Registration For The 15th Annual P-R-O Convention Is Now Open!

The P-R-O Convention is the biggest and best convention for professional cheerleaders and dancers.   Usable choreography for your field, court, ice, diamond or tour.  Anything you need in the world of Pro Cheerleading, we’ve got you covered.  No need to take an entire week off work, our convention is held Saturday and Sunday, June 24th-25th in Atlanta, Georgia.  With easy access to the convention venue from the airport, it’s an amazing, stress free weekend.

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Guest Instructors:

  • Jakene Ashford– NFL Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders
  • Tara Battiato– NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders
  • Kristina Ferdig -NFL Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders
  • Denise Garvey -NFL New York Jets Flight Crew
  • Coach Alto Gary– NFL Houston Texans Cheerleaders, WCW Nitrogirls, Former NBA Atlanta Hawks & Charlotte Hornets Choreographer
  • Katie Gibbons– NBA San Antonio-Spurs Silver Dancers and AHL Rampage
  • Stephanie Jojokian– NFL Washington Redskins Cheerleaders
  • Stacie Kinder– NFL Nashville Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders
  • Brandii McCoy– NBA Charlotte Hornets Honeybees and AHL Charlotte Checkers CheckMates
  • Nikki– NFL Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders
  • Tracy Rutledge– Former NBA Atlanta Hawks, AFL2 Georgia Wildcats
  • Derric Whitfield – NBA Washington Wizards, Wizard Girls

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The 2018 P-R-O  Convention will be held at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel Downtown, 165 Courtland St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303. 

Book Your Hotel by June 1 and get the All-Pro3 Workshop P-R-O Rate!  $129.00 a night

Come see why this convention is the best, 14 years and counting.  Click here for more information.

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Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Preliminary Audition Photos

The Tennessee Titans held preliminary auditions for their 2018-2019 cheerleading squad and they have posted a gallery of images from the event.  Click here to view the gallery.

Charger Girls Audition Dates Announced!


Since their inception in 1990, the Charger Girls have become one of the NFL’s premiere performance groups. Recognized for their charisma, talent, athleticism, professionalism and community involvement, the Charger Girls have also been ambassadors for the organization both nationally and abroad, including trips to Australia, Germany, Mexico, Guam, Japan and several other Asian countries. Additionally, the Charger Girls have appeared on numerous television shows on the local, national and international level. Team members perform at all Chargers home games, work with the Jr. Charger Girls program, participate in photo shoots and much more. During the open call audition process, applicants will be judged on dance ability, crowd appeal, showmanship and individual applications. For finalists, there is an interview process and a final dance audition.



May 20, 2018    (Open Call Audition)

May 21, 2018    (One-To-One Interviews)                  FINALISTS ONLY

May 22, 2018    (One-To-One Interviews) (cont.)       FINALISTS ONLY

May 23, 2018    (Interview Finals)                              FINALISTS ONLY

May 24, 2018    (Final Dance Audition)                      FINALISTS ONLY

TIME (Open Call Audition Only)

10:00 a.m. Check-In. The audition will start promptly at 11:00 a.m.

LOCATION (Open Call Audition Only)

Bay Club South Bay
2250 Park Place
El Segundo, CA 90245




Suggested attire includes dancewear and jazz, dance and/or athletic shoes with non-marking soles.


You must be at least 18 years of age by the date of the open call audition. There is no maximum age limit. Team members must have flexible schedules for twice-weekly rehearsals, all Chargers home games, photo shoots and appearances during and prior to the season. Team members must also attend a three-day weekend mini-camp in June. Team members must have a reliable means of transportation.


All interested applicants should complete an application. A 5×7 or larger (B&W or color, head shot or full body shot) photo is required. Photo will not be returned.

Mail completed application and photo to:

Los Angeles Charger Girls
c/o: Charger Girls Auditions
3333 Susan Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

or drop-off at:

Hoag Performance Center
c/o: Charger Girls Auditions
3333 Susan Street 
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(M-F 7AM-9PM)

StubHub Center
c/o: Charger Girls Auditions
18400 Avalon Boulevard
Carson, CA 90746
(M-F 9AM-5PM)


Finalists must be available to attend the following events:

One-To-One Interviews: Monday, May 21st or Tuesday, May 22nd
Interview Finals: Wednesday, May 23rd
Final Dance Audition: Thursday, May 24th 

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

2018 NFL Cheerleader Audition Dates

Updates added: Los Angeles Chargers


Audition season is approaching soon and several NFL cheerleading squads have announced their audition dates.  Please check back here as we will be updating our Audition Dates page on a regular basis.

NFL Cheerleading Squads (2018)

Arizona Cardinals:  April 7. [Details]
Atlanta Falcons:  April 8. [Details]
Baltimore Ravens:  March 3. [Details]
Carolina Panthers:  April 14. [Details]
Cincinnati Bengals: April 15. [Details]
Dallas Cowboys:  May 5. [Details]
Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Dancers:  [Details]
Denver Broncos:  March 18. [Details]
Detroit Lions Cheerleaders:  March 25.  [Details]
Houston Texans:  April 14. [Details]
Indianapolis Colts:  April 7. [Details]
Jacksonville Jaguars:  April 14. [Details]
Kansas City Chiefs:  March 16. [Details]
Los Angeles Chargers:  May, 20. [Details]
Los Angeles Rams:  March 11.  [Details]
Miami Dolphins:  April 14. [Details]
Minnesota Vikings:  April 7.  [Details]
New England Patriots:  March 3.  [Details]
New Orleans Saints:  May 12.  [Details]
New York Jets:  April 7. [Details]
Oakland Raiders:  April 7.  [Details]
Philadelphia Eagles:  March 24. [Details]
San Francisco 49ers:  March 25. [Details]
Seattle Seahawks:  April 21. [Details]
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  April 8.  [Details]
Tennessee Titans:  April 21. [Details]
Washington Redskins:  April 7. [Details]


The ROAR Of The Jaguars, 5th Year Here We Come

Congratulations out Sarah, Tatum, Lindsay and April as they embark on their 5th year cheering for the Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR. I guess talent, personality and beauty pays off. Hooray.

Sarah, Tatum, Lindsay and April. (click to enlarge)

Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Photos From The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Audition Show.

Miami Gardens, Fla. –” The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders completed final auditions at Hard Rock Stadium and 38 women advanced as Training Camp Candidates. The ladies will participate in a 12-week boot camp that consists of interview skills, team building, performance training and professional development. Cuts are possible during the training camp period.

These 38 ladies were chosen from 53 Miami auditions finalists, as well as 22 returning cheerleaders. The 75 participants in the finals represented 12 countries. The 38 women advancing to training camp represent Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Philippines, U.K. and U.S.”

“Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are one of the most highly recognized cheerleader brands in the world. They are the most accessible and visible ambassadors of the Miami Dolphins. The cheerleaders are in the community on a weekly basis and make over 400 appearances per year. This ethnically diverse team represented all women – professional, educated and hard working. They are our mothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. They are positive role models and inspire all females through public speaking, physical fitness and etiquette.”

Great job by Show Coordinator, Ariann Denison. As expected the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, under the management of Dorie Grogan and Jamie Quadrozzi did another excellent job with the 2018 auditions process. The MDC don’t rebuild but rather just reload with unlimited talented beautiful women.

Carly W.


Rachel and Estefania






The start of our Flickr album is HERE. More photos will be added as processed.


Atlanta Hawks Cheerleader Photos

With the NBA playoffs in full force, its time we turn our attention to some recent NBA dance team photos.  We turn our spotlight to the Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders, who have posted a gallery of images from this season.  Click here to view the gallery.

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

Photo Of The Day, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Audition

The lovely Tamara went last during auditions but then was rewarded in being announced first to move on to the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Training Camp.

Tamara, auditioning toward her third season.

Dolphins Cheerleaders Select 38 Women To Advance To Training Camp

Congratulations Ladies, Moving On To Training Camp. (click to enlarge, credit

2018 NBA Dance Team Audition Dates


Audition season is approaching soon and several NBA Dance Teams have announced their audition dates.  Please check back here as we will be updating our Audition Dates page on a regular basis.

NBA Dance Teams (2018)

Atlanta Hawks Cheerleaders:  June 3. [Details]
Boston Celtics Dancers (Boston Audition):   June 29. [Details]
Boston Celtics Dancers (NYC Audition):   June 12. [Details]
Boston Celtics Dancers (L.A. Audition):   May 23. [Details]
Brooklynettes:   [Details]
Charlotte Hornets Honey Bees:  June 2. [Details]
Chicago Bulls Luvabulls:    [Details]
Cleveland Cavaliers Cavalier Girls:   [Details]
Dallas Mavericks Dancers:    [Details]
Denver Nuggets Dancers:   [Details]
Detroit Pistons Dancers:   [Details]
Golden State Warrior Girls:   [Details]
Houston Rockets Power Dancers:    [Details]
Indiana Pacers Pacemates:    [Details]
Los Angeles Clippers Spirit:  July 22. [Details]
Los Angeles Lakers Laker Girls:  July 8. [Details]
Memphis Grizzlies Grizz Girls:  [Details]
Miami Heat Dancers: [Details]
Milwaukee Bucks Dancers:    [Details]
Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers:   [Details]
New Orleans Pelicans Dance Team:  June 23. [Details]
New York Knicks City Dancers:   [Details]
Oklahoma City Thunder Girls:   [Details]
Orlando Magic Dancers:    [Details]
Philadelphia 76ers Dancers:   [Details]
Phoenix Suns Dancers:   [Details]
Portland Trailblazers BlazerDancers:   [Details]
Sacramento Kings Dance Team:  June 18.  [Details]
San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers:  July 14.  [Details]
Toronto Raptors Dance Pak:    [Details]
Utah Jazz Dancers:   July 7. [Details]
Washington Wizards Wizard Girls:    [Details]


Random NBA Dance Team Pic of the Day

Random NFL Cheerleader Pic of the Day

ROAR of the Jaguars Preliminary Audition Photos

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently held preliminary auditions for the 2018-2019 ROAR of the Jaguars.  Click here to view the images.