2010-11 Nuggets Dancers Announced

Denver Nuggets: After a week-long audition process, 16 talented ladies have been selected for the 2010-11 Denver Nuggets Dancers. Of the 16, nine will be returning from last year’s squad, while seven will be making their NBA debut during the upcoming season.



2010-2011 Denver Nuggets Dancers Break It Down

nuggetsdancersMetromix Denver has photos from this past weekend’s Nuggets Dancers Finals.

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P-R-O 2010: The Denver Nuggets Dancers

First visit to the P-R-O Convention Denver Nuggets Dancers. On the left is Nuggets Dancers Director Amy Jo Wagner. I didn’t recognize her at first. She looks like she should still be dancing at USA Airways Center for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Rattlers and Phoenix Mercury.

Joining Amy Jo on the trip was two-year veteran and team officer Krista.

The Nuggets Dancers are offering the widest and most comprehensive set of audition prep classes that I’ve come across. Nutrition, make-up, choreography, even resume writing. The classes run to mid-August and then auditions begin Saturday, August 14th.


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SI Gallery Update – NBA

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Meet the Denver Nuggets Dancers

Metromix.com has posted photos and Q&A’s with the Nuggets Dancers.


Also check out the Nuggets Dancers new website here.

Rocky Mountain RockStarz

Yesterday, I posted that the Rocky Mountain RockStarz had auditioned for America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 and incorrectly identified the group as former Nuggets Dancers.

I’ve got the straight scoop today along with a pair of never-before-seen photos of the RockStarz.

2010 Rockstarz by DON CUDNEY PHOTO
Photo by Don Cudney

Founded by Kristin Engler Brooks in 2007, the Rocky Mountain RockStarz is an elite group of former professional cheerleaders and dancers with credentials including the Los Angeles Lakers, St. Louis Rams, Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards, Kansas City Chiefs and many other teams.

RockStarz is a performance group that maintains their remarkable dance style through exclusive performances. As professional dancers, RockStarz share their talent through youth dance clinics, seminars, performing and other community service. Community outreach is the RockStarz number one commitment.

The Rocky Mountain RockStarz are committed to helping various local and national charity organizations. Whether it is running a dance clinic, giving motivational speeches, encouraging fitness/healthy lifestyle, or performing, the RockStarz leave a lasting impression on those they work with.
The RockStarz are currently co-directed between Megan Savage, a highly accredited dancer/performer, and Kristin Engler Brooks (“KE”). Sarah Schachterle (“Shack”) is the official choreographer for the RockStarz. Shack is one of the leading choreographers in the industry and has been working with the RockStarz for the last three seasons.

2010 Rockstarz by DON CUDNEY PHOTO
Photo by Don Cudney

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Former Nuggets Dancers Audition for ABDC

A little “nugget” of information from the Best Dance Crew Blog from recent auditions in November for Season 5 of America’s Best Dance Crew:

The Rocky Mountain Rockstars also came to audition. Most of the girls danced together with the NBA Nuggets, and have a strong bond between them. Their good looks, and high kicks could get them pretty far… I’m not sure what MTV is looking for this year, but if they want sex appeal, and jazz technique these girls are the way to go.

I have no knowledge if any of the Denver Nugget Dancers in this photo are members of the Rockstars

Nuggets Dancers

Individual profiles for the Nuggets Dancers have been updated on their new site DenverNuggetsDancers.comClick here to read up on the team.


Nuggets Dancers at Maxim.com

nuggetsmaximMaxim changes gears this week from the NFL to NBA with a look at the NBA Denver Snuggest Dancers.
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2009-10 Denver Nuggets Dancers


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