Alabama Hammer Girls auditions on February 15th

Twillie Cottingham, the new Director of the Alabama Hammer Girls (the dance team for Huntsville’s Alabama Hammers, the defending 2013 Professional Indoor Football League Champions) sends information about their upcoming auditions:

-The auditions are Saturday, February 15th
-At the Von Braun Center Ballet Room in Huntsville, Alabama
-Registration is from 8am-9am and then 9am-1pm will be tryouts
-Their first game is March 29, 2014

Huntsville’s Hammerettes hit their marks for indoor football’s Alabama Hammers

An NBA and NFL dancer once told me, “I bet you would make a really good cheer director.” I probably gave the most quizzical look in the history of mankind, thinking, “You can’t be serious?” Why my reaction? Well, if I was given the chance to develop of cheer squad for, say, the Alabama Hammers, I would probably go in directions of either (a) the “Too Legit to Quit Dancers”, with big parachute pants and “U Can’t Touch This” quality choreography; or (b) dancers dressed like Bob the Builder called either the “Can We Fix It Dancers” or the “Can We Dance It Fixers”; or (c) dance squads built around themes inspired by Nine Inch Nails, Ezra Pound, or Pete Seeger (“The ‘If I Had a Hammer’ Dance Team”).

No, I am happy to leave dance squads to the professionals, and Huntsville’s PIFL indoor football team has a super set of talented young women. The Hammerettes have both a dance team and promo team. From the time fans enter the Von Braun Center to the time they leave, the Hammerettes greet, dance, help promotions, and say bye after the game, and all things in between.

It was definitely “Hammer time” last Saturday night, as the Hammers pounded the Columbus Lions 72-45, so the Hammerettes had a lot to cheer about. Here are some Hammerette photos below and a few more at this link.

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