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Last week, the Sports Illustrated NFL cheerleader gallery was all about the AFC. Now it’s time for the ladies of the NFC to shine. Click here to check out the photo gallery.

More scenes from the MDC calendar unveiling

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Where to Find Every Guy’s Dream

By Ben Crandell

Ariana Aubert, a 23-year-old Pembroke Pines native, recently spent a couple of hours a day for two weeks staring at photos of Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders in swimsuits.

“Every guy’s dream, right?” she says.

But helping to choose the final lineup for the 2013 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Calendar was a serious undertaking for Aubert, who crowned her six-year career as a Fins cheerleader by being on the cover of last year’s calendar (which she introduced at the 2011 party, right). Aubert has moved off the field this season to serve as an assistant to the team’s director of cheerleaders, and the calendar is a key promotional tool for the squad.

First, she had to make sure the calendar had the diversity that a South Florida audience demands. Says the half-Colombian, half-Costa Rican Aubert: “I had to make sure it was well-rounded.” Insert your own punch line here.

She also had to choose from among her friends, some of whom she’d cheered with since 2007: “I just had to put that aside, and put business first.”

The final selection is secret even from Aubert, who will see the new calendar with the rest of us at Saturday night’s unveiling party at Liv nightclub in the Fontainebleau hotel (4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach). The evening includes a swimsuit runway show, autograph sessions with each cheerleader in the 16-month calendar, and a special performance by Run-DMC’s Darryl “DMC” McDaniels.

Aubert also had a hand in the event-planning, using her background studying communications and public relations at Florida Atlantic University.

These were not the only pressures facing the Flanagan High grad. Her boyfriend, former Flanagan baseball player J.D. Martinez, is having a rough year with the Houston Astros, where he began the year as one of the team’s budding young stars.

“He just got sent down to the minor leagues,” she says, gloomily. “Triple AAA. Oklahoma City.” A long way from Miami Beach.

Tickets to the calendar party at Liv cost $25 (including a calendar) at You also can order a calendar for $14.99 at the website. Proceeds from the party and the calendar will fund charitable work of the Miami Dolphins Foundation. Here’s a taste of last year’s party:

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals – Part Three

So for the final portion of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, the hopefuls returned to the stage for a kickline and to be introduced to the crowd one last time.






A group shot on the club level…

And then down to the field to meet the fans.


[Part Three Gallery]



[MDC Finals – Part One]

[MDC Finals – Part Two]

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Season Debut

I’m not exactly a wordsmith so let me just summarize my August 10 visit to photograph the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders in one word “WOW”. This squad is impressive, the main criteria for selection must be: “Total Package Required”. The NFL is designed for teams to experience peaks and valleys on the field but the MDC, like many of their counterparts, never seem to field an average group. The 2012 lineup consists of 44 professional women evenly divided between veterans and rookies.

The Dolphins web site is fan friendly and does a nice job in showcasing the cheerleaders. A bountiful collection of photos and videos are available. At pre game about a dozen of the cheerleaders were welcoming fans outside the Sun Life gates for photo opportunities and autograph signings.

During the game when the showers arrived (and they always do) I had to decide to either whimp out and protect my equipment or keep shooting the cheerleaders dancing in the rain. FRANKLY, SCARLETT, I DON”T GIVE A DAMN about the camera. NFL cheerleaders performing in the rain— a no-brainer.

Try and get out visiting with the cheerleaders in person, in the meantime enjoy the photos and watch for the “Call Me Maybe” gals swimsuit calendar release this week.

Five-year vet, two-year line captain Amy with rookie Georgia

Five-year vet, two-year line captain Amy with rookie Georgia

Line captain Samantha

Line captain Samantha

Second-year vet Ashley

Second-year vet Ashley

First quarter walk in

First quarter walk in

Line captain Tatiana

Line captain Tatiana



Vet Natalie D and rookie Karina at training camp

Vet Natalie D and rookie Karina at training camp

Vet Brianne

Vet Brianne

[MDC Gallery]


Dolphins Cheerleaders Model Fashion-forward Swimwear

Swim Week, Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, and Ultra Music Festival Clash at Lila Nikole
Miami New Times
July 23, 2012

Miami’s not exactly a city that treasures its quiet, subtle beauty. If you want to be noticed, you’ve gotta do something outrageous to steal the spotlight from someone or something equally stunning and/or insane. Those stakes are doubled during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, when out-of-town designers and models join the ongoing war for attention.

So we get the impulse behind Lila Nikole’s “Electrika” Swim Week show, which paired two of Miami’s most in-your-face assets — Ultra Music Festival and the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders — on the runway. That combination is sure to get you noticed.

Let’s just say these looks were indeed noticeable…

[article continued]

Photos from the show:
[Miami New Times]

[In the Scene Miami]

22 seconds of random MDC action

Brought to you by HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

Photo of the Day – August 9

From December 2011 – Tatiana of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

2012-13 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

New uniform photos, bios, and the new team photo have been posted on the Dolphins website. Click here to go there now!

MDC Abroad

Miami Dolphins cheerleaders entertain fans at Tesco
By Ben Endley
The Watford Observer (UK)
July 2, 2012

Cheerleaders from American football side The Miami Dolphins signed autographs and performed for fans in Watford on Saturday (June 30).

Ashley, Candi, Kylee, Lauren J and Natalie D spent two hours in Tesco on Lower High Street offering visitors the chance to win tickets to an NFL game at the San Francisco 49ers or Miami Dolphins.

Ashley, a full-time high school teacher in her second year as a cheerleader, said the visit was the first time she had been to Europe.

She said: “Today and yesterday we have been going to different Tesco stores and getting to know our fans in the UK. “I had no idea there were so many Miami Dolphins fans here.

“Being a teacher demands a lot of good time management and that is important because being a cheerleader is something that’s so fun that I make sure I have time for it.

“I miss my family while I am over here but I would love to come back and perform for the British fans.”

As well as performing at all Dolphins games, cheerleaders must all be high school graduates and be in either full-time employment or full-time education.

Auditions for the entire squad are held every April.

Lauren J, an exercise science student and second year cheerleader, added: “We have had a big crowd come down to see us perform. We arrived on Thursday and are absolutely loving it.”

MDC calendar preview

Click here and here to visit the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders website and check out a few outtakes from their 2013 calendar. I’m loving the Dolphin-themed swimwear. Very cute!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders “Call Me Maybe”

Scenes from 2012 Dolphins Cheerleader Finals

Click here to check out the new photos posted on the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders website!

Dolphins Cheerleader Finals – Individual Perfomances

Amy - Part two of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders featured solo performances by each of the 79 finalists.

Amy - Part two of the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders featured solo performances by each of the 79 finalists.

Courtney - Hopefuls dazzled the crowd with a dizzying array of costumes and outfits.

Courtney - Hopefuls dazzled the crowd with a dizzying array of costumes and outfits.

Tatiana - And they danced (or sang) in almost every style: Jazz, Lyrical, Rock, Tap. You name it; they danced it.

Tatiana - And they danced (or sang) in almost every style: Jazz, Lyrical, Rock, Tap. You name it; they danced it.

Jessica - There were batons...

Jessica - There were batons...

Nicole - and hats...

Nicole - and hats...

and splits!

and splits!

[Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals Gallery]

Former Dolphins Cheerleader takes Costume Shop to next level

Theatrics moves costume collection to Boynton warehouse
Mike Rothman
May 23, 2012

If it involves the need for an authentic costume, Theatrics is the place.

Recently relocated from Lake Worth to Boynton Beach at 3461 High Ridge Road, Theatrics is the brainchild of owner Angel Wrona, who after being in theater all her life, decided to open a costume shop.

The 3,100-square-foot warehouse rents costumes to local plays, movie sets and even the occasional party goer looking for the real deal.

“We are one of the only places in Palm Beach County that rents costumes still,” she said of the year-round store. “Whether people are going to an event or there is a production, we are it.”

Schools in the area have also come calling on Theatrics and its original costumes. Atlantic High School in Delray Beach and Wellington High School have used the costumes for plays and events.

“Our name is getting out there,” Wrona said. “The costumes all depend on the event. Nothing trendy like Party City.”

For example, Wrona said a group came in last week looking for real cowboys and Indians garb.

The rentals start at three days to one week for a flat fee. Intricate, velvet-laced attire can run up to $100 for the rental but for a regular costume like a toga, it costs only $40.

“That’s not just a piece of cloth either,” she said. “That’s trimmed layers and the works.”

The store’s website,, has a Wall of Fame with pics of former customers happily wearing the costumes, including bunny rabbits, police officers and cats.

“I was raised as a theatrical ballet dancer, then came to Florida,” she said. “I am a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader alumni and former dance captain.”

In her performing days, Wrona always liked to make her own costumes.

She had the help of her husband Steve Echols to open the shop.

“She likes to serve the community,” he said. “That’s why we were originally in Lake Worth next to the playhouse on Lake Avenue.”

Echols said over time the store moved away from selling to renting. He added that his store is not for the packaged costume but something much bigger and better.

Theatrics gets its costumes from theaters that are finished with performances and other shops that may have closed down.

“People get into this,” he said. “We had people come in that were going on a Titanic reenactment cruise. We outfitted period costumes for that trip.”

As of now, Theatrics is taking appointments only at 561-623-7026. In the summer, the store will be open five days a week, then seven days a week for September and October’s Halloween season.