Philadelphia Soulmates Audition Prep Class

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Photo of the Day – September 3


A Philadelphia Soulmate

Photo of the Day – September 2


An Orlando Predators Prowler

Photo of the Day – August 28

A New Orleans VooDoo Doll

Photo of the Day – August 18

A member of the Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team

Orlando Predators Prowlers on the Prowl

Here’s a couple shots from the Predators playoff victory on Sunday. Sara and Cassie have both been picked to be Magic Dancers this upcoming season. Sara was on Arena Dream Team last year and Cassie is on the team this year.



Philadelphia Soulmates Season Finale

Last group photo for the 2014 Philadelphia Soulmates :(





Soul Squad

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Photo of the Day – July 22

Final game of the season – Philadelphia Soulmates Maurisa and Rebecca hug Sunday afternoon at the Wells Fargo Center

Philadelphia Soulmates Alumni

Soulmate Alumni on the field at the Wells Fargo Center. They perfomed at halftime during the Soul-SaberCats game on Sunday.

Soulmates Break Out The Hats

For a 3rd-quarter country-music performance the Philadelphia Soulmates broke out the hats at their last home game.

Danielle and Samantha


2014 Soulmates

Theresa and Choreographer Michelle

On the field

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