CheckMates New Colors and Uniforms
CheckMate London Profiled

Exciting times for the CheckMates, the Dance Team for the Charlotte Checkers. The team moved up to the AHL this season. The move meant new team colors and new uniforms for the squad. And second-year veteran  London is profiled at


For our second CheckMate feature, we profile second-year team member London. London is from Fort Mill, S.C. and has been busy all summer representing the CheckMates at area events such as Charlotte Race for the Cure, the Fort Mill National Guard Armory carnival and Time Warner Cable BBQ & Blues. She can also be seen at each and every Checkers game.

First name: London
Years on team: 2nd
Nickname by your teammates: I don’t have a nickname, everyone just calls me London!
Hometown: Fort Mill, S.C.
Facebook page: ‘CheckMate London’
Occupation: Business Owner

Craziest thing that ever happened at a Checkers game: Not necessarily “crazy” but by far one of the most shocking moments of my life; Being honored by my teammates and coach during a time out at “Pink In the Rink”. I was unbelievably touched by this and will never forget that moment.

Funniest thing you’ve overheard at a Checkers game: I attended the Pooch Party with my dog Bentley as a Checkers fan instead of a CheckMate. When the CheckMates took the ice, I overheard a group of fans contemplating how it was possible to dance on ice. My favorite theory, “They must have spikes on the bottom of the shoes!”

Most memorable moment at a Checkers appearance: The “CheckMate Auction” at the Checkers’ annual golf tournament!

London (left) poses with Chubby and CheckMates Kristi, Kelly and Sheena
London (left) poses with Chubby and CheckMates Kristi, Kelly and Sheena

Funniest way people respond when they find out you are a “hockey cheerleader”: I get the puzzled response “Hockey has cheerleaders?” most often but once the response was, “Wait, you’re from the South, and you cheer for a hockey team?”

Most proud of the Checkers Organization for: Our organization has built a respected reputation in this city because of the compassion we have for philanthropy and the support we provide to the growth of our community and stability. The loyalty of our amazing fans has been earned through our tenacious attitude and integrity.

London (middle) with Kieara (left) and Kim (right)
London (middle) with Kieara (left) and Kim (right)

If I didn’t have to fit in a midriff CheckMates uniform I would eat: Cold Stone -Banana Caramel Crunch with heath bar and waffle cone mixed in! YUMMY!

Favorite part of the Checkers game: Cheering the team on and getting the fans hyped on the sidelines during the game!

Locker room pre-game ritual: I always take time to myself to remember the advice my mother gave me the day of our first game last year. Remembering how proud she was of me that day and knowing she has a front row seat to all the games motivates me to give 110%.

London (right) poses with CheckMate Lindsey at media day
London (right) poses with CheckMate Lindsey at media day

Pre-practice ritual: While driving to the studio, I make sure I am listening to a “make you wanna dance” type of song!

Favorite charitable appearance you’ve done as a CheckMate: I really enjoy the Golf Tournaments because of the interaction they provide with our amazing fans!

Favorite hockey song to get you pumped up: Thunderstruck AC/DC

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