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2019 P-R-O Convention Memories – Charlotte Honey Bee Amber and Washington Redskins Cheerleader Jaclyn

The P-R-O Convention is a place where you can meet new friends or renew old acquaintances.  It is an event that bonds young women from all over the country into this sorority of professional dancers and cheerleaders.  And I stumbled upon one of these friendships or wass it an acquaintance. Either way it was a spontaneous moment.

As I was finishing up my session with Honey Bee Amber, whom you will see soon, she met up with Washington Redskin Cheerleader Jaclyn, my next model in line, and they posed together for some Instagram memories.  It was a great moment and I decided to take a few snaps for UltimateCheerleaders.com and this is my favorite.

P-R-O Convention sisters and All Stars!


We continue our parade of All Stars tomorrow with another honoree.  Whom will it be? I think you can guess.

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