And the winner is…

The Dallas Cowboys asked fans to vote for the cover of this year’s Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine annual swimsuit issue. 14 veteran Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were in the running. The competition was narrowed down to the top three (Katy, Samantha, and Sydney) and the winner has been selected. Congratulations Samantha!

Another Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Vote

This time, the veterans are in the running, and the prize is the cover of Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine. The swimsuit issue, of course. The competition has been narrowed down to 14 cheerleaders and 16 cover options. Click here to cast your vote for the winner!







Jennifer A.








Sans Souci Dancer Almost a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

(Sans Souci is in New South Wales, Australia – james)

From The Leader

Sans Souci dancer Bianca Argyros, 22, made the recent semi-finals of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader auditions.

Argyros traveled to Dallas, Texas, last month to try out for her dream job against 400 other hopefuls. She was chosen among the top 100 dancers but missed the final 40.

“Making it to the semi-finals for the world’s best team is a huge achievement for me and I’m so proud of myself for pursuing that dream,” she said.

“I will continue to audition for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and I hope to make the dream team one day.”

She cheers for St George Illawarra Dragons in the NRL rugby league competition and is a former cheerleader for Canterbury Bulldogs.

Argyros, who had studied at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York in 2011, wants to dance professionally in the US.

DCC Candidate vows to keep chasing her dream

A few weeks ago, the Kilgore Herald began reported about Ally Honeycutt in a “local girl pursues big dreams” article. Ally, an alum of the Kilgore Rangerettes (a prestigious drill team in Texas) made it to finals, but wasn’t chosen for training camp this year. She plans to audition again next year. Click here to watch her dance video from this year’s DCC fan vote.

Honeycutt chases dreams in Dallas
Kilgore News Herald
May 2014

When one dream is put on hold, another dream begins for Kilgore native Ally Honeycutt.

After advancing to become one of the final 55 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader hopefuls, Honeycutt will have to wait until next year to try out again for the squad.

While she is not giving up on her lifelong dream of becoming Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Honeycutt said she will be working toward her other goal of eventually returning home to open her own hair salon.

After she found out she had not being invited to DCC training camp, Honeycutt said she called the Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy in Dallas and confirmed that she would like to attend.

With classes beginning July 8, Honeycutt will move to Dallas and continue to advance toward both of her dreams. While attending the academy, she said she will continue to dance and stay in shape to prepare for next year’s DCC tryouts.

“That’s my dream as well, but I’m a dancer, so I don’t want to just give up,” she said about looking to next year’s DCC tryouts.

The final round of the 2014 tryouts brought the veteran cheerleaders to compete against the hopefuls for the 2014-2015 team. In groups of five to present a DCC dance, Honeycutt said some had one veteran, but she had two.

“It made me dance really hard because I knew I had to look as good as them, or at least try to look as good as them,” she said.

Her mother, Lisa, said she held her own against the returning dancers.

“She was just like one of them,” Lisa Honeycutt said.

When it came to her solo, Honeycutt said it was the best she had ever performed it.

“I left it totally out on the floor that day,” she said about May 17’s finals.

An interview was included in the process, and Honeycutt said she believes that is what could have cost her. Throughout the year, as she prepares for the 2015 tryouts, Honeycutt said she will be working to gain the experience she lacked this year in the interview.

The extra time will also allow her to improve her knowledge about the Dallas Cowboys current team and history.

“I have all the time in the world,” she said about being able to learn the information without cramming.

Although she believes the interview was a factor into the end result, she said she will never get feedback from DCC Director Kelli Finglass, any judges or anyone else connected with the process.

“I just know that’s the hardest part is walking away, and you don’t know what you could have done more,” she said. She added that she did everything she could, so 2014 simply was not her year to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

For the first time, family and friends were allowed to watch part of the process on AT&T Stadium’s massive screen spanning nearly the entire length of the football field.

Lisa Honeycutt was there to watch as Finglass and the other judges looked at each of the woman’s “HD face,” Ally Honeycutt explained.

“She was so good,” Lisa Honeycutt said. “I was so proud of her.”

“That was really fun to know that she was there supporting me,” Ally Honeycutt said.

When the tryout’s final list was called, though, it was behind closed doors as the dancers, family members and friends waited many grueling hours for the announcement. As the time kept getting pushed back, Lisa Honeycutt said it was originally set to be announced at 6 p.m., but it was after 9 p.m. before she received a text from Ally.

Although Lisa Honeycutt anticipated the last day of tryouts to be an all-day process, she said, “It was the most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever experienced.”

The community and the nation can follow Ally Honeycutt’s through the process when “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 9” premieres on CMT – Country Music Television – in August.

“It’ll be cool to see my journey on TV,” she said. She understands, though, the need for drama in the show and said she hopes she does not fall victim to the producer’s dicing and splicing to be perceived as something she’s not.

While Honeycutt prepares for her move to Dallas, she said she is thankful for the support she has received from the Kilgore community – both friends and strangers.

“I can honestly say that it was the best experience,” she said.

Now, Honeycutt will look toward developing her skills as a hairdresser while continuing to follow her Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader dream.

“I’m really glad I had another dream like that,” she said. “I still have so much to look forward to.”

“Recent ‘Rette rises through ranks of Cowboy Cheerleader hopefuls “

Behind the scenes with America’s true team: The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders

By: Laken Litman
USA Today Sports
May 22, 2014

ARLINGTON, Texas — There’s a certain aura about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

On a sunny Saturday morning in May, more than 500 women from all over the world—New York, Miami, Australia, Japan—came to try out. There were recent college graduates, triathletes, Laker Girls, former Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders, and dental hygienists. One girl said she races off-road monster trucks for fun. Another had recently returned from serving eight years in the military.

They gathered near a makeshift dance floor overlooking the west end zone of AT&T Stadium in hopes of becoming what they believed to be the pinnacle of performance—a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

The tryout process is grueling. Those 500 women on Day One will ultimately become 36-39 by the time football season begins in the fall. A pretty face and a dance background doesn’t necessarily make one qualified. These women must be smart, charming, entertaining, and most importantly, know the organization inside and out. They even have to take a test about the history of the organization, the NFL, and current events.

The squad is an important component of the Dallas Cowboys brand, and the women hand-picked to wear the iconic star spangled uniform represent the franchise. They’re also the personalities America sees when they watch “Making the Team,” a reality show on CMT that follows the squad around during tryouts.

And Jerry Jones’ daughter Charlotte Anderson is the president.

Since the late 70s, the Cowboys have been “America’s Team” and the cheerleaders have been “America’s Sweethearts.” Even though the football team only has only one playoff win since 1996, the cheerleaders help continue to make the franchise world famous.

“Everyone knows that uniform,” said Jackie Shaw, a cheerleader hopeful from Waco, Texas. “They’re an American tradition.

Article continued (with hi-res photos)>>

Two Ex Buccaneer Cheerleaders Selected For DCC Training Camp

Two very popular ex TBBC cheerleaders have decided to climb back up on the horse Dallas Style. Meagan P. and Courtney R. have left the boredom of NFL retirement (cheered 2009-11) behind to try to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They have advanced to DCC training camp with hopes of being selected over the next two months to join the world’s most famous squad. If the criteria include talent, attractiveness, and personality then I like their chances. Good luck to these classy young ladies from all your Tampa Bay fans.

Meagan supporting breast cancer awareness game

Courtney supporting breast cancer awareness game

Meagan at 2011 throwback game

Courtney at 2011 throwback game

Photo of the Day – May 21

2011 Pro Bowl Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Brittany

More on 2014 DCC Training Camp

The Dallas Cowboys have released the official group photo (full disclosure, I tampered with it to correct the color and alignment) and the names of the ladies selected to their cheerleader training camp.

Click to view full size

Row 1 (back row): Hannah, Ashley N, Alexandra, Jennifer A, Victoria, Kinzie, Mary, Nicole, Caila, Mallory, Abby
Row 2: Vivian, Erika, Veronica, Rachel, Loren, Melissa, Breelan, Ashley P, Samantha, Jennifer K, Lacey
Row 3: Paige, Jenna, Jacie, Brittney, Holly, Katy, Danielle, Jordan, Kelsey, Chandler, Emma
Row 4: Jessica A, Jinelle, Angela, Sydney, Jessica M, Christina, Meagan, Courtney, Ashley, Jasmine

This here’s your scorecard for “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” Season 9:

Congratulations 2014 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Training Campers

Today’s final audition resulted in 43 ladies invited to participate in the team’s three-month training camp. This includes 27 veterans and 16 potential rookies. The final team will be announced in August. Congratulations ladies!

Extra congrats to veteran Sydney, who is back for her seventh season. (Barring any major issues during training camp.) I don’t think anyone has been on the team that long since the 90s. That is not easy to do. This is a team that cuts veterans almost year (and this year was no exception. Three veterans were not invited back.) Also congrats to rookie candidate Vivian who (I’m almost positive, but will not swear to it) won the fan favorite vote again this year. Hopefully this year, she’ll take it all the way!

Update with additional details! Loren won the fan vote, not Vivian. However, I’m raising an eyebrow on this one. I checked the voting status all day on Saturday, and each time I checked, Vivian was in the #1 position. Dare I say…shenanigans? Maybe they decided on a “one win per candidate” policy.

Also, I didn’t intend to name the veterans who have been cut. That seems like rubbing salt in the wound, but then someone pointed out to me that if you’ve been cut from a team, it’s highly unlikely that you’re spending any time here in the days immediately after it happens. (If ever again.) So with that in mind, and because so many people have asked, the veterans in question were Morgan, Courtni, and Alex. Morgan and Courtni were rookies last year and Alex was a 2nd year veteran. Amelia, Carisa, Jackie, Kaitlyn, Kim, Lauren, Mackenzie, Mia, and Olivia retired. Everyone else is back for 2014 training camp.

Click to view full size

Footage From The 1976 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Tryouts

In this segment, taped for KDFW’s “Eyewitness News” in 1976, Dallas-based reporter Jim Ruddy covers the first open tryouts held by the Dallas Cowboys to select the team’s cheerleading squad for the 1976-1977 football season. The tryouts, which took place at Texas Stadium in the Dallas suburb of Irving, drew over 130 cheerleading hopefuls. Included in the footage are interviews with several of those cheerleading hopefuls, as well as scenes from the selection process.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Interview Down Under

I think we need to send a couple of American pro cheerleaders to Australia. Sort of a cheerleader exchange program. C’mon, who’s up for it?

More from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions

On the right, that's Emily Roslyn. She was a training camp candidate last year and is back with a new look (thumbs up!) and new energy this year. Come on Kelli, give this lady another chance!

The cheerleaders website has an interesting article from last weekend’s open call and semi final rounds, and a photo gallery from prelims. Definitely worth checking out.

Voting is well underway to determine which rookie candidate will get a bye into training camp. If you will indulge me in a moment of pure self interest, I’d like to take a moment to lobby for my friend. Anncell is smart, sassy, funny, and a damn hard worker. If you take a moment to watch her video, you will also see that she’s is a mighty entertaining performer, fun to watch, and one of the best out of the 50-something candidates. (Obviously I’m biased. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.)

I’m not telling you how to live your life, but you get ten votes. Howsabout using one of those for Anncell? Click here and VOTE FOR ANNCELL VOTE FOR ANNCELL VOTE FOR ANNCELL!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Well, that, and also I’m pretty sure Oprah voted for Anncell.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming, where we ponder the question “Why is no one sitting in the front row?” And are those cue cards?

Vote for your favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Rookie Finalists

The dancer with the most votes automatically goes to DCC training camp. Click here to cast your vote! (The site has been hit or miss, so if you can’t get through, try again later.)

Update: New link for voting. Click here

Updated (again): Use this link to vote!

Click here to watch the finalist videos! (Oh my goodness, does this link happen to go right to my friend Anncell’s video? Why yes it does! I have no idea how that happened.)

Sidebar: This has got to be crazy-making for finalist Michelle P. who just went through Sea Gal finals with this same exact song like two minutes ago. I bet she’s having flashbacks. I don’t know about her, but after watching 3 hours of Sea Gal auditions, I had hoped to never hear this song again. EVER.

“You know that I’ve been waitin’ for yoouuuuuu. Don’t leave me standin’ all by myseelllllllf.” God help me. How do the judges DO this?

Scenes from 2014 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Auditions

Click here for the gallery on!

There are a couple of familiar faces here.

Anncell (in green) danced for the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers, and (the soon-to-be defunct) Chivas USA. (Full disclosure: she’s a personal friend. Congrats on making finals – woo hoo!)

Jovann (in nude/beige) danced for the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Texas Legends, Texas Revolution, and San Francisco Demons (remember the XFL?). In fact, now that I think about it, she might be eligible for our “Decade of Dance” club.

Photo of the Day – May 13

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Brooke (Sorenson) Nix was a judge at the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals on Saturday