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Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders Starships by Nicki Minaj

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Beating Cancer and Cheering for the Cause

In a few days, the CFL Toronto Argonauts Alumni Cheerleaders will take the field for their annual “Pink” game half-time show, in honour of breast cancer awareness. Members of the 1996-2012 group have been rehearsing hard this past month, under the instruction of their Choreographer Rochelle Stultz, in preparation for their portion of the performance. Cheerleaders from over 4 decades will perform together with the current squad at half-time.

Says one Argos Alumni Cheerleader, Dawn Maracle (1999-2001 seasons):

“I am so excited and honoured to be a part of the Alumni pink game this year. It’s a poignant return for me, not just as an alumni cheerleader, but also as a cancer survivor. I look forward to returning to the field with a zest for life that is easily matched by my teammates, who share the same passions for dance, performance, fundraising for a good cause, and entertaining the crowd! On the 24th, I am looking forward to increasing the enjoyment of the fans while also raising lots of money for breast cancer research. A favourite memory as a cheerleader is being featured in the 2001 swimsuit calendar and raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. What a great experience!”

Dawn is among numerous teammates who have had cancer touch their lives in various ways, through family, friends, colleagues or teammates. The Argos take on the Winnipeg Bluebombers at 730 pm on October 24th at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Contact members of the Alumni teams or visit for ticket details. NFL and CFL Alumni Cheerleader Elizabeth Morgan will keep us posted from on the field as these talented ladies return to cheer for the cause!

CFL Argos Cheer Alumni – Update

The CFL Toronto Argonauts Alumni Cheerleaders began rehearsing this week for their October 24th “Pink” game performance at halftime at the Rogers Centre in Toronto.  100+ Cheerleaders from five decades will put on an exciting show reflecting each of their eras of movement styles and music.

Pictured here is the 1996-2012 group of Alumni in rehearsal, choreographed by Rochelle Stultz.

“The PINK performance is very special and I am very encouraged to see the Argonauts participate and help raise funds and awareness for women’s cancers.  I am proud to be among hundreds of women who are taking part” says Argos Alumni Cheerleader Karen Alexander, who has participated in this halftime show for 3 years now.  For each of these young ladies, the special time to reconnect with friends from their Double Blue days along with the opportunity to dance on-field for a worthy cause, represents an important annual commitment.

The Argos won the 100th Grey Cup (Canada’s Superbowl), which they also hosted in Toronto, last November.  The pressure is on to top last year’s big “Pink” game performance for the reigning Grey Cup Champions.  Elizabeth Morgan (Alumni CFL & NFL) will update us as the October 24th performance draws near.  For tickets to the game, please visit:

Rock Cheerleader Takes The Cake



Toronto Rock Cheerleader Alicia shows off her special baking talent

As the two national sports of Canada, people in the hockey and lacrosse communities tend to feed off one another. This was especially true when friends of Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K. Subban contacted Toronto Rock cheerleader Alicia to order a personalized cake celebrating the Toronto native winning the Norris Trophy as the NHL’s best defenseman this past season.

After Alicia’s baking talents were recently featured in a Toronto sports blog here, caught up with the 23-year-old from Etobicoke, Ontario to talk cake, cheerleading and the Rock. Be sure to check out the photo gallery to see some of her work.

When did you decide to start baking cakes?

I’ve always loved baking. When I was younger, I would bake to clear my head – my family, friends and coworkers loved it! In 2010, I did my first specialty cake for my cheerleading team’s end of the year party. It was a cake of the Rogers Centre (where I cheered on the Toronto Argonauts as a CFL cheerleader), complete with three levels of stands, fans, players and cheerleaders with pompoms! It was then I decided that I could pursue this as a career, not just a pastime. (At the time I was an English major at university studying to be a teacher). I made the switch to a Baking program and graduated this past spring. It was the scariest decision I’ve ever made but I couldn’t be happier and have never looked back. When work is something you love, it doesn’t feel like work anymore. I’m very fortunate that I get to call this my career.

How did the Norris Trophy cake for P.K. Subban come about?

A friend of mine was going to an event with some coworkers one night and I tagged along. I networked a bit, and a few weeks later, I got a phone call. Apparently a couple of the guys I had been talking to were friends of Subban and wanted to order a cake to celebrate PK winning the Norris Trophy! This was my first high-profile cake so I was a bit nervous, but very excited for the opportunity. I had to pay so much attention to detail because not only was I recreating a highly recognizable uniform, but also Subban himself! Seeing Subban tweet a picture of the cake (here) later that night felt unreal!

What’s your favorite cake that you’ve made?

I love all of the cakes I’ve made because to me they’re my personal works of art, so it’s hard to choose just one! With each cake I gain more experience, so I always feel like my most recent cake is the best yet. My most recent cake is a three-tier cake covered in buttercream rosettes and stars, with a ribbon with a cross on the middle tier. I usually make specialty cakes, so doing a classic cake like this was a fun and welcomed change. My favourite cakes though are the ones that challenge me. I think this is why I love the Norris Trophy cake so much.

Are most of the parts of your cakes edible?

My cakes are usually 100% edible, with the exception of stabilizing dowels on tiered cakes.

Do you watch any of the popular reality TV shows about cake?

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes but my favourite show was always The Food Network Challenge – Cake Edition! Recently I’ve started watching Sweet Genius and Sugar Dome. I’d love to compete on one (or all) of those shows someday!

What’s the best part about being a Rock cheerleader? How long have you been on the team?

Being a Rock cheerleader has been such a great experience so far. The fans are a great part of the job. I love being able to share my energy and passion for lacrosse and the Rock with them. They’re so excited to watch the game and as a cheerleader I feed off their excitement! They’re also the best fans in Toronto and in the league, hands down. I’d say the best part though is being able to call the Rock my family. It’s a very tight-knit group, and we’ve really shown each other that we can and always will come together when a member needs us. I’ve been a professional cheerleader since 2010, and started with the Rock in 2012. Though it’s only been one season so far, I feel like I’ve known the members of the Rock community for years!

Who’s your favorite Rock player?

Probably Garrett Billings. He was our team’s top scorer last season! And of course “my captain, your captain, our captain…Colin Doyle!”

What’s it like to take the floor at the Air Canada Centre in front of 10,000+ Rock fans?

It’s an exhilarating experience! We usually perform three times a game at every home game, yet I still get nervous every time I run out on field! Our fans are amazing and I couldn’t imagine cheering on a better team.

We’ve heard that other Rock cheer members also have some special talents. What can you tell us about your teammates?

Keli is musically inclined and plays the clarinet on the Canadian Armed Forces. Jenny B. is a co-founder of the charity Dancers for Cancer. Trisha is currently in Nicaragua becoming a yoga instructor. Brittany was a performer at The International Festival in Dubai. I’m lucky to cheerlead with a group of diverse and extremely talented young women on the Rock, I wish I could tell you about all of them!

Have you ever brought a cake in to share with your teammates?

One of our home games fell on the birthday of Paola, the head coach of the Rock cheerleaders. She usually brings a cupcake or cake pop to practice for any of our birthdays, so we decided I would make her a special birthday cake and bring it to the game as a surprise. It was a Tiffany’s box with a bracelet on it. Making it was fun but the biggest challenge was sneaking it into the Air Canada Centre and down into our changeroom without her seeing it! It felt like Mission Impossible – we had girls watching doors, girls looking out, and girls coordinating on cell phones throughout the stadium! It took a handful of cheerleaders and diversions, but we managed to pull it off!

What other hobbies do you have?

I love being active – whether it’s taking dance classes, doing yoga, or biking. I also love watching The Walking Dead and zombie movies!

In addition to sampling some of your work, how influential have your family and friends been regarding your career?

I’d just like to thank my family and friends for being so supportive and encouraging throughout this experience for me. They made my career transition seem not so scary and believed in me when it was hard for me to believe in myself.

Can fans contact you about special cake orders?

Yes, they can follow me @cupcakerussell on both Instagram and Twitter or contact me via email at

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CFL Argonauts Cheer Alumni Set to Take Field in October

2012 Argo Alumni, on the field, just after the performance

On October 24th, 100+ Alumni Cheerleaders of the CFL Toronto Argonauts Football Club will take the field for a spectacular halftime show! Rehearsals begin next month for this special performance.

Alongside members of the 2013 Argos Cheerleaders, and alongside the Argos Sunshine Girls squad (the cheerleaders from past years up to 1995), the recent Alumni (from 1996 through to 2012 seasons) are preparing a special routine for their portion of the show. Choreographer Rochelle Stultz is designing an exciting routine reflective of these team years on the squad. The recent Argos Alumni Cheerleaders are celebrating 3 years participating in this special performance, which is also done as part of the Argos’ ‘Pink’ game for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is a great showing of team spirit for a good cause.

The CFL Toronto Argonauts are the 100th Grey Cup Champions and the longest running professional football club in North America. The Argos Cheerleader Alumni were also involved in festivities last November, when Canada’s 100th Grey Cup was hosted right at home, in Toronto.

CFL and NFL Alumni Cheerleader, Elizabeth Morgan, will be sending us updates from the Alumni squad as they near Game Day.

2013 Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders

Check out the bios and wallpapers for this year’s team!

Argos Cheerleaders Rachel, Amanda, Stefani, and Kevi

Scenes from 2013 Argo Finals

The Toronto Argonauts chose their 2013 cheer team yesterday. Click here to check out photos from finals.

Quick – Someone Get Roger Godell on the Phone

That’s a photo from last Sunday’s Grey Cup, the championship game for the Canadian Football League. Every Grey Cup features cheerleaders from all the CFL teams. They perform at events leading up to the game and the game itself. How awesome would it be if the NFL brought in all their cheerleading squads for the Super Bowl?

  • BC FeLions
  • Calgary Stampeders Outriders
  • Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team
  • Hamilton Ti-Cats Cheerleaders
  • Montreal Alouttes Cheerleaders
  • Saskatchewan Rider Cheer Team
  • Toronto Argos Cheerleaders
  • Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheer Team
  • Cheerleader battle: Stampeders vs. Argonauts

    Toronto Sun
    November 19, 2012

    The Toronto Argonauts will battle the Calgary Stampeders for the 100th Grey Cup on the field at the Rogers Centre on Sunday. On the the sidelines, it will be the Blue Thunder vs. the Outriders.

    The cheerleading crews for both squads will be out in full force supporting their teams — and providing a distraction between plays — during the big game.

    Who would win your vote to secure the Grey Cup if it were up to these ladies? The underdog, come-from-behind Blue Thunder or the red-hot Outriders? Does it matter? Let us know!

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