Cheerleaders bringing in cash for NFL teams

By Darren Rovell,
Yahoo Sports
Jan 27, 2011

This year’s Super Bowl features the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But there will be no cheerleaders. The Packers and the Steelers are just two of six teams (along with the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears) that don’t field a pom-pom waving squad.

Although their seasons are over, cheerleaders are an important part of the NFL off-season for the 26 teams that do have them. Why? Because, when executed well, they provide endless clicks for Web surfing fans and additional revenue in appearances (teams usually charge between $100 and $500 per hour per cheerleader) and swimsuit calendar revenue.


In fact, with plenty of women to audition and money to be had (most cheerleaders make less than $100 a game), the number of cheerleaders has increased exponentially in recent years.

In 2010, 15 teams each dressed more than 30 cheerleaders for games and have found ways, especially online, to generate revenue from their top squads. However, as valuations go, NFL teams are hesitant to put a dollar figure on their cheerleading squads, but the use of these cheerleaders as a vehicle for marketing is certainly in the public eye.

You probably expected to find the Dallas Cowboys on the top of this list, but no team has a more extensive of a library of cheerleader photos than the Indianapolis Colts. You can sort through over 2,000 shots that not only can be looked at, but also ordered. No other team in the league allows fans to do that.

The Colts are also the only team in the league to post a photo gallery of some of the favorites to join the squad next season. Fans can look at 65 candidates for the team and vote for who they think should join the team next.

Here is the ranking of the top teams that take the most monetary advantage of their cheerleaders.

10. Denver Broncos
While it’s not the greatest cheerleader site, the sponsorship revenue the Broncos cheerleaders bring in is pretty impressive. There’s a company sponsoring tanning, yoga and spa services.

The Broncos are also the only cheerleading squad that has a breast augmentation sponsor, Dr. Ben Lee. They’re also one of the only teams, if not the only team, to sell cheerleader packages for events.

9. New England Patriots
Video is the major theme. The Patriots were smart in that they have video pre-rolled, so once you click on a cheerleader’s bio, you’ll automatically see video of them. They also have an extensive gallery of photos sorted by cheerleader and are one of the few teams to keep previous squad galleries up on their site — why delete them?

8. Oakland Raiders
After the Cowboys, the Raiderettes get the most press in the league. Given the team’s performance in recent years, it’s one of the few redeeming aspects of going to their games. The Raiderettes have among the most sponsors including Euphoria Nail and Body Bar, MAC makeup, Betsey Johnson swimwear and 365 Teeth Whitening.

As for appearance fees at events, Raiders cheerleaders cost a planner $400 each, per hour, to show up, with a minimum of two cheerleaders required at an event.

7. Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs also understand that static pictures of cheerleaders aren’t going to create buzz in 2011. The site features great videos of the cheerleaders, sponsored by Sprint, where fans can get to know the girls. But if you want to meet these cheerleaders in person, it’ll cost you $250 per hour, per cheerleader for their appearance fee.

6. Tennessee Titans
To find some of the best cheerleader video, you’ll have to go to the Tennessee Titans Web site. There, you’ll find Swimsuit calendar video of all the entire team, which at 24 women is actually the smallest in the league.

However, if you want these cheerleaders to show up at an event, it’s going to cost you. The Titans charge $300 per hour, per cheerleader for performances and $200 per cheerleader per hour if you’re hosting a meet-and-greet.

5. Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have the only cheerleader Web site that makes you click “continue” because of mature content ahead, click continue, it’s worth it (for some people) . The Eagles have a really well organized roster section with easy to click video and photo galleries of each woman.

4. Miami Dolphins
NFL teams have a 53-man active roster throughout the season. The Miami Dolphins field a league – high 41 cheerleaders, which translates into a lot of offseason clicks throughs on their Web site. There are plenty of ‘Cheerleader of the Week’ videos, photo galleries and calendar shots.

3. Dallas Cowboys
There’s no doubt that this legendary group, with a history that spans 50 years, had to make this list. The team has its own Web page, has the most extensive schedule of off-the-field appearances and has a fully clickable roster with pictures of every group dating back to 1961.

There’s no doubt that the Cowboys cheerleaders generate the most money of any squad in the league, not only from appearance fees but from exclusive sponsorships, including hair (Tigi Bed Head), Boots (Lucchese) and Tanning (Palm Beach Tan), but as far as online marketing goes, they’re only number 3.

2. Houston Texans
The Houston Texans were better than the Dallas Cowboys on the field this past season and they’re better at exploiting their cheerleaders — at least online — than the Cowboys are.

The team has big bio pictures of the squad and is one of the few that offers screensaver wallpaper of every woman. The Texans are also the only team that offers fans the chance to see the girls in the gym as they give you their workout advice — brilliant.

1.Indianapolis Colts
I know, you expected to find the Dallas Cowboys on the top of this list, but no team has a more extensive of a library of cheerleader photos than the Indianapolis Colts. You can sort through over 2,000 shots that not only can be looked at, but also ordered. No other team in the league allows fans to do that.

The Colts are also the only team in the league to post a photo gallery of some of the favorites to join the squad next season. Fans can look at 65 candidates for the team and vote for who they think should join the team next. There’s also a voting leaderboard for the candidates and the top vote getter, Lindsey K., has more than 1,000 votes.

Liz is the Chiefs Pro Bowl Cheerleader


Liz is a five-year veteran of the Chiefs Cheerleaders

[Liz at]

Sports Illustrated: NFL Cheerleaders (Wild-Card Weekend)

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Topekan enjoys being KC cheerleader

By Eric Smith
The Capital-Journal
January 9, 2011

Thousands of rowdy fans yelling and screaming, energy and emotion oozing out of every pore. Some of the world’s biggest and best football players on the field, playing their hearts out. A brisk wind blows as temperatures have dropped below freezing, with snow lingering.

It’s just another day at the office for Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader Belinda Post, of Topeka.

Except this office is Arrowhead Stadium, and it just happens to be the NFL playoffs against the Baltimore Ravens.

The 22-year-old Post, along with her 28 other teammates, is all decked out in her cold-weather uniform, helping the rowdy stadium hold true to its moniker as one of the loudest in the NFL.

For Post, who is in her rookie season, the year has been a blur of great memories and good times, and it’s all culminating at this moment, in the Chiefs’ first home playoff game since 2003.

And all of it started nearly a year ago, when she made the team in January of 2010. It’s something that she said she will never forget.

“I remember almost screaming,” she said. “I was so excited.”


Then the Chiefs opened the season at the remodeled sold out Arrowhead on national television with Monday Night Football against AFC West foe San Diego. The soggy, cold night saw KC upset the Chargers 21-14. And just as the wet weather helped the Chiefs stop Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers’ dominant passing game, it also helped the KC cheerleaders overcome any opening game jitters.

“(I remember) being so excited in a game where we were on ESPN doing our kickline in our ponchos just getting the opportunity to let loose and maybe be not so concerned with messing up,” said Post, a graduate of Washburn Rural and Kansas State.

“It was so much fun dancing in the rain.”

No matter the situation, with snow, rain or heat, Post said her and her fellow Chiefs cheerleaders remain happy, caring, energetic, driven and strong because, just like the players and everyone else within the KC organization, they have a job to do.

And while often times, that most noticeable job is at games, the cheerleaders also make several community appearances away from Arrowhead, and Post said it’s times like those her and her peers enjoy the most.

“The best part for me is seeing somebody’s face light up, is seeing somebody just so genuinely excited to meet you,” she said. “And you doing your best to go ahead and invest in that person’s life and hopefully make their day better.”

“On our team, it’s not just important to be physically fit and have the highest kicks and the dance ability, but (our coaches) really care about who you are as a person. They want knowledgeable, intelligent girls who know about football and are prepared to talk about the game.”

Post, who also works at Farm Bureau Financial, WIBW, and is a dance teacher, said she loves being a Chiefs cheerleader and hopes she will be one again next year.

“All these girls are my best friends and I think it’d be really hard to lose that,” she said. “I knew this year would change my life but I don’t think I realized how much these girls would touch my heart and how much I would be changed forever.”

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Election Day

It’s Election Day in the US, so I thought I’d trot out my list of politically-connected Cheerleaders:

Virginia First Lady Maureen McDonnell is a former Washington Redskins Cheerleader.

Debra Brady (seen here with husband and Congressman Bob Brady) cheered for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jeanette Dousdebes-Rubio (seen here with husband and US Senate Candidate Marco Rubio) is a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

Dr. Jennifer Horrell, the wife of three-term Missouri State Representative and 2008 Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor Dr. Sam Page, cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the back of my mind I remember an Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader who ran for the Georgia General Assembly, but can’t seem to locate any record of this. Any help tracking this down, or other suggestions to the list are welcome.

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si-nfl-2010_chiefs gallery Update – Week 7

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2010-11 Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

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Former KC Chiefs Cheerleader Heidi Interviewed at

hieidchiefsAnother great interview over at This time it’s with former KC Chiefs Cheerleader Heidi, who gained her interest in science because my father was a chemist. Heidi earned her Bachelors of Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Kansas. And she’s also a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Instructor.

Read the interview here.

The Science Cheerleaders are just a little over two weeks away from making their debut the USA Science and Engineering Festival. More here.

Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

These professional cheerleaders-turned-scientists and engineers challenge stereotypes while helping to inspire young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

At the USA Science and Engineering Festival, October 23-24 in D.C., these women will perform science-themed routines for thousands of people, conduct a free cheer clinic, and meet the public, sign their Science Cheerleader cards, and describe how they’ve bridged these two seemingly different worlds.

Science Cheerleader Performances: Wilson Plaza, Ronald Reagan Building
October 23, 11:30-11:50am. October 24, noon-12:20 pm

Science Cheerleading Clinic: Freedom Plaza on the National Mall
October 23, noon-12:30pm. October 24, 12:30-1 pm

Science Cheerleader Autograph Sessions: Pennsylvania Avenue, Booth 1227
October 23, 1-5:00 pm. October 24, 1:30-5 pm

Melissa, TN Titans, Neuro Researcher

Summer, Houston Texans, NASA engineer

Regina, Washington Redskins, Medical Doctor

Alyson, TN Titans, Bio, Chem

Andrea, D.C. Wizards, Chemistry Student

Sandra, Atlanta Falcons, E.R. Nurse

Jennifer, TN Titans, Engineer

Heidi, K.C. Chiefs, Physical Therapist

Steph, Redskins, Math Ed Major

Kim, Iowa Energy, Computer Scientist

Wanda, Washington Redskins, M.S. Comm/Med Sales


Former NFL/NBA Dancer Publishes Book Half-Time Highlights


Dance studio and retail owner, Ashley Worrell, published her book, Half-Time Highlights: A Guide to Dancing in the NBA/NFL in April 2010. A native of Kansas City, and a graduate of Missouri Western State University, Ashley has been dancing since the age of three. Her studies have included tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop, drill/pom, and social/partner dancing. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Commercial/Private Business, she moved to Dallas to pursue training and a career in dance. Her professional experience includes dancing for NBA teams, such as the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs, as well as her hometown NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Now that she has been a dance studio owner for several years, her goal was to publish a reference guide for dancers wanting to dance in the NBA and NFL. “When I began the audition process, I was clueless. At the time, there was nothing to reference or help me along the journey. I hope this book will help others realize the dedication it takes to dance at that level and motivate them to achieve their goals.”


For more information on Half-Time Highlights, visit

Also available at

Chiefs Cheerleader Calendar Premiere Party Set For July 27th

CORRECTION Chiefs Chargers Join the Chiefs Cheerleaders at the 810 Zone in Leawood on Tuesday, July 27th

Chiefs fans are invited to an exclusive evening with the Chiefs Cheerleaders on Tuesday, July 27th as the squad officially unveils the 2010-11 Chiefs Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar at the 810 Zone in Leawood, Kansas. The event kicks off at 6:00 PM as the Chiefs Cheerleaders will be joined by Sports Radio 810 WHB radio personality Steven St. John, who will serve as master of ceremonies. Admission is free to the event and all ages are welcome.

Members of the Chiefs Cheerleaders will conduct special performances throughout the evening. For the first time, fans will have the opportunity to purchase the new 16-month 2010-11 Chiefs Cheerleader Calendar and have it personally signed by their favorite Chiefs Cheerleaders.

Fans can enjoy food and drink specials all evening at the 810 Zone. Conveniently located at the corner of 119th Street and Roe Avenue, the 810 Zone will be the hottest spot in the area on Tuesday, July 27th when the Chiefs Cheerleaders host this exclusive event.

Chiefs Cheerleader Competes at Miss Kansas Pageant this Week

belindachiefsKansas City Chiefs Belinda, Miss Maple Leaf, is making her fourth appearance on the Miss Kansas stage.  Belinda is a Kansas State University grad and former feature twirler for the KSU marching band. On Wednesday night in the talent portion of the pageant, she combined twirling, dance and acrobatics in an energetic routine to “Proud Mary.”

Good luck, Belinda!