Philadelphia Soulmates Open Call to be Held on Saturday, November 2

Philadelphia Soul Dance Team Searches for New Talent

The Philadelphia Soul announce the open call tryout for the 2014 Soulmates Dance Team will be held on Saturday, November 2 at Dave & Buster’s in Plymouth Meeting (500 W. Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462). The open-call audition registration will take place between 9-10 a.m. with the audition beginning promptly at 10 a.m.

Fee for the clinic is $25, but those that pre-register will receive a $5 discount. Pre-registration is available at where credit cards and PayPal are accepted or cash at the door.

Participants must be a high school graduate and at least 18 years of age by November 2, 2013 with a valid photo ID. Participants are required to wear two-piece dance wear, including a midriff top, lycra shorts and appropriate footwear. Participants will be taught a routine and do not need to prepare their own. Experienced dancers as well as beginners are encouraged to audition. Applicants will be judged on dance ability, appearance, personality and attitude. Must bring dance resume, non-returnable headshot and full body picture. The open-call audition will be closed to the public.

Those seeking additional information about the auditions should e-mail the Soul at or visit the official team website at The 2014 Soulmates Finals date, time and location will be announced at a later date.

KISS Update for Los Angeles dancers

This just in: The official word from the LA Kiss organization is there will definitely be a dance/cheer team. The organization is still in it’s infancy (just announced their coach and president last week), so be patient. They will be looking for a director and planning for auditions in the next few months, so stay tuned…

Photo of the Day – September 23

A New Orleans VooDoo Doll

Jacksonville Shark Attack Dance Team Auditions

[Attack Dance Team on Facebook]

[Audition Info]

Jessie’s Mom Has Got it Going On…

So I was perusing the news the other day, and came across as story about a local dance studio in Northern California, whose students will we performing halftime at a local university. The studio is Dance Academy USA,which is under the artistic direction of one Jane Carter.

Jane Carter…Jane Carter…Jane Carter…I know I know something about Jane Carter. But what is it?

DUDE! That’s Jessie’s mom!

And then it all came back to me. All about Jessie’s mom, and everything Jessie told me a few months ago, and how this is THE GREATEST mother/daughter story to hit Ultimate Cheerleaders EVER. Y’all know how I am always on the hunt for twins/sisters/mother-daughter combos for our “relatives” page. My only excuse for forgetting about this is I am easily distracted and somebody must’ve waved a shiny object in front of my face.

First let’s start with Jessie. Such a sweet girl, that Jessie. Nice in a completely non-annoying way. She looks all intimidating in this photo. Soooo not her personality.

Jessie danced for the Los Angeles Clippers for two seasons (2008-2010).

I think she was all of 18 when she made the team.

Then she was with the Charger Grls for a season (2010-11).

After a season off to focus on school, Jessie got itch to get out there again. She had a little over a year before graduating from college, and decided she wanted to experience dance team at the college level. So she auditioned for, and was selected to the world famous Song Girls from the University of Southern California. That’s something new. A college dance team with an NFL/NBA alum in the ranks.

She was on that team last year (2012-13). There’s no telling where she’ll turn up next, but I am convinced she’s not finished dancing. It’s in her blood.

Which brings me to Jessie’s mom, Jane. As I mentioned above, Jane is the Artistic Director of Dance Academy USA. In addition to Jessie, Jane, and her husband Jim have two other daughters; Jamie and Jodie. Jane, Jim, Jessie, Jamie, and Jodie. I’ve seen pictures of the five of them together, and they look like the photo that comes with the frame.

Jim, I am informed, is the only one who can’t dance. Not even a little.

I’m keeping my eye out for Jamie and Jodie.

But back to Jane. This was Jane back in the day:

Like her daughter, Jane, also danced for both the NBA and the NFL. However, it was not for the Clippers and the Chargers. Jane was a Northern California girl, so her experience centered around that area. She started off with the San Jose State Spectrum Dance team in 1983-84. (To this day, Spectrum alumni are consistently selected for the NFL, NBA, and AFL.) A year later, she became a Golden State Warrior Girl.

(Top right, y'all)

She performed with that team for two years before spending a year with the San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush.

After that, she retired from her career as a pro sports entertainer and opened Dance Academy USA. A couple years later, little Jessie was born, and the rest is history.

These days Dance Academy USA keeps Jane plenty busy. It’s one of the largest. most successful studios in the region. They have 40 instructors, and over 1600 students. They teach hundreds of classes each week. Successful? You better believe it.

But back in the day, it was glam all the way. I have so many questions for Jane about what it was like back then, but if I sit down to figure them all out, this post will go on the shelf yet again. So for now, let’s enjoy the pics. Many thanks to Jessie for all the photos of her mommy :-)

Sidebar: if you know of any sisters, cousins, moms and daughters, to add to the list. Let me know at sasha (at)

Familiar Faces in New Places

This is more of a Sasha thing, but I’ve noticed a few ladies who switched teams earlier this year, and thought I’d give them a little acknowledgment.


Philadelphia Wings Angel Kacey is now on the New York Jets Flight Crew


Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Kate is now a Gotham City Cheerleader


Miami Dolphins Cheerleader (and Miss Pennsylvania USA) LauRen is now a Charlotte Lady Cat

Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader Demi is now on a Minnesota Timberwolves Dancer


Baltimore Blast Cheerleader Jonique is now a Washington Wizards Girl


Philadelphia Soulmate Kristina is now a member of the Gotham City Cheerleaders Ref Squad

If you know someone else who switched teams, let us know.

Photo of the Day – August 20

An Orlando Predators Prowler 2013 AFL Dream Team

Click here for photos of this year’s Dream Team at ArenaBowl XXVI last Saturday!

Arena Football Is Coming Back to Southern California

So I guess we’re getting an AFL in near Los Angeles. You know what that means. They’ll need a dance team. And that dance team will need a Director. I’m not going to jump up and down as of yet. Those of us who live in Southern California hear “guess what, we’re getting a new team!” every five minutes. (If I had a dollar for every new team allegedly coming to LA, I could buy Slurpees for everybody in the room.) However, I will keep my ear to the ground for details and share as I acquire them.

Mr. Gene Simmons, if you’re jerking my chain, I’ll make you the sorriest person there ever was.
That’s all.

Arena Football League, KISS Bring Pro Football Back to Los Angeles
Expansion “LA KISS” to begin play in 2014
Aug 15, 2013

ORLANDO – After a five-year hiatus, professional football will be returning to one of the largest and most exciting media markets in the country, Los Angeles. Announced today at ArenaBowl XXVI Media Day, rock legends KISS, Arena Football League (AFL) veteran Brett Bouchy, Doc McGhee (McGhee Entertainment) and AFL Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz are bringing the high-octane entertainment of Arena Football back to Los Angeles with a new expansion team, the LA KISS (

“Season tickets are now on sale for what we know will be some of the most action-packed games ever played at the Honda Center,” said Paul Stanley of KISS. “Arena Football is played at a fast and furious pace and making season tickets available now for the budget-friendly price of $99 gives a whole new meaning to bang for the buck.” Additionally, all inaugural LA KISS season seat holders will be invited to a free KISS concert to take place at Honda Center in 2014! (

“As a fast-paced, high-action band this partnership with the AFL was an obvious fit for us,” said Gene Simmons of KISS. “With Arena Football, you are much closer to the action – sitting in the front row is like putting a folding chair on the hash mark of an NFL game – and it’s one of the only sports where you can experience this level of intensity. Attending an LA KISS game in 2014 will be similar to a live KISS show, with thrilling, heart pounding action.”

The AFL (, which is dedicated to playing and promoting in-arena professional football around the world, will mark its 27th season in 2014. With primetime TV broadcasts on CBS Sports Network every Saturday, and more than 150,000 fan connections each week, the League is poised to expand into homes across the country like never before. This new alliance with KISS will further strengthen the League’s bond within the expansive U.S. entertainment and sports industries. The ArenaBowl XXVI Championship game kicks off Saturday, August 17 at 1pm EST / 10am PST and will air nationally on the CBS Television Network. The broadcast will feature a KISS halftime show on their new “spider stage.”

Honda Center has partnered alongside the band and the team to provide a home for the sport and its newest expansion team. As a world-class sports and entertainment venue, which has consistently ranked among the top in the country, this Orange County arena will serve as the hub for Arena Football fans in the greater Los Angeles area and help the league engage with the more than 22 million people who call Southern California home.

“As the most fast-paced, exciting League in professional sports, the AFL has always been about providing the best form of entertainment to fans directly in their hometowns,” said AFL Commissioner Jerry B. Kurz. “We could not be more thrilled to bring the league back to Los Angeles, and partnering with such incredible rock legends as KISS is certain to give fans a sports experience unlike anything they have ever seen.”

As the founding members of KISS, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have a vested interest in bringing football back to Los Angeles, a market that has always proved fanatical for both music and football. Both Paul and Gene are fans of the AFL and are excited to lend their own unique brand of non-stop action to games in Los Angeles that will blow fans away!

“This is a great business venture for KISS. They are lending their name to a sport which is destined for big things this year. It’s fantastic to have a team named after the band and it is a privilege to be able to support LA and bring the experience home,” stated KISS Manager Doc McGhee of McGhee entertainment, who worked to facilitate the partnership.

“With a global brand in KISS, an ownership group dedicated to showcasing a fast-paced and exciting sport and a world-class venue hosting the action – three great entertainment properties are converging with the overall goal of producing an unparalleled AFL experience for fans,” added Tim Ryan, CEO/President of The Honda Center. “This partnership marks a new era for the unification of sports and music.”

In celebration of this announcement, and ArenaBowl XXVI, a three-day celebration will kick-off tonight with the annual AFL Celebrity Gala followed by a LIVE concert Friday night, featuring none-other than KISS! The ArenaBowl XXVI Championship game kicks off Saturday, August 17 at 1 p.m. EST / 10 a.m. PT and will air nationally on the CBS Television Network. The broadcast will include highlights from KISS’ Friday night performance.

For more information on the LA KISS, or to purchase season tickets, please visit

Arena Bowl XXVI Dream Team

The Arena Bowl is today. The Arizona Rattlers vs. The Philadelphia Soul. And these are the best of the best, representing their squads this weekend in Orlando.

Brittany D. – Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders

Nicole B. – Chicago Adrenaline Rush Dancers

Halle M. – Cleveland Gladiators Goddesses

Chelsea J. – Iowa – Barnstormers Storm Chasers

Amanda M. – Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team


Brittany W. – New Orleans VooDoo Dolls

Sara R. – Orlando Predators Prowlers


Christina D. – Philadelphia Soulmates

Kim S. – Pittsburgh Power Sparks Dance Team

Shauntelle B. – San Antonio Talons Sky Dancers

Alix B. – San Jose SaberKittens

Alexis S. – Spokane Shock Dance Team

Stephanie C. – Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleaders

Teineiti H. – Utah Blaze Dancers

Christina is the Dream Team Soulmate

The Philadelphia Soul’s Arena Bowl Dream Team Representative is three-year vet and Captain Christina.

Christina is a graduate of Lehigh University where she was Captain of their dance team. She know works for a big money center bank helping mega-wealthy clients manage their funds.

Christina is also a former Philadelphia KiXX Dancer.

[Christina at]

Photo of the Day – August 13

Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team

Philadelphia Soulmates Season Finale

Last Saturday the Philadelphia Soul played their last home game of the season.

The Soulmates took this game as an a last opportunity to…

Document the game day experience…

Give some good-bye hugs…

And just be plain silly.

Some will hang up their poms, some will move on to other teams, but we hope to see many of them when auditions roll around is less than three months.

[Soulmates Gallery]

Photo of the Day – August 5

Saturday night – Maurisa of the Philadelphia Soulmates Sidewinder Action

Sports Illustrated has a great set of photos of this year’s AFL Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders dance team. Click here to see the team in action at US Airways Center!