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Local Dance Instructor Could Become Texan Cheerleader

Kingwood Now: Estela Frias (more commonly referred to as Miss Yvette) has tried out for the Texans Cheerleaders before but each year she has come close but never made the team. This year she could make it with your vote.


She has taught dance in the Kingwood area for several years, molding many of the young girls into KHS Fillies. According to Michelle Parnell, “Estela has been a great inspiration to my daughter as both a dance teacher and role model.”

The Texans have narrowed their choices for the 2009 Houston Texans Cheerleaders to 42 talented women and Estela is one of them. Now it’s up to the fans to help the Texans decide which of these women should be included on the final squad of 30.

If you would like to vote visit http://www.houstontexans.com/cheerleaders/TexansCheerleaderVoting.asp

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