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From Argentina to Miami, Say Hello To Tamara

During the down time at the MDC Orlando auditions I enjoyed a nice chat with cheerleader Tamara who along with Etta and Jess were teaching the choreography to the prospective candidates.

Tamara was in the rookie “international” class last season for the Dolphins. Tamara, along with teammates Augustina and Romina, made the impressive tryout trek from Argentina to be a NFL Cheerleader in futebol americano. A peek at Tamara’s profile on Dolphins.com highlights her love of family (including dog Osito). Her dream job is to become a Hollywood actress.

UC: Welcome to Ultimate Cheerleaders, please introduce yourself to our readers: who is Tamara?

“Who is Tamara?” Every time that someone asks me this question makes me think a lot about my life. I’m a dreamer, an artist, a dancer. I love my family and friends, the love and support that they give me, even from thousands of kilometers, it is the engine that keeps me going forward every day. I’m a lucky and blessed person, I couldn’t be more thankful.

UC: Being selected for the first “International Class” of the NFL Dolphins Cheerleaders was quite a honor. Tell our readers the highlights of your last year.

Last year my life changed completely. The Miami Dolphins changed my life. I’ve never imagined that this could be possible. I always say that I only use to see the cheerleaders on the American movies, so now I really feel that I’m a part of a movie! Actually, I like to think about my life as a movie, with different experiences and stories. 2016 was the best year of my life! I learned a lot: a new country, a new culture, a new dance style, a new language! I definitely feel like a stronger and more prepared woman now.

My favorite moment of the season was the first national anthem at Hard Rock Stadium, because after all the hard work I could realize that I was finally there. I had goosebumps and tears on my face! I was so happy!

What I like the most of being a cheerleader is the possibility of being close to the people, to help and to share experiences. We work in the community, with children, military and so much more. This is something unique and very special to me. I have some stories to tell about it; my favorite was last year in Port St. Lucie. It was an event and we were talking to Dolphins fans and giving some gifts. Someone from our staff gave me the last two tickets to give and I remembered two ladies that were so happy to be there with us and they told me about their families stories and how much the Dolphins mean to them, so I started to walk everywhere looking for them. I can’t even explain their happiness when I found them and I told them about the tickets for the last home game of the season. That made me feel so wonderfully happy.

UC: I’m guessing you are a soccer fan, what do thing about Dolphins owner Mr. Ross bringing the rivals FC Barcelona versus Real Madrid CF match to Hard Rock Stadium this summer?  

Soccer is very popular in Argentina, and I think that we have amazing players. Of course I’m always supporting our national selection. I think that’s great that Mr. Ross is bringing this game to Hard Rock Stadium! I admire and respect them so much, so I couldn’t be happier! Argentina is my home, and now I feel Hard Rock Stadium as my home too, it would be great to me having a piece of home in my new home. I’m so excited!

Thank you Tamara, the fans love to meet the sweet person behind the cheers and dance. You do the Miami Dolphins proud.

Tamara (photo courtesy of Dolphins.com)

Tamara at Orlando auditions

Tamara (photo courtesy of Dolphins.com)

Tamara at Orlando auditions

Tamara Tamara

Jess, Etta and Tamara

Tamara at her audition in 2016 (photo courtesy of Dolphins.com)

Romina, Augustina and Tamara, all from Argentina (photo courtesy of Dolphins.com)

Tamara profile on the MDC website is HERE

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