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Get ready for the holidays!

Many dance teams in the NBA and NFL perform in holiday-themed costumes for Halloween and Christmas “the winter holidays.” Some teams put everyone in the same costume. Some pick a theme i.e. witches or fairies and each dancer picks a costume that’s a variation on that theme.


Other teams arrange it so everyone wears something different.


In any case, every year, after the holidays, I receive a few emails asking where Team X or Team Y got their holiday outfits, so I thought I’d be proactive and post the info ahead of time.

Santa-themed outfits are everywhere. It won’t take much looking to find something you’ll like.

When it comes to Halloween, the options are countless. There is an incredible variety of costumes out there, from witches and pirates, to superheroes and fairytale characters. Some are cute and funny and flirty, and some cross the line from costume to lingerie. (Duh – obviously the scandalous stuff is more appropriate in your own home than at the game.) You can dial the sexy up or down however you want.

In terms of cost, I’ve seen costumes start at around $25 and go up from there. Here are a few places to get started:

Amazon.com’s Halloween Store
3 Wishes
My Diva’s Closet
Flirt Catalog
Spook Shop
Leg Avenue

I’ve also discovered an unexpected array of footwear to go with just about any costume you could imagine. Who knew you could do so much with a pair of go-go boots?


Most of the outfits I’ve seen on the court and on the field can be found on these sites. I’m not endorsing these vendors – having never purchased anything from them – but they’ve all got cute stuff. They’ve got just about every holiday covered, including Christmas, of course, but also Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patty’s, and even Thanksgiving, so if you have a theme-based performance coming up for any of these holidays, you might want to take a look at those costumes too.

Hope this helps. Let me know what you come up with!

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