Photo of the Day – October 16

2012 Clippers Spirit  020

A member of the LA Clippers Spirit

Sea Gals go Pink!

We saw a lot of pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month last week, but nobody does pink quite like the Sea Gals! You have to love ‘em. HUGE thanks to the team’s Director/Choreographer 

Sherri Thompson for these fantastic BIG photos of the ladies in action last weekend. (Click each photo to view full size.)

…and I promise you, sooner or later, I’m gettin’ me a pair of those pink boots. Don’t know where I’ll wear them, but they will be mine. Oh yes.

2014 Sea Gals BCA_Christian_LR
Christian is in her sophomore year with the team.

Zoe is also in her second year on the team.

2014 Sea Gals BCA_Jessica_LR
Jessica, now in her fourth year, is definitely a fan favorite

2014 Sea Gals BCA_Leisel  De'Djuana_LR
Leisel in the front, and De’Djuana in the back are both newbies on the team this year.

2014 Sea Gals BCA_Courtney_LR
Courtney is a much beloved 7th year veteran.

2014 Sea Gals BCA_Kelsey_LR
Kelsey is a fourth year vet.

2014 Sea Gals BCA_group_LR
Kinda makes you want to be a Sea Gal, doesn’t it?

2014 Ice Crew Auditions: Day 1

Kings Vision gives you an all-access look at the first day of auditions for the LA Kings Ice Crew. See who made the cut for Day 2!

Buccaneer Cheerleaders On “Pink Sunday”

Last Sunday was very colorful inside Ray Jay Stadium in Tampa. The Buccaneer players were BLACK and BLUE before the first quarter ended. The halftime showcase performance was endzone to endzone PINK and it seemed like the only fans who stayed for the second half all had PURPLE jerseys on.

My only comments regarding the Buc’s football play against the Ravens is “No Comment Sir”.

The Buccaneer hierarchy, in concert with the TBBC, did a masterful job with the halftime presentation. Hundreds of invited guests on the field designed human pink ribbons for the breast cancer awareness salute. The USF cheer and dance teams also were in attendance performing stunts. Kudos out to Tara Battiato and her team for a great entertainment show.

Enjoy the photos:















[Bucs Cheerleaders Gallery]

[Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders]

NY Giants Fans Love The Gotham City Cheerleaders

By Sibile Marcellus

Dancing along Wall Street in New York City you can find Gotham City Cheerleaders practicing their amazing moves. These girls are intense and they mean business both in rehearsal and in the parking lot during Giants games. In their quest to be the Giants cheerleaders, the Gotham City Cheerleaders have rehearsals on Wednesdays and on Saturdays for several hours, as you can see these girls mean business and the Giant fans love them!

Gotham City Cheer-Captain, Bri Anna Barnett, talks a little about what it takes to be a Gotham City Cheerleader.

“We as members of the team, we are always on our toes. Can’t let our fitness slack, because you can always be replaced,” she said.

While the Giants NFL team has never had their own cheerleaders, fan of the Big Blue have nothing bad to say about these ladies.

“You see when the girls show up everyone’s faces light up, all the cameras come out and it’s a different dynamic. It’s excellent. Giants notoriously don’t have cheerleaders. So to have these girls out here in parking lot with us getting the crowd going right before the game is excellent,” one fan said.

The Executive Director of the Gotham City Cheerleaders, Ana De Villegas, wants to make sure that everyone knows the true role of a cheerleader.

“The goal is to be the entertainment for pre-game and halftime shows. People have preconception we want to be on sidelines. That’s not the case,” she said.

Some fans can’t seem to understand why the Giants are the only team without their own official cheerleaders.

“I don’t really understand what the deal is. The Jets have cheerleaders. Everybody has cheerleaders. Everybody loves cheerleaders. I don’t think there are words to explain how hot they are,” one male fan said.

[Gotham City Cheerleaders]

Utica Comettes

The Utica Comets of the American Hockey League are proud to announce the final roster for Sitrin Comettes Dance Team.

The Sitrin Comettes are a 13 member high-energy dance team that will entertain fans at Comets home games throughout the 2014-15 season. The Comettes will also be very active in the community by appearing and performing at events throughout Mohawk Valley.

Tryouts for the Comettes dance team took place on Friday, Aug. 22 at Tony’s AUDelicious Deli & Sports Bar. Over 35 girls from the Mohawk Valley attended tryouts. The Comets and Sitrin would like to thank everyone that tried out for the team, as well as the celebrity judges. The final decision was not an easy one.

The Comets and Sitrin are proud to announce that the following 13 girls made the Comettes final roster:

Alex L.
Amanda F.
Laura E.
Morgan M.
Courtney G.
Rhianna A.
Samantha R.
Savannah R.
Stephanie A.
Taylor K.
Therese B.
Victoria S.

[Utica Comettes]

Photo of the Day – October 14

A member of the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush

LOOK: Two NFL Cheerleaders Get Engaged Sunday

By Josh Katzowitz
CBS Sports

Perhaps you think that it’s rather cliché to ask your significant other to marry you in front of tens of thousands of people at a sporting event, where your answer will be recorded on the stadium’s video board.

But what if the marriage proposal took place on the field among your work colleagues, and he was dressed handsomely in his military uniform? That would be a pretty tough request to turn down, right?

Fortunately, that was the case for US Air Force captain Erick Straub, who proposed to Cardinals cheerleader Claire Thornton during the first half of the Washington-Arizona game on Sunday. Considering she’s showing off the ring in the above photo, –and by the evidence from this video — I assume she said “yes.”

But Thornton wasn’t the only NFL cheerleader to get engaged. Falcons cheerleader Sydney was also betrothed this weekend, via the Falcons cheerleaders’ Instagram page.

So, a hearty Mazel Tov to all the affected parties. May your happiness continue to grow even when all the recording cameras are switched off.

The Prowler Dancers Of The Orlando Predators

The Orlando Prowler Dancers— my final backlog album that got caught up in our web site problems.

I attended the Predators first round playoff victory game, against the Pittsburgh Power, which was played on the UCF college campus. Next season the team, under new ownership, will return to the Orlando Amway Arena for home field games.

The Prowler Dancers are a very cohesive attractive group of professional dancers who truly enjoy performing in such an electric atmosphere as Arena Football Playoffs. The action is quick, the fans are close and winning is sweet.

Our thanks go to Prowler Director, Billie O’Hara, for giving UltimateCheerleaders access to her talented ladies. Wishing everyone a relaxing off season except for Sara and Cassie—both of whom which are moving on to dance in the NBA for the Orlando Magic.

I enjoyed photographing the Prowler Dancers—a fun group.


Trista — Co Captain

Cassie — Co Captain, selected to Dream Team at ArenaBowl

Sara — Moving on the Magic with Cassie


Ashley and Jessie

Chelsea and her #1 fan

Dance Performance of night

Team Billie

[Prowlers Gallery]

[Orlando Predators Prowlers]

Houston Dynamo Girls Go Pink

Not to be outdone by the NFL Cheerleaders, The Dynamo Girls brought out the pink uniforms and poms on Sunday

[Dynamo Girls Gallery]

[Houston Dynamo Girls]

Photo of the Day – October 13

A Hartford Colonials Cheerleader

Eagles Cheerleaders Around Town

Thanks to Mike for a few more photos of the Eagles Cheerleaders



Snow and Emily

[Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders]

‘Bring Back the Jills’ T-shirts now a thing
October 9, 2014

BUFFALO, NY – If you’ve been on Twitter and Facebook lately you may have been seeing a lot of the hashtag “Bring Back the Jills.”

A former Buffalo Jill is rallying to bring back the NFL cheerleading team with a new T-shirt campaign and she’s using that hashtag to help do it.

Gabrielle Farah has created these shirts to bring awareness not only for the fans who are feeling the loss of the Jills on game day but to show that the Jills are missing being out on the field as well.

“It’s pretty much to get our name out there,” she told 2 On Your Side. “People are missing us on the field. We were such a big voice in Buffalo.

We had such a strong leadership role for women in our community.”>

She hopes that under the new ownership of Terry and Kim Pegula that the Jills will be back someday soon.

The shirts come in red and blue with the phrase “Bring Back the Jills” on each side.

There is also a limited edition grey shirt as well.

The proceeds from the shirts will go toward fundraising for their comeback, and a portion will be donated to Hunter’s Hope.

What’s In Your Fridge: Former Patriots Cheerleader & Current Fitness Instructor, Paula Fonseca

By Caroline Earle

Dance, fitness instructor and most importantly, mother: Those are all of the roles Boston-based Paula Fonseca balances each and every day.

And while teaching exercise classes is an incredibly rewarding job, it is crucial to fuel ourselves properly so we can maintain our energy levels to motivate our classes and clients.

So without further ado, let’s sneak a peek inside the fridge of this Equinox instructor who radiates positivity and high energy each and every day.

Caroline Earle: You’re a busy lady. From teaching classes to picking up your daughter from school – what healthy on-the-go snacks do you nosh on?

Paula Fonseca: Finding time to eat can be challenging, with little time to digest in between classes, I stick to small meals throughout the day. I have nuts stashed in my car, just found coconut covered cashews at TJs today!

Love the Fage Greek Yogurt, and I get the 2%, fills me up longer and I feel satisfied. I can mix it up by adding some agave & cinnamon to the plain flavors.

I’ll always throw a couple pieces of fruit in my gym bag, and although this isn’t considered a snack, I need my morning coffee every day to start it all off.

Keeping it real.

CE: Where do you grocery shop and why?

PF: There a few places I shop at and they all depend on where I am at when I have time to stop and shop, pun intended, this is one place I shop, very close to my house.

Love Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for fruits and vegetables. I find fall to be the most fun season for vegetables. We just got purple cauliflower, rainbow chard, and stalks of brussels sprouts. The colors are so yum!

CE: Do you adhere to a strict diet – i.e Paleo, vegan, GF, etc.?

PF: I do not follow any specific diet. We don’t have any food allergies, so the possibilities are endless.

The one constant thing I do keep to is color in my food and try to use whats just right in season. The more color, the more nutrients and antioxidants, and with each meal I got to have protein and fiber. Make each calorie count!

I do enjoy GF pastas from time to time. The quinoa blends are good, sturdier, and nuttier in taste. The groceries end up being 99% organic, and for the rare times we eat red meat, I go to Meat House or Whole Foods to get the best grade.

CE: When both you and your daughter Lina are home, what’s your favorite meal to cook together?

PF: Lina is a good sous chef. She gets into the preparation, washes, drains, chops, all the veggies. She can toss a serious caesar salad [laughs]!

Lately, as the temps go down, we get a little more into comfy food. Kale soup with chick peas, grated carrot, onions, garlic until it comes out of your pores, in a low sodium chicken broth, is perfect and so easy after a long day. We prep it days in advance so it’s ready to go, and I cheat and use stock from a box.
CE: Keeping up energy levels throughout the day can be tough – what tips can you give to those who are feeling the afternoon slump?

PF: Ah, that afternoon slump can get tough, especially during winter months.

I catch myself in a slump when I don’t eat or sleep enough. Sleep is so important! I don’t always get the minimum 8 hours that our bodies need to recover, but napping is a good alternative. I’ll try to fit in a 20 minute nap whenever possible, and drink lots of water, especially if you like your coffee!

Be sure to catch Paula teaching at Equinox Dartmouth, Franklin Street and Chestnut Hill!

2014 St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

Aaaaand…bringing up the rear, the St. Louis Rams have finally gotten around to updating their cheerleader pages. Still no bios, but they’ve got everyone in uniform. ‘Bout time, y’all!