Two Ex Buccaneer Cheerleaders Selected For DCC Training Camp

Two very popular ex TBBC cheerleaders have decided to climb back up on the horse Dallas Style. Meagan P. and Courtney R. have left the boredom of NFL retirement (cheered 2009-11) behind to try to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. They have advanced to DCC training camp with hopes of being selected over the next two months to join the world’s most famous squad. If the criteria include talent, attractiveness, and personality then I like their chances. Good luck to these classy young ladies from all your Tampa Bay fans.

Meagan supporting breast cancer awareness game

Courtney supporting breast cancer awareness game

Meagan at 2011 throwback game

Courtney at 2011 throwback game

Photo of the Day – May 21

2011 Pro Bowl Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Brittany

More on 2014 DCC Training Camp

The Dallas Cowboys have released the official group photo (full disclosure, I tampered with it to correct the color and alignment) and the names of the ladies selected to their cheerleader training camp.

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Row 1 (back row): Hannah, Ashley N, Alexandra, Jennifer A, Victoria, Kinzie, Mary, Nicole, Caila, Mallory, Abby
Row 2: Vivian, Erika, Veronica, Rachel, Loren, Melissa, Breelan, Ashley P, Samantha, Jennifer K, Lacey
Row 3: Paige, Jenna, Jacie, Brittney, Holly, Katy, Danielle, Jordan, Kelsey, Chandler, Emma
Row 4: Jessica A, Jinelle, Angela, Sydney, Jessica M, Christina, Meagan, Courtney, Ashley, Jasmine

This here’s your scorecard for “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team” Season 9:

Congratulations 2014 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Training Campers

Today’s final audition resulted in 43 ladies invited to participate in the team’s three-month training camp. This includes 27 veterans and 16 potential rookies. The final team will be announced in August. Congratulations ladies!

Extra congrats to veteran Sydney, who is back for her seventh season. (Barring any major issues during training camp.) I don’t think anyone has been on the team that long since the 90s. That is not easy to do. This is a team that cuts veterans almost year (and this year was no exception. Three veterans were not invited back.) Also congrats to rookie candidate Vivian who (I’m almost positive, but will not swear to it) won the fan favorite vote again this year. Hopefully this year, she’ll take it all the way!

Update with additional details! Loren won the fan vote, not Vivian. However, I’m raising an eyebrow on this one. I checked the voting status all day on Saturday, and each time I checked, Vivian was in the #1 position. Dare I say…shenanigans? Maybe they decided on a “one win per candidate” policy.

Also, I didn’t intend to name the veterans who have been cut. That seems like rubbing salt in the wound, but then someone pointed out to me that if you’ve been cut from a team, it’s highly unlikely that you’re spending any time here in the days immediately after it happens. (If ever again.) So with that in mind, and because so many people have asked, the veterans in question were Morgan, Courtni, and Alex. Morgan and Courtni were rookies last year and Alex was a 2nd year veteran. Amelia, Carisa, Jackie, Kaitlyn, Kim, Lauren, Mackenzie, Mia, and Olivia retired. Everyone else is back for 2014 training camp.

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Footage From The 1976 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Tryouts

In this segment, taped for KDFW’s “Eyewitness News” in 1976, Dallas-based reporter Jim Ruddy covers the first open tryouts held by the Dallas Cowboys to select the team’s cheerleading squad for the 1976-1977 football season. The tryouts, which took place at Texas Stadium in the Dallas suburb of Irving, drew over 130 cheerleading hopefuls. Included in the footage are interviews with several of those cheerleading hopefuls, as well as scenes from the selection process.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Interview Down Under

I think we need to send a couple of American pro cheerleaders to Australia. Sort of a cheerleader exchange program. C’mon, who’s up for it?

More from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Auditions

On the right, that's Emily Roslyn. She was a training camp candidate last year and is back with a new look (thumbs up!) and new energy this year. Come on Kelli, give this lady another chance!

The cheerleaders website has an interesting article from last weekend’s open call and semi final rounds, and a photo gallery from prelims. Definitely worth checking out.

Voting is well underway to determine which rookie candidate will get a bye into training camp. If you will indulge me in a moment of pure self interest, I’d like to take a moment to lobby for my friend. Anncell is smart, sassy, funny, and a damn hard worker. If you take a moment to watch her video, you will also see that she’s is a mighty entertaining performer, fun to watch, and one of the best out of the 50-something candidates. (Obviously I’m biased. Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.)

I’m not telling you how to live your life, but you get ten votes. Howsabout using one of those for Anncell? Click here and VOTE FOR ANNCELL VOTE FOR ANNCELL VOTE FOR ANNCELL!

And that’s all I have to say about that.

Well, that, and also I’m pretty sure Oprah voted for Anncell.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming, where we ponder the question “Why is no one sitting in the front row?” And are those cue cards?

Vote for your favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Rookie Finalists

The dancer with the most votes automatically goes to DCC training camp. Click here to cast your vote! (The site has been hit or miss, so if you can’t get through, try again later.)

Update: New link for voting. Click here

Updated (again): Use this link to vote!

Click here to watch the finalist videos! (Oh my goodness, does this link happen to go right to my friend Anncell’s video? Why yes it does! I have no idea how that happened.)

Sidebar: This has got to be crazy-making for finalist Michelle P. who just went through Sea Gal finals with this same exact song like two minutes ago. I bet she’s having flashbacks. I don’t know about her, but after watching 3 hours of Sea Gal auditions, I had hoped to never hear this song again. EVER.

“You know that I’ve been waitin’ for yoouuuuuu. Don’t leave me standin’ all by myseelllllllf.” God help me. How do the judges DO this?

Scenes from 2014 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Auditions

Click here for the gallery on!

There are a couple of familiar faces here.

Anncell (in green) danced for the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers, and (the soon-to-be defunct) Chivas USA. (Full disclosure: she’s a personal friend. Congrats on making finals – woo hoo!)

Jovann (in nude/beige) danced for the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, Texas Legends, Texas Revolution, and San Francisco Demons (remember the XFL?). In fact, now that I think about it, she might be eligible for our “Decade of Dance” club.

Photo of the Day – May 13

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Brooke (Sorenson) Nix was a judge at the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals on Saturday

Cowboys Cheerleaders Visit Cancun for 2015 Calendar Shoot

The world’s most famous cheerleaders – you know them as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – spent 10 days in Cancun, Mexico and other locations for a photo shoot for their 2015 calendar.

In addition to the photo shoot, the cheerleaders took part in a fashion show, visited Garrafon Park in Isla Mujeres and enjoyed a ride through the Caribbean in a catamaran.

More photos here.

Professional wrestling’s newest Knockout is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Get to know TNA’s newest Knockout, Rebel of The Menagerie
By Sean Rueter
May 2, 2014

If you’ve been following along with the story of Knux and his crazy carnival family on TNA Impact Wrestling [click here if you have no idea what this is referring to], you’ve already met Rebel. The poor girl thought she was reuniting with her long-lost man to chase his dream of being a pro wrestler (while making enough money to save the family business – a roadside carnival), when she finds out that the big lunk also plans to bring along Crazzy Steve (who is crazy) and The freakin’ Freak.

Many of us wanted to know more about this fire-twirling Tanea who will be showing up next Thursday night, and thanks to the dirt screens, now we know.

Tanea Brooks is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader [1998-2001], and covergirl for their bestselling calendar, from Owasso, Oklahoma. She is also the country music equivalent of a video vixen, having appeared in music videos for Trace Adkins (“Honkey Tonk Badonkadonk”) and Brooks and Dunn (“Play Something County”).

A member of the performance troupe Purrfect Angelz, she met fellow Angel Christy Hemme there. Hemme, who has recently been promoted to TNA Creative, put in a good word for Brooks and she moved to Louisville, Kentucky and trained at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) when TNA still had a relationship with them.

No word on how long she was in OVW, or how that training went. And, in fairness, there’s no guarantee that she will serve as much more than a manager/valet for the new carnival-themed stable.

Student Hopes to Join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Dancer hopes her hard work pays off in efforts to become a member of the professional cheerleading team

By Hannah Johannes and Taylor Williams

When the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders take the field in the fall, a TCU student hopes to be among them.

Joining the squad is a longtime dream of Courtney Johnson, a first-year strategic communication major.

“I see DCC as a sisterhood of incredible, inspiring, poised leaders,” Johnson said. “Once I met some of the current cheerleaders, I became even more encouraged, and knew I wanted to be in their position.”

Johnson devotes more than 20 hours a week to dance, taking classes at TCU as well as taking private lessons with current DCC members.

Johnson has been training for the DCC auditions since August 2013, going from two to seven prep classes a week.

A typical day for Johnson starts with a 6 a.m. workout class at the University Recreation Center.

From there, Johnson works at the front desk of Sherley Hall, where she works on her homework assignments. After work, she attends classes until 5 p.m, and then immediately heads to dance practice.

Most of the time, Johnson drives to Dallas to train with current and alumnae DCC cheerleaders, choreographers and the technical coach, Kitty Carter. Johnson said she generally gets back to her dorm at either 1 or 2 a.m.

“I am so busy, and I love it.” Johnson said. “It makes my life so exciting.”

Along with dance practice, Johnson studies the history of the Dallas Cowboys by listening to podcasts on her walks to class. She also said that when she carpools to dance with friends, they have practice interview sessions.

The hopeful Dallas Cowboys cheerleader said she never stops dancing. When the Rec Center multipurpose rooms are closed, she uses the mirrors in the locker room. If that doesn’t work, she lines up mirrors in her room to practice.

Melinda McNatt, Johnson’s former coach of eight years and owner of Spirit of Tyler gym, said that Courtney is one of the hardest workers she’s ever worked with.

“She would be the first in the gym and the last to leave,” McNatt said.

Johnson said her ultimate goal is to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but along the way she hopes to be an inspiration to others.

“I want other people to know that it feels incredible to pursue your dreams,” Johnson said.

Christen Lockett, a first-year pre-business major, describes Johnson as having “a beautiful spirit that shines through her dancing.”

Johnson said she wants to join other Horned Frogs who have ties to the Dallas Cowboys.

In 1961, TCU defensive tackle Bob Lilly was the Dallas Cowboys’ first draft choice, and the current DCC director is a TCU alumna. The DCC have also included former TCU Showgirls alumnae Kelsey Bond, Jordan Daigle and Emma Dutton in recent years.

“I used to dream about coming to TCU, training at the elite dance studios in Dallas, and auditioning for DCC,” Johnson said. “Now I have translated those dreams into goals.”

Auditions for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders will start May 10.

Watch a video of this report here.

Our Favorite Photos – Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Tobie

This month is our Tenth Anniversary and to celebrate we’re posting some of our all-time favorite photos.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Tobie at the opening weekend of the 2008 training camp in Oxnard.

Off and on for the past several years, the Dallas Cowboys have held their training camp in Oxnard, California.  Beginning in 2006, I decided to make the trek up the coast from Los Angeles to catch opening of training camp and photograph the world famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  They usually perform a few dance routines and sign autographs, a rather brief appearance all things considered but well worth it if you are a NFL football fan.  And when you get a chance to photograph the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, you have to do so.  They are that amazing.

In 2008, I was in Oxnard for training camp and was able to catch the DCC’s appearance during opening weekend where I snapped this photo of Tobie.  The DCC are professional dancers and they go full out at these performances.  High energy and even higher kicks.  I guess what I am saying is that even at a training camp appearance, they put on a show that is quite spectacular.  That’s why they are who they are.  And this photo of Tobie sums up their performance quite nicely.

David Tyau, National Correspondent

A new goal for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders legend

by George Riba
March 31, 2014

DALLAS — When you see the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders take the field these days, they carry with them lots of history.

The group – formed in 1960 and originally with high school students – were then known as the Cowbelles & Beaux’s.

By 1970, General Manager Tex Schramm decided to change their image to boost attendance. Five years later, Suzanne Mitchell, who started as Schramm’s secretary, took over as the director of the cheerleaders, but it wasn’t until the Super Bowl in Miami in January 1976 that things started to change.

“Everybody paid so much attention to the girls on the sidelines, and Tex started getting all these phone calls like crazy,” Mitchell said. “He said, ‘Somebody has got to manage these girls. Why don’t you do that in your spare time?’ So that was it.”

Mitchell would be director of the cheerleaders until Jerry Jones bought the team in 1989.

“Tex had given me my opportunity,” Mitchell said. “It was my loyalty to him that made me leave, because he gave me every opportunity to do what I did with the cheerleaders.”

To this day, Mitchell gets credit for molding the image of the cheerleaders into what you see on the field.

“What I did, especially the first few years, was say ‘no’ a lot, because Hollywood was calling, William Morrison [Agency] in New York was calling, and they had all these things they wanted us to do, to sponsor, to advertise, but they were not in keeping with the image that Tex wanted and what I wanted,” she said.

Opportunities continued to stream in.

“Then some things like TV shows like the Love Boat, the Oakridge boys, the Osmond brothers, The Country Music Awards, and things of that sort,” Mitchell said. “We started doing a little bit at a time, and mainly because the fans wanted to see the girls, and it progressed from there and I just held on tight.”

What followed were trips to visit the troops overseas, preforming in hangers and on aircraft carriers, and even carrying messages home from the troops to their families. Mitchell’s impact was being felt worldwide.

Today, the jacket she wore during those trips is kept at the cheerleaders’ headquarters at Valley Ranch.

“The first tour of Korea at Christmas, a young soldier came up and put a pin – his unit crest pin – on my jacket,” Mitchell said. “One after another, the boys kept doing, a pin, a pin. Well, the jacket ended up weighing 14 pounds, but I wore it every night.”

These days, Mitchell isn’t fighting for her girls, but instead is in a battle to save her life. Last July, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is working with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to raise money to find a cure for the disease.

A 5k and fun run, held at Clyde Warren Park in Dallas, raised $500,000 last year. On Nov. 8 this year, they’re trying to double that amount.

“The thing about this cancer, and the reason I want to do thing like this is whatever time I have left – because only six out of 100 that are diagnosed live five years – so I don’t know how much time I have, but I want to spend that time trying to increase the awareness, because there is less funding for pancreatic cancer than there is any cancer,” Mitchell said.

To help raise money for research, Toni Washington, who was a cheerleader for Mitchell, designed what she calls her “Suzanne bracelet.”

“What she did – not just for me, for so many woman around the world – and I’m a better mother because of my mother and Suzanne,” Washington said. “Just the touch of her is unbelievable.”

LINK: Information about Suzanne bracelet for pancreatic cancer research

Mitchell has seen many former cheerleaders step up to help.

“I was just blown away,” she said. “Most of the cheerleaders have bought one or are going to, and we’re hoping it’s going to help.”

In the meantime, Suzanne Mitchell, who has called herself “the luckiest lady that has ever lived,” continues to fight for her life.

Washington expressed her feelings to the woman who help mold her.

“You are my world,” Washington said. “I am the woman I am today because of you. And I love you more than words will ever know. The Suzanne bracelet will carry your legacy, and it’ll out live me.”