Photo of the Day – December 19

Las Celestes from Mexico City’s Cruz Azul

Meet The Westchester Knicks Dancers

The Westchester Knicks Dancers are the latest and greatest addition to the National Basketball Development League.


The WKD had their individual and team photo shoot last Friday.


Rehearsal at the Westchester County Center


The Westchester Knicks Dancers are under the direction of Heather Van Arsdel and Dina Giordano. Heather was a 6-time NY Knicks Dancer and Dina is the Artistic Director of City Center Dance in White Plains.



Natalia is a student at Montclair State College where she is double majoring in Nutrition & Dietetics and Dance.



Melissa is a Nutrition and Dietetics major at the University of New Haven and has 1+ hour commute for games and practices.


Long time friend of Ultimate Cheerleaders, Christie is originally from Pittsburgh and naturally a huge Steelers fan.


Bringing the Attitude.


Stephanie is a Biology major at Hunter College

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Audition for the New York Lizards Dance Team


Tryouts for the 2015 New York Lizards Dance Team will be held on Saturday and Sunday, January 17 and 18. Open auditions will be held on Saturday, January 17 from 2 PM – 5 PM at Pearl Studios in NYC. Callbacks will be on Sunday, January 18 from 2 PM – 4 PM. To register for tryouts, email Paula Sanders at

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Read how clarinetist Jen would wind up on the Ohio Dance Machine

Jen performing with the Ohio Dance Machine last summer; try-outs are coming for 2015

Jen performing with the Ohio Dance Machine last summer; try-outs are coming for 2015

Not too many people have this response when asked about their dream job. “Dream job? I think I have it right now, doing hair,” said Jen, who was in her second year dancing for the Ohio Dance Machine last season. Just like this refreshing response, Jen was part of a refreshing group of dancers that support Major League Lacrosse’s Ohio Machine. The Dance Machine is the only squad of pro dancers in the Columbus, Ohio area, the largest city in Ohio. And their try-outs for next season are coming up right after the New Year! Jen shared with UltimateCheerleaders her many artistic sides, the contrast between Columbus and her hometown, and why orchestras really need to replace sheet music with flat screens.

Jen is originally from the Toledo area, specifically growing up in Oak Arbor, Ohio. Oak Harbor is a small farming town, and Jen reflected, “I like that everyone knew each other. Everyone was nice, everyone was really close.”

But Jen moved to Columbus for college, and she enjoys her new hometown because, “There’s so much to do and so much to see. I met a lot of different people. There are a lot more job opportunities.”


Jen initially came to Columbus to attend Capital University and studied Clarinet Performance. Starting clarinet at age ten, Jen was trained in classical music and then moved into modern.

Now personally, I always get stressed out when I’m watching an orchestra because they still have to turn the sheet music pages as they play. What if they don’t turn the page in time?! What if the page flips back?! Musical chaos I bet! Why can’t they get digital screens? Jen, how important is the sheet music? “Usually by performance time, I just play,” Jen explained. “There was one time my music blew off the stage. I tried to turn it and it just blew off. It’s like, okay, I’m going to keep going, or tried to.” Did anyone notice that it happened? “Not really, no,” answered Jen. Wow, she’s in control.

So, I always wonder, are you really watching the conductor? Seems to me, conductors get way too much credit and no one is really watching them anyway. Back me up on this Jen, are you watching that baton? “Yes,” replied Jen. “We have to watch to get the tempos.” Okay Jen, I’ll take your word for it.


Asked about her favorite clarinet pieces, Jen said, “There’s too many. The first one that came to mind was Mozart’s concerto for clarinet.” Mozart’s Clarinet concerto in A major was written in 1791. It was also one of Mozart’s final completed works, and his final purely instrumental work.

Jen decided to take a different career path after graduating from Capital, and attended Aveda Institute Columbus for cosmetology, and Jen’s current job is hairstylist. Jen’s favorite part of her job includes, “Interacting with people and talking to them all the time. Getting to know them more than just saying, ‘Hi, how are you?’”

Jen, is it hard sometimes to convince people the hair style they should have versus the one that they want? “Yes, I’ll make suggestions and then usually they’ll come around to it after time.” How does Jen keep track of all the new styles? “I take a lot of classes. I also look online and lots of different magazines.”


So, last summer, I asked Jen what was the hot trend was in hair. “I would say varied bowl cuts, very blunt, minor colors,” replied Jen.

So Jen expresses her artistic side as a stylist, musician, and of course, through dance, taking her to the sidelines with the Ohio Dance Machine. “I’ve been dancing since I was six,” Jen explained. “I thought it would be fun. I actually started gymnastics first and then branched out in to every other kind of dance that I could possibly do.”

Jen also continued her gymnastics her senior year in high school. In gymnastics and dance in general, is there a synergy between them? “Definitely yes,” Jen answered, “Dance, helps the movement flow, and gymnastics helps with power dancing.”

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2015 Calgary Drill Crew Calendar



The Calgary Drill Crew released their 2015 calendar this week. Order your copy here.

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‘Inside the Magic: Hard Court Dancers’ Premieres Dec. 19 on FOX Sports Florida


Prepare to be taken behind the scenes into the joys and challenges of being the rhythm and movement of Orlando Magic basketball. On Friday, Dec. 19 at 10:00 p.m., FOX Sports Florida, the regional television home of the Magic, will premiere a brand new episode of “Inside the Magic” upon conclusion of the Magic vs. Utah Jazz game. Titled “Hard Court Dancers,” this episode is an upbeat step into the world of the Orlando Magic Dancers.

From dance rehearsals and public appearances at community events, to dancing front and center for fans on game nights, the Magic Dancers give their full commitment, as they follow their passion of uplifting the Orlando community through dance. What most people don’t know is that the Dancers also have full-time jobs or are full-time students. “Inside the Magic: Hard Court Dancers” will take a look at the careers of four dancers: One is a third grade teacher, one works for an Orlando radio station, another is a physical therapist and one is a student at UCF.

The Dancers rehearse three times a week for approximately three hours, in addition to game night. “Hard Court Dancers” follows the group on game night, starting with rehearsal, followed by meeting-and-greeting fans, taking pictures and signing autographs. On this special night, all 20 Dancers come together for a special halftime act, where the team is officially introduced to the fans.

Re-Air Schedule:

Sun 12/21/2014 5:00 p.m.
Fri 12/26/2014 10:00 p.m.
Mon 12/29/2014 10:30 p.m.
Tue 12/30/2014 10:00 p.m.
Sat 1/3/2014 10:30 a.m.
Wed 1/7/2014 8:00 p.m.
Thu 1/8/2014 11:30 a.m.
Sat 1/10/2014 10:00 a.m.
Sat 1/10/2014 9:00 p.m.
Mon 1/12/2014 7:00 p.m.
Wed 1/14/2014 10:30 p.m.
Thu 1/15/2014 11:00 a.m.
Fri 1/16/2014 5:00 p.m.

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First Annual Miss Dallaswear Contest

Miss Dallaswear for FB ad

It’s the first Annual Miss Dallaswear Contest! The winner is chosen by online vote starting January 19th. The contestants have from today until January 15th to get their submissions in to be considered for the contest.

To enter, go to and fill out the entry form. Simply tell us “Why should you be chosen as Miss Dallaswear” as well as upload a picture of yourself in your favorite Dallaswear outfit. It can be any of our outfits from, an Dallaswear audition outfit, Dallaswear custom Audition outfit or any Dallaswear Team outfit (NFL, NBA, NHL etc) as long as it’s Dallaswear, you can enter! All entrants must be 18 as of Decebmer 15, 2014, the start date of the contest. If anyone doesn’t have any Dallaswear outfits, we are offering a 20% off coupon code for anyone who wants to snag up an outfit asap to enter the contest. Use coupon code PAGEANT.

We are a MADE IN AMERICA brand and what better way to choose Miss Dallaswear than to have America decide. :) January 19-23, an online vote will decide the Finalists and they will progress to a final online vote that will determine the first ever Miss Dallaswear! The winner will be announced on Feb. 2, 2015.

The winner will receive some amazing prizes!

Official Miss Dallaswear Crown and Sash
Blinged-Out Dallaswear Jacket
Dallaswear Wardrobe worth over $1200
The chance to be featured in our 2015 Dallaswear Music Video

There’s never been a contest with cool prizes like this and a title! What an amazing chance to be the very first Miss Dallaswear.

Miss Dallaswear Prizes for UC

**Note**- The new Miss Dallaswear will be crowned after the 2014 Football season and before the 2015 football season for those girls worried about NFL contract obligations. :)



Photo of the Day – December 18

A New York Lizards Dancer

Titans select Ashley P to be on the Pro Bowl sidelines

Ashley P was awarded the Titans Pro Bowl slot

Ashley P was awarded the Titans Pro Bowl slot

I think Santa played a role in the Titans Cheerleader Pro Bowl selections this season. Because on his nice/naughty lists, Titans Cheerleader Captain Ashley P has to be at the top of Santa’s, and everyone else’s, Ultimate Nice list. Congratulations Ashley, and have a great time at the Pro Bowl!

You can learn more about Ashley at this link



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Seven season veteran Natalie is the Colts Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Natalie is Pro Bowl bound!

Colts Cheerleader Natalie is in her seventh season, and now she is in seventh heaven, as Natalie is heading to the Pro Bowl as her team’s representative! Congratulations! Learn more about Natalie at this link.





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Broncos Kick The Chargers When They Are Down

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Another week, another big game.  This time, it was the Denver Broncos who rode into town to play the Chargers and like the Patriots last week, the Broncos brought a whole lot of orange clad fans to watch the festivities.   And if you like field goals, this was the game for you as the Broncos kicked five of them in route to a convincing victory over the suddenly listless Chargers.

Final Score: Bucking Broncos – 22, Sparkless Chargers – 10.

With the victory, the Denver Broncos clinched the AFC West title and secured a spot in the playoffs.  As for the Chargers, well…we have the Charger Girls in their blue velvet Christmas uniforms!








It was another beautiful day in San Diego…stop me if you heard this before…beautiful blue skies and sunshine.  What that meant for me, photographically speaking, was mixed lighting in the first half and shadows in the second…just another day in paradise.

Okay let’s get on with our final game day report of the season and begin with the Captains: Katelyn, Clarisse, Angela M. and Natalie.





This week’s Charger Girl of the Day is one of my favorite Charger Girls to photograph and one that I can always count on for a great shot…introducing Angela M.







Angela is getting married soon, so this might be her last year on the squad. And I hear there might be a few more retirements among the more veteran Charger Girls…and I thought last year was a bad one with 14 veterans leaving the team. Well, I would encourage them all to reconsider retirement because you rarely get a second bite of the apple. And I got a $100 bucks for one CG in particular, if she returns…you know who you are.

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Prayers and contributions aiding former Colts Cheerleader and Ice Angel Tessa’s recovery from stroke

Tessa cheering for the Colts in 2008; Now, we are cheering you on Tessa!

From the Allen Americans blog:

Natessa (Tessa) David is a former Ice Angel and Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Candidate. Tessa cheered the Americans on to their first CHL Championship in 2013. Before becoming an Ice Angel, Tessa cheered for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts.

On December 1st, Tessa suffered a moderate-to-severe stroke in her sleep. She has been in the ICU under the care of a phenomenal team of physicians and therapists. Though the odds were against her, in just a week, Tessa has improved tremendously. Yesterday was a great day for Tessa as she was moved out of ICU and into her own room where she can receive flowers and cards from everyone. Tessa has such a bright spirit and her smile is contagious. Although she still does not have movement of her right extremities, she is able to sit, stand and walk with assistance. Due to the type of stroke, Tessa was also left unable to speak. While surround by former Ice Angel, Brooklyn and current Angels Amy and Brieana plus a few other friends, Tuesday night Tessa blurted out her first few words. The team caring for Tessa have faith that she will continue to recover.

She is the epitome of the word strength and we all admire her courage. We have cried together many times through this period of darkness but we have already began to laugh again. We know that she will come through this stronger than ever! She is a true superstar! Her gofundme donations will help cover the long road of in-patient and out-patient therapy she will need.

Updates on Tessa’s condition are posted on this Facebook page. Tessa, we are collectively cheering you on as every day, in every way, things will get better and better!!

Photo of the Day – December 17

A Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Nashville Venom Dance Team Audition!

Audition Flyer

Start the new year right! Auditions are coming up for the Nashville Venom Dance Team. The Nashville Venom are the 2014 PIFL Champions and are looking to have another GREAT season!

Preliminary auditions:
January 4, 2015
Municipal Auditorium in Nashville
Registration starts at noon.
Application fee is $20, cash or money order only!

Preliminary auditions will begin promptly at 12:45. Preliminary auditions are closed to the public and will only be open to those auditioning.

Wardrobe: two piece dance attire- Stomach must be shown, Tennis shoes or Dance shoes, surface is concrete/gym floor

If you are selected as a finalist you have to schedule an interview for Monday, January 5,2015.


For the latest information or contact information, visit their website at or look them up on Facebook

2014 NFL Cheerleaders – Best of Week 15

Click here to check out the latest gallery on!

NFL 2014_Patriots33