Endgame – The 2019 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Final Auditions

Final auditions for the 2019 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders were held this past Sunday at the Lynwood High School Performing Arts Center.  73 finalists vied for the 32 open spots on the squad and the competition was a very competitive one.  A panel of four judges would review each finalist as they performed a jazz dance routine, a hip hop routine and a high energy technical dance.  At the conclusion of the four hour final audition process, the 32 members of the 2019 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders were announced.














UltimateCheerleaders.com was in attendance at the proceedings and here are our best images from each round of the final auditions.  We begin with Round One – the Jazz Dance, which was coincidentally the routine used in the preliminary auditions and choreographed by John Peters.

More images after the break.

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St. Louis Ambush Brigade Audition Workshops Announced!

The Ambush Brigade Professional Dance Team

The Ambush Brigade perform innovative, high energy, choreographed dance routines to a wide variety of music during breaks in action at all St. Louis Ambush home games.  We also make promotional and community service appearances at local and regional events throughout the year.


(Workshops will be held at Steppin’ Up Dance Productions 1023 Cool Springs Industrial Dr.,  O’Fallon, Mo 63366)

Dance Technique Instruction with an Audition Style Combo

  • Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019 / Time: 11am-1pm
  • Cost: $20

Dance Technique instruction with an Audition Style Combo

  • Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 / Time 7-9pm
  • Cost: $20

Brigade Dance technique Instruction with Audition Routine

  • Date: Saturday, May 18, 2019 / Time: 11am-2pm
  • *First 4-8 counts of the audition routine will be taught
  • *Q&A session
  • *Participants will automatically be advanced through to the Semi-Finals
  • Cost: *$35


2019 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions

  • Perform at AT&T Stadium
  • Travel to exotic locations on Annual Calendar Shoot
  • Entertain U.S. military troops throughout the world on USO Tours
  • Perform for National Television audiences
  • Lend time and talent at community service events
  • Share your knowledge and experience with kids at Camp DCC
  • Bring smiles to residents of nursing homes and hospitals
  • Perform at other professional sporting and corporate events
  • Receive extensive training in dance and vocal techniques


  • Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of preliminary auditions
  • Must be be a high school graduate (or graduating Spring 2018) or have a G.E.D.
  • You must be able to attend all rehearsals and other related activities
  • International Applicants: When applying for any type of visa, please keep in mind that the Dallas Cowboys do not “sponsor” international candidates. Please work through the US consulate/embassy in your home country to obtain the proper visa for audition travel, and be mindful of extended timeline should you be selected as a Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleader


  • Preliminaries – Saturday, May 18
  • Semi-Finals – Sunday, May 19
  • Panel Interviews – Friday, May 31
  • Finals – Saturday, June 1
  • First Meeting – Monday, June 3


Frequently Asked Questions

When are the registration deadlines and audition dates?

Spring 2019, please check back.

Is being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader a full-time job?

No, most Cheerleaders hold part-time or full-time jobs or attend college.

Can you be a mother and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Yes! Many mothers have successfully fullfilled all DCC obligations.

Are there any height and weight requirements?

You should look well proportioned in dancewear. We DO NOT have specific height and weight requirements.

Are there any age requirements?

You must be at least 18 by the time of preliminary auditions. There will be no exceptions.

If I am currently a high school senior but will not graduate until June can I still audition and be selected for training camp?

Yes, if you meet the minimum age requirements of 18 by the date of preliminary auditions and can participate in ALL Training Camp rehearsals and activities.

What should I wear to auditions?

You should wear:

  • 2-piece attire:Top: Dance/Athletic Bra TopBottom: Hot Pants (No Tank Tops or Bike Shorts)
  • Skin colored Dance Tights (non-shimmery)
  • Any type of dance shoe or dance sneaker

Where can we find audition attire?

Audition attire can be found in dance wear stores, or ordered online. Link to a company we recommend here: www.thelineup.com Use promo code: COWBOYS for 10% off!

What does it take to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

Our judges will focus on the following:

  • Dance Technique
  • Enthusiasm
  • Poise
  • Showmanship
  • Personal Appearance
  • Figure
  • Personality
  • Energy
  • High Kicks
  • Splits

What are Prep Classes?

Audition Prep Classes are non-mandatory dance classes offered to provide excellent preparation for the upcoming audition. They are taught by DCC Choreographers and Group Leaders during the months leading up to Auditions. You may attend one or all the classes. (Prep Class Information)

What is Show Group?

The DCC Show Group showcases the advanced dance techniques and vocal skills of an elite group of 12 Cheerleaders in a fully choreographed musical variety extravaganza. The entire show features elaborately costumed and carefully staged production numbers filled with singing and dancing for every taste – from Classical to Country to good ol’ Rock-n-Roll.

A separate audition process during the summer allows interested DCC the opportunity to demonstrate their dance and/or singing qualifications for selection to Show Group.

If I can’t do the splits should I try out?

Yes, if you are a great performer and truly want to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader you should try out. Flexibility and splits are REQUIRED by the start of the football season but continual stretching and flexibility work can eventually get results.

We recommend that you stretch “warm muscles”. Spend a few minutes with activity that does not require full range of motion.

Then, stretch your body with particular focus on the hamstrings and hip flexors.

When working toward your splits, using support, such as folded blankets on either side of your legs, can help you maintain your position as you work toward 180 degrees.

Be consistent with your stretching routine and never rush the process. Injuries will lead to disappointment and set you back from your goal.

How should I wear my make-up?

Wear shades that complement your natural beauty. Choose mostly mattes for eye shadows. A little shimmer is okay but avoid a very glittery look. Also avoid false eyelashes that are very solid or very long, as they can make eyes appear heavy and too dark. Cheek and lip colors should be vibrant neutral tones, avoid shades that are loud/bright. Also avoid too much contast with contouring and highlighting. Finally, a spray tan can look great, but it should be warm without orange tones and with face and body color being similar. Facial features are “lost” when a spray tan is too dark.

How should I wear my hair?

Hair should be worn down and in a current hairstyle that compliments your features. Make sure your hair does not hide your face. You may call Tangerine Salon, our official hair care partner, at 972-393-9200 to schedule an appointment to get the look and style that best suits you for your audition. Click here for a list of services and pricing.

How will I know if my application was received and accepted?

You will receive an e-mail stating that your application was accepted. Please wait until one week prior to auditions if you have not received this e-mail to contact the DCC office. Audition communication is through e-mail only- DCCAuditions@DallasCowboys.net

What do I need to bring to preliminaries?

  • Driver’s license or passport for identification (This is required, no exceptions)
  • Extra competition attire and tights just in case!
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks (it will be a long day)
  • Personal items: Make up, curling iron, etc.

What is the audition process?

Auditions are a multi-step process beginning with Application, Preliminary Audition, Semi-Final Audition, Personal Interview, Written Test, and Final Talent Auditions follow for selected candidates. The DCC Training Camp Candidates will be selected from participants in the Finals. Each day will begin at 8:00am. DO NOT BE LATE! Plan on spending the whole day. Detailed information will be handed out to you each day at registration, but here is a brief overview:

Preliminary Dance Audition:

Candidates will have the opportunity to perform “freestyle” dance moves in groups of 5 for the judging panel. At the end of the performances, the judges selections for Callbacks will be posted.

Semi Final Dance Audition:

  • Learn a dance combination and kickline. (You will be expected to perform the dance combination and kickline many times throughout the rest of the audition process)
  • Candidates will perform the dance combination and kickline in groups of 5
  • Written test: A test on general knowledge about the Dallas Cowboy’s Organization, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders history, the National Football League, current events, and dance terminology.
  • Judges retire to make Finalist selections
  • Announce Finalists
  • Finalists have a brief meeting with Cheerleader Director, Kelli McGonagill Finglass to schedule their personal interview appointment and to discuss Final Audition Components: Solo Talent Presentation, Written Essay, Panel Interview and Test

Personal Interview:

  • Panel interview with the judges. Candidates will participate in an interactive interview with selected judges from the Judging Panel.


  • Perform a ninety second individual talent presentation, (e.g. – singing, dancing, dramatic interpretation). This will be your opportunity to impress the judges with your creativity and talent. All finalists will be responsible for emailing their music at the appropriate time. In addition, please bring a CD backup to the final audition. You may wear whatever costume design you wish to enhance and complement your performance. If your talent is singing, make sure there are no lead vocals on your musical accompaniment track. Please note: Hand-held props only; do not incorporate the use of a chair in your choreography.
  • Perform the dance combination and kickline taught at Semis in groups of 5 on the field.
  • Judges retire to make selection for DCC Summer Training Camp Candidates.
  • Announce Training Camp Class.
  • Training Camp Class of 2017 stay for a brief meeting with Brooke Wicker Alexander.

If I do not advance to semi-finals will my application be kept on file?

No, you must re-apply with a new application, non-returnable photo, and application processing fee each year.

If I am not selected as a training camp candidate may I call the DCC office to receive my judges comments?

No, the judges sheets are not kept on file and comments about your audition are not available.

When do rehearsals begin?

All rehearsals are held during weekday evenings beginning at 7:00 pm and usually conclude at 10:30 pm. You will be given a schedule of rehearsals at First Meeting June 5, 2017.

What type of time commitment is required if chosen for DCC?

Total commitment is required!!!! The DCC schedule and contract is one year, and includes… There is a pay schedule for Games, Show Group Performances, Appearances, Rehearsals and Camps.

Activities include:

  • Rehearsals star at 7:00pm
  • Personal Appearances (Charity & Paid)
  • Travel
  • Fan Mail
  • Cheer and Dance Camps for Children
  • Performances
  • Media Interviews

Are there certain dance moves that I must be able to do at auditions?

There are no specific movements that must be executed at preliminaries. Freestyle dance should be a blend of hip-hop/jazz that incorporates movements that you feel comfortable with technically. At semi-finals, the choreography in the dance combination is different each year. However, expect a pirouette to be included. Throughout auditions, the most important performance quality is confidence. So, with any of the dance elements, use great posture, strong, controlled movements and always, with a smile!

May I try out if I have a tattoo?

Yes, you may try out if you have a tattoo. Our policy is that even the smallest of tattoos may not be visible in the uniform or in rehearsal attire. There are many effective products available at stores or online. Additionally, concealer, followed by setting powder, then bronzer to match color, can also be effective.

Can my family watch auditions?

No, the auditions are closed to the public.

2019 Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Auditions

2019 Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Auditions

The Tennessee Titans are searching nation-wide for the most engaging group of entertainers to join the 2019 Titans Cheerleaders! We continuously aspire to innovate our Cheerleading team, which is why this year we are encouraging a broad range of athletes to sign up for auditions starting in May. We are seeking athletic performers of all genders aged 18 and over who are accomplished on and off the field and who love their Titans! Potential candidates are invited to showcase their dancing, stunting, and tumbling skills, along with their exuberant personalities! Roles to be filled include dancers, stunt flyers, and stunt bases, who will combine their talents to create a new performance that will wow our whole stadium audience.

The experience of being a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader is second to none. Aside from having the best seats in the house at every Titans home game, these entertainers have been featured on national television, including numerous national television shows, danced in countless music videos, and even worked in feature films! Their impact in the community is exceptional, appearing at community events all over the state of Tennessee.

Each year, the Titans Cheerleaders travel all over the world for Titans games, community outreach, and military appearances. They have been as far as Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, and Africa as well as the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska. They’ve spent a full week in Mexico City and London and worked at events in Las Vegas, Seattle, and Arizona, among others. As a Titans Cheerleader, you will have the opportunity to see the world while engaging with the greatest fans in the NFL!

2019 Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Auditions Information:

5/11 – Choreography Instruction:
· 3-5:30pm at Nissan Stadium – West Club
· Suggested Attire: comfortable dance attire

5/12- Preliminary and Semi Final Auditions:
· 9am at Nissan Stadium – West Club
· Preliminary Auditions:
Round 1 of Preliminary Auditions: Choreography
Round 2 of Preliminary Auditions: Tumbling and Stunting

· Semi Final Auditions:
Round 1 of Preliminary Auditions: Kick Line
Round 2 of Preliminary Auditions: Choreography (extended)

5/13 – 5/16 Finalist Practices:
· Details will be disclosed after Semi-Finals

5/17 – 5/18 Final Auditions:
· Details will be disclosed after Semi Finals

Audition Registration Fee: $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Walk-Ins welcome!

Audition Requirements:
· Candidates must be at least 18 years of age AND a high school graduate
· Candidates must be available throughout the summer for TTC Training Camp
· Candidates must be available for all Titans home games
· Dancing, tumbling and stunting experiences is beneficial, but not a requirement


Job Description: Dancer:

  • Must have the ability to meet the physical demands of the position which include, but is not limited to, dancing, running, jumping, leaping, turning, kicking while performing a choreographed routine.
  • Must have the fitness level and physical stamina to run 2-3 miles and perform for long periods of time (gameday averages 8-10 hours).
  • Must be able to lift other members of the squad or 45+ lbs.
  • Must have the ability to move around the field in close proximity to other squad members, Titans personnel, and NFL staff, as well as perform in all types of weather and temperatures.

Job Description: Stunt Flyer:

  • Must have the ability to meet the physical demands of the position which include, but is not limited to, dancing, running, jumping, leaping, turning, kicking, twisting, tumbling, flipping, lifting and being lifted, throwing and being thrown, catching and being caught by other participants of the squad while performing a choreographed routine.
  • Must have the fitness level and physical stamina to run 2-3 miles and perform for long periods of time (gameday averages 8-10 hours).
  • Must be able to lift other members of the squad or 45+ lbs.
  • Must have the ability to move around the field in close proximity to other squad members, Titans personnel, and NFL staff, as well as perform in all types of weather and temperatures.

Job Description: Stunt Base:

  • Must have the ability to meet the physical demands of the position which include, but is not limited to, tumbling, lifting, throwing and catching other participants of the squad while performing a choreographed routine.
  • Must have the fitness level and physical stamina to run 2-3 miles and perform for long periods of time (gameday averages 8-10 hours).
  • Must be able to lift other members of the squad or 100+ lbs repeatedly.
  • Must have the ability to move around the field in close proximity to other squad members, Titans personnel, and NFL staff, as well as perform in all types of weather and temperatures.

Click here for more information or to register for auditions.

2019 NFL Cheerleader Audition Dates


It’s officially audition season and for those prospective NFL cheerleaders, it is time to start preparing and organizing for the upcoming auditions.  Check back here or click on the auditions link at the top of the page for an updated listing of NFL auditions.

UPDATE: Tennessee Titans.

NFL Cheerleading Squads (2019)

Arizona Cardinals:   March 30.  [Details]
Atlanta Falcons:   April 14.  [Details]
Baltimore Ravens:  March 2.  [Details]
Carolina Panthers:   April 13.  [Details]
Cincinnati Bengals:  April 13.  [Details]
Dallas Cowboys:   May 18.  [Details]
Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers:  [Details]
Denver Broncos:  March 17.  [Details]
Detroit Lions Cheerleaders:   March 24.  [Details]
Houston Texans:   April 13.  [Details]
Indianapolis Colts:   March 16.  [Details]
Jacksonville Jaguars:   April 6.  [Details]
Kansas City Chiefs:   March 15.  [Details]
Los Angeles Chargers:   [Details]
Los Angeles Rams:   March 31.  [Details]
Miami Dolphins:   April 13.  [Details]
Minnesota Vikings:    April 7.  [Details]
New England Patriots:  March 2.  [Details]
New Orleans Saints:  April 5.  [Details]
New York Jets:   March 2.  [Details]
Oakland Raiders:   May 4.  [Details]
Philadelphia Eagles:   March 23.  [Details]
San Francisco 49ers:   March 24.  [Details]
Seattle Seahawks:  April 13. [Details]
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:   March 30.  [Details]
Tennessee Titans:  May 11.  [Details]
Washington Redskins:   March 22.  [Details]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders Audition Photos

Our look at NFL auditions continues with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The Bucs recently held auditions for their 2019 squad.  Click here to view their gallery of images from the event.


Charger Girls Pre-Audition Workshops

Pre-auditions workshops are designed to prepare interested applicants for the auditions process and introduce potential candidates to the style of choreography performed by the Charger Girls. The choreography taught and material presented at each workshop will vary. Material presented will include application tips, suggested style guide, interview prep and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with current Charger Girls team members, meet program partners and participate in a Q & A session with team director, Lisa Simmons. Participants can expect a supportive, non-competitive environment and will leave feeling more prepared and confident for the upcoming Charger Girls auditions.

Los Angeles Pre-Auditions Workshop

Sunday, April 14, 2019
2:00PM – 5:00PM

Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles
1835 S Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Irvine Pre-Auditions Workshop

Sunday, April 28, 2019
2:00PM – 5:00PM

Equinox Sports Club Orange County
1980 Main Street
Irvine, CA 92614

TBA Pre-Auditions Workshop

Saturday, May 4, 2019
2:00PM – 5:00PM


Hawthorne Pre-Auditions Workshop

Saturday, May 11, 2019
2:00PM – 5:00PM

Equinox South Bay
5400 Rosecrans Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250


Detroit Lions Cheerleaders Audition Photos

Another day, another NFL cherleading squad.  This time, we look at the Detroit Lions Cheerleaders auditions.  Click here and here to view the Detroit Lions galleries of images from the auditions.

San Francisco Gold Rush Audition Photos

It’s audition season and we continue our review of NFL cheerleader auditions with a look at the San Francisco Gold Rush.  Click here to view their gallery of images from the Gold Rush final auditions.

Top Ten Audition Tops by Satin Stitches!

Editor’s note: Satin Stitches, a long time sponsor of UltimateCheerleaders.com, has shared with us their top ten audition tops for this season.  If you are auditioning for an NFL, NBA or another professional dance team, please consider what Satin Stitches has to offer.

Are you still looking for your perfect Try-out top?

Audition outfits should fit your personality, your style and your shape. When choosing, you have the option of sporty or sexy, and plain or fully embellished.

Always check on what type of outfit is suggested or even required by your team that you are auditioning for. Consider team colors or your all-time favorite personal color! Halter or strappy tops are most generally worn, but cap-sleeved or even long-sleeved or hooded tops might catch your fancy. At Satin Stitches we have them all!

In our Web Store, we feature hundreds of options for customizable tops, skirts and shorts, for ordering your perfect audition outfit. These garments are not on a shelf, but cut, sewn and hand-crafted to your specific desires in as little as a few days. Always call us at 763-323-9507 to check just how fast we can ship your outfit to you.

As head designer for Satin Stitches, my personal TOP TEN tops are shown here!

All of our Pro Audition tops feature moisture-wicking Supplex lining and great support, along with adjustable neckbands for perfect fit, durability and comfort.

Deborah J Nelson/Head Designer for Satin Stitches Ltd.












Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders Audition Photos

The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders held their auditions for their 2019 squad recently and they have posted a couple of galleries from the proceedings.  Click here and here to view the galleries.

The Shape of Things To Come: The 2019 Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Preliminary Auditions

This past Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams held their preliminary auditions for their 2019 cheerleading squad.  As you might expect after a Super Bowl appearance, interest in the Rams is at an all time high and the preliminary auditions attracted over 250 young women and men. 

Last season, the Los Angeles Rams became the first NFL team to select a male, two to be exact, for their dance team.  The Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts have had co-ed stunt teams for several years, but I believe the Rams were the first team to select a male for their dance team.   The New Orleans Saints also selected a male for their dance team last year, but I believe they held their auditions after the Rams.  

This year, there were several men in attendance at the preliminary auditions and there were two very special individuals with unique qualities that also tried out.  This was in addition to the two hundred talented young women who were among this year’s hopefuls. 

I think you could certainly say that these auditions were the most inclusive in history.  And judging by the caliber of young men and women trying out, these auditions were certainly most auspicious…perhaps an indication of the shape of things to come.















More images after the break.

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2019 Oakland Raiderettes Auditions

The Raiders are searching for enthusiastic and talented candidates for their renowned public relations and entertainment team – The Raiderettes. Become a part of the prestigious Raiders by auditioning for the 2019 Raiderettes Professional Cheerleading Squad.

Raiderette practices will be held in Oakland, CA for the 2019 football season. If selected to be a team member, your duties as a Raiderette will require you to attend all home games which may require traveling, as well as appearances throughout the Bay Area and Las Vegas. You may call 510-864-5000 with any questions pertaining to auditions.

Dates, Times & Location

Preliminary Audition: Saturday, May 4, 2019

  • Location: The Hilton Oakland Airport on Hegenberger Road, Oakland CA.
  • Check-in will begin at 8:00AM, immediately followed by a photo period.
  • Candidates will introduce themselves to judges and perform a 30 second freestyle dance to upbeat music provided by the judges.
  • Recommended attire for preliminaries is athletic attire, appropriate workout outfit, or dance attire.
  • Candidates moving on to Semi-Finals will be announced at approximately 1:30PM.
  • Auditions are closed to the general public.

Semi-Finals: Saturday, May 4, 2019 will begin at approximately 3:00PM

  • Location: The Hilton Oakland Airport on Hegenberger Road, Oakland CA.
  • Semi-finalists are advised to stay on-site between Preliminaries and Semi-Finals.
  • Immediately following the announcement of semi-finalists, candidates will be taught a short dance combination that they will later perform in front of the judges.
  • Finalists will be announced at approximately 6:00PM.

Final audition week: Wednesday, May 8, 2019 and Saturday, May 11, 2019

  • Exact location will be provided to Finalists.
  • Wednesday from 6:15PM-8:30PM finalists will learn choreography for the routine to be performed on Saturday.
  • Returning 2018 Raiderettes are not guaranteed a spot on the 2019 team and will join the rest of the finalists on Wednesday to learn the finals routine.
  • On Saturday check-in will begin at 8:00 AM, followed by an individual interview, photo and individual dance performance of the finals routine.
  • You will be assigned a NEW finalist number. If you are late, you could miss your audition group if you have a low number.
  • Recommended attire for the finals interview is cocktail or business attire.
  • Recommended attire for the dance routine is athletic attire, appropriate workout outfit, or dance attire.
  • Auditions are closed to the general public.
  • Team members will be conditionally announced at the conclusion of final auditions.
  • Please arrive wearing your cocktail or business attire. You will have your picture taken after your interview. Once you have completed the interview portion you may change from your interview attire to your dance attire for the dance portion of the finals.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older by the date of preliminary auditions.
  • You must be available to attend all home games, special appearances throughout the season, and all team practices. Practices are three times a week and begin immediately following final auditions:
Tuesday 6:30PM-9:30PM
Wednesday 6:30PM-9:30PM
Saturday 7:30AM-10:30AM
  • You must be able to attend a full day Mini Camp on Saturday, May 18th.
  • You may not cheer for The Raiders and another professional or college team.

For more information or to register for auditions, please click here.

Rams Cheerleaders Round One Audition Photos

The Los Angeles Rams held preliminary auditions for their 2019 cheerleading squad and over 250 hopefuls came out on a warm Sunday to try out for the squad.   There were many beautiful and talented dancers in attendance, both male and female, and judging by the caliber of dancers, the 2019 squad will be formidable. 

The Rams published a huge gallery of images from Round One and if you wish to view the images, click here.  And check back in a few days to see UltimateCheerleaders.com’s coverage, you won’t want to miss that because this event was truly amazing.

Jets Flight Crew Finals Audition Photos

The New York Jets posted a gallery of images from the Jets Flight Crew final auditions.  Click here to view the gallery.