Cheerleader Profile: Ladies of Ontario Fury Dancer Kellie

Our next featured cheerleader is Kellie, a first year member of the Ladies of Ontario Fury. Let’s get to know her a little better.


Why did you become a professional cheerleader?

I grew up in sports. I grew up in elite sports camps, and excelled well above average in mainly basketball and track and field. In elementary I got a small glimpse of performing when I was on a community competition hip hop and drill team but again was always pushed towards other sports. In high school I decided to make my own choice & tryout for the cheer team and dance team . I then went on to college and was apart of the competitive spirit line as well. Although I started what is considered “late” in the cheer/dance world I have found my passion & after college I told myself I was just not ready to stop yet! I love everything about professional cheer.

What was your favorite experience as a professional cheerleader?

Definitely has to be appearances. One of my favorite hobbies is volunteering and community service so the fact that it’s apart of the job is awesome! My favorite experience was the Colonies Holiday Miracle appearance where we got to take underprivileged kids on a Christmas shopping spree! Seeing their grins from ear to ear was the best!

What is your favorite dance move? What is your go to dance move?

I love hip hop tricks! Head springs, freezes, Kip ups, and rubber bands! My go to dance move is probably battements and all jumps and leaps!

What are the three words that describe you?

Fresh – I love traditions but I love contributing fresh new ideas and I feel fresh describes my personality!
Self-driven – I push myself and always try to give a perfect effort.
Reliable – You can always rely on me to be punctual, work hard, make people laugh and a friend to anyone!

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I have a fear of chicken with bones. I cannot eat chicken if it is not boneless or chicken strips. I have forced myself a few times and I just cry on the inside. Haha I don’t even know where this came from!

What is your favorite music genre? Who is your favorite musical artist?

I love hip hop, r&b and rap. I feel like there is a song for every mood and situation in life!
My 2 favorite artists are Chris Brown and T.I.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Fried foods! I love food in general but fried foods are just so delicious! My favorite is French Fries! I can eat those with literally anything and I love to make them all different types of ways! Skinny fries, curly fries, seasoned fries, cheese fries, bacon and cheese fries. . . Oh man now I want some fries!

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

The genuine support of family and friends! Having people around you who mean well and with positivity goes a very long way!

Who is the one person that inspires you the most?

Definitely my Mom! She is the strongest person I know for many reasons. I appreciate how she has been a great example and raised me to be a responsible and respectable young lady!

What is your motto to live by?

“If it makes you happy do it, if it doesn’t then don’t!”

What advice would you tell someone who aspires to become a professional cheerleader?

Faith, consistency & hard work. You definitely have to believe in yourself and work at your craft! Training is everything and confidence is everything! Be consistent with technique training and your physical health! If you really want it you have to go for it 100%!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years I see myself having done everything that I wanted to do in my youth; especially traveling and fulfilling my dance goals and finally settled into my career and have started a family!


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