Philadelphia Soulmates Home Opener


The Philadelphia Soul played their home opener last Saturday and moved to 3-0 on the young season with a win over the Jacksonville Sharks. Maybe it’s a little too early, but I can still dream of Philadelphia hosting the Arena Bowl, and photographing the AFL Dream Team.

The Philadalphia Soulmates made their home debut as well. Enjoy the Photos!


Pre-game rehearsal


Soul Squad rehearsal


Former Soulmate Samantha with new Soulmate Joanna


Captain Theresa with Co-Captain Lora


Captain Kayia


New Soulmate Danielle


New Soulmate Alyssa M

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Photo of the Day – April 14


Philadelphia Soulmate at the Home Opener on Sunday

2015 Shark Attack Dancers

The Jacksonville Sharks have updated the dance team page on their website. Click here to see who is on this year’s squad!

Jacksonville Sharks 2015

2015 Philadelphia Soulmates


The new squad at the Soul Home Opener on Sunday.

2015 Sidewinders

The Arizona Rattlers website has be updated with the new team photo and individual head shots of this year’s Sidewinders Dance Team. Click here to check out the lovely ladies from Phoenix!

AZ Rattlers 2015

Photo of the Day – March 19

A New Orleans VooDoo Doll

2015 San Jose SaberKittens

The San Jose Saberkitens are under the direction of Cindy Kopacz and Michelle La Herran. The Arena Football season kicks off next month!


4th Row (Standing L-R) – Amelia H, Mikaela R, Jessie S, Mariah B, Katie B, Courtney M, Shelby S, Natalie K, Tisha B, Julia M
3rd Row (Sitting L-R) – Payton M, Sydney F, Kati H, Celeste C
2nd Row (Kneeling L-R) – Helina W, Jennifer D, Amanda W, Noella R
Front Row (Floor L-R) – Marissa V, Logan Q

Photo of the Day – February 24

A member of the Jacksonville Sharks Attack Dance Team

2015 Philadephia Soulmates

elisaThe start of the Arena Football League season is fast approaching. The Philadelphia Soulmates are first out of the gate with updated photos and bios of their 2015 squad.

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2015 LA KISS Girls Final Auditions

The final dance audition for the LA KISS Girls went down last Saturday at the Equinox Sports Club in Irvine, CA. It was the culmination of two long weeks of dancing, interviews, workouts, evaluations, and cuts. These talented ladies gave it all they had, and when all was said and done, 20 were selected for this year’s team. With a new Director/Choreographer, and a 50% bigger squad, this season promises to be bigger and better in every possible way.

[Photo Gallery: 2015 LA KISS Girls Final Audition]

As always, the waiting is the hardest part. The call time was at 3pm, but just about everyone was there by 2:30. The dancers cooled their heels in the lobby until it was time to head upstairs to the basketball gym.


2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Abby_0027
Abby gets in a few last minute crunches.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Priscila_0006
Priscila was ready to rock

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Tori_0029

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Jessica_0015

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Taylor_0017

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0030
One last photo of the 2014 vets: Alexis, Jules, Julianne, Niaps, Xandi, and Sheldon

Upstairs in the gym, I found the team’s Director/Choreographer Lindsay Rodolico, and this young lady. Taylor was an LA KISS Jr. Dancer last year.
2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0020

I also spotted the sparkly roses Lindsay had prepared for the team announcement.

Black, of course. And presented in a rather appropriate skull-embellished vase.

When it was time, everyone headed up to the gym to check in. A few girls were assigned GINORMOUS new numbers, and they all got in line to have their photo taken by the team photographer.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Isabella_0049

Each dancer did a couple of poses, including a pretend “I made the team!!” fun pose with the “congrats” flyer the would be handed out later to the ladies selected to the squad. Better to take these photos beforehand (while everyone’s hair and makeup was still on point) than wait until the team was announced. (I believe the photos of the chosen ones will be posted on the LAK website/facebook/instagram at some point)

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Abby_0043

When the judges were assembled and it was time to begin, Lindsay started off by thanking everyone for investing their time and energy in this process. She also asked everyone to take a moment to acknowledge the hard work they’d done to get to finals.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Lindsay_0100

Then she introduced the judges and announced that unfortunately there had been a last minute change of plans. Paul Stanley (member of the rock band KISS and one of the LA KISS owners) would not be present to judge the audition. Paul has always had a marked interest in the dance team, and has taken a significant role in shaping the KISS Girls image, from designing their costumes to directing their photo shoots. It was a little sad that he couldn’t be there, but Lindsay explained that he would still be part of the judging process. Cody Jones, the team’s social media guru would be in contact with Paul throughout the performances, sending him photos and information, and Paul would participate in the judges deliberations via telephone. Sort of like Charlie screening Angel candidates from afar. Not physically present, but still a big part of the decision-making.

Once all the intros were taken care of, it was time to dance! The actual audition itself went by very quickly. The ladies lined up in numerical order and performed for the judges in groups of three.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0323
Dani, Ivanna, and Taylor

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0365
Julianne and Jules

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0189
Mina, Tori, and Jean

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0216
Isabella, Alexis, and Andi

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0297
Priscila, Christina and Naomi

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Abby_0157

When everyone had had a turn, the dancers lined up again and each group performed a second time. This gave everyone a much needed breather between turns. This was a pretty long dance, as far as these kinds of auditions go. I clocked it at about 90 seconds.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Jacqueline_0429
Jacqueline gets my vote for best outfit. Those are fabulous. They should seriously consider making shorts like these for the whole team.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Alexis_0263

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Ellie_0234

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Emily_0147

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Jean_0174

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Jules_0512

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Julianne_0485

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Naomi_0627

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Priscila_0622

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Tara_0591

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Tara Marrissa and Ellie_0229
Tara, Marrissa and Ellie

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Sheldon and Niaps_0402
Veterans Sheldon and Niaps turned their audition into a little duet of sorts.

After performing in groups, the judges called the dancers out randomly to perform a third time. Some danced pairs, others in groups of three or four.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0567

Mina and Alexis both had to dance alone. No pressure!

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Alexis_0272

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_Mina_0526

Once the judges agreed that they had seen everything they needed to see, Lindsay called all of the finalists out onto the floor for one last dance, just for the heck of it.

After that, the judges took off for about an hour to discuss the candidates. When they returned, Lindsay announced the numbers of the ladies who had been selected:

88: Christina (rookie)
98: Ivanna (rookie)
99: Taylor (rookie)
32: Tori (rookie)
185: Julianne (veteran)
189: Xandi (veteran)
30: Mina (rookie)
92: Dani (rookie)
80: Ellie (rookie)
186: Jules (veteran)
10: Abby (rookie)
76: Tara (rookie)
36: Jean (rookie)
188: Niaps (veteran)
42: Isabella (rookie)
100: Jessica (rookie)
86: Alexis (veteran)
85: Michelle (rookie)
4: Suzie (rookie)
87: Priscila (rookie)

Both Ellie and Dani auditioned last year, and didn’t make it. They came back strong this year, and really impressed the judges. You gotta love a well-earned comeback.

As the numbers were called, Cody handed each dancer the congrats flyer and LA KISS Defensive Back Romeo Pellum offered her a sparkling rose. It was a moment right out of “The Bachelor” although thankfully he did NOT ask each of them “Will you accept this rose?”

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0651

And when Lindsay was finished announcing the team, he offered her a rose too. Awwww…that was just sweet.

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0654

Then the 2015 LA KISS Girls danced together as a team for the very first time.

Followed by lots of photos, lots of hugs, and lots of WOO-HOOing! Congratulations ladies!

[Photo Gallery: 2015 LA KISS Girls Final Audition]

2015 Kiss Girls - Finals_0660

(From left to right)
Top row: Alexis*, Priscila, Jessica, Abby, Ivanna, Dani, Jean, Tori, Ellie, Christina, Julianne*
Bottom row: Michelle, Isabella, Mina, Suzie, Taylor, Tara, Niaps*, Jules*, Xandi*


Photo of the Day – February 6

A Philadelphia Soulmate

Photo of the Day – February 5

An Orlando Predators Prowler

2015 LA KISS Girls Announced

2015 LA KISS Girls
(From left to right)
Top row: Alexis*, Priscila, Jessica, Abby, Ivanna, Dani, Jean, Tori, Ellie, Christina, Julianne*
Bottom row: Michelle, Isabella, Mina, Suzie, Taylor, Tara, Niaps*, Jules*, Xandi*


2015 LA KISS Girls Auditions: Boot Camp (continued)

The other day I gave you the skinny what happened at boot camp. Now, as promised, here’s the photo gallery. Click here to check it out!

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0097

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0394

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0429

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0487

2015 LA KISS Girls Auditions: Boot Camp!

The last time we saw our aspiring LA KISS Girls, they were headed out of Equinox Irvine. As they made their way back to their vehicles, some slumped in defeat, while others felt renewed determination to make the team.

On Sunday, the finalists reconvened for the next step in the process: boot camp. Never having been to one of these before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew was that there would be a workout and more dancing, and it would take a couple of hours.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0006

The first thing I learned that day was that Lindsay was injured. She had sustained a couple of gnarly looking curling iron burns that morning and could not get over how much they hurt. Curling irons and flat irons can get to upwards of 400 degrees, and they can do some real damage. Lindsay’s burns had already started turning lots of interesting colors. Nevertheless, she was determined to soldier on. Beauty is pain y’all. Dab some ointment on that bad boy and let’s keep it moving.

The second thing I learned was that the original group of finalists from the Jan 17th audition would be joined by several dancers who had attended a second open call on the 24th and made it through to finals.

New girl!

New girl! (Taylor)

Another new girl!

Another new girl! (Raquel)

Now there were almost 40 finalists all told, and as I looked around the room, it was obvious that no few of them had taken Lindsay’s advice to make themselves look a bit more KISS-able. (See what I did there?) Quite a few had changed their hair and makeup, and many had changed outfits. In most cases, it was an improvement.

A few of them later learned (the hard way) that there is a reason for the old advice to test drive your audition outfit (both the top AND the bottom) ahead of time. Especially if you’re wearing something that’s not meant for vigorous activity. I beg you, ladies. Dance. Roll around on the floor, jog in place. Do a 2 minute plank test. Make sure everything you wear to an audition will stay intact and on your body through the entire process.

[/end public service announcement]

Half of last year’s KGs were also in the mix, ready to fight to win their uniforms back. Five of the six had assisted at the open call: Julianne, Alexis, Xandi, Sheldon, and Niaps (pronounced NAPE-iss.) Vanessa, a sixth KISS Girl who had been a the open call chose not to re-audition. But the good news is, Jules from last year was there to audition for a second season on the team.

Most of the ladies arrived well in advance of the noon call time, expecting to go through a short workout and then learn the rest of the choreography for the finals dance. They had no idea a twist was coming. (Mwahahaha…..)

They got started promptly at noon, starting with a workout guided by the team’s new trainer, Jada. She put them through their paces, with walking lunges, squats, jogging, pushups, planking, burpees*, and other moves I don’t even know the names of.

*Burpees are from the devil. FACT.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0011

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0014

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0024

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0054

The workout was only about half an hour. I thought it went by fast, but then again, I wasn’t the one planking in full hair and makeup and combat boots. I’m sure it felt endless for all the ladies, but Lindsay reminded them why they are doing this. This team’s dances are difficult and their outfits are tiny. Maintaining yourself in tip top shape is absolutely a job requirement.

The ladies were looking pretty run down at the end of the workout. Everybody was a sweaty mess, and ready to fall out on the floor. But there was no time for lollygagging while there was more choreography to be learned. So after a short break to blot their faces and wring out their hair, it was time to dance.

The first order of business was to review and clean the choreography they’d learned at the open calls.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0066

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0119

They spent about 20 minutes cleaning the old stuff, with Lindsay reminding everyone not to put a whole lotta “extra” in the dance. Just do the moves as they were taught, and do them cleanly, so the judges can see what they are looking for. (In other words, save the flava for your solo, sweetie.)

Then they moved on to the new choreography. As I mentioned last time, the original combination repeated almost entirely from the beginning. This time, they took out the repeat, and that’s where the new moves came in.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0062

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0088

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0092

Lindsay explained she was going to teach very fast…and she did. I suppose if I were one of the dancers, I would’ve wondered what the rush was. After all, they’d only been there for an hour. It seemed like there would be plenty of time to learn the rest. In retrospect, they probably should’ve realized what was coming….(insert ominous soundtrack. Duhn duhn duhnnnn…..)

Anybody who thought this was going to be a piece of cake was quickly disabused of that notion. They’d had more than an hour to learn and rehearse the choreography last week. This time, they had less than 30 minutes to absorb and perfect the same amount of material. There’s something happening on every count, and the music is fast.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0168

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0152

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0135

It doesn’t seem like it ought to be possible to get your body to do so many different things, in so many different directions, in so few counts. Particularly when it involves the splits, and a “Flashdance” moment like this one.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0101

But most of the dancers rose to the occasion.

Somewhere along the way, we learned that Lindsay is a lefty. This was not happy news for the dancers. From what I have observed, most dancers are stronger on their right side than on their left. Right splits are easier. Right kicks are higher. Right turns are more balanced. But a lefty choreographer often means lefty splits, lefty kicks, and lefty turns.

At one point in the new choreography, the dancers have to slide down into the splits. Most of them automatically sank to the floor with their right leg in front.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0095

When one girl asked for clarification and Lindsay explained that it was actually a left split, there was a collective groan. (This is probably what lefties feel like all the time. And that may explain why Lindsay didn’t look even a little bit sorry. Lefty revenge!)

It didn’t really phase the veterans though, as last year’s choreographer had also been a lefty.

A little bit after 1 pm, the door opened and a couple of familiar faces walked in. It was Brian Olea and Raquel Pomplun, the hosts of Playboy Radio’s Mansion Mayhem. Hey, weren’t they judges last weekend? Then another judge arrived. And another.

And this is how they found out there was going to be another cut. Aw hell.

It’s a wonder anyone could concentrate after that. I think most of the ladies thought they were going to have plenty of time to go home and rehearse rehearse rehearse before the next cut.


It was deja vu all over again as the dancers were asked to line up in numerical order and perform for the judges in groups of three.

There was also an additional curve ball as the dancers were asked to introduce themselves and share an interesting fact about themselves. Oh the poor things. They were not prepared. Of all the things running through your head when you’re standing in front of a panel of judges “what’s interesting about me?” isn’t one of them. It threw almost everyone for a loop.

There were some interesting answers. We learned that Abby is from Michigan, Emily is married, Melanie is planning to pursue a PhD, Alexis One is from Denver and Alexis Two was born on April Fools Day. Tara One is a Disney Princess (she plays Ariel and Cinderella at Disneyland). Tara Two had six wisdom teeth. Camille sings opera and was one of the LA KISS go-go dancers last season. Christina has an irrational fear of geese. (And gooses.) Ivanna is from Russia and just got her US Citizenship. Jackie knows how to set her entire body on fire. (Safely, I assume, based on the lack of visible scarring.)

I also think maybe Lindsay could benefit from some of Jackie’s tips on burn treatment and prevention.

After that initial moment of awkwardness, most of the ladies really served it up.

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0221

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0288

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0276

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0305

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0337

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0352

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0339

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0439

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0343

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0377

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0397

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0381

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0409

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0453

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0222

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0442

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0466

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0280

(Sidebar: I bet I got at least some of the names wrong. Apologies, ladies.)

Three by three by three they each took a turn in front of the judges. This time, only a couple of the groups had to go twice. One time was because of me. (I’m sorry, ok? I thought I was helping by volunteering to run the music, but Lindsay’s phone and I did not get along.) Anyway, after that, I got the hell out of the way and let Lindsay handle the music.

As for the judges, this time they were looking for performance and the right energy. They weren’t looking for perfect execution. (Perfection doesn’t exist when you’ve got 25 minutes to learn a dance.) They were just looking for “IT.” Who draws your eye? Who is fun to watch? Who looks like a KISS girl? That’s important, because these dancers don’t just represent LA KISS, they also represent KISS the rock band, and that takes this situation to a whole ‘nother level.

After the dancing, the judges went off somewhere to deliberate. I used the time to look around the room, look through my photos, and try to predict which ladies I think will be chosen. It’s always fun to imagine who will be part of the veteran huddle this time next year. I’m hoping all of the veterans make it back. Aside from them, I have four women I think are definitely in, and another four or five I’m not sure about, but I’m rooting for.

Speaking of veterans, I had a little chit chat with a few of the girls while we were waiting. We reminisced about last year’s audition, which was a totally different experience. This year’s tryout is a much longer process, but is in some ways easier than it was last time around. Last year the ladies had to learn two different combinations, and perform one of them in 4 inch heels. On artificial turf!

Julianne 2014 LA KISS finals_2014-02-09_0348

This year the dancers got to wear flat shoes and dance on springy wooden floors. They don’t know how lucky they are. I asked the girls if they thought they could do this year’s combination in heels. They all said of course (of course). “Put everyone in heels” one of them said “and that’ll show you your team.” I think she may be right. It’s a bit late in the process to do that now, but it would’ve been an interesting exercise to see who could maintain their level of performance, and who would wobble like Bambi on ice skates. But maybe the girls won’t be dancing in heels this year, and it’s a moot point.

When the judges returned, 45 minutes later, they wasted no time in cutting the group down to 26 finalists. For real this time. (I know everyone thought they were walking in the door a finalist, but not everyone left as one.)

2015 Kiss Girls Audition - Boot Camp_0498

All of last year’s veterans made it through. Yay!

I’m not sure how many Lindsay will take for the team. I don’t think they have a set number in mind. I’m guessing it will be around 15. I’m usually wrong about these things though. (I have the exact opposite of ESP. Whatever that’s called.)

The final audition is Saturday afternoon. The ladies have a few days to get as ready as they can possibly get. For sure there will not be 26 women on this team, so they’d all better bring their A game to finals. I strongly suspect the team president and at least one of the owners (*cough*Paul Stanley*cough*) will be judging on Saturday, so there’s an extra level of pressure there. All of the ladies on last year’s team were professional dancers. That’s where the bar is, and the LA KISS organization has no intention of lowering their standards. Those two guys expect – no demand – perfection. They are looking for women who are fierce dancers and confident performers. Women who look like they could walk right out on the field with these ladies:

The ones who make the team will be the ones who show up at finals already looking and acting the part. They’ll only have a couple of minutes to show what they can do.

So who’s it going to be? We’ll find out on Saturday…

(More photos to come in a few days)