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Tamara, Line Captain, Of The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Tamara with her electric personality and photogenic good looks is no stranger to our pages. We caught up with her between practices.

UC: Welcome back to Ultimate Cheerleaders. Let’s begin by re-introducing yourself to our readers.

Hi everyone! My name is Tamara, I’m from Argentina and this is my 3rd season as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. Dancing has always been my passion, I started to take dance classes at the age of seven and I never stopped since then! I made the team in 2016 when they were hosting international auditions, I went to the Mexico auditions since I was living there at that time. I can say today that my life has completely changed and I keep learning new things every single day from being part of this organization.

UC: Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are well known for their charity and community initiatives. What is your favorite involvement?

I love all the activities that we have in the community since it is something that I always liked to do and I’m happy that the team gives us the opportunity to participate in a lot of them! My favorite is when we visit kids at the hospitals or recovery centers because they are so strong and they always have a smile to give, they make me remember what’s really important in life and they fill my heart with so much love and hope. It feels so nice to have the chance to inspire them to follow their dreams as much as they inspire me.

UC: Can you express the emotions experienced in performing as a Dolphins Cheerleader on such a large stage as Hard Rock Stadium?

Every time that I have the chance to perform at Hard Rock Stadium feels like the first time, it’s an emotion very hard to describe with words. I feel part of a movie and I feel purely and truly blessed and thankful. I will never forget my very first national anthem at the stadium, it was in that moment when I realized how big was the honor that I was given to live, I still have tears of happiness in my face during the national anthem at every game.

UC: The Dolphins Cheerleaders are always up for traveling internationally to visit USA troops, why is that so important to you?

Having the opportunity to visit the troops is one of my favorite parts of being part of this team. It’s amazing to feel that we can bring smiles, joy and a piece of home to all of those who served their country. I’m Argentinian but I feel like this is a way to give back to all the military, no matter where they are from. I have learned a lot from every tour that I have been in and the memories that I made will be with me forever.

UC: Dolphins cheerleaders are photographed thousands of times. In typical MDC style of going bigger and better the Swimsuit Calendar is now an Annual Book. Excited about your participation?

I’m very happy and excited about the new Annual Book! It’s an honor to be part of it and I have a lot of great memories with my teammates from the Annual trips!

UC: One thing DolFans would be surprised to learn about is….?

Our team works as a family! From my teammates and staff we always motivate and support each other.  We not only have dance training but also training in other areas that help us to be better as persons and professionals.

UC: Thank you Tamara, it’s great to follow your journey. Go Fins.

Tamara (hometown, Posadas Misiones, Argentina), and Vera (hometown Brasilia, Brazil).

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