Dolphins Cheerleaders Shoot Gameday Clips


By Ariana

* Photo Gallery and Video Highlights*

Last week, myself and some of the other cheerleaders were invited to take part in some promotional video clips.

On the first day, Jennifer, Pamela, Ashton and I took a variety of different clips where we danced, kicked, jumped and did lots of hair flips! The video camera was filming in slow motion so it was very interesting to see our every motion in detail. We also were able to do some solo video clips. For example, I was jumping on a mini trampoline while some of the other girls were dancing in the background. It came out fabulous!

On the second day of shooting, we had a group of 12 cheerleaders filming clips together. In groups, we danced and did some fun shots with Dolphins fans! Playing off our new stadium name, Land Shark Stadium, the Dolphins fans and the cheerleaders practiced our “FINS UP” that we’ll be performing at the games. When we had extra time, the film crew set up a special Plexiglas stage with lights underneath, strobe lights and fog machines. It was a very artistic and creative look that will really give our fans something new to see!

Overall we all had a great time filming both days and we can’t wait to see the final outcome!

– Ariana