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Cheerleader Profile: Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Nikki

Meet Nikki, a second year member of the Ladies of Ontario Fury.


Why did you become a professional cheerleader?

Growing up I’ve always been passionate about dancing, and now that I am older I am able to not only do what I love, but receive all the perks and benefits that come with being a professional dancer.

What was your favorite experience as a professional cheerleader?

Performing in front of a big crowd is one of my favorite experience as a professional dancer, but being able to inspire and encourage future dancers would have to be my favorite experience of all.

What is your favorite dance style?

I am in between jazz and hip hop, as my favorite dance style, because I can easily put my own style by being sharp and clean.

What is your favorite dance move? What is your go to dance move?

My favorite dance move would be anything that has pirouettes in it, but my go to dance move would be anything that involves a booty pop!

What are the three words that describe you?

If I had to pick three words to describe myself would be active, daring, and awesome. In all, I am a very easy going person who lives in the moment.

What is your favorite music genre? Who is your favorite musical artist?

Any type of music I can dance to would be my favorite music genre, but I do prefer to listen to country and pop. As of right now, my favorite music artist is SAM HUNT… not just because of his looks, but his voice of course.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Definitely my guilty pleasure would be going to the movies, because I get to sit back with a bucket of popcorn and no interruptions.

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

I wouldn’t say one thing I can’t live without, but two. My two cats are something I cannot live without.

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Or some other app. What’s your favorite app?

Snapchat! I get curious to see what people are doing and it is an easy way to communicate to people through pictures or videos in the moment.

Who is the one person that inspires you the most?

The one person who inspires me would be my eldest sister, because I would not be so open-minded to everything that life has to offer me.

What advice would you tell someone who aspires to become a professional cheerleader?

My advice to future professional dancers would be to just get up and do it! Dancing is about constructive criticism and it is something dancers will just have to learn to accept to make their dreams happen.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I see myself being a homeowner near the beach and working as a flight attendant.


Come and meet Nikki and the rest of the Ladies of Ontario Fury at their last home game of the season on February 24th at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. For more information about the Ontario Fury, please visit their website here.

[Ladies of Ontario Fury]
[Ladies of Ontario Fury Facebook Page]

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