start improving soon for the Chargers, the season will be lost.  But let us not dwell on the negative and, instead, focus on the positive…the Charger Girls.  Click here to view the Chargers gallery of images from last Sunday’s game.

Check Out The Latest Pro Cheerleading Podcast – Gossip Folks: Interview with Michelle Vaughn

Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Michelle Vaughn, one of the hottest choreographers for several NBA dance teams and NFL cheerleading squads!  The ladies learn all about her background as a professional dancer in Los Angeles performing with exciting artists like Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida, and her perspective on changes in the pro dance industry from influence of social media.  Michelle also shares how she balances her career as a master teacher at pro dance training programs and dance conventions all over the U.S. and internationally at the pro, college and high school level!

During this week’s Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss the trend of branded video content on the various social media sites of pro cheerleading teams and wonder if this concern with re-branding the team image is getting a little bit overplayed.  The ladies also discuss economic justice and pay equity for female athletes in sports as it pertains to professional dancers and cheerleaders.  The ladies have fun getting to know Michelle with the Drop It Like It’s Hot segment!

To listen to the latest episode of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast, please click here.

Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

The Kansas City Chiefs were looking to bounce back from a losing effort last week and their game against the Houston Texans would be a good test to see if they had fixed the problems that were exposed by the Indianapolis Colts.  It would also be a good opportunity to see how Patrick Mahomes deals with some personal adversity in the form of a bum ankle.

The Texans have a good defense and they got after Mahomes, keeping him off balance and disrupting his normal flow.  As a result, Mahomes turned the ball over twice, but he was still able, bum ankle and all, to throw for over 270 yards and three touchdowns.  Unfortunately, that was not enough as the KC defense gave up 472 total yards to the Texans for the loss.

Final score: Texans – 31, Chiefs – 24.

With their second consecutive loss, the Chiefs find themselves in a little bit of a quandary as they struggle while Mahomes recovers from his injury.  No longer considered an offensive juggernaut, the Chiefs have look quite beatable the past two weeks.  Perhaps the league has figured how to defend against Mahomes and his stable of quick twitch wide receivers.  We shall see

Let’s turn our attention to this week’s Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders photos.  Click here to view their gallery of images from last week.

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Photos from Week 6

We begin our coverage of Week 6 of the NFL regular season with another look at the Balitmore Ravens Cheerleaders.  Click here to view the Ravens gallery of images from last Sunday.

The Carolina TopCats Visit London!

The Carolina Panthers were in London to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 6 and prior to the game, the Carolina TopCats visited some of the more familiar sites around London.  Click here to check out all the photos.

New Orleans Saintsations Photos from Week 5

We conclude our coverage of Week 5 of the NFL regular season with the New Orleans Saintsations.  Click here to view their gallery of images from last week.

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Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Alumni, Captain (2003 – 2007), 2004 Pro Bowl Cheerleader, Swimsuit Cover Model (2003/2004 & 2005/2006)