Sports Illustrated: NFL Cheerleaders (Weeks 11 and 12)

2010-si_texansCheck out Sports Illustrated’s latest NFL Cheerleader galleries!

The week 11 gallery includes the Patriots, Saints, Cowboys, Falcons, and Rams Cheerleaders. (click here).

The week 12 gallery features dance teams from the Falcons, Broncos, Seahawks, Texans, and Cardinals. (click here)

Julia is the Titans Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Congratulations to Julia on being voted the 2010 Pro Bowl Representative. Julia was chosen by votes from her fellow cheerleaders and various representatives from the Titans staff.  She’s a 5th-year veteran and 3rd-year captain.

[Julia at the Titans Website]

Former Titans cheerleaders teach cheer, dance clinic

Who’s got spirit? These kids do
By Bonnie Burch
November 10, 2010


BRENTWOOD — With a step, bounce and tumble, local kids learned to hooray their way to better cheer skills.

A six-week cheer and dance clinic is finishing up a fall season, with the last class held today at the Brentwood Indoor Arena in Crockett Park on Volunteer Parkway.

Presented by the”>Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department, the camp for elementary and middle school-aged children in kindergarten through eighth grade is staffed by former Titans cheerleaders with extensive dance and cheer experience. Each child got individualized attention to learn new cheers, choreography, leaps, jumps and games.

For more information about future clinics and camps, contact Jen Barnes at 615-377-653

Titans Cheerleaders Participate in Science and Engineering Festival

By Lydia Adams
Titans Online

ttianssmallWhoever said cheerleaders weren’t smart was seriously mistaken.

Melissa, Alyson, and Jennifer recently took a trip to our nation’s capital to teach young girls that being a cheerleader and a scientist is cool!

Each cheerleader received a science uniform and performed for the thousands of science enthusiasts who came to meet the eleven women — from across all professional cheerleading leagues — who have bridged the gap of cheerleader and science.

While at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, the ladies performed, signed calendars and met with young girls who also aspire to become a cheerleader turned scientist.


Melissa graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Neuroscience.

She is now working in research at Vanderbilt with the neuroimaging group, specializing in PET, fMRI, and fat-water imaging.

Previously, Melissa worked in a molecular neuro/psychiatric lab for two years at Vanderbilt. Melissa says that she was first inspired to study science by her pediatrician at a young age. Her future plans include continuing her education as a graduate student as well as furthering her path as researcher. She is also considering medical school, pharmacy school, or various PhD programs across the country.

Joining Melissa at the festival was Titans Cheerleader, Alyson, a Belmont University graduate with a BS in biology and chemistry. Currently, she is waiting on her acceptance into medical school.

Alyson also volunteers all around Nashville, partnering with different physicians and learning more about the medical field. Alyson began her love of dance and science at the age of 4.

Although she has come a long way in both of her careers, the world of medicine will be her ultimate career path.

About the festival, Alyson said, “I was honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women who are all interested in science, and also are from the NFL, NBA and other professional dance leagues. Volunteering at the USA Science and Engineering Festival as a Science Cheerleader has allowed me to combine two major passions of mine: dance and science, in hopes to inspire others. By speaking and advocating our campaign to break stereotypes with science and cheerleading, I encouraged many young girls to pursue science related studies in the future, even if the cheerleader side of them says no.”

Jennifer, a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Alumn and 2007 Pro Bowl Representative, is another ‘cheerleader turned scientist.’

As an engineer at Nissan, she finds her passion in heat transfer and physics. While Jen navigates the professional world of engineers, she says, “Telling other engineering professionals that I was a cheerleader for the Titans always gets a great reaction during ice-breakers at industry events.”

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders are much more than just “sideline distractions.” All three of these women are continuing to make the team proud as they pursue their dreams both on and off the field.

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P-R-O 2010: Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

Yes, I confess, I slacked off with the photos from AllPro3. I still have photos from half a dozen squads to post. I am desperately trying to play catch-up. This morning I’ve uploaded photos of the fabulous ladies of the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders.


[Titans Cheerleaders Gallery]

Video: Titans Cheerleader Jessi on “World of Jenks”

In case you missed it. The full episode is online on Click here to go there now.

Reminder: Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders on MTV Tonight!


World of Jenks 10pm ET/9 CT.

Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders on MTV!

This Monday (November 1st) on MTV’s World of Jenks, the TennesseeTitans Cheerleaders (and Director Stacy Kinder) will be the subjects of this week’s episode where director, Andrew Jenks discovers what it’s REALLY like to be an NFL Cheerleader. The primary cheerleader featured is Jessi and she does a GREAT job representing the team. Tune in: Monday, 9:00pm Central (10 on the east coast) on MTV.


Watch a preview here. gallery Update – Week 7

This week’s cheerleader gallery features dance teams from the Chiefs, Chargers, Saints, Ravens, Titans, Falcons, Bucs, and Seahawks. Click here to go there now.


Science Cheerleader Collector Cards

sciencecheerleadercardHere’s a sample of the collector cards the Science Cheerleaders will be signing this weekend at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

Jennifer cheered for the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Kats and the Nashville Predators. Now she’s a mechanical engineer with Nissan.

[Interview with Jennifer at]

Titans Cheerleaders Sing at Halftime

By Stacie Kinder, Titans Online
Sep 15, 2010

Four Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders who comprise the band, DLS, sang a patriotic medley during halftime of the Titans-Raiders game on September 12th. Cheerleaders Jessi, Bri, Clair, and Dani, brought the crowd to a standing ovation after their stirring rendition of America the Beautiful, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and God Bless America in honor of our troops who have been in active conflict since the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Over one-hundred members of our Armed Forces stood at attention behind the Cheerleaders as they sang.

DLS has been performing together for nearly a year, and they will be releasing their first single, “Quarterback Crush” this fall. The group is headed to Fort Lewis, Washington in November and will be featured during another Titans game this season. To hire DLS for your corporate or entertainment function, phone 615-565-4172.

Click here for video, audio, and photos.


Meet the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science and Engineering Festival

These professional cheerleaders-turned-scientists and engineers challenge stereotypes while helping to inspire young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

At the USA Science and Engineering Festival, October 23-24 in D.C., these women will perform science-themed routines for thousands of people, conduct a free cheer clinic, and meet the public, sign their Science Cheerleader cards, and describe how they’ve bridged these two seemingly different worlds.

Science Cheerleader Performances: Wilson Plaza, Ronald Reagan Building
October 23, 11:30-11:50am. October 24, noon-12:20 pm

Science Cheerleading Clinic: Freedom Plaza on the National Mall
October 23, noon-12:30pm. October 24, 12:30-1 pm

Science Cheerleader Autograph Sessions: Pennsylvania Avenue, Booth 1227
October 23, 1-5:00 pm. October 24, 1:30-5 pm

Melissa, TN Titans, Neuro Researcher

Summer, Houston Texans, NASA engineer

Regina, Washington Redskins, Medical Doctor

Alyson, TN Titans, Bio, Chem

Andrea, D.C. Wizards, Chemistry Student

Sandra, Atlanta Falcons, E.R. Nurse

Jennifer, TN Titans, Engineer

Heidi, K.C. Chiefs, Physical Therapist

Steph, Redskins, Math Ed Major

Kim, Iowa Energy, Computer Scientist

Wanda, Washington Redskins, M.S. Comm/Med Sales


Titans Cheerleader Alyson Interviewed at


Another great interview from out friends at This time they talk with Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Alyson who just graduated withe a BS in Biology and Chemistry and is waiting on her acceptance to medical school.

[Alyson’s Interview]

[Alyson at the Titans Website]

Monday Morning Cheerleader: Jena of the Titans

By Steve Mazzucchi

The most heartbreaking failed comeback of the young season left this sideline expert no worse for the wear: as far as she’s concerned, Chris Johnson and Co. are still primed to dominate

With 58 seconds to play on Sunday, the Tennessee Titans cut Pittsburgh’s lead to eight, recovered a clever onside kick, and rallied through 87-degree heat behind their second-string QB. But when the comeback fell short, one number loomed large: seven. That’s how many turnovers the Titans amassed in Week 2 — and it was the easiest explanation to Titans fans for how the Roethlisberger-less Steelers could trot out two back-up QBs, gain just 127 yards, and still win 19-11. (An 89-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to start the game didn’t hurt, either.)

Despite the outcome, second-year Titans cheerleader Jena remains upbeat when it comes to her 1-1 team’s prospects. Thanks to an 0-and-6 start by her Flaming Thumbtacks last year, this University of Memphis grad and hot yoga disciple (“I’m not a contortionist, but being flexible helps with what we have to do on a daily basis”) is keeping it all in perspective.


ESQUIRE: Let’s start at the beginning. You kick off, the Steelers pull a reverse, and you’re instantly down 7-0. How much did that take the crowd out of it?

JENA: You can see a difference in the fans, because it was another sellout and probably the loudest and hottest game I’ve been at yet. In a situation like that, you can feel the disappointment in the crowd. But I think they’ve learned to move on and look forward to how we’re going to come back.

ESQ: It seemed like nothing went right out there today. Were there any encouraging signs?

J: There are always encouraging signs. It was very much a defensive game for both sides, and our defense played great. Our guys played with their hearts — that’s what you want to see and what the fans want to see.

ESQ: Chris Johnson’s streak of 12 straight 100-yard rushing games got snapped as he was held to just 34. Was he off his game, or is the Steeler D just really good?

J: I don’t think he was off his game at all. The whole team knew going in it was going to be tough. The Steelers are known for preventing 100-yard games. Johnson’s still the best running back in the league. You miss him for one second, and he can be gone for 80, 90 yards. He had an 85-yard run called back for holding which would have given him the hundred yards.

ESQ: Vince Young got benched after two interceptions and a fumble. Kerry Collins comes in to cheers, and has one interception and a fumble, but he at least got the team a touchdown. Is there a QB controversy brewing?

J: This is the first time Young has ever gone up against the Steelers and their defense. Collins has been around a long time and played them before, and I think that came into it. It’s all up to Jeff Fisher, but no matter who starts, we know his decision is in the best interests of team.

ESQ: Did you have much hope when the team recovered that onside kick?

J: Absolutely. Just like the Cards game last year where we won in the last few seconds — you can’t ever give up because you never know what’s gonna happen. Those last two minutes, we were all on our toes, the crowd was back in full effect and really wanting it to happen for us. It didn’t, but I think our team is going to learn from this and be ready for the games coming up.

ESQ: Think they’ll bounce back next week in New York?

J: I believe so. We’re young, but I think that kinda helps us because you can also mold better into a team. I have all the faith in the world they can go up there and beat Eli Manning and the Giants.

ESQ: Anything else to add about the game?

J: It was extremely hot, and our guys toughed it out while the Steelers sat under shades and their trainers were squirting water on them. I guess that kind of tells you who the real men were.

ESQ: In fairness, they were wearing black jerseys.

J: Well, I have black hair, and we definitely didn’t have shade over our heads when we were cheering.

ESQ: We were going to ask you about the longest-tenured mustache in the NFL, but Fisher has morphed it into a goatee. Is this good or bad for Tennessee’s fortunes?

J: A lot of people are going with that look nowadays. If he feels he can rock out the goatee, I’m all for it.

ESQ: What’s your take on the Jets/Ines Sainz controversy?

J: It’s a tough call. I don’t know for sure what went on. It’s heartbreaking to hear something like that, but there are always two sides to every story.

ESQ: You work as a corporate accountant. So on a date, what would be smartest way for a guy to spend a hundred dollars?

J: I’m not really a mushy girl. I would love to go golfing, and you’d better not let me win. That’s a big turnoff. When I win, I want to be able to say that I won. My team has won the Titans charity golf tournament the past two years. I take it very seriously. I bring my own clubs.

[Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders]

Mascot Devours Titans Cheerleader

Looks like the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders have joined the Toronto Raptor Dance Pak and Houston Rocket Power Dancers on the list of cheerleading squads that have to be concerned about being eaten by their own mascot.