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2013 P-R-O Convention All Star: Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader Chelsey

I first met Chelsey five years ago at the 2009 Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders auditions. It was my first audition and I felt like a fish out of water being that I was the only man amongst over 200 girls.  But during some down time for judging, I did get a chance to chat up Chelsey and a couple of other girls in her group and I felt more at ease.  She has a very warm and engaging personality and we chatted over some small talk.  Now something as simple and talking with a stranger and presenting yourself in a very personable way is an important aspect of becoming a professional cheerleader.  A very important aspect.  And since then, we’ve had some nice conversations over the years at these events…like will Carson Palmer be the second coming of Kurt Warner.

Chelsey, like the other cheerleaders we feature here, is an amazing dancer and has a special personality that shines on the sidelines or at a dance convention.  It’s an added plus that she as nice as they come.  So for these reasons, Chelsey is our latest 2013 P-R-O Convention All Star.

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