Photo of the Day – March 25

An Orlando Lady Titan

Inglewood LadyHawks Finalists and New Audition Date

bid to finals1

These 8 ladies that have gained a bid to the final auditions on Thursday, April 9th. There is another Open Audition on Tuesday, April 7th: Registration begins at 7:30pm and Auditions begin promptly at 8:00pm.

Audition flyer-added date

LadyHawks Audition Info-extra audition

LA Kings Video: Ice Girls Bikini Calendar Photo Shoot – Day 1

Kings Vision was on hand for the 14-15 Ice Crew calendar photo shoot! Check out day one from the Point Dume in Malibu.

Mrs. McLean Runs for Mrs. Virginia

Mary Carolyn Becker campaigns against texting while driving, promotes STEM.

By Valerie Lapointe
The Connection


Lifelong Mclean resident Mary Carolyn Becker wears many hats, and soon she hopes to add a crown. Becker, mother of six, University of Maryland Ph.D. candidate, current Mrs. McLean, and commercial space industry statistician, hopes to become the next Mrs. Virginia on March 28 during the 27th annual Mrs. Virginia beauty pageant.

#Becker and her husband were married in 2012 and have a blended family with six children, most of them in their teenage years. She got her start as a Washington Redskins Cheerleader during the 1995 season. After just one season she decided to pursue a career in mathematics, obtaining her bachelor’s degree from James Madison University, her master’s at Marymount University, and is currently a statistics Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maryland. In addition to working as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland, she spent many years as a statistician in the commercial spaceflight industry.

#“I was working with my personal trainer one day when he suggested I get into pageants,” said Becker, “and it has been a great motivator for me to stay healthy and stay in shape.”

#Her pageant platform is a message that has become prevalent across all forms of media; “Don’t text and drive.” As the mother of six teenagers, four of driving age, it is a cause that hits close to home.

#“It’s important for me to model the right behavior for my children,” stated Becker, “and to remind people that texting can always wait.”

#According to you are 23 times more likely to be involved in a car accident if you use your phone while driving. As a result 41 states have laws banning texting and driving, but last year 13 percent of drivers age 18-20 involved in car wrecks admitted to texting on their phones at the time of the crash.

#Another important tenant of Becker’s pageant platform is her dedication to encouraging girls to enter into STEM careers. Becker is currently a member of Science Cheerleaders, a group of current and former professional cheerleaders pursuing science careers and playfully challenging stereotypes.

#“The Science Cheerleaders are a great culmination of everything I have done in my life,” mused Becker, “I want to encourage all women who are interested to get involved in math and science, I think often it’s a self esteem issue more than anything, and women are usually better than they think they are.”

#If Becker claims the Mrs. Virginia title on March 28 she will advance to the Mrs. American pageant to compete with other married contestants from across the country.

Register Today for The Barefoot Dancers 2015 Auditions

2015 Audition Flyer-1

Register Today for the 2015 Bearfoot Dancers Auditions!
Registration begins at 10:30am
Auditions to follow at 11am

In order to audition you must:
– Be at least 18 years of age or older
– Be available to attend all practices
– Be available to attend all games and events

On the day of Auditions:
– Please bring headshot and dance resume
– Please bring proof of age
– Come with hair and make-up performance ready
– Wear appropriate dance attire and shoes
– Bring water, a sweat towel, and a light snack to keep you energized!
– Be prepared to learn dance routines (you do not need to prepare one)
– No friends or family will be allowed to observe auditions
– There is NO audition fee!!


Photo of the Day – March 24

A member of the ROAR of Jacksonville

This Houston Texans Cheerleader Thinks She Could Beat Ronda Rousey

Kelly Killoren Bensimon Talks to New York Jets Cheerleader Director Denise Garvey

By Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Who’s ready to be a New York Jets cheerleader?


Program Director Denise Garvey has worked with the New York Jets in starting the Flight Crew Cheerleading Squad since its inception in 2007. Garvey has been in professional cheerleading since 1998.

She was a member of the New Jersey Nets Dance Team, and she even cheered with the renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Garvey also spent four years dancing at Madison Square Garden, as a member of the Knicks City Dancers.

Says Garvey, “We have the greatest dancers and the most beautiful women. The stakes are high and the competition is higher.”

She clued us into what it takes to be on the New York Jets Flight Crew.

When are tryouts for the New York Jets Flight Crew?

Our open call is April 11. You have to be 18 and a high school graduate.

What makes someone a good candidate?

There is no guarantee a veteran will make it from year to year. They have to have a lot of dance experience. The uniforms are demanding so they have to be fit and fit the uniform. We want girls who can be our brand ambassadors. They have to be talented entertainers and have great personalities.

How do you register?

We have an online registration. Everything is submitted online: registration and head shots. The cost is $30; $40 if you show up on April 11.

This sounds like a reality show to me.

We did a web series which took the girls throughout the process. Women who try out have the opportunity to take it to the next level. They want to be on the field. It’s the biggest stage they will ever perform on. These girls want it, and emotions run high.

How difficult is the elimination process?

The audition is a three-week process. There is an interview process, a final round, which is a solo competition, and then they are invited into the training camp, which lasts all summer. It’s not all glamour, autographs, and uniforms. It’s really about perfecting routines and making it on the field. The hard work is just beginning.

Any major success stories?

One of our cheerleaders from 2007 became a Radio City Rockette.

How can you prepare for auditions?

We offer eight prep classes. They can sign up. We get everyone in front of the director and me. They learn choreography we will do on the field. They can train in Long Island, New York, or at the Jets training facility.

How many audition?


What do they wear to auditions?

A sports bra, dance shorts, dance tights and jazz shoes or sneakers.

What about hair and makeup?

We go for a natural beauty look.

Any last minute advice?

Come and audition. The benefit from the experience is rewarding.

Philadelphia Flyers Ice Team Auditions


This upcoming season, we will be expanding the team to include team members both on and off the ice! The girls off-ice will perform short dance routines and cheer on fans during the game, meet & greet ticket holders, and participate in promotional media hits throughout the season. The Flyers are looking for charismatic, energetic, and physically fit individuals to be a part of the Flyers organization. Skating NOT required!

[Flyers Ice Tam Auditions]

Photo of the Day – March 19

A New Orleans VooDoo Doll

Bandettes at the Bandits-Rock Game

Out friend Phil from the Buffalo Pro Cheer Blog has photos and video from of the Bandettes from their latest game.


[Bandettes Photos and Video]

Saintsation Kriste spoke at Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation’s Leadership Conference

By Annie Hills


Saintsation Kriste was a guest speaker at the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Foundation’s Leadership Conference in Kansas City, Mo., from Feb. 20-22. There were more than 100 people in attendance; two representatives from each state and some representatives from Canada. Attendees were chapter coordinators and leaders across the country with goals of updating each other on ongoing kidney research and continuing to raise awareness of PKD.

Kriste wants people to know that kidney disease kills more than 90,000 Americans per year, which is more than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined. Kriste, 41, has been diagnosed with PKD for 15 years. After having PKD for 10 years, she believed she was guilty of not spreading awareness of the disease when she still had friends that did not know she was living with PKD. After talking to fellow Saintsations, one of the other Saintsations learned that her grandmother was diagnosed with PKD. Starting the conversation and spreading awareness of the disease are what matter most to Kriste during her involvement with the PKD Foundation.

“It was my first time speaking at anything like that and I was nervous. I spoke for about 30 minutes and told my personal story,” Kriste said. “Once my mom had the disease and had the kidney transplant, that’s when I changed the way I live. I now drink two liters of water per day and it has been shown that drinking a lot of water actually helps.”

Kriste was asked at the leadership conference to emcee during the National Convention in June 2016 in Orlando where there will also be patients, doctors and people looking to help spread awareness about PKD. She has been participating in the PKD Foundation’s 31 Days of PKD Challenges in honor of March’s National Kidney Month. Today Kriste plans to complete the sign “I’m taking the PKD Challenge for _____” and take a selfie with her two sons before posting it on social media.

“At games people who are on dialysis or are donors, come up to me and hug my neck and say, ‘thank you for telling people about it.’ I’m just excited to work with the PKD Foundation. It has been amazing and Kansas City was fun. I also really enjoyed meeting all of the volunteers. In the past, kidney disease has not had a voice. It’s National Kidney Disease Month and nobody knows it, even though it affects many people.”

Kriste hopes that many Saints fans will make it to this year’s New Orleans Walk for PKD on Saturday, May 30. For more information on the walk and to register, please visit here.

Photo of the Day – March 18

A Boston Cannons Dancer

Syracuse Lady Knights Dance Team

Under the direction of Amanda Cammuso the ‘Lady Knights’ Dance and Promotional Team support the Syracuse Silver Knights of the MASL. The ladies perform at every home soccer game played at the War Memorial in downtown Syracuse. They dance, cheer, participate in multiple community events on and off season, work hard and continue to strive to be positive role models in the Syracuse community.


[Syracuse Lady Knights Dance Team]

[Lady Knights Dance Team on Facebook]

Chiefs Announce 2015-16 Cheerleaders


See the whole squad here.