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Who’s Who: DCC Training Camp

With help from the “Making the Squad” forum on CMT, and from all of you who’ve emailed me, I’ve managed to identify most of the girls in the 2009 DCC Training Camp photo. Some of these are guesses, so if you have corrections, let me know at sasha@procheerleaderblog.com. (Click the photo to view full-size.)


2009 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Training Camp
* = veteran DCC

Row 1
1 Ashton Torres
2 Grace Sells (Dallas Stars alum)
3 Joannah Liad (Dallas Desperados alum)
4 Amy Reese *
5 Sunni Cranfill (Dallas Mavs alum)
6 Brittany Evans *
7 Crystal Trevino * (Dallas Mavs alum)
8 Trisha Trevino * (Dallas Mavs alum)
9 Sydney Durso *
10 Nicole Hamilton *
11 Margaret Martinez

Row 2
12 Cathleen Williams
13 Michelle Keys * (Dallas Mavs alum)
14 Kenley Minchew
15 Lacey Minchew (Yes, they’re sisters. Lacey is 3 years older than Kenley)
16 Jackie Bob (SF 49ers alum)
17 Meagan Sharp *
18 Ally Traylor *
19 Brooke Sorenson *
20 Tobie Percival *
21 Meagan McVay
22 Megan Martinez

Row 3
23 Vanessa Jenkins (Houston Texans alum)
24 Evan Anderson
25 Kaitlin Ilseng *
26 Brandi Kilby
27 Whitney Isleib *
28 Kristen Gauthier *
29 Justine Phillips-Orf * (Dallas Mavs alum)
30 Ashley Kelly
31 Mia Greenhouse
32 Sarah Gourley *
33 Jordan Baum * (Dallas Mavs alum)

Row 4
34 Zoe Szekeres
35 Malia Morales (Houston Texans alum)
36 Jordan Chanley *
37 Rachel Buckmaster
38 Melissa Kellerman *
39 Kelsi Reich *
40 Meredith Oden *
41 Tia Williams *
42 Abigail Klein *
43 Carey DePasquale (Atlanta Falcons alum)
44 Cassie Trammel *

9 comments to Who’s Who: DCC Training Camp

  • Jill

    This information was taken from the CMT board posted by a DCC finalist, you should give them credit 🙂

  • Erica

    I am confused by this list because it doesn’t match up with the list on the DCC’s official website. Lacey and Kinley Minchew were left off of the DCC’S list. Does anyone know what happened to them?

  • lacey and Kinley Minchew both left the squad.

  • TStewart

    Does anyone know if the auditions are over? I went to highschool with Ashley Kelly (Meredith). We were in colorguard together, and am definitely pulling for her. Talk about one sweet girl. You couldn’t ask for a nicer person. Anyone know if she’s made it?

  • Simi0102

    Nicole Hamilton is also a Dallas Mavericks Alum

  • Lyndy

    Ashley Kelly got cut (according to a source on the CMT board).It seems like former Mavs dancers go on to be DCCs. Girls who don’t make the DCCs went on to be Mavs Dancers.

  • Liv

    I think Ashton Torres is simpley amazzinggg!! And DROP DEAD gorgeous. More information on her, big big fan.

  • Linda

    It is refreshing to see Ashton express her faith boldly.
    She stands out in beauty, poise, confidence, talent and above all integrity. She is a rising star to whom I offer best wishes.

  • xan

    Why did the minchew sisters leave training camp? I’m glad they did but what reason did they give.