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Steelers Score At The 59:55 Mark To Beat Jaguars

Devastating home loss for the Jaguars to the Steelers. The Jags held the lead all the way up to the final last seconds of the game. Final score 20-16.

I feel sorry for the Jacksonville organization but those players from Pittsburgh are tough to beat. The Jaguars have enough talent to bounce back with winning football.

For me, a small consolation is that I had great smiles from the happy ROAR all day long but I quickly packed up my cameras with the 5 seconds left and got out of Dodge.

The ladies wore their lovely new teal uniforms on a beautiful sunny Florida day. Striking! Enjoy our photo coverage.

Keiko was “cheerleader of the game”. This is her first season as a member of the ROAR, and she is a business assistant. Congratulations to Keiko for being selected by her teammates as an outstanding representative of the ROAR!

Keiko, “Cheerleader of the Game”.


Taylor B. and Sandy

Jada was selected as Cheerleader of the Game at the last game. Congrats.





Taylor W.




The start of our game album is HERE


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