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Wilmington Sea Dolls Auditions


The Wilmington Sea Dolls, the dance and cheer team of the Wilmington Sea Dawgs, are pleased to announce open audition workshops and interview/tryouts for the upcoming 2010 season.

Interested participants should plan to attend one or both of the following open audition Workshops taking place Monday, November 23rd and Monday, November 30th at 8:30 pm. There is no charge to attend the workshops.

Those that participate in at least of one of these workshops will then be able to participate in the interview and audition event which is scheduled for Wednesday, December 2nd. More details on this event will be available soon.

Both the workshops and the auditions will take place at A Leap Above Dance Studio which is located at 5015 Wrightsville Avenue in Wilmington, NC.

Stacey Bell, Choreographer for the Wilmington Sea Dolls will be coordinating the auditions and try outs.

“The Wilmington Sea Dolls are looking for dancers who are dynamic, well spoken, and talented to represent our organization.” says Bell. “If you have the drive and dedication that it takes to be a professional dancer, then come and tryout to be a Wilmington Sea Dolls team member”.

The audition requirements are as follows:

* Must be 18 years of age or older

* Dress in two-piece aerobic/workout outfit (jog bra and bike shorts) or a two-piece leotard

* Only dance or athletic shoes with non-marking bottoms allowed

* Provide a head and shoulder color photo

For more information or to receive an application please contact Penny Millis, Sea Dolls Coordinator at 910-791-6015, send an email to pmillis@seagatemgmt.com.

[Wilmington Sea Dolls]

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