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Experienced Leadership

Sideline Prep is made up of a network of current and former professional and semi-professional cheerleaders that have danced on the sidelines for years.  Our goal is to fully prepare young women for their cheerleading and dance prep classes and auditions, enabling them to walk in with more knowledge, style, glamour, and confidence.  Ultimately, we aim to make Our Lovelies “sideline-ready”.

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Our next session is March 25, 2018.  Click here for more information.

Lightning Girls Are Heating Up “Tampa Hockey Town”

Hopefully you saw our interview yesterday of the talented Lightning Girl Taylor. Here’s some of the other squad members on game day.

Makenzie and Kayla:

Lydia, Stephanie and Morgan:

Elena and Emily:

Captains, Liz and Alyssa:

Lydia and Stephanie:


Emily and Liz:

Flickr album is HERE

Milwaukee Bucks Dancers Photos

Our tour of the NBA continues with the Milwaukee Bucks, who have posted a few dance team galleries on their website.  Click here to view those galleries.

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Lightning Girl Taylor Adds A Crown

Taylor in the upper deck (click to enlarge)


Tampa Bay Lightning Girl Taylor Lokey walked away with the crown at the Miss Tampa Scholarship Pageant this month. She was gracious to sit for a quick talk with us at a recent Lightning game (in between goals of course!).

UC: Hello Taylor, welcome to Ultimate Cheerleaders. Before we begin our chat why don’t you tell our readers about yourself.
Absolutely! I’m twenty three years old and this is my rookie season with the Lightning Girls! I am originally from Maryland and graduated from The University of Maryland, College Park with a degree in communications and public relations. I worked in sales for about a year and am now studying to take my GRE to attend graduate school! Moving to Tampa was a spontaneous decision that I made about six months ago and I have been loving it ever since!
UC: Please share with us the highlights of your busy year. Representing the Lightning and now the “Miss Tampa Scholarship Pageant”. WOW, busy young lady.
It’s definitely busy but I wouldn’t want it any other way! Being involved with the Lightning Girls and now as Miss Tampa is really giving me a great opportunity to become involved and grow with our community. The lightning is hoping to have a long season, but before that we still have about 14 games left to cheer at! I will be balancing those games and other additional lightning girl appearances with my preparation for Miss Florida and volunteering at community service events as Miss Tampa. The Miss Florida Pageant takes place the week of June 30th in Lakeland, FL so there is still so much preparation to be done. Luckily, I have great time management skills and such a wonderful support system behind me to help keep me motivated and balanced during this busy time!
UC: The Lightning organization is always involved in charity and community initiatives. Tell us about your favorite participation and your platform for Miss Tampa.
We truly are one of the best organizations in all of sports for that reason! My favorite memories so far have been attending charitable events on behalf of the lightning and spreading joy to as many people as possible. One of my favorite events so far with the Lightning was with the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. It was such an incredible, uplifting event to be apart of and running the dance floor and hula hoop contest with one of the other girls was so much fun. It amazes me how one small interaction with someone can bring so much happiness to them. It’s humbling to know that you were the one to make a little girl or a little boys day just by giving them a high five or saying hi!
My platform as Miss Tampa is called “Lend a Hand; Heal a Heart.” My platforms main goal is to advocate for victims of sexual assault and abuse, specifically with children. I’m very passionate about this topic as I have volunteered for the past 8 years as a crisis call taker and patient advocate at multiple women’s shelters.Right now, more than ever, is a great time to get the word out there that it is okay to speak up, get help, and seek justice. My mission is to let every survivor out there know that they can use their voice and will have people on their side. It’s so important.
UC: It’s a great honor to be part of a small sorority of NHL cheer/dancers and now add in Miss Tampa activities. How exciting is that combined experience?
It’s very exciting! There’s not many opportunities where I am able to combine my love for cheerleading and the opportunity to make a difference in the community. It’s really neat to see that some of the appearances I will be doing as Miss Tampa will have the Lightning Girls there and it’s a really unique way to make an impact in a greater way. I also feel it’s a great way to promote both organizations! Everyone is always asking “Miss Tampa” where she works and being able to tell them the Lightning is fantastic! It makes me feel even closer to the community because we all know that Tampa is a hockey town! 
UC: One thing fans would be surprised to learn about is ….?
I have a story for you all! I mentioned earlier that I made a spontaneous decision to move to Tampa about six months ago. Most fans would be surprised to learn that I made that decision after coming on vacation to Tampa in July! One of the other Lightning Girls, Morgan, and I saw that the lightning girls were having auditions and decided to try out on a whim. By our surprise we both made it and moved down here in about a week! It was quite the adventure but it has been so worth it!
UC: Thank you Taylor, you are a very impressive young lady.  We are glad you gave up the beach on vacation to go Ice Skating, Tampa Bay is lucky to steal you away from Maryland!

Taylor with her adventitious teammate Morgan



Miss Tampa

Link to Lightning Girls site is HERE

Tune in tomorrow as we post additional photos to our Lightning Flickr album which is  HERE

New Orleans Pelicans Dance Team Photos

The New Orleans Pelicans have posted several game day galleries of their dance team.  Click here to view the galleries.

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

PRO 2017v286

Sea Gals Celebrate the Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

The Seattle Sea Gals traveled to Hong Kong, where they ushered in the Year of the Dog by performing in the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade on February 16 and held several performances throughout the week’s festivities.  Performing in Hong Kong has become something of a tradition for the Sea Gals.  In 1997, the Sea Gals, became the first cheerleaders in the NFL to be invited to perform and celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.  Subsequently, they were invited in 1998, 2013, and now again this year.  

So let’s take a look at some photos from their amazing trip and click here, here, and here to view the full galleries.

Random Ice Girl Pic of the Day

Clippers Spirit and Laker Girls Photos from the 2018 NBA All Star Game

With the city of Los Angeles hosting the 2018 NBA All Star Game, the league decided to leverage the home town Clippers Spirit and Laker Girls to serve as the dance team for the weekend of events.  Let’s take look a some of the images from All Star Weekend.

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Sponsor Spotlight: Dallaswear Auditions 2018 Line

Editor’s note: Its audition season and Dallaswear, a long time sponsor of UltimateCheerleaders.com, has announced their Dallaswear Auditions 2018 Line that will go live on their web site tomorrow at 12:00 pm CST.  Dallaswear has provided us with a sneak preview video of their new line of audition wear.

Dallaswear Auditions 2018 line is better than ever!  The new styles for 2018 include gradient ombre sequin, cute and sexy strappy styles, unique marble prints and more. This year the signature Dallaswear Superbling™ features gradient rhinestone designs that are more dazzling than ever.  All of the existing styles have been updated for improved fit and quality. Dallaswear is also introducing an amazing new product called the Femme Flannel™! The Femme Flannel™ gives the dancer the look of a cute flannel tied around the waist, but without all the bulk.  The Femme Flannel™, a Dallaswear exclusive, is available in an assortment of plaid colors with the option of including a name or initials!  

For over 20 years, Dallaswear has been proudly made in the USA and brings the hottest styles to auditions and Pro Teams all over the world. Dallaswear designs uniforms for the Laker Girls, 49ers Goldrush Cheerleaders, Golden State Warriors Dance Team, Portland Trailblazers Dancers, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Chicago Bulls Dancers, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, Kings Dancers and many, many more. With over 550,000 color, style and rhinestone combinations, Dallaswear is the leader in stunning audition wear.  You can always spot a “Dallaswear Girl”… she’s the one who makes the team!

Cleveland Cavalier Girls Photos

The Cleveland Cavaliers have posted a few game day action galleries of their dance team.  Click here to view the galleries.

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

NHL Photo Of The Day

Lightning Girls Captains, Liz and Alyssa.