2011 Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Auditions

Our pal Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders alum Sissy gave us the scoop and sent us some fantastic photos to share with you all:

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders had the preliminary and semi final auditions this past Sunday at Baptist Sports Park. Over 150 ladies came out to compete for a spot on the 26 roster squad. First, second and third year veterans joined the ladies for the semi final round. Veterans in their 4th year and beyond are given a pass straight to finals. Finals will be held May 31st and Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville.

Alumni Andi, Shannon and Denise

Stacie prepping the judges for preliminaries.

Returning veterans showin their MoJo

Director Stacie Kinder and her ‘right hand gal’ and Titans Alum, Jennifer

TTC with Titans photographer, Erick Anderson

TTC hopefuls preparing to learn the routine

TTC hopefuls practicing the routine

Titans Alumni assisted at the tryout

Titans Performance Group, DLS – Bri, Jessi and Claire (4th year veteran Chocez is smiling in the background)

Headed straight to finals! Stefanie, Brooke, Stephanie and Chocez

Returning veterans Tanzye, Stephanie, Tiffany and Jena

Alumni and judge Sissy with 4th year veteran, Chocez

Tennessee Titans Auditions Set for May 15th

At long last, the Titans Cheerleaders have posted their 2011 audition dates! Woohoo! Get ready, Nashville girls.

Preliminaries: Sunday, May 15 at Baptist Sports Park, 1:00pm
Final Event: Tuesday, May 31 at The Wildhorse Saloon, 7:00pm

Click here for registration materials and additional details.

(Titans Online) Do you want to have the best front row seat possible for every Titans home football game in 2011? Start your journey toward what could be the experience of a lifetime as a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader!

In addition to performing on the field and sidelines at every home Titans game, Titans Cheerleaders have appeared on The Oprah Show, The Dr. Oz Show, and performed at the annual Acoustic Christmas concert. They have been a part of the CMT Awards and performed at the CMA Music Fest. The Cheerleaders appear at over 200 events in Middle Tennessee annually.

Additionally, Titans Cheerleaders travel all over the country each year to visit our nation’s troops and to appear at major corporate conventions. The ladies have been as far as Las Vegas, Washington State, Mexico City, Mexico, Hawaii, and Korea in their work as Titans Cheerleaders. The Titans Cheerleading experience is like nothing else, and we are looking for the most talented women to join the team in 2011!

* Must be 18 years of age by April 15 and a high school graduate by May 30, 2011
* Dance experience recommended
* Available to travel to Florida for annual swimsuit calendar shoot in June, July or August 2011
* Available for rehearsal through the summer and available for all 2011 home Titans games

VIDEO: Watch the 2010 Titans Cheerleading Final Auditions

Titans Cheerleaders Visit Troops at Naval Base in Curacao

By Stacie Kinder
Titans Online
Mar 24, 2011

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Titans Cheerleaders, including sisters, Alyson and Stefanie, recently traveled to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles to visit some of our U.S. troops. The ladies were part of a military tour through the Armed Forces Entertainment, and were accompanied by Houston Texan Cheerleaders Andrea and Ariana, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader, Tomoko, as well as two Comedians, Jay Davis and Theo Von.

• Photos

Upon landing at Curacao International Airport, the cheerleaders met their military contacts and other members of their tour. They received a proper military orientation on the naval base and enjoyed dinner at the Rif Fort, which overlooked the Caribbean Sea.

The next morning, Alyson and Stefanie explored the naval base and met several military personnel. On base, they toured two aircraft, including AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) and a refueling plane. The ladies learned that the AWACS planes are strictly for radar signaling and can detect friendly or enemy aircraft from hundreds of miles away. These planes are also used for surveillance from the air.

In addition to learning about aircraft, the cheerleaders rode in a fire truck and learned how to operate the water systems on board. Dressed in firefighter gear, they also experienced shooting water from the truck and managing firefighter tools.

“Experiencing the life of a military firefighter was interesting and incredibly fun,” Allyson said. “ It was like living out a childhood dream!”

After touring the base, the cheerleaders had lunch with several Air Force and Navy men and women. They listened to the stories and experiences of each service member. The ladies offered camaraderie and support to all the airmen and sailors at the lunch.

That afternoon, the group had a few hours to travel around the island; all the entertainers visited Watamula blow hole, a beautiful scene located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea – only accessible via unpaved roads. Later in the evening, the cheerleaders were a part of a military show, which included the comedians, all the NFL cheerleaders and a local band called “Happy Peanuts.” The evening was concluded with a fireworks show on the beach. Hundereds of people, both locals and service men and women, enjoyed the entertainment provided by the group.

Stefanie summed it up, “Our trip was unforgettable. It was such an honor to visit the men and women that fight for our country every day.”

This month’s visit to Curacao is the fifth military tour of which the Titans Cheerleaders have taken part in the last year. The Titans and their Cheerleaders are proud to support our United States Armed Forces.

Titans Cheerleaders Visit Tuskegee Air Base

By Star Jones
Titans Online

On January 29th, five Titans cheerleaders, Shauna, Keatyn, Brianne, Tanzye, and Jena, were flown on a private jet to a Veteran’s Appreciation Lunch in Alabama, sponsored by Tom Rice and Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ . The event was designed for the cheerleaders to raise morale and mingle while showing appreciation to our veterans at the Tuskegee Air Base.

The day was filled with appearances and opportunities to hear stories from veterans. The trip was especially important to Shauna. She said, “My grandfather was a Tuskegee Airman and an important person in my life. I feel so lucky to have been able to come here and see what he was a part of.” The day concluded with an incredible fireworks show, provided by Pyro Shows, USA, and the cheerleaders left with an even greater appreciation for the veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made for our country.

Says, Brianne, “Each time we visit current or past members of our military, I am reminded how fortunate we are as Americans. Having the opportunity to represent the Tennessee Titans and show my appreciation in person is one of the best things about being a Titans Cheerleader.”

[Photos from the trip]

Pro Bowl Cheerleader of the Day: February 3rd

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Julia at the Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Julia at the Pro Bowl on Sunday.

Cheerleaders bringing in cash for NFL teams

By Darren Rovell, CNBC.com
Yahoo Sports
Jan 27, 2011

This year’s Super Bowl features the Green Bay Packers against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But there will be no cheerleaders. The Packers and the Steelers are just two of six teams (along with the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears) that don’t field a pom-pom waving squad.

Although their seasons are over, cheerleaders are an important part of the NFL off-season for the 26 teams that do have them. Why? Because, when executed well, they provide endless clicks for Web surfing fans and additional revenue in appearances (teams usually charge between $100 and $500 per hour per cheerleader) and swimsuit calendar revenue.


In fact, with plenty of women to audition and money to be had (most cheerleaders make less than $100 a game), the number of cheerleaders has increased exponentially in recent years.

In 2010, 15 teams each dressed more than 30 cheerleaders for games and have found ways, especially online, to generate revenue from their top squads. However, as valuations go, NFL teams are hesitant to put a dollar figure on their cheerleading squads, but the use of these cheerleaders as a vehicle for marketing is certainly in the public eye.

You probably expected to find the Dallas Cowboys on the top of this list, but no team has a more extensive of a library of cheerleader photos than the Indianapolis Colts. You can sort through over 2,000 shots that not only can be looked at, but also ordered. No other team in the league allows fans to do that.

The Colts are also the only team in the league to post a photo gallery of some of the favorites to join the squad next season. Fans can look at 65 candidates for the team and vote for who they think should join the team next.

Here is the ranking of the top teams that take the most monetary advantage of their cheerleaders.

10. Denver Broncos
While it’s not the greatest cheerleader site, the sponsorship revenue the Broncos cheerleaders bring in is pretty impressive. There’s a company sponsoring tanning, yoga and spa services.

The Broncos are also the only cheerleading squad that has a breast augmentation sponsor, Dr. Ben Lee. They’re also one of the only teams, if not the only team, to sell cheerleader packages for events.

9. New England Patriots
Video is the major theme. The Patriots were smart in that they have video pre-rolled, so once you click on a cheerleader’s bio, you’ll automatically see video of them. They also have an extensive gallery of photos sorted by cheerleader and are one of the few teams to keep previous squad galleries up on their site — why delete them?

8. Oakland Raiders
After the Cowboys, the Raiderettes get the most press in the league. Given the team’s performance in recent years, it’s one of the few redeeming aspects of going to their games. The Raiderettes have among the most sponsors including Euphoria Nail and Body Bar, MAC makeup, Betsey Johnson swimwear and 365 Teeth Whitening.

As for appearance fees at events, Raiders cheerleaders cost a planner $400 each, per hour, to show up, with a minimum of two cheerleaders required at an event.

7. Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs also understand that static pictures of cheerleaders aren’t going to create buzz in 2011. The site features great videos of the cheerleaders, sponsored by Sprint, where fans can get to know the girls. But if you want to meet these cheerleaders in person, it’ll cost you $250 per hour, per cheerleader for their appearance fee.

6. Tennessee Titans
To find some of the best cheerleader video, you’ll have to go to the Tennessee Titans Web site. There, you’ll find Swimsuit calendar video of all the entire team, which at 24 women is actually the smallest in the league.

However, if you want these cheerleaders to show up at an event, it’s going to cost you. The Titans charge $300 per hour, per cheerleader for performances and $200 per cheerleader per hour if you’re hosting a meet-and-greet.

5. Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles have the only cheerleader Web site that makes you click “continue” because of mature content ahead, click continue, it’s worth it (for some people) . The Eagles have a really well organized roster section with easy to click video and photo galleries of each woman.

4. Miami Dolphins
NFL teams have a 53-man active roster throughout the season. The Miami Dolphins field a league – high 41 cheerleaders, which translates into a lot of offseason clicks throughs on their Web site. There are plenty of ‘Cheerleader of the Week’ videos, photo galleries and calendar shots.

3. Dallas Cowboys
There’s no doubt that this legendary group, with a history that spans 50 years, had to make this list. The team has its own Web page, has the most extensive schedule of off-the-field appearances and has a fully clickable roster with pictures of every group dating back to 1961.

There’s no doubt that the Cowboys cheerleaders generate the most money of any squad in the league, not only from appearance fees but from exclusive sponsorships, including hair (Tigi Bed Head), Boots (Lucchese) and Tanning (Palm Beach Tan), but as far as online marketing goes, they’re only number 3.

2. Houston Texans
The Houston Texans were better than the Dallas Cowboys on the field this past season and they’re better at exploiting their cheerleaders — at least online — than the Cowboys are.

The team has big bio pictures of the squad and is one of the few that offers screensaver wallpaper of every woman. The Texans are also the only team that offers fans the chance to see the girls in the gym as they give you their workout advice — brilliant.

1.Indianapolis Colts
I know, you expected to find the Dallas Cowboys on the top of this list, but no team has a more extensive of a library of cheerleader photos than the Indianapolis Colts. You can sort through over 2,000 shots that not only can be looked at, but also ordered. No other team in the league allows fans to do that.

The Colts are also the only team in the league to post a photo gallery of some of the favorites to join the squad next season. Fans can look at 65 candidates for the team and vote for who they think should join the team next. There’s also a voting leaderboard for the candidates and the top vote getter, Lindsey K., has more than 1,000 votes.

Julia’s Pro Bowl Adventure

It looks like Julia from the Tennessee Titans is having a blast during the week leading up to Pro Bowl. Making friends, having good times, that’s what it’s all about, amigos!

Julia with her PBC banner

Nicole (Falcons), Brittany (Cowboys), Taryn (Cardinals), and Julia

Julia with Tiffany from the Bucs

Happy Holidays from DLS


Danger Love Saint (DLS) is a vocal group consisting of four Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders who discovered that dance isn’t the only talent they have in common! Click here to listen to their new holiday song “Til I Hear the Children Sing.”

Danger Love Saint: Brianne, Jessi, Dani, and Clair

Titans Cheerleaders Visit Two Military Bases

By Lydia Adams

Six Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders recently traveled to Fort Lewis in Washington and Fort Bliss in Texas to visit with active military members and their families. The vocal group Danger Love Saint (DLS), comprised of cheerleaders, Danielle, Brianne, Clair, and Jessi spent three days at Ft. Lewis learning firsthand the lifestyle of a member of our Armed Forces, while Brooke and Shauna visited Ft. Bliss to celebrate the opening of the largest shopping mall on a military base.


The trip to Ft. Lewis took place November 4-7, and it marked the tenth year in a row the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders have visited a domestic military base. Danielle, Bri, Clair, and Jessi began their trip with a meet and greet with the men and women who serve our great country and their families. On the morning of Day 1 of their visit, the ladies took part in a “life in the military” simulation – a demonstration of how the soldiers react and take care of fellow soldiers who are hurt in the line of duty. “I was so impressed with the training that the soldiers get at the Medical Training Simulation Center at Fort Lewis,” Bri said. “They are working hard to teach our troops how to save each other’s lives in high stress situations. After watching them during some drills, I know for sure that I would trust my life with any one of those soldiers!”

The ladies followed this activity by hosting a fundraiser at the 542nd Maintenance Company motor pool. “We had such a great time hanging out with the troops! My favorite part was helping them raise money for their holiday parties,” cheerleader Clair said. “Every Sergeant was auctioned to the highest bidder to have a pie thrown in his face by a fellow platoon member. The highest bidder actually nominated me to throw one of the pies into his sergeant’s face!” Later, the cheerleaders took a tour of the base and watched the formation for the end of the day.

The next day was equally as busy. The four cheerleaders had the opportunity to shoot M16s and pistols! They were given a war simulation scenario where they learned how to use the weapons appropriately. The military encourages their civilian visitors, including the Titans Cheerleaders to participate fully in many of the same training situations as the troops in order to aid in understanding all that is included in becoming an armed services member.

After the ladies wrapped up their gun simulation, they traveled to the fire station. Bri claims, “The Fort Lewis Fire Station is full of the truest gentlemen! They cooked us a wonderful meal and let us run around in their fire suits while we drove around in the fire trucks! Those suits weigh as much as I do, so I am even more impressed with their hard work!”

“Hanging out at The Fort Lewis PX was a blast,” Bri continued. “The soldiers and families are so kind and we really enjoyed meeting every one of them. We were blessed to be able to sing our patriotic medley for the fans there and sign autographs all day!”

Over the same weekend of November 4ht, Shauna and Brooke traveled to Ft. Bliss, Texas. Ft. Bliss is the home to active and retired military families and now hosts the largest mall ever opened on a military base. The Cheerleaders were among great company for the opening, including actress Alyssa Milano and dancers from the film Stomp the Yard, DJ Polly D from MTV’s Jersey Shore, and former Pro Bowl cornerback Everson Walls. Brooke and Shauna met with everyone to celebrate the opening of the mall as well as signed autographs and took pictures. Additionally, Shauna, who is fluent in Spanish, met some Spanish-speaking Titans fans who reside in El Paso.

Brooke said, “Our military trip to El Paso was great. We visited with troops and families to help celebrate the opening of the new Exchange on base! I love giving back to military to show appreciation.”

The trip to Texas was a celebration for all and the ladies even met some Tennesseans while in El Paso. The Titans are proud supporters of the military throughout all aspects of the Organization and will continue giving back to our troops each year. Community Service is an important part of being a Titans Cheerleader and working with those who serve and protect America made a great start to the holiday season for the ladies this year.

More photos here.

Titans Cheerleader Spotlight: Stephanie A.

From TitansOnline.com

stephtitans1Our next 2010 Cheerleader Spotlight shines on veteran, Stephanie A., nicknamed, “Super Steph,” over the years. Stephanie A. is a Belmont University graduate, a wife, a mother, works full time, and is a SUPER Titans Cheerleader. Read more to find out about Stephanie’s life off the field.

You took a few years off from TTC, then you had a baby; what was the deciding factor on your return to TTC?

I took a few years off and within that time frame, I moved to Los Angeles where I worked on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, graduated from Belmont, and then married my husband who is a GRAMMY nominated musician. After we had our baby in July of 2009, I realized how much I missed dance and performing. Until I “retired” from TTC in 2005, I had been involved with dance since the age of 3, and being a Titans cheerleader was/is one of the most amazing experiences and honors. Needless to say, I missed it! I also missed the girls, the atmosphere, game days, etc. and really, what better motivation to get back in pre-baby shape?

What workout regime did you have to get back in shape for cheerleading after having a baby?

I had Reese, my daughter, in July of 2009. Auditions were the following April, so I had a little less than 9 months to get not only into shape, but Titans Cheerleader shape-a daunting task for a new mommy for sure! To say I “worked out” is an understatement! I definitely had a long way to go so I basically put myself into “training” as opposed to just working out. I started out slowly and built up my stamina through strength training and cardio, cardio, and more cardio! Regaining muscle strength was pretty difficult and something I still really work towards. The biggest part of my regime was making sure I was eating a healthy, balanced, and “clean” diet. My husband even got on board too, and now he’s in better shape than he was in college!

What are your favorite parts of game day?

There are so many things! Getting ready pre-game and hanging out with all the girls, the rush of running out of the tunnel, and the eruption of the stadium crowd after a touchdown are just some of my top picks. Game day in and of itself is one of the most unique and amazing experiences of a lifetime. I definitely have stories and special memories from every game!

stephtitans2How did you get the TTC inspired nickname, Super Steph?

Ha! I still can’t believe this name actually stuck. My first year, we had 3 girls named Stephanie on the squad, and we were all rookies. In an ice breaker game at out first squad get-together, we were all asked to come up with an adjective to describe ourselves that begins with the first letter of our name. I was at the end of line, and all I could come up with at that point was “super”- yeah, I know, not so original, but it was the best I had. From then on, I was Super Steph, so everyone could remember which Stephanie I was! Ironically, we have three girls this year with the name Stephanie, so the nickname is still in good use!

Where in the world have you not traveled, but can’t wait to visit?

I’ve been to New York before, but only for a day! I would absolutely love to visit New York City around the holidays and soak up the atmosphere and shopping (of course).

What is your favorite thing about Titans football?

I love how the organization really owns Nashville as its home. The Titans franchise does an amazing job of realizing that Nashville really is a small town at heart, and it’s refreshing to see how in touch and involved the players, staff, and cheerleaders are with the community and its efforts.

What is your favorite charity/cause and why?

The Salvation Army Angel Tree is definitely on the top of my list every year. Christmas is my absolute favorite time, and I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a very blessed environment where Christmas is always so special and exciting. I love knowing that I can have an impact, small as it may be, in making a few children feel special and share in the holiday spirit.

How do you challenge yourself?

I’ve always been one that doesn’t settle, and needs to have something I’m working towards. Auditioning for TTC this year was my latest challenge-an on going one for sure! These days, being a mommy, a full-time career woman, wife to a touring musician, and TTC leaves me with little time to even sleep. Being able to balance all of these makes me feel pretty accomplished and blessed to say the least, but my next goal is achieving a higher educational degree and pursuing my career further- a goal I hope to accomplish within the next few years.

Name five people you would invite to your celebrity dinner party.

Sandra Bullock- who doesn’t love her?
Oprah- an icon
Ellen Degeneres- hilarious and a genuinely nice person
Justin Timberlake- no explanation necessary
Will Ferrell- no one’s movies make me laugh more

This would be an odd dinner party, but a fun one for sure!

What is your beauty secret?

Confidence. It exudes both inner and outer beauty and isn’t something you need to purchase, yet can make you stand out in any crowd.

Describe your career aspirations.

I really want to go back to school and pursue my Master’s degree in Business Administration. I graduated from Belmont University with an emphasis in Music Business and Entertainment, so I definitely see myself venturing back into the industry one day, possibly within business management.

What advice do you have for a young lady that may be thinking about trying out for TTC?

The best advice I can give is to be committed, and by committed, I mean in all facets of your lifestyle. It’s commitment of your time to practices, appearances, and game days. It’s commitment to health- looking great in a uniform and being physically fit. It’s commitment to your community and having the want to become an ambassador for it. And it’s the commitment of how you represent yourself as a person- TTC represents the best NFL franchise and has an outstanding image to uphold. Time management is key, organization is a must, and enthusiasm for your community are all important factors.

NFL.com gallery Update – Week 13

Photographers captured cheerleader action across the NFL this week. Among other things, the Redskins Cheerleaders got soaked in their Santa suits and a group of Dolphins Cheerleaders met up with the Jets Flight Crew at New Meadowlands Stadium. Click here to check out the photos.


Sports Illustrated: NFL Cheerleaders (Weeks 11 and 12)

2010-si_texansCheck out Sports Illustrated’s latest NFL Cheerleader galleries!

The week 11 gallery includes the Patriots, Saints, Cowboys, Falcons, and Rams Cheerleaders. (click here).

The week 12 gallery features dance teams from the Falcons, Broncos, Seahawks, Texans, and Cardinals. (click here)

Julia is the Titans Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Congratulations to Julia on being voted the 2010 Pro Bowl Representative. Julia was chosen by votes from her fellow cheerleaders and various representatives from the Titans staff.  She’s a 5th-year veteran and 3rd-year captain.

[Julia at the Titans Website]

Former Titans cheerleaders teach cheer, dance clinic

Who’s got spirit? These kids do
By Bonnie Burch
November 10, 2010


BRENTWOOD — With a step, bounce and tumble, local kids learned to hooray their way to better cheer skills.

A six-week cheer and dance clinic is finishing up a fall season, with the last class held today at the Brentwood Indoor Arena in Crockett Park on Volunteer Parkway.

Presented by the http://www.wcparksandrec.com/”>Williamson County Parks and Recreation Department, the camp for elementary and middle school-aged children in kindergarten through eighth grade is staffed by former Titans cheerleaders with extensive dance and cheer experience. Each child got individualized attention to learn new cheers, choreography, leaps, jumps and games.

For more information about future clinics and camps, contact Jen Barnes at 615-377-653

Titans Cheerleaders Participate in Science and Engineering Festival

By Lydia Adams
Titans Online

ttianssmallWhoever said cheerleaders weren’t smart was seriously mistaken.

Melissa, Alyson, and Jennifer recently took a trip to our nation’s capital to teach young girls that being a cheerleader and a scientist is cool!

Each cheerleader received a science uniform and performed for the thousands of science enthusiasts who came to meet the eleven women — from across all professional cheerleading leagues — who have bridged the gap of cheerleader and science.

While at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, the ladies performed, signed calendars and met with young girls who also aspire to become a cheerleader turned scientist.


Melissa graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Neuroscience.

She is now working in research at Vanderbilt with the neuroimaging group, specializing in PET, fMRI, and fat-water imaging.

Previously, Melissa worked in a molecular neuro/psychiatric lab for two years at Vanderbilt. Melissa says that she was first inspired to study science by her pediatrician at a young age. Her future plans include continuing her education as a graduate student as well as furthering her path as researcher. She is also considering medical school, pharmacy school, or various PhD programs across the country.

Joining Melissa at the festival was Titans Cheerleader, Alyson, a Belmont University graduate with a BS in biology and chemistry. Currently, she is waiting on her acceptance into medical school.

Alyson also volunteers all around Nashville, partnering with different physicians and learning more about the medical field. Alyson began her love of dance and science at the age of 4.

Although she has come a long way in both of her careers, the world of medicine will be her ultimate career path.

About the festival, Alyson said, “I was honored to be a part of such an amazing group of women who are all interested in science, and also are from the NFL, NBA and other professional dance leagues. Volunteering at the USA Science and Engineering Festival as a Science Cheerleader has allowed me to combine two major passions of mine: dance and science, in hopes to inspire others. By speaking and advocating our campaign to break stereotypes with science and cheerleading, I encouraged many young girls to pursue science related studies in the future, even if the cheerleader side of them says no.”

Jennifer, a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Alumn and 2007 Pro Bowl Representative, is another ‘cheerleader turned scientist.’

As an engineer at Nissan, she finds her passion in heat transfer and physics. While Jen navigates the professional world of engineers, she says, “Telling other engineering professionals that I was a cheerleader for the Titans always gets a great reaction during ice-breakers at industry events.”

The Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders are much more than just “sideline distractions.” All three of these women are continuing to make the team proud as they pursue their dreams both on and off the field.

Photos | Watch Video