Olympic cheer continued: more than you need to know.

The other day, I posted about the Wildcats vs. Crystals cheering at the London Olympics. I included a few photos, and as I suspected, none of the photos are of either of those teams. There are four other groups performing at the Olympics.

Remember these guys? (As if you could forget those stripes). These are the Ascension Eagles, an the equivalent of a British all-star cheer group. And no, they don’t usually wear those outfits, which are burned into my retinas, so I can see them even when my eyes are closed…

Here we have the most photographed performers: the conga line crew. This group of men and woman were assembled by AMCK Dance, a London-based talent agency that represents dancers, models, aerialists, vertical dancers (whatever those are), BMX riders, skaters, etc in the UK.

More pictures of the AMCK group Here | Here | and Here

Interesting factoid: Danielle Peazer, one of the dancers, is living with/in a relationship with Liam Payne, one of the guys in One Direction. (You know – the “You don’t know you’re beautiful” dudes.) I gather this is sort of big news with the teens across the pond.

Danielle Peazer

Next we have this group:

This group is (are?) the Red Foxes, a Ukrainian team that dances all over Europe. They’re a little more artsy/gymnastic-y than what we usually see over here and their repertoire is varied and extensive. The Red Foxes also danced in at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. (And contrary to appearances, they don’t always wear pink.)

More pictures of the Red Foxes Here | and Here

And finally…the Team USA cheerleaders.

How like us to bring our own entertainment.

This is an all-star group consisting of collegiate cheerleaders and professional cheer instructors from all across the United States. This group is sponsored by Varsity’s Universal Cheerleading association. They are stunting, tumbling, and dancing during halftime at Team USA men’s basketball games. That’s right, only for the US, only for basketball, only for the men’s team. What? That’s the only competition that needs a little American-style razzle dazzle?

Frankly I’m shocked that we didn’t also bring Beyonce, Rihanna, and Katy Perry with us. The more the merrier!

(On a side note, rumor has it that Katy Perry is dating John Mayer. Don’t do it Katy! He tells every woman her body is a wonderland. Seriously, who hasn’t he been with?)

And now I think have sufficiently exhausted this subject. Moving on to other topics…

Olympic Cheer

They had them in Beijing four years ago. Now they’ve got them in London: Cheerleaders at the Summer Olympics.

There was a lot of noise about this earlier this summer. “Team GB” convened a committee to select the “Official” Cheerleaders of the 2012 London Olympics. The committee got to work and narrowed the field to five teams:

  1. North London Wildcats (Independent competition team)
  2. Panache Bullettes (Dance team for the Bradford Bulls rugby club)
  3. The Crystals (Cheer team for the Crystal Palace Football Club)
  4. The BBL Babes (Dance team for the British Basketball League. Yes. One team for the whole league.)
  5. Sheffield Hallam Cheer (from Sheffield Hallam University)

The committee asked the public to vote for their favorite team. (Although they did note that a celebrity member of the committee would make the final decision.)

So what happened?

The public voted.

And then the committee overrode the public vote.
Scandal! Controversy!

The vote came down to two teams, the Wildcats vs. the Crystals. It was collegiate style vs. NFL/NBA style. The results were clear.

Crystals: 33% of the vote
Wildcats: 26% of the vote
The other three teams: 41% (collectively)

Which team got the job? The Wildcats. The celebrity panelist, one Alisha Dixon, decided the Crystals were a bit too sexy for prime time. The public was outraged. (Or at least the 5,000 blokes who voted for the Crystals were outraged.)

Some felt that the Crystal’s youtube version of Carly Rae’s “Call me Maybe” is what ruined it for them. (The “Call me Maybe” craze hit the UK a little later than here in the states.) Too sexy? See for yourself.

(In my opinion, this was a good effort. But I do have to point out that compared to the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, these girls are pikers.)

Personally, I don’t care who cheers at the Olympics. I don’t care if anyone cheers at the Olympics. But the Olympics are a BIG DEAL. The Crystals thought they were going – until Alisha shifted them to the “reject” pile. I’m sure the Crystals were brokenhearted.

But none of that is really the point of this post. I seem to have gotten off track. What can I say? I like a little backstory. All I wanted to do was point out that photos of the Official Olympics Cheerleaders are starting to pop up on the internet.




and Here

It does appear that they are doing some stunting – in the most…umm…”eye-catching” cheer costumes I have seen in a long long while. Hello, that is a dude on the right. No one with XY chromosomes should ever have to wear an outfit like that in public. Come to think of it, neither should anyone with XX chromosomes. (Cirque du Soleil cast members excepted)…

But they’re also doing this, which is much more like an NBA kind of style

And they’re also doing this, which seems to be a combination of the two. (And looks a little painful.)

Aside from that, they appear to be big fans of the Conga line, which seems to be going over well with the volleyball crowd.

You know what is weird? I don’t think any of those women are Wildcats. Or Crystals. Go figure.

Olympian Once Tried out for NBA Dance Team

Two-time Olympian speed skater Allison Baver holds the US record in the 1500m.

In 2000 she tried out for the Philadelphia Sixers Dance Team.

If you can’t see the video click here.

[Allison’s Bio at TeamUSA.org]