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Second Year Captain, Jess Of The Dolphins

Jess is a four year Dolphins cheerleader and second season as a Group Captain.  She graduated from Florida State University and her dream job is to use her RN certification to be a traveling ICU nurse. Her hometown is Miami, Florida. Our chat:

UC: Jess, our readers have enjoyed your game photos but now fill us in on your charity initiatives.

One of my favorite involvements was working with the family and children of the Ronald McDonald House. Many families travel far from home and spend several weeks or months to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children. One weekend we were able to cook breakfast and spend time with the children and their families. We dined, played games and helped the families feel a little at home.

UC: How are the emotions experienced in performing as a Dolphins Cheerleader in front of such large sell out crowds?

The emotions are exhilarating; I still get the same butterflies in my stomach from three years ago. It’s honestly the most thrilling experience I’ve had in my life. Once you can perform in front of 65,000 fans you can legitimately do anything in life.

UC: Tell us what the MDC overseas military trips mean to you?

It’s essential to recognize the men and women who are continuously keeping our country safe. It’s a privilege to bring a piece of home and thank them for their endless sacrifice and bravery.

UC: The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Annual Book is so much more than a swimsuit calendar. Your thoughts?

This is my second year participating in the Annual. I adore the whole concept of the table top book. It openly shows who we are as women in today’s society. As young women, it exemplifies that we are athletes, students, professionals, teammates and sisters. We are able to show the world that we are aspirational yet approachable,  elegant but fun, authentic, strong and confident. The book is relatable to all women all over the world.

UC: One thing DolFans would be surprised to learn about is….?

We are all girl bosses! Everyone is unique in their own way. We are women who empower each other and make a difference every day, it’s more than just cheerleading. It’s a life style.

UC: Thank you Jess. Have a great season Cap’t.

Jess, Line Captain for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

 Jess, 2016 season

Jess 2017 season

Playful Jess

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