Scenes from Silver Dancer Auditions

Auditions for the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers started off this weekend. Check out the photo galleries on the Spurs website. Day One | Day Two

2013-14 Silver Dancers

The San Antonio Spurs have unveiled a brand new design for their dance team pages. Click here to check it out and learn more about the ladies on the team!

Photo of the Day – November 15

A San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancer

San Antonio Silver….Zombies?

The San Antonio Silver Dancers were transformed into Zombies for the Spurs home opener last week. Plenty of photos and video and the link.

[San Antonio Silver Zombies]

Spurs Silver Dancers Visit Mexico

Members of the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers traveled to Mexico City last month to promote the Spurs regular season game against the Timberwolves coming up this December.

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[Silver Dancers in Mexico Video]

Did These Two Mascots “Kidnap” This NBA Dancer?

From the Twitter Feed of The Spurs Coyote:


Apparently, the Coyote was shooting a video with the Blaze The Trail Cat. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Laredoan attempts to join the Silver Dancers

By Clara Sandoval
Laredo Morning Times
August 26, 2013

SAN ANTONIO — The Spurs have a large following in Laredo as Spurs Nation stands strong and tall when they hit the floor every season.

Laredoan Clarissa Pena is vying to become part of the San Antonio Silver Dancers that entertain the crowds at all the Spurs home games with their choreographed dance moves.

Pena, a 2008 graduate of Nixon, is putting her best foot forward as she is one of six finalists for the last three spots with the Silver Dancers.

She is vying for the dance gig, but she needs Laredo’s help to make the team as online voting will determine who earns the last three spots.

The online voting starts today and finishes on Thursday as people can log on to and click on Clarissa Pena to vote for her.

Pena battled 93 other dancers in the two-day audition and 16 have already been named to the team.

“I feel a whole mixture of emotions,” shes said.

“Imagine being nervous, excited, happy, and anxious all in one moment, every hour of the day. I had so much energy that I didn’t want to sleep.

Most of all, I feel really blessed and honored to have had the opportunity to make it this far.

“No matter what happens, I know that God has a plan, and I will be happy with whatever he deems is best.

It’s not over, so I’m keeping my faith strong and am going to need Laredo’s help to make this dream a reality.

I’m also extremely happy to be able to go out there and represent Laredo.

I’ve lived in San Antonio for the last five years, so it does have a big piece of my heart, but Laredo will always be right there next to it.

Laredo made me who I am today, and I will never forget that.”

Pena recently graduated with Cum Laude honors from St. Mary’s University with a double major in psychology and marketing and currently works for Teach for America in San Antonio.

She is also a dance instructor for the St. Mary’s dance team.

Pena has an extensive dancing background that started at Diana Rendon’s Dance Academy for 16 years before she moved on to the Nixon cheerleading team and ended with the St. Mary’s dance team for the past four years.

This is not the first time that Pena has flirted with the Silver Dancers.

For the past five years, she toyed with the notion of auditioning before trying out last year.

Pena’s hopes of becoming part of the Silver Dancers stopped in the auditions but that only fueled her fire as she vowed to come back stronger this year.

“I’ve known about tryouts for the last five years but finally got the courage to tryout last year,” Pena said.

“Although my journey in the audition process last summer was short lived, I knew I couldn’t give up.

I spent the rest of the year coaching a dance team as well as practicing my technique whenever I had free time. I wanted to be ready and come back stronger for this year’s tryout process.”

Pena went to work since the day she was cut from the auditions and in a year went from not making the team to to being in the running for the last three spots.

“I feel like I’ve really been preparing all year long,” she said.

“Whenever I had some free time, I would work on different technique elements and focused on building on my strengths and improving my weaknesses.

Then in late March, I auditioned for the San Antonio Silver Stars Star Squad and made the team.

“I was so excited to be dancing for a crowd again.

This was the best preparation because the choreographer was always helping push the dancers, myself included, to be the best dancers we could be.

I also met some great friends, one of which who just made it to the Silver Dancers team, who really helped me improve on my dancing ability.”

Vote now! Silver Dancers to select three more teammates
August 27, 2013

PHOTOS: Super news for 16 Silver Dancers chosen

More photos

SAN ANTONIO — Six contestants remain with only three spots left to fill as the Silver Dancers hammer out their squad for the upcoming 2013-14 Spurs season.

Sixteen dancers were already selected last week. The three additional Silver Dancers will be determined by online votes. Spurs fans can visit the team’s website to watch video interviews and dance performances from all six candidates before voting for their favorite. Voting ends Thursday.

Meet the ladies below!

Brianna, is a 19-year-old UTSA student who loves working with kids. She said she loves dancing,and could bring personality and dedication, plus she loves volunteering.

Brittany, is a Houston native who loves San Antonio. She said she loves to entertain and perform and enjoys the camaraderie of the city.

Clarissa said she wants to be a role model for people to show them that hard work and dedication can help people achieve their dreams.

Halle is a 21-years-old who is close to her family and loves basketball. She said she can bring her positive attitude to the squad.

Mariyah, is a 21-year-old UTSA student majoring in psychology and minoring in biology. She said she’s wanted to be a Silver Dancer since she was 11 and can bring energy, excitement and positive energy to the squad.

Michelle, comes from a military family and has lived extensively oversees. She said she wants be to a Silver dancer because of her passion for dance and to interact with people but also be a part community service of the squad.

Click here to cast your vote!

Silver Dancers Choreographer Says So Long

By Sarah Tressler

If you happen to be looking for a career with the Spurs, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that a position is about to open up. The bad news is you’ve got some pretty petite shoes to fill – size 7, to be exact.

Raquel Garcia, 39, has been the Spurs Silver Dancers choreographer for more than a decade, but on Sept. 15, her contract will expire, and, with a set of 3-year-old twins and a 6-year-old son, she has decided to resign from the team, as well as from her position as choreographer for the WNBA Silver Stars SBC Star Squad dance team and The Rampage Ice Girls dance team.

“We’re in the process of looking for someone else,” said Spurs Director of Game Operations & Special Events Chris Garcia. (Full disclosure: Chris Garcia and Raquel Garcia are married.) “She reflected over this past year, and she figured it was probably time to move on and focus her family.”

The 2013 season was a big one for the Spurs, and thus a big one for the Silver Dancers.

“This past year was amazing; even though we weren’t champions at the end, it was just an awesome ride,” Raquel said.

But all those extra games at the end of the season started to add up for the new mom. She finally made the bittersweet choice to leave.

“The deciding factor for me was when I looked back at this past year – if I counted the nights when I was at rehearsal and the nights that I was working games, whether that be Spurs, The Rampage or our WNBA Silver Stars, which we’re currently in, I was away from my children 150 nights. So someone else put my own children to bed. And it should be their mommy,” Raquel Garcia said. “There’s no price tag I can put on that.”

The audition process to select next season’s Silver Dancers started Aug. 10 and was one of her last orders of business.

More than a hundred girls in hot shorts and fitted tank tops twirled, kicked, coupe-turned, and whipped their hair to Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” for the first round; after cuts were made, the remaining 60 or so learned a new routine to Maroon 5’s “Love Somebody.”

Throughout the instruction period, Raquel Garcia, energetic and petite, stood on a small stage and danced through the whole routine with the girls over and over, keeping in step while giving precise instructions through a microphone.

Just before she stepped out of a curtain-enclosed area to teach the second routine, she fished through her Louis Vuitton handbag for a stick of deodorant.

“Don’t want to stink-a-roonie!” she chirped. This neatly summarizes her personality – disarmingly sweet with an emphasis on presentation. She’s not unlike the quintessential Disney princess.

Raquel Garcia worked her way up from her high school pep squad to the to the cheer team and on to the Kilgore Rangerettes dance team in college. After graduation, she set her sights on a professional dance career and made the Silver Dancers team in 1994. With five seasons with the Silver Dancers under her belt, she took a job with an ad agency, but her passion for dance endured. In 2003, she became the choreographer for the Silver Stars dance team, followed by her position as the Silver Dancers choreographer.

Now, her plans are simple: PTA, church and working from home with a uniform-design agency outfitting pro and collegiate teams in Texas. But most importantly, “I’m gonna be a stay-home mommy,” she said.

So what does Raquel Garcia’s husband, the Spurs director of game operations, think about the end of going to work with his wife?

“It’s fantastic,” Chris Garcia said. “It’ll be nice to just be able to hold hands and walk around at the games and be married.”

Spurs Silver Dancers need a new choreographer

This is one of those bad news/good news posts. The bad news is Raquel Garcia, who has been Chief Chick in Charge of the Silver Dancers for a decade or more is moving on to other things. By all reports, she is a super nice lady, and I know the veterans will miss her terribly. On the other hand, that means there’s a job opportunity out there.

Click here for additional details

POSITION: Choreographer (Independent Contractor)
The choreographer shall perform services as primary choreographer for the Spurs Silver Dancers including events such as auditions, practices, preseason home games, regular season home games and playoff home games as outlined by the Company.

REPORTS TO: Game Operations & Special Events Manager


  1. Choreographer shall assist in the audition and selection of performers along with the Game Operations & Special Events Manager.
  2. Choreographer shall also perform services, as outlined in the sole discretion of the Company, at any on-site or off-site appearances.
  3. Choreographer shall be present at designated Company preseason, regular season and playoff games at the times and locations outlined by the designated Company staff member.
  4. During preseason, regular season and playoff season games where Choreographer is present, Choreographer will solely be responsible for providing feedback and guidance on the routines organized and executed.
  5. Related duties as assigned.

Scenes from 2013 Silver Dancer Auditions

Click here to check out the Spurs’ photo gallery from this year’s open call. One thing you will notice straight away is the new dress code.

I thought at first this was a mix up and these were photos from prep class. Nope. So is this a new conservative move for the team? I have no idea. But it is so interesting that the tank top has become The Great Equalizer. Not only is the tank top more conservative by virtue of the fact that it covers the midsection, but it means almost no cleavage, and way less razzle-dazzle. There goes the advantage of that custom made, uber-sparkly two piece.

This is one of the few who still managed a cute, coordinated ensemble.
Most of the other girls look like the tank top was an afterthought.

Spurs Silver Dancers auditions under way

By Sarah Tressler
August 10, 2013

More than 100 young women showed up at the Freeman Coliseum Expo Hall early Saturday for the chance to snag one of 13 to 19 spots on the Silver Dancers, the squad that performs in front of tens of thousands of fans at Spurs home games.

For the first portion of the tryouts, Silver Dancers choreographer Raquel Garcia taught routines to aspirants of all sizes, shapes and skill levels.

“We have a lot of amazing dancers showing up — a lot of technical dancers, a lot of diverse dancers. It’s really exciting to see all of the talent,” said Katarina Harding, who was on the squad last year. Dancers have to re-audition each year if they want to hold their spot.

A handful of women evidently got cold feet before their turn to audition — nowhere to be found when they were called to perform for the panel of six judges.

“There are a number of different scenarios where ladies will show up, and either before advancing or after advancing, they’ll be a no-show,” said Chris Garcia, Spurs director of game operations and special events.

Each of the young women on the judges’ list had registered on-site Saturday morning, and Garcia chalks the disappearances up to “a combination of nerves and people that might not have thought they could get to the next round.”

In addition to the day of performance, the audition process includes three days of interviewing for those who make the first cut.

“We look for quality, well-rounded ladies,” Garcia said. “Not just people who look good on the outside, but truly for people who have that same character and value on the inside as well.”

Hopefuls had to learn a fast-paced, rigorous dance routine in just an hour. The pirouettes, high kicks and step-ball-changes had heads spinning, but for some of the chosen, the interview may be the hardest part.

“Dancing in general just comes naturally to me from the start, and performing is just taking on a whole other character and step outside yourself to perform for people,” said Kelsey Wildman, who made the day’s cut.

“When you have to be yourself, like in an interview where you have to talk about yourself, it just gets a little bit more difficult, for me at least,” Wildman said.

The interviews are set for Wednesday through Friday. Glory awaits.

Congratulations Dallas Cowboys Rhythm & Blue Training Campers!

Wow, that’s a mouthful! Final auditions for the 2013 Rhythm & Blue took place last week during Draft Day festivities at Cowboys Stadium. (Check out the team’s facebook page for pics). The field of candidates has been narrowed to 22 dancers, who will participate in training camp over the next several weeks. The 2013-14 team will be announced in about a month.

Top Row: Kara, Maya, Danielle, Stevee, Mateya, Jessica S, Angelise, Callie, Brittani, Arianna
Middle Row: Antonese, Kendra, Ani, Melody
Bottom Row: Miranda, Bianca, Masayo, Brittani, Amy, Christen, Jessica T
Sammi (not pictured)

R&B Director Jenny Durbin Smth has her work cut out for her. It won’t be easy to cut this team down to size. Between them, they have a great deal of experience at the pro level.

Amy, Arianna, Christen, Jessica S, Jessica T, Kara, Kendra, Mateya, and Stevee are R&B veterans

Danielle and Maya are alumni of the Allen Americans Ice Angels

Callie and Angelise are alumni of the FC Dallas Girls

Ani is an alum of the San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancers

Miranda is an alum of the Seattle Sea Gals

Brittani is an alumni of the Florida Panthers Lady Panthers

Pro cheer siren’s call to be a Spurs Silver Dancer draws Anncell to a whole new world in San Antonio

Spurs Silver Dancer Anncell is in her rookie season in San Antonio

There is the short version of Spurs Silver Dancer Anncell’s move from Los Angeles to San Antonio. Last year in LA, Anncell decided at the beginning of the week to try out in San Antonio for the Silver Dancers, and by Friday, Anncell was jetting to San Antonio, and by Tuesday she was a Silver Dancer. But the reality of Anncell’s back story is that this weeklong whirlwind only happened because of Anncell’s lifelong commitment, drive, and devotion to pro cheer, with hard work and determination to always improve every aspect of her skills. Her positive spirit opens up horizons that most others would not glimpse, much less pursue. Anncell shared with UltimateCheerleaders her path from aspiring pro dancer to ChivaGirl to Laker Girl to Silver Dancer, with a path that included auditions that ranged from disappointing to those with exhilarating conclusions. But like her NBA moves, no matter what, Anncell is in perpetual motion, and with an ever-present smile. And we just love love love any pro dancer who lists UltimateCheerleaders as their favorite website on their bio. You will see why everyone who encounters Anncell soon adds her to their own personal list of “Favorites.”

Anncell was born and raised in Los Angeles, and lived there until she moved to San Antonio last year. When asked if from birth, she was ‘born to perform,’ Anncell laughs, “I’m not sure if I was ‘born to perform,’ but if you ask my family or friends I’m sure they would beg to differ. Let’s just say I’m very energetic.”

And from day one, Anncell’s relationship to her parents has been truly special. “I cannot even begin to say how truly AMAZING my parents are,” Anncell explains. “They have been so supportive in each and every area of my life and are my biggest cheerleaders. Although I thought they were too strict when I was younger, I now appreciate them and all the opportunities they’ve afforded me. I’m so thankful for their unconditional love, guidance, and support.”

After a season with the Laker Girls, Anncell now dances for the Spurs

“My favorite feature about my mom is her wisdom,” Anncell continues. “No matter what’s going on in my life, I know I can count on her to give me sound advice. My dad is very corny and goofy but that’s definitely what I love most about him.” So what traits from her amazing parents does the amazing Anncell attribute to them? “As far as my personality is concerned, I’m a mix of my mom’s sass and wisdom and my dad’s generosity and sense of humor,” Anncell answers.

Dancing was not always ‘love at first tap’ for Anncell. “My love for dance did not start in the typical way,” Anncell explains. “When my mom was growing up, she really wanted to be a dancer but her family couldn’t afford it. When she was a senior in high school, she finally was able to be a cheerleader, and went on to cheer in college and even joined a dance company. Because of her love for dance, she put me in dance classes at a very early age. To be completely honest I HATED it. I would cry on the way to Saturday morning dance classes because all I wanted to do was stay at home and watch cartoons, or go to the mall with my friends. I even went to a performing arts high school, so I had to dance at school, too. I really didn’t apply myself and didn’t realize at the time how much I loved dance because I was too focused on the fact that I didn’t want to do it.”

But once she could choose not to dance, Anncell made a surprising choice. “When I turned eighteen and started college, I had my way,” Anncell remembers. “I no longer had to dance. By the end of my first semester I felt like something was missing in my life, so I signed up for tap class as an elective. Taking the tap class is when it hit me. I knew what was missing. I missed the feeling of performing and expressing myself through movement! I missed it so much I ended up joining the cheerleading squad.”

Continue reading Pro cheer siren’s call to be a Spurs Silver Dancer draws Anncell to a whole new world in San Antonio

Silver Dancer Lisa: Dancing to Inspire

The San Antonio Spurs recently profiled veteran Silver Dancers Lisa Colwell, an inspiration to her students, and no doubt to her teammates as well. Click here for a peek into what makes Lisa tick, and how much she has accomplished at Gervin in less than a year. I don’t know about you, but it kinda makes me feel I should be doing a lot more for my community.