Photo of the Day – April 21

Photo of the Day – April 21
Soulmates Rebecca and Lora at the Soul home opener on Saturday

Sidewinders dance clinic!

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Vote For the 2014 AFL Dream Team

Two nominated dancers from each team will compete on for the opportunity to represent their team at ArenaBowl XXVII on August 23. One dancer from each team will be selected by fans to serve on the NET10 Wireless Dream Team, perform at ArenaBowl XXVII and make appearances during the ArenaBowl Championship Week.




See the rest of the candidates and cast your vote here.

Game Day with the LA KISS Girls

LA KISS is the new Arena Football League team here in Southern California. I was privileged to cover the newly minted KISS Girls at their home game last night. It was only their second game ever, so it was all very exciting.

LA KISS plays their home games at the Honda Center in Anaheim, which is a little bit south of Disneyland.

I picked up my credentials and I was legit! Time to head inside.

This is where it all happens

I caught up with the dancers as they were rehearsing on the field.

The dancers rehearsed all three numbers they’d perform during the game.





After rehearsal, we all headed to the dressing room to get ready for game time.

Niaps hanging out in the dressing room. Niaps’ name is “Spain” backwards. No really. She has a brother named London Paris. (Or maybe it’s Paris London…?)

Sheldon showed me their uniforms. I was particularly interested in this top, since I’d seen a photo of it from last week’s game. Epaulettes? Really?

A closer look. Leather, crystals, spikes, and fringe!

The pants lace all the way down to the ankle, with these shoelace things that are so long, they have to wrap them around their ankles a few times. The belt is pretty badasss, but it’s noisy. Vanessa said it sounds like reindeer.

She’s SO right. When the whole team is walking down the hall. wearing those belts, it sounds like Santa is coming to town.

Several of the girls had to get ready early to go out and greet fans on the concourse.




Lynhthy (pronounced “Linty”)

Off we went, upstairs, to hand out this photo of the dance team:

The ladies split up to go to the various gates

Back row: Jenna, Sheldon, Niaps, Xandi, Julianne, Alexis, and Caroline
Front row: Vanessa and Jules

Julies and Julianne

Jenna and Xandi

Vanessa, Alexis, and Caroline

Niaps and Sheldon with team president Schuyler Hoversten

When they opened the doors, the fans were excited to see the dancers.

Heck, the employees were glad to see the dancers too

After handing out posters, it was time to go back downstairs and meet up with the rest of the dancers.

Lizzy heads to the tunnel

Lynhthy, Lizzy, and Natllely rehearsing before pregame
(FYI: Natllely’s name is pronounced Nazhelly)

Blowing off some steam

Aha! Found the cage dancers!

I’m so jealous. I want to go up in the cage.

Cage dancer gets ready to launch.


Lizzy and Natllelly at the coin toss.

This was the one time I managed to catch LeighAnn when she wasn’t moving around. LeighAnn is the team’s choreographer and performs with them on occasion. She’s also part captain/part director and it’s her responsibility to make sure the dancers are where they need to be, when they need to be there. She did a lot of running around.

Back: Jenna, Natllely, Jules, Xandi, Caroline, Niaps, Sheldon
Front: Lynhthy, Lizzy, LeighAnn, and Vanessa

Lots of waiting backstage.

Lynhthy and Lizzy

Getting ready for the t-shirt toss

Julianne, Vanessa, Lynhthy, and Jules

Watching the KISS Kam

Show time!

After the game was over (sadly, LA KISS lost), the dancers and some of the players headed out to the concourse to sign autographs

And that’s a wrap. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

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Our Favorite Photos – Tiffany to the Rescue

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

April 13th
Tampa Bay Storm Dancer Tiffany

My first game for Ultimate Cheerleaders was in 2011 covering the Tampa Bay Storm Dancers. As a amateur I was a complete fish out of water. Couldn’t adjust for the ambient lightning (plus strobes, spotlights and dodging motorcycles), used incorrect shutter speed, wrong aperture—-my portfolio was a mess. Then I hit on this picture of Tiffany. What’s that saying?—even a dead mouse will snap a decent photo once in a while. Beautiful blue eyes Tiffany was captain that year after a very successful SunDoll career at USF. Thanks for the rescue Tiffany.

Our Favorite Photos – The Hottest Uniform

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

April 7th
A member of the Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team

I’ve got a lot of “favorite” uniforms, including those worn by the 1979 Houston Oilers Derrick Dolls and The 2000 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, but nothing ever knocked my socks off like the first time I saw the Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team “Gray” uniform.

Photo of the Day – March 28

Photo of the Day – March 28
Tampa Bay Storm Cheerleader Shani

Photo of the Day – March 20

Photo of the Day – March 20
An Orlando Predators Prowler

Photo of the Day – March 19

Photo of the Day – March 19
A member of the Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team

Congratulations Portland Thunder Dancers!

File this under “snuck right by me.” The Portland Thunder, one of two brand new franchises in the Arena Football League this season, has hired Michelle Burch to direct their new dance team. If that name sounds familiar, it is probably because Michelle also manages the BlazerDancers, dance team for the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers. Last week, the Thunder auditioned dancers and selected 13 ladies to the team. Congrats to the inaugural Portland Thunder Dancers!