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The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Wrap Up 2017 In Style

The season of games may be over for the MDC but the ladies will continue their goodwill work out and about in the community and on military trips.

Here’s some photos of each line led by captains, Britt, Jodi, Jess and Pro Bowl Allison. Stay tune this week as we publish our game coverage.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Britt and her line mates, Paige, Jamie, Brianna, Britt, Tamara, Carina, Breann:


Jodi and her line mates, Alexandria, Katie, Jodi, Etta, Sarah, Vera, Amina:

Jess and her line mates, Terra, Kayla, Ally, Jess, Jennifer, Emily and Kelly:

Allison and her line mates: Agustina, Allison, Adrianna, Holly, Brittany, Whitney, Rachel, Jenny:

Start of our game album is HERE

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