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Redskins Cheerleaders Debut at Draft Day Party

The 2009-10 Washington Redskins Cheerleaders made their debut this past Saturday at the Redskins Draft Day Party at FedEx Field.

At 2:00, the hottest part of the day, Redskins Cheerleader took the field in the blistering heat to perform for the fans and then celebrate the arrival of the Redskins head coach Jim Zorn.


Coach Zorn arrives.

After the onfield performance it was up to the club level where Cheerleaders signed autographs….

and posed for photos.

Congratulations to Stephanie Jojokian who is in her first year as Director of the Redskins Cheerleaders. Stephanie became the Redskins Cheerleaders first full-time choreographer back in 2004.

Stephanie told us a little of what is coming up in 2009 for the squad. Next month all 43 Cheerleaders are off to Marco Island in Florida to shoot the 12th edition of the always popular Redskins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. There are also plenty of uniform changes coming: a new skirt, a new winter uniform and an brand new uniform for the Ambassadors.

Captain Kelly entertains the fans with her lovely singing voice.

Not only did Kelly sign, but a few lucky fans had a chance to dance with her on stage.

Kelly and some young fans.

Around 6:30 the Cheerleaders made their way to the stage. The squad has been together less than three weeks, but in that time. Including the highly-energetic, 7+ minute “The Rock” that the Rookies traditionally perform at Draft Day.

Rookies and the jump split.

Two-year veterans perform

Three and four-year veterans perform.

Captains and Co-Captains perform.

[Washington Redskins Cheerleaders]

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