Photo of the Day – October 8


A Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader

Meet Lauren: Colts Cheerleader of the Week


My first year as a Sweetheart of the Horseshoe was in 2009 and I’m excited to be back on the team this year! I’ve had such great opportunities being part of this organization. I was able to travel to Miami for Super Bowl XLIV. Being in Florida the week before the big game was an experience I’ll never forget. I was also able to perform downtown when Super Bowl XLVI was in Indianapolis. That week was awesome and incredibly busy with appearances! I sang in front of thousands of fans on Georgia St. and performed on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show at the Hilbert Circle Theatre. This year, I traveled to Honduras with some of my teammates to perform for our military. We were able to zip line through the trees, site see, and perform two shows – all in less than 2 days! Another exciting trip I took this year was to Mexico for our calendar shoot. We had a blast being on the beach together.


I’m very thankful to have a strong support system off the field. My family and friends are so encouraging of me to reach my goals. My mom has been and always will be my #1 fan and I’m SO appreciative of everything she does for me. THANK YOU, MOMMA! She, as well as my mamaw and papaw, never miss a game! I’m lucky to have them in the stands cheering on their cheerleader! I also want to give a shout-out to my big sister and little brother, I love you! A big thank you to my Colts Cheer sisters. They are so motivating during practice, which makes it even more fun! They are sweet, talented, and smart and I’m proud of each of them!

I’m very grateful to be on the field again this year! Let’s make this year a great one, Colts fans! GO HORSE!

This past Sunday the Colts held their Breast Cancer Awareness game against the Jaguars. What part of this game stuck out to you most?
Sunday’s game was about so much more than football. It was truly inspiring to see the women in pink on the field knowing that they had fought or are currently fighting breast cancer. It brought tears to my eyes. I was able to meet a few of them before the game and talking with them was very humbling. My life has been forever changed by cancer so this game meant a lot to me. My mom and dad were both diagnosed with cancer. My dad went through numerous rounds of chemo and, sadly, passed away three years ago. Cancer has affected so many lives. It was wonderful to see Colts fans (and cheerleaders!) dressed in pink to bring awareness to breast cancer.

How long have you been dancing?

I have been dancing since I was three years old. I started at a dance studio on the south side of Indy called The Dance Refinery. I took dance there until I was a senior in high school. I trained in many styles of dance including tap, jazz, pointe, and ballet. Ciara and Natalie also took dance classes at TDR so it’s fun to be dancing with them again as Colts Cheerleaders. Ciara was actually my trio partner and now we are on the same squad! Aside from dancing, I also sing and have been in numerous musicals. At the age of nine, I toured in The Sound of Music across the US and Asia as Brigitta Von Trapp on the Broadway Tour!

Aside from being a Colts Cheerleader, you are a full time Emergency Department RN. What is your favorite and hardest part of this career?
I love working in the Emergency Department because each day is so different from the last. I have learned a lot working there the past year. I’m able to see and meet all types of people. One patient can come in with a sore throat and the next patient might need electrical cardioversion because of an irregular heartbeat! It’s all very exciting. I work from 7pm-7am so the hardest part of my job is the schedule! It can be rough after working a long night, sleeping only a couple of hours and then having to be ready and focused for practice. But all those hours of sleep lost is definitely worth it!

Your favorite dish to cook is…

My mamaw’s homemade banana bread. It’s a secret recipe and it is delicious!

What is your favorite song to dance to right now?

I went to the Taylor Swift concert a couple weeks ago when she was in Indy so right now I enjoy dancing to her 1989 album!

First The Rain, Than The Pain Of Another Home Loss

The Buccaneers suffered their 11th straight regular season home loss going back to 2013. Wow, even a dead mouse can fine the cheese sometime!!!

The cheerleaders continued to hold down the fort as the rain showers came and went at least 5 different times during the game. If they are performing in the elements then we stay on our photoshoot. Kudos to Tara Battiato and her RainDears.

Come On Man. The fans, cheerleaders, stadium staff, etc deserve a victory. Even with all the player alumni in the house supporting Mike Alstott’s “Ring of Honor” induction, the long awaited return to the victory column remained elusive.

The Jacksonville Jaguars make the short trip down to Ray Jay this week. Plenty of tickets available. Wear your pink.

Enjoy the photos:


Lauren and Chloe















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Argos Alumni Cheerleaders

Got an email from our good friend and former NFL and CFL Cheerleader Elizabeth Morgan:


The CFL Argos Alumni Cheerleaders are rehearsing now for their October 23 PINK game halftime show. Five decades of alumni Argo cheerleaders will grace the field for an exciting show! Pictured here are the Double Blue Thunder – the group of ladies from seasons 1996-2014, at rehearsal on October 4 in Toronto. Coordinated by Elizabeth Morgan, Dawn Maracle and Andi Kovesdi, with choreography by Kristy Boyd, these dynamic women are ready to take the field for the cause! The Toronto Argonauts are North America’s longest running professional football team. Next season they move to their new field in Toronto so this is the Cheerleaders’ last performance on the turf that has been their home for a few decades now!

ProTour Productions: Alaska Military Tour


This past month I was honored with the opportunity to go on the NFL Pre-Season military tour with ProTour Productions to Fairbanks Alaska to kick-off the start of the NFL season! This trip was life changing. I met so many amazing people that truly touched my heart. I encountered experiences that I will hold onto forever.


Team Alaska consisted of: ProTour Productions Director; Sandy, Titans Cheerleader; Kate, Titans Mascot; T-Rac, Bengals Cheerleader; Carli, Chiefs Cheerleader; Molly, Colts Cheerleader; Crystal, Ravens Cheerleader; Hillary, Vikings Mascot; Viktor, and I.

In Alaska we visited two bases; Fort Wainright, and Eielson Air Force Base. At these bases we met military men and women that have made so many sacrifices to be there fighting for our country. It was humbling hearing their stories and meeting their families. We spent time having lunch with them, watching the football games with them, visiting schools and daycares, teaching cheer clinics, and we even performed at a pep rally. I will never forget how excited the children were to see us there. That is a memory I will never forget.

Alaska is such a beautiful place. We were able to go on a few adventures while being there. We went hiking at Denali National Park, and even got to visit Santa Claus at the North Pole! I told him all I want for Christmas is a Vikings Super Bowl! I have a good feeling about it (:


I feel so blessed to have been able to represent the MVC and Minnesota Vikings on the tour. I want to thank ProTour Productions and the Minnesota Vikings for the incredible opportunity. It was truly an amazing experience and has touched my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined.


2nd year MVC

Photo of the Day – October 6


A Dallas Stars Ice Girl

2016 Calgary Stampeders Outriders Calendar


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Arizona Rattlers Sidewiners Audition Prep Class


[Arizona Sidewinders]

Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team Auditions


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Photo of the Day – October 5


A trio of Philadephia Soulmates at Saturday’s audition workshop

Casting Call: America’s Toughest Men and Women

AT1 Flyer

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Pre-game with the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

Here are a few photos of the First Ladies of Football I took before kickoff of the Eagles-Redskins game yesterday.




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Miami Dolphins spread American football cheer in London as NFL rolls into town

By Sunni Upal
The Daily Mail
October 1, 2015

The NFL is returning to London this year with three International Series contests and the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders arrived ahead of Sunday’s game. The Dolphins take on the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon in an intense AFC East divisional match at Wembley Stadium. Both teams arrive in the UK on Friday for their grudge match, but the Dolphins cheerleaders headed over a tad earlier to soak up the city.

The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders arrived in London ahead of the game against the New York Jets on Sunday

The Dolphins cheerleaders visited Wembley Stadium – the venue for Sunday’s AFC East showdown

Miami cheerleaders posed outside Wembley ahead of the first International Series game in 2015

The Dolphins will take on the New York Jets on Sunday under the Wembley arch in north London

The cheerleaders visited Wembley ahead of Sunday’s game and also spent some time at Regent’s Park in nearby north London. They also visited Abbey Road, the scene of the famous zebra-crossing photo taken by the Beatles. Many of the cheerleading squad will have never performed outside of the United States before, let alone Florida, but they will be providing some entertainment on Sunday for the expected crowd of over 80,000.

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders at Wembley Stadium in the lead up to Sunday’s game against the Jets

The cheerleaders went to Abbey Road and shot their own version of the iconic Beatles picture

The Dolphins cheerleaders pictured in Regent’s Park on Wednesday after arriving in London

The group pose for a photo at Wembley Stadium, the venue for Sunday’s American football contest

Although the Dolphins came to London last season, they were the designated away team which meant their cheerleaders did not perform at Wembley as the Oakland Raiders did instead. Come Sunday, the Dolphins will be banking on the support of their UK-based fans and cheerleaders to help them beat their divisional rivals after starting the season with two losses from their opening three games. The players themselves will practice at Saracens’ Allianz Park on Friday having flown overnight from the United States straight after their practice on Thursday.

Kristina from the Dolphins cheerleaders practices her skills at quarterback in Regent’s Park

Jessica from the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders relaxes at Regent’s Park on Wednesday

Dolphin retrieves a Miami Heat dancer’s iPhone from the bottom of the ocean

By James Dunn
The Daily Mail
October 1, 2015

This is the amazing moment when a dolphin returned an iPhone to its owner after diving to the bottom of the sea to retrieve it.
Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee had left the phone with a friend on a boat while diving with dolphins off the coast of the Bahamas, but he accidentally dropped it into the ocean.

However, dolphin Cacique saw the phone drop and dived to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve it.

The clever dolphin eventually emerged with the phone in its beak and gave it back to one of the men on the boat.

He then hands it back to bikini-clad Miss Cee, who is delighted that it had been returned from the depths.

She then shared her story with the 40,000 people who like her Facebook page, posting the video for all to see.

Miss Cee wrote: ‘True Story: While in the Bahamas, I had the opportunity to go swimming with dolphins on The Bahamas.

‘We were filming on this floating platform in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So, against a my better judgment I asked someone to hold my phone for me and he accidentally dropped my phone into water and it sank to the bottom.

‘Cacique, the dolphin, actually retrieved my phone and brought it back up to me. Cutest thing ever!’

Teressa Cee with Dolphin

People were amazed by the video, now liked by more than 46,000 people and shared more than 20,000 times.

One viewer, James Kim, wrote: ‘Dolphins are such awesome creatures.’

Another person, Yeszteyei Masochism, wrote: ‘I watched this more than five time. Adorable.’

There were also plenty of people asking if the iPhone in the video still works after being submerged.

Clinton Ikechi wrote: ‘She said it’s never gonna work again but thanks.’

LTHS alum cheers for Dallas Cowboys

Rachel Rice
October 3, 2015

Lake Travis High School alum and former Cavalette Simone Culwell is taking her skyward kicks to new heights as a recently minted member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Culwell, a 2011 graduate of LTHS, attended the University of Hawaii Manoa and graduated with degrees in anthropology and communications. Culwell said being a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader has held allure to her for a long time.

“I’ve kind of always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader ever since I was a little girl,” Culwell said. “Originally, I did competitive gymnastics, and then I made the Lake Travis Cavalettes my sophomore year of high school. I didn’t get serious about trying out for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders until my junior year of college, when I started training and getting into shape and mentally preparing, studying up on Dallas history and the current players.”

Lake Travis High School alum Simone Culwell performs as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader during a game.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are expected to know everything about the team, Culwell said, and she took the requirement seriously. Tryouts for the cheerleading team took place in May, and the initial pool of 350 hopeful girls was cut down to a training camp of 46 and then a final team of 34, Culwell said. Her days as a Cavalette helped her out in a crucial way, she said.

“A lot of girls get cut during the semifinal round if they don’t have good kick technique, and as a Cavalette I learned kick technique,” Culwell said. “I did jump splits on the Cavalette team, so I’m more comfortable with my kick background since I did that back in the day for every single halftime. It’s one less thing I had to worry about.”

Cheerleaders risk hamstring and knee injuries just performing their regular routines, Culwell said.

“Your body is not supposed to be flying in the air and landing in the splits, but we do it anyway,” she said. “My body is aching from the game yesterday – three straight hours of full-out dancing.”

She learned 40 new dances during her time in Dallas Cowboys cheerleader training camp, and faced particular challenges when an old injury returned.

“I had sprained my shoulder and had tendonitis in my rotator cuff, and when I started training camp, it flared up again,” Culwell said. “When I couldn’t even move it, they called me in the office and told me to take it day by day but if it took too long to recover I’d have to be let go from training camp. … It was hard to learn dances and practice, and by the end of training camp, I was getting a little nervous I was falling behind, but I ended up making the team, and what makes that more rewarding is I dealt with a lot of adversity.”

While currently busy with practice, games and other promotional appearances, Culwell hopes to get a public relations job in Dallas. She regularly visits her family in the Village of the Hills, and her parents come out to almost every game to support her, she said.

“One of my favorite things about being a part of this organization is being an influence for young girls,” she said. “The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are world-class women, and I love what we stand for and being an inspiration to everybody.”