Photo of the Day – May 21

A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Cheerleader Signs Clothing Deal With NBA

By Lynn Hoppes

The NBA sent out a news release last week saying, “Miss Fanatic, a fashion-forward women’s apparel company, has teamed up with the National Basketball Association to launch a new product line designed exclusively for women.”

What most people don’t know is that “Miss Fanatic” is Tiffany Pearl, Orlando Magic dancer (2012-2013) and former cheer captain for the Miami Dolphins (2005 to 2010).

“I’ve always had a love of fashion and, at the same time, a love of sports,” said Pearl, who recently was in New York to promote the collaboration. “I looked around and saw that there was a void in fashionable, well-fitting clothes for women and I came up with this concept.”

Playbook had a few minutes with Pearl to talk about her start and what’s ahead.

How did you go from cheerleader to fashion designer to now working with the NBA?

“When I was working with the Dolphins, I also was attending school at the Miami International University of Art & Design. I started making custom outfits for friends and fashion shows. I would turn real footballs into bikinis. People went crazy for it. Then I would make outfits for our Dolphins calendar shoots. People wanted to start to buy them, and that’s how it all began.”

Did you want to start with NFL clothing?

“Originally, I wanted to go ahead and make swimsuits for the NFL. I learned about marketing at school. The best decision we made was to go small and we then went to the collegiate market. We started making tank tops, dresses and cover-ups. We learned through this process to appeal to the masses. Being from Miami, I love that Brazilian bikini style but I realize not everyone is going to appeal to that style. We weren’t just Miami girls. We had to sell to Iowa, Texas and Oregon.”

There had to be some growing pains.

“I’ve cried a lot and I’ve laughed a lot. I have especially learned a lot on the job. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising. But I had to learn about licensing and reading contracts and understanding how to keep the integrity of the product and the team in line. Then, you have to think about the design of the product. That is the fun part.”

So how did the deal with the NBA come about?

“We had worked in the collegiate market for a few years, and our business had grown. We thought to build the brand that our next step was the big leagues. We applied for a license with the NBA. They saw that market was lacking and we fit. We’ve been preparing for this moment. We took things slowly just to get to this next step. This is the dream of this company. We have so many things ahead. We started out with me and now we have more than 20 employees.”

At 28, you’ve accomplished a lot. Where did that drive come from?

“I was always competitive. I saw the Dolphins cheerleading auditions and decided to try out. I saw that I wanted to get into fashion and I did. I’m very goal driven. I’m not a quitter. It may sound cheesy but when you strive for your dreams, whatever you want, you can get if you work hard.”

So now your line is nationwide. Where do you get your ideas?

“I look at certain brands outside sports for influence. I take that inspiration and convert them. I want someone to say, ‘I love wearing a fringe top and now they have one with the logo of the team I support!’ It’s about creating an apparel that you wear more than just to a game. I want you to be able to wear this to the mall or the beach, showing support for your team.”

If you weren’t a cheerleader, do you think this business would have happened?

“I love how life throws you curve balls. I thought after graduation, that I’d move to New York and work in public relations or marketing for a fashion company. I never thought I’d own my own business.”

Magic Dance Alexa in a swimsuit designed by Miss Fanatic

[Magic Dancers in Miss Fanatic Swimwear Gallery]


Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Final Auditions

Every year the NFL cheerleading auditions have a plus and minus theme attached to the process. The negative is that the known cheerleader retirements of multiyear fan favorites become official. The plus is that hundreds and hundreds of very attractive artistic young ladies are knocking at the door. The MDC loses some pretty impressive talent this year; Amy, Sam, Tatiana, NatalieD, Nikki and others were all well known fan favorites. Fortunately, the South Florida (and beyond) talent base will allow Dorie Grogan and Emily Snow to reload and mold an impressive 2013 squad.

Last Saturday’s all day finals were open to the public and coincided with the Dolphins Fan Fest activities being held through out Sun Life Stadium. The building was buzzing with alacrity. The day started with 79 candidates paired down from the semi final process of the last two weeks. In a very fast pace precision presentation the candidates showcased themselves to the judge’s table multiple times. They started with introductions, groups of five dancing, kick lines and culminated with a one-minute individual talent dress sketch performance that was very entertaining to the audience. The afternoon session included another performance on the club level stage before heading out for a final performance on the field stage.

Joy and sadness was experienced as the live introduction of the 2013-14 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders were announced at end of day. By my count the 44 person squad consists of 21 rookies and 23 returning vets—I would have voted to keep all 79 but that’s just me.

Props out to Ariann Denison, MDC dance choreographer and show coordinator, for a great showcase. Now hoof over to that maternity ward and have your baby.

I sure hope the Dolphins “call me maybe”—I want to return to see a game day performance. Enjoy the photos everyone.







Lauren J.

Lauren J.









[Dolphins Cheerleaders Finals Gallery]

Congratulations 2013-14 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders!

(Click to enlarge)

Check back later in the week for our comprehensive photo coverage of the Final Auditions.

Dolphins Unveil New Uniforms

I reported a few weeks back that the Miami Dolphins have a new logo and new uniforms for 2013. The Dolphins’ new look was unveiled at Thursday night’s draft party. Past and present Dolphins greats, escorted by cheerleaders in vintage MDC costumes, showed off the team’s new uniforms.

The cheerleaders also showed off their new costumes for 2013. The new MDC styles mirror the new football uniforms, showcasing a new, brighter shade of teal. Click here for a closer look!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions

Have you noticed yet that the UltimateCheerleaders staff loves to post MDC photo articles? We love our Dolphins. Here’s my contribution from my visit to South Florida.

Last Saturday’s activity icluded preliminary round tryouts in the AM and then surviving candidates were invited back in the PM for the semi-finals. The cut down resulted in a group of 67 contestants being picked to join in to compete with the returning 25 veterans. All approximate 40 spots are open competition via mano a mano over the next two weeks of interviews and clinics. Finals, open to the public, are Saturday April 27 at Sun Life Stadium Fan Fest.

Besides the obvious requirements of glamorous appearance, well proportioned, physically fit, energetic personality and dance technique, the time commitment to be a NFL Cheerleader is also extremely demanding. The pyramid of success gets very tight as the audition process moves forward and to make an elite squad such as the MDC the successful candidates must offer a strong “A Game and Bring It” under the bright lights pressure.

I have heard the NFL Cheerleader audition process be described as 50% dance, 50% cheer, and 50% beauty pageant. That’s right—–to make a prestigious squad like the MDC you have to reach above 100%. Good luck to all the candidates I met on Saturday. Fans can vote for their favorites on the Dolphins website. Enjoy the photos.

Current squad members (Lauren, Brianne and Lily) performed for the 1st year candidates.

Support staff beauties.

Stretching is a prerequisite

Smile smile smile.

Out on an island before the judges table.

The buddy system for support.

Eager to perform.

Candidate Julianne previously cheered for the Buccaneers.

[MDC Audition Gallery]


Photo of the Day – April 17

Saturday at Sun Life Stadium – At the MDC auditions current squad members performed for the 1st year candidates.

More from Dolphins Cheerleader Prelims has a collection of phtoos from last weekend’s auditions. Click here to check it out!

MDC vetarans/alumni Amy, Ariana, and Tatiana

Random thought: the Dolphins recently unveiled their new logo. So now all the cheerleader uniforms are S.O. L. What a shame. They got some really cute new alternate uniforms last season, and now they’re no good. It will be interesting to see if the cheerleader uniforms change, or if they just update the existing uniforms to carry the new logo. They’ve had the current main uniform for the past four seasons. Maybe it’s time to switch it up?

MDC Preliminary Auditions has some photos from the 2013 MDC preliminary auditions. Click here to check them out.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Open Auditions at Sun Life Stadium

Miami New Times: Saturday, the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders held open auditions at Sun Life Stadium. Hundreds of women turned out hoping to make the cut and be part of the prestigious squad.

[check out the photo gallery]

WOW, that’s a lot of finalists! Finatics, it’s your turn to help us choose the 2013 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders! Vote on your top five by clicking on your favorite photos. [HERE]. Voting is open until Friday, April 26th at 12:00pm.

Also, don’t miss the live Final Auditions at Fin Fest on Saturday, April 27th at Sun Life Stadium at 10:00am, where you will have your last chance to vote for your favorites via text. Fin Fest is free of charge and open to the public!

Behind The Scenes: Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Host Open Auditions For 2013 Squad

The upcoming football season is fast approaching and the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders begin their search for enthusiastic, charismatic and talented women to represent one of the most prestigious teams in the NFL. Open call for auditions for the 2013 squad are set for 9:00 a.m., Saturday, April 13, 2013 at Sun Life Stadium.

“2013 is an exciting year for the Miami Dolphins and the Dolphins Cheerleaders,” said Dorie Grogan, Dolphins Sr. Director of Entertainment & Cheerleaders. “We are looking to build a team with talented, energetic, fresh new faces – you just might have the sparkle we are looking for. I hope to see you on April 13. “

Attendees must be at least 18 years of age and be a high school graduate by June 2013. The Dolphins are also holding prep classes every Wednesday evening in preparation for the auditions at the cheerleader studio at Sun Life Stadium. Classes are offered at 7 and 8:30 p.m.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders perform at every Dolphins home game, appear and perform at community and charity events, are role models for young children and Dolphins fans throughout the country and have the opportunity to travel the globe to perform and entertain our US troops.

For more information on prep classes or to preregister for the auditions, potential applicants can visit

Photo of the Day – March 1

A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Auditions Dates Are Set


Must be 18 years old by June 1, 2013

High School graduate by June 2013

Must be able to attend all cheerleader rehearsals for the entire season,

If selected, must live in or relocate to South Florida and have means of transportation.


Preliminary & Semi-Final Auditions will be held at Sun Life Stadium on Saturday, April 13, 2013

Registration begins promptly at 8:30 am. Competition begins at 10:00 am.

Between 9:00 am and 10:00 am contestants learn audition choreography that will
immediately be performed at 10:00am. (This choreography will also be taught on
Friday, April 12th, at prep class. To register for prep class, click here.)

Pre-Registered applicants arriving by 8:30 am will receive the first contestant numbers. You will also need to fill out a bio sheet and bring a photo to registration with you. Pre-registered applicants must present a photo ID to receive their contestant number.

Applicants not pre-registered need to bring a completed application form, bio form and photo to registration on the day of auditions. Blank applications forms will be available at registration.

This portion of the audition process is CLOSED to the public.

It will be a long day, so please bring your own snacks and drinks.

Mirrors, restrooms and outlets will be available for your convenience and use.

For Audition Questions email:


Crop/half top with trunks (dance style boy shorts)

Nude/flesh colored tights or panty hose

Dance shoes (sneakers, jazz shoes, character shoes, etc.)

No dance pants, warm-ups or shorts.

Wear your hair in a fashion that compliments your features and does not hide your face. This is not a typical dance audition, THINK GLAMOROUS!

The judges will rate you on poise, smile, personality, energy, figure and dance ability.


Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 8:30am (times are approximate) – Registration doors open – pre-registered applicants will be allowed in first. All contestants must have an application, bio sheet and photo at the registration table. Applications can be filled out online by registering and those pre-registered will be the first to enter.

9:00am – 10:00am – Contestants learn audition choreography. This choreography will also be taught on Friday, April 12th, at prep class. To register for prep class, click here.

10:00am – Contestants will perform a :30 freestyle routine, followed by audition choreography learned in groups of five. After all contestants have auditioned the judges will retire to make their decisions. At approximately 12:00pm call backs for the Semi-Final Phase will be posted outside the admittance gate. Those selected will re-enter the stadium at this time.

*All contestants who received a “Free Pass” at the Prep Classes must arrive by 11:00 am to register for the Semi-Final Phase.

12:00pm – Contestants must bring their Preliminary contestant number or their “Free Pass” to re-register for the Semi-Final Phase. After registration is complete, the Cheerleader Choreographer will refresh the choreography learned earlier and kick line. Immediately following, contestants will perform the dance combination and kick line in groups of five. Upon completion of the dance section, the judges will retire to make decisions and return shortly for the announcement of those selected to advance to the next phase. Those selected will stay for a brief meeting to discuss the final phases of the Audition process: Interviews, Clinics and Performance.

[Complete MDC Audition Info]