Nuggets Dancer Nicole at the MLS Cup in Toronto

We got an email from Denver Nuggets Dancer telling us how he spent the weekend before Thanksgiving:

I’m still dancing for the Nuggets, currently in my fifth season. Over the weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to support my amazing other half who plays for the Colorado Rapids. The Colorado Rapids and FC Dallas were in the MLS Cup Final in Toronto. On Sunday night we bundled up and braced for the chilly game, after 120 minutes of playing time the Colorado Rapids walked away with a victory receiving their first ever MLS Cup.

Nicole and Chris

Nicole and Chris

Having the opportunity to support someone who means as much to me as Chris does was amazing. It was a long season for him and his team, never would I have expected to be cheering them on in Toronto at the MLS Cup Final. Fortunately my schedule with Nuggets games allowed me to travel to Toronto this past weekend to see the Rapids play FC Dallas in the MLS Cup Final. Family, Rapids Staff and the team left Thursday for Toronto. Since the team was fairly busy up until the game on Sunday night it allowed for some great shopping and sight seeing around Toronto. I had never been to Canada before and Toronto was a lovely city to see.

Rapids players' girlfriends/wives. Former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones (3rd from the left)  is gearing up for a solo tour throughout Europe this coming Holiday Season.

Rapids players' girlfriends/wives. Former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones (3rd from the left) is gearing up for a solo tour throughout Europe this coming Holiday Season.

Finally, Sunday night arrived and it was time to get ready for the game. We bundled up for a chilly game and headed over to BMO Field. Colorado had only made one previous appearance in the MLS Cup Final in 1997, walking away with a loss. Their opponent FC Dallas had never been to the final before. After 120 minutes of playing time the Colorado Rapids walked away with a 2-1 victory winning their first ever MLS Cup. After the trophy presentation we joined the players down on the field to celebrate their spectacular win.

Upon arriving back in Denver, the Rapids were greeted by fans as well as news cameras welcoming them home as champions. The following day hundreds of fans gathered in Downtown Denver for a parade and celebration of the victory. At the event, Colorado Governor claimed Tuesday as “Colorado Rapids Day.”

I am so thankful to have experienced this journey with Chris. I could not be more proud of him and his teammates. They worked very hard this year and the payoff is well deserved. I hope with their victory they will bring more awareness to the great sport of soccer in Denver and all around the country.

Nicole, Chris and the MLS Trophy

Nicole, Chris and the MLS Trophy

[Nicole at the Nuggets Website]

NBA Dancers on Fox Sports

Fox Sports has a small collection of photos of NBA dancers on game day. Click here to go there now.


2010-11 Denver Nuggets Dancers

Five-year veteran Nicole

Five-year veteran Nicole

Just in time for the new season, the Denver Nuggets have posted bios and photos of the 2010-11 squad.

Check them out here.

2010-11 Nuggets Dancers Announced

Denver Nuggets: After a week-long audition process, 16 talented ladies have been selected for the 2010-11 Denver Nuggets Dancers. Of the 16, nine will be returning from last year’s squad, while seven will be making their NBA debut during the upcoming season.



2010-2011 Denver Nuggets Dancers Break It Down

nuggetsdancersMetromix Denver has photos from this past weekend’s Nuggets Dancers Finals.

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P-R-O 2010: The Denver Nuggets Dancers

First visit to the P-R-O Convention Denver Nuggets Dancers. On the left is Nuggets Dancers Director Amy Jo Wagner. I didn’t recognize her at first. She looks like she should still be dancing at USA Airways Center for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Rattlers and Phoenix Mercury.

Joining Amy Jo on the trip was two-year veteran and team officer Krista.

The Nuggets Dancers are offering the widest and most comprehensive set of audition prep classes that I’ve come across. Nutrition, make-up, choreography, even resume writing. The classes run to mid-August and then auditions begin Saturday, August 14th.


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SI Gallery Update – NBA

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Meet the Denver Nuggets Dancers has posted photos and Q&A’s with the Nuggets Dancers.


Also check out the Nuggets Dancers new website here.

Rocky Mountain RockStarz

Yesterday, I posted that the Rocky Mountain RockStarz had auditioned for America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 and incorrectly identified the group as former Nuggets Dancers.

I’ve got the straight scoop today along with a pair of never-before-seen photos of the RockStarz.

2010 Rockstarz by DON CUDNEY PHOTO
Photo by Don Cudney

Founded by Kristin Engler Brooks in 2007, the Rocky Mountain RockStarz is an elite group of former professional cheerleaders and dancers with credentials including the Los Angeles Lakers, St. Louis Rams, Denver Nuggets, Washington Wizards, Kansas City Chiefs and many other teams.

RockStarz is a performance group that maintains their remarkable dance style through exclusive performances. As professional dancers, RockStarz share their talent through youth dance clinics, seminars, performing and other community service. Community outreach is the RockStarz number one commitment.

The Rocky Mountain RockStarz are committed to helping various local and national charity organizations. Whether it is running a dance clinic, giving motivational speeches, encouraging fitness/healthy lifestyle, or performing, the RockStarz leave a lasting impression on those they work with.
The RockStarz are currently co-directed between Megan Savage, a highly accredited dancer/performer, and Kristin Engler Brooks (“KE”). Sarah Schachterle (“Shack”) is the official choreographer for the RockStarz. Shack is one of the leading choreographers in the industry and has been working with the RockStarz for the last three seasons.

2010 Rockstarz by DON CUDNEY PHOTO
Photo by Don Cudney

[Rocky Mountain RockStarz]

Former Nuggets Dancers Audition for ABDC

A little “nugget” of information from the Best Dance Crew Blog from recent auditions in November for Season 5 of America’s Best Dance Crew:

The Rocky Mountain Rockstars also came to audition. Most of the girls danced together with the NBA Nuggets, and have a strong bond between them. Their good looks, and high kicks could get them pretty far… I’m not sure what MTV is looking for this year, but if they want sex appeal, and jazz technique these girls are the way to go.

I have no knowledge if any of the Denver Nugget Dancers in this photo are members of the Rockstars

Nuggets Dancers

Individual profiles for the Nuggets Dancers have been updated on their new site DenverNuggetsDancers.comClick here to read up on the team.


Nuggets Dancers at

nuggetsmaximMaxim changes gears this week from the NFL to NBA with a look at the NBA Denver Snuggest Dancers.
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2009-10 Denver Nuggets Dancers


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Dancing with the NBA Stars

By Justin Williams
Longmont Times-Call

krista-schneider_smAll right, all right. Stop gawking. Yes, she’s a pretty girl.

And you might be asking yourself what she’s doing on the front of the sports page. Don’t worry about it. Just enjoy and move on.

Oh, and pat yourself on the back for taking time away from the
pretty picture to actually read this — because, trust me, behind the
good looks and great dance moves, Krista Schneider has an interesting story to tell.

She was born on the edge of Longmont and raised on a ranch by a
cowboy whose rugged ways rubbed off on her. Sure, Schneider did the
dance recitals, ballets and all that other girly stuff — but you know
what they say: You can take the girl away from the farm, but …

“I was always such a tomboy. I never could have dreamed of being
this pretty girl on posters and signing autographs,” Schneider says,
almost apologizing to that inner child who can’t wait to grow up and
wrestle steer like dad.

Schneider attended Skyline High School, graduating in 2005. She was
on the school’s dance team all four years, and in her mind, that’s
where her dancing career would end.

But her first year at Colorado State was a tough one that included
the sudden passing of her father. She needed an outlet, and dancing
came calling once again.

She tried out and made the Colorado Eagles’ dance team and
eventually fulfilled the lifelong dream of many a little girl: becoming
a dancer on an NBA team.

The 22-year-old has been along for nearly every minute of Denver’s
historic ride to the Western Conference finals — and recently,
Schneider made this sportswriter’s lifelong dream by giving me a few
minutes of her time.


JW: Tell me a little about yourself, other than your dancing life.

KS: I enjoy long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners … just
kidding! I am attending Colorado State University, majoring in business
marketing with a minor in merchandising.

I don’t have much time between school and dance, but when I do, you will rarely find me resting.

I like to get out and experience life with those around me. I’m very
close with my family and enjoy spending time with them. My mom, sister,
niece and I usually are out shopping together at least once a week, and
I see my entire extended family at least once a month.

I also try to visit my boyfriend as much as possible, which can be
difficult because he is from, and currently resides in, Alberta, Canada.

JW: Dang you, Canada! First you take Roy Halladay — now this?

… All right, what are some of your favorite memories of Skyline High School?

KS: I was on the Skyline Dance Team all four years and was captain
my senior year. While I was on the dance team, I started a tradition
where any senior guy who was brave enough to sign up would get to come
learn a dance and perform at a few games with us.

I headed that up for three years, and I am sure you can imagine that
was quite the experience and probably one of my favorite memories.

JW: So how did you go from that to becoming a Denver Nuggets dancer?

KS: I had been dancing my entire life and then decided to take a
year off when I went to college. I had an extremely tough first year …
and decided I needed to start dancing again as a way to release all the
emotions I was feeling.

I was very shy, but I felt like at this point, I had nothing to
lose, so I started trying out for professional teams. I was elated when
I made the Nuggets dancers, to say the least.

Now that I am nearing the end of my rookie season, I have to say
that being a Nuggets dancer is more amazing than I could ever put into

JW: That’s a pretty competitive process, right?

KS: If I had to describe the tryout experience in one word, it would
be “overwhelming.” Hundreds of girls show up and put everything they
have on the line for a shot at their dream. The process is different
for everyone but easy for no one.

I get very nervous, so tryouts are a little stressful for me, but it is worth it in the end.

JW: Did you ever imagine you’d end up as a dancer on a professional team?

KS: I actually had no idea that I could dance on a pro team, as
strange as that sounds. To me, the girls that danced for the Nuggets
were almost unreal, something that was unattainable.

Once I realized that I had similarities to a lot of the girls on the team, I immediately started trying out.

JW: So: How many times are you hit on during a game?

KS: Hmmmm … I think the last tally was at 12,987. Just kidding!

JW: Who is your favorite Nuggets player, and why?

KS: It’s a tie between Chauncey Billups and J.R. Smith.

Chauncey Billups because he is an amazing player and leader. The
change was unbelievable when he stepped out on the court wearing that
No. 7 jersey, and I don’t know if we would be in the position we are
now without him.

J.R. Smith, because you can see his love for what he does. He always
looks like he is enjoying life — plus, he is a great player.

JW: Who has the best dance moves on the Nuggets?

KS: I have to say J.R. Smith, because he is the only player I’ve caught dancing on the practice court.

JW: Of course I have to ask you: Who is going to win this Western Conference finals series between the Nuggets and Lakers?

KS: I think that the Nuggets will not only win the Western Conference finals, but I think they are going to win it all.

As Kobe (Bryant) said about the Nuggets: “They have depth. They have the toughness. They have the camaraderie. It’s no surprise to me that they’re here.”